ANP Report for May 30, 2006



I just read your ANP report for May,14 and I agree with you totally. I used to work at a chemical plant and a few years back the contractors there starting hiring lots of Mexicans to fill their insulating jobs. Most of these jobs used to belong to local White guys, many of which I grew up with. The biggest part of the Whites who had these jobs have now either had to move or work jobs paying less. And to think that I grew up thinking and being taught that my ancestors fought for this country and worked all their lives so that I could have a better life. It burns me up inside, I can tell you that.

A while ago I started calling the big business people and the politicians what the hippies and such called them in the 60's- CAPITALIST PIGS. I did this in large part to see what people I knew would say, and all they did was give me a stupid look. You are right, these people have bought into the Jewish-Capitalist system hook, line, & sinker.

For the White Guys,

George R.

Comrades, Its so funny how some people simply refuse to "change", even after their former viewpoints have been overwhelmingly proven - even to themselves - to have been complete folly!

I remember when, back in the 1970's, we American Nazi's used to attack the anti-Vietnam war demonstrators...what utter FOOLS we were back then. We SHOULD have been ATTACKING the corrupt JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM...but, we thought of ourselves as "defending the Republic against the ( ohh ahh ) communists". What a JOKE! HOW the capitalist pigs must have laughed their ass's off at our naive stupidity. NATIONAL SOCIALISTS fighting to defend this KOSHER MONSTROSITY, from people who on the whole, objected to their loved ones being sent off to die for capitalist greed and profits. Ol Commander in Chief Bushwipe must have REALLY gotten the snickers - as HE and all the rest of the millionaires’ sons got "deferments", or cushy placements which kept THEIR lilly-ass's SAFE - home OR abroad.

It also reminds me of the story of the Cleveland Nazi who saw a "white women" being attacked as he drove down the street. He stopped his car, and jumped out to "save her", from the negroid who was giving her one hell of a smack-down. Short end of the story - HE wound up in the hospital being stabbed - SHE was the niggers crack-whore, and was being beaten by HER PIMP! LOL So much for "SAVING" every "white" featherless-biped that gets "in trouble". Do you understand the "moral" of the story?

I guess that what I rambling on about is this - as REVOLUTIONARIES - we need to start viewing events from a totally different perspective from what this "movement" has in the past. Not "everyone" with a "white skin" is our "brother". IN FACT - MOST of those who are causing us as a Folk the MOST HARM...are nominal "whites"! WE NEED TO CONCENTRATE on THEM.

Its far overdue to SEIZE the ISSUES that ARE important to Aryans...out of the hands of the "LEFT", and IF they ARE "correct"...drop these idiotic reactionary notions, and instead PROMOTE the hell out of them. FORGET coddling the "masses"...they are COWARDS who will NEVER get the balls to stand even in their own defense, much less stand against US. They are MOANERS, COMPLAINERS, WHINERS...who DO whomever has the FORCE and TELL them what to do.

What I love about National Socialism is that this ideology takes the BEST ideas of all "wings of the political spectrum", along with ideas that neither have the courage or honor to embrace...and discard the useless and the obsolete. Last week, our Michigan "Governor" who was enjoying ANOTHER trip overseas to "encourage investment" by foreigners...talked some Japanese company into enlarging their Michigan plant by "85 workers". WOW! Same day, a local plant with 350 workers closed down to GO OVERSEAS...was the following story on the news. LOL And this warty bitch had the nerve to bleat that her VACATION on tax-payer dollars was "a success". A success for HER, no doubt it was nice not having to pick up the tab.

Comrades, these SYSTEMITES ARE CAPITALIST PIGS! And when these "wage slaves" are finally destitute enough and have little more to lose...there aren't going to be enough lamp poles across the country to hoist these swine upon. Still, the restaurant parking lots are FULL, and "entertainment" is still PRIORITY #1! for most of the walking its obviously going to be a while. But, ITS COMING. Every generation is having LESS than the previous one in real income, and financial security. All except that 3% of the population that controls 85% of the wealth - THEY'RE DOING JUST JIM DANDY.

What makes me smile is the FACT that it doesn't take all that MANY people to rock and upset that ol' sinking boat! And just you wait until those TENS of MILLIONS of smirking brown faces, start "BURN BABY BURN" to GET what they WANT! And they will. Once its STARTED - it'll be a FREE for ALL! LOL Are YOU ready? Or, are you going to be one of those whities who sat back in the 60's, glued to the tv screen...secretly waiting for UNCLE SAMUAL to "make things safe"? An OBSERVER or a PARTICIPANT? "WHO" would be your "TARGET"? The screaming mextizo et al - OR, a DEVIL in a BROOKS BROTHERS SUIT?

IF you would STILL side with the SYSTEM after all that you know, all you've experienced - YOUR still part of the PROBLEM, and NOT part of the TOTAL SOLUTION! IF you still have this fixation that "we can vote'm out" - YOUR part of the PROBLEM. IF you believe that those in power are "secretly on our side" - YOUR part of the PROBLEM". IF you are so damn AFRAID of your ( YOU NAME IT ) that you still refuse to GET INVOLVED...even when you personally acknowledge the desperation of our situation...YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Rockwell used the slogan in the 60's " WHITE MAN WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU FIGHT? "...after almost 40 years of involvement, I STILL cannot answer that one. Can YOU? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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