ANP Report for September 17, 2011

Racial Comrades: Todays message is going to be rather SHORT, but to the POINT - I would like to talk with you today about the VITAL IMPORTANCE of - LITERATURE OUTREACH.

While 99% of this so-called "movement" concentrates its puny outreach efforts ( if you can even call it that ) to "internet effort" - which means that they basically and for all intent and purpose - rely upon people COMING to THEM, to view their "message". The ANP has a drastically different agenda - WE TAKE OUR MESSAGE TO THE MASSES themselves!

What this means, is that WE reach a drastically DIFFERENT "type" of person - one who may be sympathetic to National Socialist ideas, yet is unaware of that and therefore has not yet SOUGHT US OUT on the web.

Comrades, this "racial movement" is basically a "microcosm" of American society at large. And what I mean by that IS - that by and large the people involved are pretty much LAZY and too COWARDLY to get off of their dead asses and actually "DO SOMETHING" - even IF it only involves literature distribution. Hence the stagnation and lack of growth that the "movement" see's.

IF we are to be brutally HONEST here folks, the "movement" is a pitiful shadow of what it was way back when I myself first got involved in it, when I joined Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party in 1967 at the age of 16. And THAT my friends, is DISGUSTING! Times are certainly WORSE in every which way - yet this "movement" is sadly moribund and stagnant.

When I assumed Party Chairmanship about a decade ago, I determined that the Party was NOT going to be "another" internet, trinket peddling, "neo-nazi" social club. I pledged that the ANP was going to BREAK OUT of that "movement cycle" of rehashing tired old movementites who were looking for a "new" source of entertainment and club-life through getting bored with their previous associations. YES! I was INSTEAD going to RECRUIT - FRESH, NEW BLOOD into the tired ranks of the Aryan Resistance!

And to do this - we HAD to REACH, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE the White masses through REACHING OUT to those segments of the White population ( no matter "how small" at present ) that had HAD ENOUGH, and were WILLING to GET INVOLVED in a positive, political SOLUTION. Could we do this through "public rallies and demonstrations"? Well, for the past 40 years of my involvement, the "movement" has held literally THOUSANDS of "rallies and demonstrations" - and as I have stated, and NOBODY can DENY - the "movement" instead of GROWING, has been SHRINKING. "Rallying in a cage away from the population, protected by Zog-bot cops, while screaming anti's are your only listeners" just doesn't achieve anything POSITIVE.

Well, could we COUNT upon the internet, to bolster our ranks to any considerable degree? Once again, you could have a whole "Library of Congress" of information on a website - but youíre held HOSTAGE to depending upon those who bother to VISIT said site, as earlier shown. And UNLESS people KNOW where to go on the web - once more youíre pretty much out of luck. Thatís WHY we NEED to get our Contact-Info out, DIRECTLY into the White masses hands - so that they CAN review all our masses of information on our Party website.

What about "forums"? Well, letís observe "stormfront" as a good example, which has literally MILLIONS of "messages posted" by one heck of a large group of people - possibly in the thousands. WHAT has it ACHIEVED? Yes, it IS valuable in a sense as a "net-working" and "advertising" source to a certain degree. BUT, beyond that - WHAT has it ACCOMPLISHED with bringing all these thousands of people "together" - beyond giving them an outlet to spout off on? Reviewing this particular forum-board - one see's a broad number of movementites of one persuasion or another, with literally THOUSANDS of "posts" to their personal records - in fact, it seems to be a matter of "pride and importance" over there, per "HOW MANY" posts one has posted. LOL

One simply HAS to ask oneself - IF these people had spent that time, instead of "chatting" and "debating" one another - and INSTEAD pursued all that TIME and EFFORT into REAL WORLD OUTREACH, what very DIFFERENT "results" might have been achieved! These forums on the whole are TIME WASTERS where the "awakened" spend far TOO MUCH TIME - with the ALREADY "awakened". IE - PREACHING to the CHOIR!

So I looked back at my own involvement and experience in this Struggle, and I accepted the hard FACT, that the ONLY REAL and BEST means of recruiting people, is to TAKE the MESSAGE TO THEM! Even when I was a raw newbi, in my teens, I determined that I wanted to see MORE National Socialists in my area, and if possible to form a "Party Unit". So, I did "EVERYTHING" that I could - from "picket protests" to literature distribution on a just about DAILY basis. And do you know WHAT? I did recruit new people - and it came 99.9% from LITERATURE OUTREACH more than ANYTHING else.

I found out what every fisherman KNOWS - the MORE "casts" that you throw out - the better your chances of landing a fish. What every farmer understands - that the MORE "seeds" that you plant - the BIGGER your crop.

So, I finally get to my point.

Comrades, IF the Party could just get ONE HUNDRED people willing to distribute ONE HUNDRED pieces of Party outreach materials ( stickers, leaflets, message-cards ) a MONTH - we WOULD be REACHING - OVER TEN THOUSAND new, fresh White people during that time period. Thatís DIRECTLY - thatís NOT counting the people who would show their "friends", show their "workmates", show ANYBODY whom they might think would be "interested", or "scandalized" in seeing our materials. THAT even broadens the numbers!

And out of that "ten thousand" - we WOULD recruit a FEW - who in turn would hopefully JOIN IN the "snowball or domino" effect, each and every month - reaching MORE.

Now, to DEAL with the "EXCUSES": (A) I can't afford to take part in literature outreach Ė come on, 100 ANP message-cards are ONLY $5. Not even the price of a pack of smokes! Enough said I think, to someone who supposedly BELIEVES. (B) I haven't the time to involve myself in literature outreach - IF you ONLY distributed TEN PIECES each time that you went to the store, for example, on the care wipers in the lot, right before you drove away ( ten days out of about thirty in a month )...THAT would be 100 pieces a month! Might take you, oh - a MINUTE or TWO... (C) I'm afraid - well, THATíS the KIND of attitude that has brought the White Race to its knee's now isn't it? Youíre AFRAID to place ten cards on UNOCCUPIED VEHICLES? And whatís all this constant talk about "how desperate things are"?? Are YOU the PROBLEM or part of the SOLUTION?

Folks, the LEAST that you can "DO" - IF - you just "can't" GET INVOLVED in "planting seeds" to $UPPORT those who ARE willing to do so. And that means FUNDING those Activists AND their Party through some SERIOUS DONATIONS, to provide the means of GETTING THE WORD OUT.

Comrades, I'm NOT going to bother to request that IF youíre willing to PLEDGE to take part in being ONE of the ONE HUNDRED - contact me and let me know. NO! Instead I'm going to rely upon seeing those ORDERS for Party OUTREACH MATERIALS "flood into" our National Office each and every month. Please check out both the "support" and "merchandise" sections of our Party website for materials.

Comrades, as Chairman I can ONLY come up with "IDEAS" to move our Struggle FORWARD. Like any number of ideas, unless they are FOLLOWED UP and IMPLIMENTED - they are pretty much WORTHLESS. Itís like someone who decides that they want to run for public office - well, IF they DON'T do any campaigning - ie getting their message out to the public...can they REALLY expect to WIN?

Literature distribution WORKS. I KNOW - because I've DONE IT. The MORE you DO IT - the BETTER the RESULTS that you can expect. NOTHING comes from DOING NOTHING.

Desperate times ahead.

by Steve Davenport

If you think this country is in decline now, just wait. It can, and will get a lot worse. Our warmonger leaders will get us in even more wars. Its the only thing that they can do well. Yemen will very soon break out into a civil war. The president is a US ally, so that means ZOG will try and come to the rescue, even though many no longer support him, including his own tribe. Civil wars are bloody enough, but when they're tribal based, its really bloody. Syria will also end up in civil war. Since the current govt is a ZOG enemy, then the US will definitely get involved to eliminate one more enemy of Israel. Just a note, if Israel is so noble and high minded, why does it oppose Palestinian statehood? Just as ZOG used the cover of the Communist threat, to make the world safe for Judeo-Capitalism, so it now uses the war on terror to eliminate any and all opponents of Israel. The anti Arab/Muslim crusading will continue ad infinitum, since no one in this country dares to oppose it. Instead of the giant protests of the 60's, our streets are totally quiet today. Not that protesting works. You need a new system, not protests to change things.

Economically, this country hasn't seen anything yet. We can expect the poverty ratio to go from 1 in 6, to a 1 to 1 ratio in the very near future. Throwing money at a problem doesn't solve it. The great financial bailout has taught us that. Just giving employers funds or tax credits or whatever, doesn't solve the job shortage problem. Its NOT money, its JOBS. As long as employers make far better profits sending work to overseas non white slave labor countries, they will continue to do so. This govt can't out bid overseas. It shouldn't have to. Shouldn't a govt forbid practices that harm its nation? Our govt needs to forbid, or severely regulate job outsourcing. Fat chance in a rabidly capitalist country like this one. The way big business calls the shots, nothing but pro big business legislation will see the light of day.

Our school system is becoming so low on funds, pretty soon, we'll be lucky if our kids can still read and write. Unfortunately, our leadership would much rather direct funds to wage war, then to our cash starved schools, so that now pupils have to bring their own supplies, even toilet paper. How are we supposed to compete in the world economy, with poorly educated kids? What ever happened to PUBLIC education? A school system supported by public tax money. Guess with everyone poor, and becoming poorer, there is no money for anything, even our kids future. After all, ZOG just sees them as a pool of future soldiers anyway.

This country's youth culture has always made being elderly rough, but whats coming is criminal. Because of our budget deficit, one of the places that they want to cut is Social Security, and Medicare. What are the old and sick supposed to do? Die? This sounds like something Scrooge would say. Our Scrooge like leaders are money worshipers. They want funds to play warrior, and even dare to play god with nations overseas. The poor and old here are a mere nuisance to them, to be ignored as much as possible. Thanks to the economic meltdown, the private sector benefits for retirement that so many counted on, are gone. The govt is their last resort. Now ZOG wants to take even that away. Its a total betrayal or our citizens who after a lifetime of work, have nothing to look forward to, but a lifetime of work.

The ruling elite, like ruling, and see themselves as an elite. The common folk are just pond scum to them, something to wipe off their shoes. Utterly undeserving of anything. To the elite, if youíre not rich, you're inferior. Inferior beings are an annoyance, undeserving of help. Honestly, when you deal with our govt, don't you get the feeling that they look down on you. Anything they do for you is like a favor, instead of your right. Especially when its a minority? Non whites feel entitled, to get the best of everything. That is never going to stop as long as we have this system. Honestly, if you were a non white, wouldn't you like it if everything was just handed to you, since its owed you. You don't here blacks saying they don't need quotas anymore now that one of them is president, do you? As the economy sinks lower, this situation will only get far worse.

Why let yourself and your family, be tortured? It doesn't have to be this dismal scenario. It will only be this, if we stay a Judeo-Capitalist society. If we change to National Socialism, the future changes to. First off, we'll have one. This current system offers only slow death to the white middle class. National Socialism offers continued existence. An NS govt is dedicated to the welfare of its people. Its major pillars are education and health care for its citizens. It cares for its peoples needs. Business can do what it wants, but the govt will keep an eye on it, unlike our current govt, which turns a blind eye. An NS system is committed to a good education for its kids, and care for the sick and elderly. An Aryan deserves more for a lifetime of work, then to be cast out like garbage.

Help insure a good future for yourself, and family. Send as much in donations as you can. Give of as much of your time as possible for lit distribution. Many are unhappy with the system. If we can reach them and unite with them, we'll have a political force to be reckoned with. One that wins elections, and will eventually take office, and make changes. Think about the FUTURE.

Comrades, we are finishing up the printing of the September issue of The White Worker magazine and will be mailing soon. A subscription is only a $20 donation - cash or money-order made out to "ANP". An ANP Info Pack containing a copy of The White Worker, along with stickers, message-cards, booklets etc is available for only a $5 donation. All ANP mailings are done in unmarked, brown security envelopes.

The Illinois Mid-West Party Conference is coming up in early October. Invitations to Party adherents in Good-Standing in the area have been mailed out. The ANP is now in the position where we can organize ANP Conferences in the North, Mid-West, South-East and West-Coast at LEAST one time a year and in some instances several times a year. I urge you to TAKE PART. Nothing is more enjoyable and satisfying than been able to MEET people who BELIEVE in National Socialism like ourselves.

I'm NOT talking here with associating with the "garden variety racist", I'm talking about real, sincere NATIONAL SOCIALISTS who understand AND embrace the IDEOLOGY - NOT someone who likes the "symbolism and trappings" and who could best be described as a "hollywood nazi". At each Conference I look forward to meeting mature, high quality people and I haven't been disappointed yet. I sincerely hope that I will finally get to meet many of you next month whom I've yet to have the privilege to know person to person, and to re-visit with Old Comrades who I already HAVE the honor to associate with.

As well, we have the Party Conference coming up on schedule in November in California, which I unfortunately cannot yet attend. I hope to someday make it out there, to see my Comrades on the West-Coast. Perhaps next year....

To wind-up todays ANPReport, I wish to once again remind folks about our new ANP "Talk-Shoe" radio-show, typically held sat. evening. I try to make a "call-in" as often as possible, and I urge all of you to also support the program through YOUR participation ( it describes "how to do it" on the link on the front page of our ANP website ) as well as by at LEAST listening to broadcasts as they are posted. They are both ENJOYABLE and INFORMATIVE from an NS perspective.

Comrades, this is YOUR PARTY - NOT - Rock's "ego-boosting club". If I was to die tomorrow, IT WOULD, IT MUST CONTINUE and GROW - but, ONLY through what YOU PUT INTO IT. I only WISH that every White man and woman reading my words would COMMIT to becoming ONE of "THE ONE HUNDRED" that I mentioned earlier. But, there is only ONE PERSON that each of us CAN MOTIVATE - and THAT PERSON is the man or woman IN the MIRROR. Comrades, how about it? One, by one, by one.......

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!

Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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