ANP Report for June 20, 2006

Racial Comrades: First off, I would wish to thank those of you who wrote me messages of concern and best wishes per my recent illness. I regret any inconvenience that it has caused, per ANP operations, and am doing my best to continue in my efforts to the best of my abilities. To those who saw fit to write, and hoped for "something
worse" for myself...well, I'm afraid that at least for now - you're out of luck! lol
Today, I would like to attempt to answer a few of the questions that the supporter below proposed -


I am sure you receive plenty of messages from plenty of people with similar stories and questions, but I hope you can find the time to read this e-mail. As much as I'd like to lay my personal story on you, I know you've read thousands similar to it, and I don't want to take up more than a fair share of your time-
so heres the abridged version:

I found NS through Mein Kampf at a young age, applied the NS lifestyle to my day to day activities (healthy diet, weight lifting, studying in my spare time, concentrating on school, etc), found out about 'The Movement' through the TV and spent 4 years supporting and trying to 'help' that mess, burnt out, gave up, dropped out of college, got hooked on heroin, lost several jobs, got lean, 'rebuilt' myself physically and mentally, back to working a good job, back in school and living a healthy, successful life. Recently I've been reading your ANP Reports, and it has really helped me pull myself together. It is very encouraging to discard The Movement's lens over NS, and once again see it as the worldview and lifestyle that it was for me years ago- and that it really always was. I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind:

- My first contact with 'The Movement' was William Pierce's weekly internet-radio broadcasts. At its core, the National Alliance's ideology is NS without naming it as such. To me it always seemed that Pierce succeeded in constructing, at least in part, a Rockwellian 'Phase Two' operation- an organization that attracts a cadre of intelligent, motivated and dedicated people; creates a foundation for raising funds and distributing educational materials (National Vanguard Books, Resistance Records, American Dissident Voices, etc). What is your opinion of Pierce, his organization and strategy? I've read some of your views on him, and I agree about his greed, the organizations fantasy obsession with irrelevant issues, etc. but much is unclear to me.

ANSWER - I have written much in the past about William Pierce, and I suggest that those who wish a more in-depth review, should read the archived ANPReports collected on this website. I think that the "Great Ones" abilities can best be summed-up, by "WHAT he left BEHIND". Few like to mention that Pierce's "officers"
were HAND-PICKED by HIM - anyone who ever showed any initiative or personal ability, beyond being a suck-ass or a lick-spittle...was drummed out, so as not to ever pose a "threat" to the Grand Poohbah's dictatorship - which should NOT ever be confused with National Socialism's "Leadership Principal". The "NA" was NOT or was ever meant to be a National Socialist organization - hence the confusion of politically supporting a "Pat Bucolic" and his Niggra "Running Mate" for president, OR the sordid attempt to recruit ZOG "Police Enforcers" into backing the NA. The sorry FACT that after the Old Perverts death, that the "Mighty NA" was destroyed into THREE FACTIONS by the greed and corruptness of the proverbial "falling out of thieves"...only goes to SHOW...WHERE these peoples true "commitment" was. Added to the FACT that the current "CEO" business honcho Shaun Walker has landed his ass into the "Just-Us" system for a DRUNKEN BAR ALTERCATION with non-Whites - ONLY underlines the NA today. I can only state with extreme regret that the Order Comrades, and Bob
Mathews in particular, handed over that $250,000 "seed money" for Pierce to squander in setting up his "BUSINESS" - for in all honesty - THAT is ALL it EVER WAS, and was ever REALLY INTENDED TO BE. As soon as Pierce found out that he was dying from
cancer - within that one month - he didn't really give a damn if NA disappeared to the moon, hence his not even selecting a future leader - much less bothering to GROOM ONE over the decades he lived. NA is DEAD. Its better that way, as until all the "RACIAL BUSINESS'S", "COMEDY HOURS", and "FANTASY THEATER GROUPS" - DO vanish from the scene - the rank and file will continue to be "entertained" into NOT "doing", what honestly NEEDS to be DONE. Comrades, often DOING the WRONG THING, over and over...IS...WORSE than doing NOTHING at all!

- Would you consider writing about times past in greater detail? Such as what it was like being around Rockwell, some of the good, bad and ugly organizations, events and people who came around in the NS movement after his death in the 70's and 80's (there is scarcely any information about this, aside from bits and pieces from a variety of sources).

ANSWER - I have often considered this, but when balanced against turning the time, money, and effort needed for such a creation...instead of funneling EVERYTHING we've got...INTO the current effort of achieving those 14WORDS, I have to choose the latter. The ANP unlike most organiztions out there - seeks building a healthy and
secure TOMORROW, not a constant rehashing of the past, or "what might have been". Lets face it people, the "Third Reich" of National Socialist Germany, or the heady days of the post Civil War-KKK are OVER and done with! We either grasp our courage
and what resources we HAVE, to BUILD a better TOMORROW - NOW - or there will be NO "tomorrow" worth existing in. Lets face it - the PAST is GONE, dead and buried - BUT, we CAN through SACRIFICE ( oh, THAT word! ) CREATE that world which we desire to see. BIGGER and BETTER even, than any "past" that you can envision - are you up to THAT?

- Are anymore old Stormtrooper, NS World, NS Bulletin, Rockwell Report, etc issues going to be reproduced or made available? Not as trinket peddling, but for educational/historical/informational reasons?

ANSWER - To be honest, I'm afraid that the "response" to our having offered over the past half-dozen years, of the reproduction Stormtrooper magazines that we offer on this website...has been pretty dismal. So few seem to have an interest in American NS history...although I'm also told its the "amount of the donation" that we
request...but, I can't fathom THAT, as "movementites" seem to have no problems forking out big bucks for crappy "CD's" and other trinkets that the hucksters peddle...hell, THAT was THE "big deal" of Pierce's NA wasn't it? Him changing his tune about "skinhead crap" vs "cultural music"...ONCE he SAW the $$$ signs involved! LOL In any case, we have just about ANYTHING that Rockwell's ANP published in the Old Days ( 1959-1967 ) as well, much material from the enemy side too - ADL Reports,
etc. Anyone who desires reprints, simply has to write us, telling us "what" is desired - type of item, year, etc - include a cash donation to cover costs, ( the larger the donation, the MORE materials requested we will send ) and we will be happy to oblige. Perhaps ONE big reason "why" so FEW so-called NS now-a-days have
little conviction in their supposed "beliefs" - is the sad fact that they know so LITTLE about the SACRIFICES and BATTLES that went on before - carried like today, by a FEW for the MANY. "True Believers", oh yeah......

- I read the most recent ANP Report, and I wish you the best of health and fast recovery, and if you don't have the desire or ability to respond, I understand completely. I have some (as far as I can tell) new ideas that I'd like to run by you as well in the near future, let me know if you're interested in hearing them. By the way, not that I believe that my message would be featured in an ANP Report for any reason, but if you do consider it, please do not include my e-mail address or IP number, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Best wishes,

Comrade, I understand ALL that you have gone through, and experienced. Even your "addiction" was no doubt caused as an attempted "escape" from your feelings of despair and frustration over what you went through. BUT, what IS more important is
that your conviction and belief in National Socialism TRIUMPHED over all! To my readers - please take the time to NOTE his "NS Lifestyle" - his "REBUILDING" himself - YOU CAN TOO! That is the "WAY" of the National Socialist warrior...NOT...playing
dress-up, or collecting "trinkets" - but "BECOMING" that which you profess to BE!

Comrades: Recently I heard a news report about the systems "relief efforts" for the "victims" of the Katrina hurricane. It seems that around "18%" OR ONE BILLION DOLLARS was given away in FRAUD to those "poor people" we saw on the tube. Items
mentioned being purchased with those $2,000 "gift cards" were - "Girls Gone Wild" video's, sports tickets, $100 bottles of booze at "Hooters", AND a "SEX CHANGE" operation - were a FEW items listed. As well, I heard that those 150 political WHORES in "Congress" and the "Senate" received TWO-THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED - JUNKETS - paid for by "lobbyists" in the past year. Coupled with all the FREE TAX-PAYER financed "trips"...I wonder when they had the TIME to spend in D.C.? lol And you still BELIEVE that these cretins are YOUR "representatives"? No wonder old Dave Duke wanted SOOOO "GET ELECTED"...he would have FITTED IN, SOOO WELL! Right alongside Old STROM THURMOND the "segregationist" who had a life-long NEGRESS as a "LOVER". ( so we all found out, AFTER he croaked lol ) Comrades, Billy Roper wrote right after he was booted from the NA about how Pierce's computer was filled with PORNO, and we all know about his multiple MAIL-ORDER BRIDES ( is that a "SEX-SLAVE", or was that simply research for his almost weekly short-wave programs on related pornographic "SEX TOPICS" that he dwelled upon so much? Forget about topics like HIGH PRICES, OVERWHELMING TAXES, LOST JOBS, or UNION BUSTING by the Judeo-Capitalists - THATíS for those White WORKERS to concern themselves with! NA's a "PROFESSIONAL" racialist club, ain't it? lol Yeah, THEY had more MONEY to CON...although NA's membership WAS 99.9% those "dirt under the fingernails" bunch (Go figure...).
White MAN and WOMAN - the FUTURE IS YOURS - IF you have the GUTS and the willingness to SACRIFICE to reach out and EARN IT. Everyday that you refuse to "GET INVOLVED"...the situation WORSENS. Its going to come to a show-down within a very few short years.

( according to the last US Census ) And according to the UN stats -
ONLY 3% OF THE EARTHS WOMEN OF CHILDBEARING AGE ARE PRESENTLY WHITE! THEN, its going to be either SUBMIT or RESIST. I humbly suggest to you, that its better to GET INVOLVED NOW. The world that you hand your CHILDREN is in your hands to determine. Right now its looking dirtier, corrupted, more evil and decadent, not to mention
"darker" than ever I could have imagined when I myself first started resisting decades ago. I THOUGHT that as the situation worsened, so would the "REACTION" by decent people outraged by was they SAW with their very own eyes.
for White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda,

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