ANP Report for August 30, 2011

Racial Comrades: I thought that I would like to share a few items with you in today's ANPReport, as I catch up on all the backlog caused by my recent illness.

First off, just about ALL the "orders" that piled up have been filled and shipped - so as itís in "the hands of Zog's postal service" - please have patience.

Secondly, The White Worker magazine for August has been mailed - once more - please have patience. By the way - we only mailed out to those Comrades who sent in some $upport since June. For those of you "missing out" - I'm sure that you can figure out "WHY" if you put your thinking caps on....

Thirdly, the Illinois ANP Conference that was scheduled for September - has instead been postponed to OCTOBER. The reason is that I'm still not fit for long-distance traveling, and I don't think that a monthís delay will cause hardship with anyone. New invitations will be sent out in September relaying the new time and date. I encourage all Party Comrades from Illinois AND surrounding states to attend. PS - when you DO get your invitation, PLEASE RESPOND ASAP so that proper arrangements can be made. Itís not easy holding these Conferences and those Comrades who are willing to host them deserve the simple respect of KNOWING "who" and "how many" intend to attend.

The California (as well as bordering states) Conference in November is still scheduled on track. Please once again, contact Comrade Schruender ASAP if you are intending on attending. Letís make this one an even greater success than last springs!

The next item I would like to mention is the new Party "Radio Show" hosted by Comrade Axl Hess. These are weekly programs done "live", and you can listen to the first two on the front-page of our Party website. They would like to have YOU - call in - and GET INVOLVED in the discussion! If you would like to know more about the program and how YOU can HELP - e-mail Comrade Hess at [email protected] for further info. Comrades, ANYBODY can pick up the phone and TALK for a few moments about whatever issues are on your mind. Here's your chance to reach out a RAISE YOUR VOICE from the ease and safety of your own phone. What could be EASIER?

NOTHING comes from NOTHING - in the ANP there is a part to play, and a role of involvement for EVERYONE. But, as I have often said - the ONLY PERSON THAT YOU CAN COUNT UPON MOTIVATING is the PERSON in the MIRROR. And if you can't motivate YOURSELF - how can you ever hope to motivate OTHERS?

The plight of the middle class.
by Steve Davenport

The white middle class of this country is on a downward slide. This is because the rich elite have no compassion, or conscience, just greed in their hearts and minds. The white poor have always gotten the shaft in this country. Likewise the working class. Now its the middle class turn. Thanks to the corporate elite, outsourcing our jobs to non white China, there are now no decent paying jobs left for white people. No job, no money. No money, no home (banks want those mortgages paid). No money, no nothing. So it has been with capitalism, since the beginning of civilization. Rich elite, poor many. This country fooled itself, with the help of its govt (ZOG), that it had beaten the pattern, and we'd all live in prosperity. Well for 9.1% of the working population that are unemployed, prosperity no longer exists. Its all they can do, to keep from starving. When will it be YOUR turn? Think because you have a trade, you're safe from outsourcing? I can sum up in 2 words the fallacy of that thinking. Illegal immigrants. ZOG has made sure it has all the bases covered. Why would ZOG work to impoverish its own people? Simple. Starving people, think only about where their next meal is coming from. No time or means to check on other things, like corruption, or if there is some secret agenda being put into play.

No, our wonderful "democracy" stands for rule by the rich, who can buy elections. Its even easier, when the public minds are elsewhere, like how they'll be able to educate their kids, or what will happen if serious illness strikes with massive hospital bills. The middle class is the rich elites piggy bank. Something to be broken into when extra cash is needed. Why do the rich raid the poor? Funny thing about rich elites, then tend to come to love their money, hence their deep reluctance to part with it. So the middle class comes to be plundered. Thanks to the financial bailout, the rich elite were saved, to the tune of 700 billion dollars (so far), while the middle class is left scrambling to find the money to pay its mortgages. The govt saved the rich, while the middle class has been left to flounder. Our govt is like a tick on the body politic. Its sucking our economic life's blood, to wage wars in foreign countries. Supposedly to fight terrorism, but in reality to seize natural resources in cahoots with native elites. This, to the tune of billions of dollars, that could be put to far better use, saving middle class America. Just how depraved is it, when a nations elite, would rather save native elites of other countries, at the cost of its own peoples welfare. Think how much good could be done for our education and health systems, with all the money being wasted on overseas adventures.

If our kids don't get even a half way decent education, there is no way they'll have a chance to compete with these overseas non whites. There at a severe disadvantage already, since these non whites work for slave wages. If we don't teach our kids with the best equipment possible, they'll have no future in their own country, much less the world economy. If the white middle class doesn't get proper medical treatment, we're going to have a mighty high mortality rate in this country. Shouldn't people who worked hard all their lives get the retirement they were promised? Instead our govt prefers to wage war, and not bother with the peopleís welfare. How can middle class families afford hospital bills without either private insurance (fast disappearing, as the private sector implodes), or govt guaranteed health care. Don't like the thought of national health? Ready to die? I got news for you, when that pain kicks in, you'll cop out on your name, if it gets you any relief.

By the way, all you super capitalist fans out there. Pharmaceutical companies are refusing to make generic brands of drugs. Can't make enough profit on them. Call your local hospital and ask them, this is no BS. How can this be allowed? We're a capitalist system. Money insures survival. Lack of money spells doom. Brand name drugs cost an arm and a leg for us middle class types. We just can't afford it. With private insurance getting more expensive, what is there for us? Sure not the govt. Obama the Harvard law grad, apparently can't draft a health law that's constitutional. Way to go Barry. That leaves us middle class, in the middle, between a rock and a hard place.

I can go on, but you get the drift. If youíre a white Aryan, you better start questioning what in hell is going on here. Why are we whites being stripped of our wealth, such as it is, and being set up to die rather then retire? Hasn't a capitalist system brought enough harm to this country? Isn't it time for a change? National Socialism won't make everyone rich, but neither has capitalism, and with NS, we'll at least have a life, not be left to die sick and homeless in the gutter.

The ANP is the only hope white Aryan America has to if not save itself, at least save a little part of it. We've been steamrollered enough by Judeo-Capitalism. We need to unite, and start working towards a just society. Our tax money has been, and will always be wasted on ZOG's projects, while we're left holding the bag. Donate to the ANP to forge a unified white political front, to oppose ZOG, but more important renew our Aryan dedication to helping our own. Hand out lit, to get the word out. ZOG censorship hurts us greatly.

We were a great people, before leftist liberal trash corrupted us, time to be great again. Help us, and help your middle class selves, before you our rulers don't even leave you shirts to wear.

Comrades, now that summertime is just about over, with all its diverting "fun" - letís get BACK in stride, with the most IMPORTANT agenda that a decent White man or woman could involve themselves with. ACHIEVING those 14Words for OUR CHILDREN - and Social Justice for US...the WHITE WORKING CLASS!

Remember - the CHOICE is YOURS - to SUBMIT to this evil, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system - or to RESIST! Get off your knee's....

For White WORKER Power! Hail Victory! 88!
Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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