ANP Report for September 07, 2011

Racial Comrades: There is often confusion in the minds of newbi's entering the "racial-movement" about "why" there are a number of "nazi" organizations operating separately in the U.S., often asking "why don't you all unite into one big group?

Today I thought that I would address that confusion.

To my knowledge, currently there are basically four "nazi" style outfits in operation. The most obscure is based out of California, and is in reality an "internet clublet" whose "leader" is a complete UNKNOWN mystery man. He has NO KNOWN history in the "movement" much less in National Socialism - and refuses to even publish anything about himself regarding his past activities, much less a picture. Their website is a stagnant collection of pictures and articles dealing with the past era of the "Third Reich" , "letters to prominent personalities" published online to such people as the president himself by the honcho ( I guess it makes the writer feel "important" supposedly writing to such individuals, even though he never publishes a reply LOL ) and NO proven reports of ANY known activism, beyond posting "events" which never seem to take place, though they have been on the web for several years. A typical perennial "net-nutzi" on-line fantasy club where one or two individuals can play at re-creating the "Third Reich" era.

The next is a comically bizarre outfit based out of Ohio and led by a lifelong career criminal, with an exposed CRIMINAL HISTORY that surely makes one wonder just "WHAT" Adolf Hitler would have "DONE" with him, back in the day. I have a pretty good IDEA myself, can we all say - RE-EDUCATION CAMP? LOL This individual doesn't seem to have settled in his mind just "WHAT" group he wants to lead - currently having THREE grouplets on-line! One is an attempted re-hash of Pastor Butler's AN, the next is some fantasy "wolfman youth" group, and the last and most PATHETIC is his "nazi" creation.

Honestly, visiting this site, you would immediately think that itís a JOKE! The mighty poohbah himself is a "REICHSFUHRER" and it goes on down the line - ANYONE who is cajoled into hooking-up with this CON-MAN ( thatís what he was convicted of all his adult life - fraud and felony crimes ) is given a grandiose "rank" to pump their ego's into joining - nevermind having all these "generals" with NO "soldiers"! LOL This website is overwhelmed with pics of "nazi soldiers", "panzer tanks", "lightning bolts", - ALL the IMAGERY - that some impressionable kid who loves "video games" would throw up OR someone set out to RIDICULE and POKE FUN AT National Socialism through adolescent-like FANTASY. Along with the tanks and SS men, are imagery of "knights&warriors" with BLAZING EYES (looking like some kind of zombies) waving flaming swords while fighting mutants of some sort! I kid you not! Comrades, if a DRUNKEN JEW had sat down and created such a site - MAKING A JOKE out of our beloved NS ideology - he couldn't have done worse. Odd thing is - on ALL THREE websites - "AN", "Wolfman Youth" and "Neo-Nutzi" , ALL the few "contact points" along with their mighty-leaders - are the SAME! I guess they DON'T KNOW "WHAT" they really BELIEVE IN! Personally, my gut feeling based upon decades of movement experience is, that this operation is a poorly done "HONEY POT". Enough said.

Lastly, is the organization called the "nsm". It too is headed by a convicted FELON-BURGLAR of White people, who oddly enough ( he was caught and convicted while he was the Neo-Nutzi so-called "Kommander" of "nsm" ) NEVER SERVED TIME for his CRIMES! Anybody SMELL a "DEAL" here? Usually, the system SLAMS any racialist, much less a well-known "NUTZI LEADER" for the smallest of peccadilloís... It has been widely reported that this fellow has a NEGRO step-daughter "Amber" through his current wife past marriage. He has at LEAST SIX CHILDREN of his own whom he doesn't support, having walked away from his children of two previous "relationships" taking only the family DOG the most recent time - to shack-up with his current woman. As well, he has NEVER held a known JOB his entire lifetime. It is assumed that he lives off of "nsm's" sale of trinkets and bonehead "music" cd's, dues etc. as "personal income". Yet, be openly boasts of taking vacations to MEXICO and elsewhere, living the lifestyle of a typical kosher-consumer - rather than a true National Socialist.
This so-called "nsm" has over the years been an EXTREME ENBARRASSMENT to SINCERE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS in that they recruit the MOST FOUL individuals and PROMOTE THEM with-in their collection of misfits - typical is JON SNYDER their Illinois State Leader who was on "America's Most Wanted" as a SEX OFFENDER, or the "nsm" Chairman Cliff Herrington who IS a High-Horned Hinkydink of the "JOY of SATAN" cult ( his wife is also involved in this sick perversion as well ) and utilized the "nsm" P.O.Box as a Joy of Satan contact-point until the ANP exposed this creep years back!

The "nsm" has had scandal after scandal, such as recruiting and making an official SPOKESMAN out of well known (and obvious) JEWS - such as "Dr. PLUSSMAN" who easily infiltrated them through large cash donations - to other such SUSPECT creatures as WILLY WEISS and HAL TURNER, both who through their flaming acts of PROVOCATURING wound up in Zog's gulag - of course, taking down as many naive, or STUPID people as they both could along the way. Recently, the "nsm" West Coast Organizer, was shot and killed by his own adolescent son, after repeated ABUSE to himself and his mother - are THESE types of CREATURES - REALLY REPRESENTATIVE of the 14WORDS? These few examples are only the TIP of the "nsm" dung-hill - I could go on and on, but I'm SURE that you all GET MY POINT. WHAT would HITLER have DONE with these people?

The "Kommander" as HE likes to style himself ( unlike a real Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell who founded the ANP ) was NEVER even in the military, having been reportedly thrown out of the family home for - I'll not get into that - was taken in by the satanist couple, and "groomed" to be the figurehead for Herrington, in his teens. He knows LITTLE or NOTHING about NS, and a perfect example of this is how he himself DESCRIBES his oufit - he calls it a "WHITE CIVIL RIGHTS" organization!?! LOL

Now, I'm not SURE whether this is simple IGNORANCE on his part, or a sorry attempt to "CURRY SYMPATHY" from the jews-media that he loves to court. Needless to state - National Socialism is NOT some weak-livered "civil-rights" ideology - it IS an ENTIRE WORLDVIEW of a HEALTHY ARYAN LIFESTYLE...something the "Kommander" has never LIVED!

Unlike the ANP, which has dedicated itself to creating and building a WHITE POLITICAL organization - the so-called "nsm" instead travels the country, RE-INFORCING the IMAGE that the enemy loves to demonize National Socialists with - that of obnoxious, crude, undisciplined, foul-mouthed "POSTERBOYS of HATE". Ever and anon, the jews-media bleats about another after ANOTHER - "nsm" fiasco, which REPELLS the average White American from even CONSIDERING the NS alternative. After all, WHO in their right mind would want to join a group where your main "activity" is standing in a CAGE, GUARDED by ZOG POLICE, from MOBS smashing your vehicles, smashing you, and THEN to top it off - being EXPOSED by the JEWS-MEDIA camera's to "all" that that entails - loss of JOB, FRIENDS, FAMILY... Of course, the Mighty One cares not for those small issues - he has NOTHING to LOSE, now does he! This creature even has the AUDACITY to urge his dysfunctionals to SET UP ALTERS - where HIS PICTURE is flanked by candles alongside ADOLF HITLER and GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL! What CHUTSPAH! LOL

In my opinion, this self-styled "neo-nutzi" clusterfuck is probably THE most INFILTRATED by the enemy, outfit on the scene today. Basically, the ONLY "reason" that it is given such publicity by the ENEMY - is that IT SERVES ITS PURPOSE. Letís be honest - IF "nsm" DIDN'T exist - this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist sewer would CREATE a CLONE, ( like it did with Jew Nutzi Fuhrer FRANK COLLINS/COHN "nspa" of "SKOKIE" fame ) it does such a fine job of denigrating and degrading NATIONAL SOCIALISM in the eyes of the White masses! In reality - THEY OUGHT TO GET PAID BY THE JEWS - for the "services" that they provide! Want to get some "SYMPATHY" for the "poor persecuted" JEWS? Well, call in the "RENT A NUTZI'S" - with their fake "SS" costumes, their tattooed scowling boneheads, their idiotic chants of "six million more!", "if its brown flush it down!" and the likes! Once again, Adolf Hitler would have had a "SPECIAL PLACE" for most of these pathetic dysfunctionals.

So there, you have it - the collection of "alternatives" to the American Nazi Party. Surely now anyone can "UNDERSTAND" the "WHY" that the ANP refuses to associate with these frigging circuses - and NEVER will!
Just as all of us, prefer to associate in our "private lives", ONLY with decent, normal people - there is NO difference in our political endeavors. Not ONLY would we be TARRED through association with deadbeats, criminals, and loonyís - it would be DANGEROUS TOO. I personally refuse to "go down" through the ACTIONS of "OTHERS". And these creeps are bye and large "VIRUS CARRIERS" to decent, sincere men and women who are involved, radical, political activists. They are BREEDING GROUNDS for NEGATIVE "DRAMA", all of which we of the ANP have AVOIDED since our conception. I am proud to be able to state that since I have been Party Chairman - not ONE individual associated with us - has EVER been arrested, etc et al, through Party involvement. And I intend to KEEP it that way!

Manifest Doom

by Steve Davenport

Once, this country was driven by "manifest destiny", the drive to establish a nation from coast, to coast. Now itís sputtering helplessly. It can't even make jobs for its people. The August 2011 jobs report has come out, and no job creation has occurred. No job creation. We have 9.1% unemployment. We are a nation of 300 million. What exactly are we all to do for work? Of course if ZOG would stop outsourcing jobs to non white overseas nations, we wouldn't be in this mess. Unfortunately, Judeo-Capitalism respects nothing but power, and profit. Their credo is that the rich get richer, while the poor get nothing, and the middle class are financially bled, so that they become poor. As in Keynesian economics, if would be good policy, for the govt to prime the jobs pump. Alas, our govt is broke, and the money it does have, it spends on fighting useless, meaningless wars. ZOG has made it abundantly clear, that it will spend billions on war, but not one cent for social programs.

With a govt system like this, who needs foreign enemies? I just can't use enough adjectives to describe the extremely negative emotions I have towards this system. They bailed out the financial scumbags who helped wreck our economy and throw it into recession, to the tune of 700 billion dollars. Yet they won't help out homeowner America. Hence homeowner America, is fast becoming homeless America, due to the fact people can't pay their mortgages. Obama's famous call to tax corporations heavily, if they outsource jobs overseas has come to nothing. I feel like this country is divided between China, and India. China makes everything, and we make nothing. India helps us maintain. Virtually every help line is connected directly to India. Its like we've become a baby nation, totally helpless, and dependent on others (non whites no less) for help in everything.

If we had the outfit we do now, running things, back in colonial times, we'd never have got past New Jersey, much less to California. Incompetence is bad enough, but when you add in corruption, our nation is indeed in sorry shape. This year we've seen many civil wars in various countries. We can expect to see a lot more. Unfortunately, we can expect to see and hear our nanny govt continue to lecture and demand how other countries live. The US scolds Libya like a naughty child. Do this, do that. Yet when we citizens ask politely for aid to overcome economic difficulties, we're blown off like we're dust under the ruling eliteís feet. The Secretary of State's job is supposed to be to establish relations with nations, not to bark orders to them like a drill sergeant. Is it any wonder nations end up hating us. There is a thing called dignity. We fought in 1812, and in World War One to uphold the dignity and rights of this country. Now our very own leaders deny we whites our rights and dignity. Our needs are ignored. We're shoved aside from govt jobs so the needy poor non whites can have them. Private sector jobs are sent overseas with the systems blessing, the better to make profits by.

This is a nation of 300 million people that stretches from one ocean to another, across a continent. Our people worked hard, and our leadership stayed determined to accomplish it. Now our leaders don't give a damn. They ignore their own country, so they can plunder the resources of others. Instead of defense, our armed forces are sent off to peacekeeping in the empire. In the Roman Empire, the citizens got bread and circuses at least. Our hard hearted rulers don't even give us that. To them we're either something to exploit, or something to ignore.

Its long past time this system was replaced. Aryan people need to elect candidates that stand for something, rather then their own personal ambition, like the system drones do. If we keep on this disastrous course, we'll all end up with nothing. The future generations will have nothing to look forward to, just poverty, or finding work in non white lands, out of hopelessness and despair as our society continues to decay. Help the ANP with time, and money, to help save the destiny of the Aryan race. We can't afford to fail, like the current system has. Once we were a nation that accomplished things. We have to give our kids the same opportunity and hope for a future. Our ancestors built a nation. We today need to reclaim and put to right ours.

Comrades, with the Fall weather fast approaching, we have still a few more pleasant months to pick up the pace, per NS Outreach. I cannot stress strongly enough, that IF - "you want Comrades in your locality" - YOU HAVE TO PLANT THOSE "SEEDS"! The MORE "seeds" (literature) that you SPREAD - the BETTER the ODDS ARE, that SOME WILL TAKE ROOT. NOTHING comes from NOTHING.

We will have a very positive announcement to make at this years "Christmas Festival" in SC in December, which I'm sure will be a real moral-booster - please don't bug me about "what it is" - you'll LIKE it!

One more thing for newbi's visiting for the first time - you may receive an ANP Info Pack chock full of stickers, message-cards, booklets and a current copy of our monthly 24+ page Party magazine The White Worker - for a $5 donation. A subscription to America's ONLY print monthly NS magazine is available for a $20 donation.

Please make money-orders out to "ANP" only, well concealed cash is acceptable as well. ALL ANP mailings are done in unmarked, brown security envelopes.

For White WORKER Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

Hail Victory! 88!

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