ANP Report for May 14, 2006

Racial Comrades: I would like to start off todays message, by sincerely thanking those Comrades who showed me such kind hospitality last week in my trip around the country reviewing our network of established Cells. Sometimes it is necessary to see up close and for oneself, just how far we have come...and how far we need to gain a correct perspective of "what is", and what "needs to be".

One BIG thing that stood out from all the rest, is the immensity of the non-White invasion of America - EVERYWHERE I went, non-Whites of every "kind"...from brown meztizo's, to asians, arabs and "indescribable's"...made me wish for the "good ol'days", when it was ONLY negroes that we had to deal with! lol Sadly, much of America is turning more and more into a third-world dumping ground. And so many "whites" are sadly being infected into this system's "lifestyle" as well.

Next, "EMPLOYMENT" - or lack of DECENT JOBS seemed to be a foremost subject of concern. This corrupt Judeo-Capitalist system has to be literally insane in its mindless, endless GREED...through the destruction it's waging against White Working Class America. It made me think back to that first imbecile Bush in 1992, when he was "amazed" at the "check-out scanner" at the grocery store. Of course, since WHEN did HE ever go shopping for HIS OWN food? lol

These elitist millionaires who rule over us, really have lost touch with REALITY! This present retard corporate sock-puppet is no less an ignorant ass than his father. He "just can't get it" - when it comes to "understanding" how the population isn't groveling on its knee's, thanking him for the "economic boom" in wealth, that the county is SUPPOSEDLY experiencing.
I guess that he, and those OTHER 3% who CONTROL 85% of America's wealth...just find it difficult to fathom that NOT everyone has a "growing stock portfolio", or a "401k", or even that anyone can live with an income under 40 grand a year. lol Yep, the red beaked freak and his cronies cannot conceive a world where one's children AREN'T vying to get into HARVARD or YALE. Where a "HUNTER" gets his GEAR at K-Mart, and actually HUNTS in the WILD rather than a GAME PRESERVE, and winds up afterwards eating at the House of Pancakes...after NOT shooting his companions, and then toodling off to the "ranch" without notifying the cops. Oh well, THATíS "why" its called the "JUST US" system, eh?

Yes Comrades, the system tells us that "employment is up", and that all those jobs sent overseas really haven't raised unemployment at all. Well, the "numbers" MAY be "true" ( but I seriously doubt them myself )...but, what these bright-boys don't seem to grasp - is that when you LOSE a decent paying job with benefits - and HAVE to get a "job" at WALMARTS, or take TWO "part-time" may no be counted among the "unemployed", but you sure as hell AREN'T living on easy street!

The political system whores recently re-passed another "bill" lightening the tax bill on those MAKING BIG BUCKS, stating that GIVING the RICH MORE MONEY to "invest"...will spur job growth and economic investment. What a load of crap! These wealthy leeches, who make their money from SPECULATION...already have more than they know what to do with. IF you gave it to the working class Americans - THEY would immediately HAVE to spend it on their BILLS - hence turning it back into the economy, and therefor product growth, hence more JOBS. Isn't that SIMPLE? Too simple, I guess.

America is a land where the "Middle Class" is being eroded away, like a landslide...soon, to the point where along wiith all the CHEAP ILLEGAL ALIEN LABOR...White workers will find themselves UNIONLESS, and BACK to the days of the early 20th century where the capitalists hired hoods along with the police-enforcers to keep the "unruly unwashed" IN LINE. It'll be - " HEY, Pedro is more than willing to work this job for HALF what you want buddy! RIGHTS? CONTRACTS? Listen, YOU work for ME and be GRATEFUL...or I'll boot your lilly-white ass out of here! ". Think I'm "wrong"...just sit on your butt doing nothing and you'll eventually SEE.

Comrades, this whole "system" - from TOP to BOTTOM is corrupt, evil, and degenerate. The White population as a whole, through its embrace of judeo-materialism...has been emasculated to the point of slave-like subservience...that UNTIL it hits rock-bottom - NOTHING positive in respects to RESISTENCE can be expected from them. And even THEN, its going to be ONLY a PORTION of the population that drags its manhood out of the systems purse and FIGHTS BACK.

Hence, the American Nazi Party's clear understanding of the total FAILURE of any "MASS MOVEMENT" stage being a success. This Struggle for EXISTENCE - for that IS what it is - is going to be fought on a "low level" battlefield. It is going to be SMALL GROUPS of locally organized activists, engaged in "warfare" that the system has not thought us capable of, and is in all truth UNPREPARED itself to engage in. Our biggest and most valuable asset is THEM not knowing who WE are, or WHERE we ARE, or "WHAT" we are going to "DO".

The "TARGETS" of this Aryan Liberation Effort must CHANGE from what the "movement" is used to setting forth. Its NOT some "street negro", or some "Paki shop owner" - its THOSE IN POWER. Its those who MAKE what we see around us HAPPEN. Of course, itís the POLITICAL SOCK-PUPPET WHORES...but, its ALSO - the WEALTHY CORPORATE ELITE, the MEDIA SPIN MASTERS, the JUDGES and their ENFORCERS, the "EDUCATORS" and their LIES, the "ORGANIZED RELIGIOUS" phonies, need I go on...surely you GET the IDEA? And Comrades, these cretins are NOMINALLY "WHITE".

For far too long, this "SYSTEM" has ignored our "PROTESTS" and "PLEADINGS". They have MOST CLEARLY shown us all...the road that they intend on taking us down - and its a road to POVERTY, DEGENERACY, and most of all - ARYAN RACIAL EXTINCTION. The "fruits" of this greed and immorality WILL be visited on ALL - no matter WHAT "race" or "religion" one might be...ALL except those of the WEALTHY RULING CLASS. This same class or 3% will be forevermore "our leaders" they are prattling about JEB BUSH being a candidate as the "next president"...while how many "sons, daughters, cousins" et al do we ALREADY notice among those who govern over us? ITS A CLIQUE Comrades, the days ANYBODY who ISN'T a MILLIONAIRE holding an IMPORTANT "elected position" is LONG GONE.

And you know what that IS? Itís a page right out of the MEDIEVAL DAYS - where the PEASANTS WORKED and the RICH RULING ELITE lived off the sweat of those they RULED. Where everybody "KNEW THEIR PLACE"...and the "WHITE TRASH" never, EVER - attempted to "rise above their lowly, subservient place in life". Comrades, there are "movement leaders" out there, who "warn you" not to "engage in class warfare" - I'm WARNING YOU - they are BOUGHT and PAID lackeys of the SYSTEM! While of course, we ARE engaged in a RACIAL STRUGGLE for the mere EXISTENCE of our FOLK as a SECURE RACIAL ENTITY - at the same time, this cannot be brought about, UNTIL the deathlike stranglehold of these "3%'ers" is totally BROKEN. WHO ELSE have you to "THANK"...for "EVERYTHING" that we are experiencing and that we face, but THOSE who CONTROL the REIGNS of POWER?!
"WHO" have we to thank for the "12 to 20" MILLION - ILLEGAL MEXTIZO'S in OUR land alone...not to mention ALL the "OTHERS"? "WHO" do we thank for SENDING our DECENT JOBS OVERSEAS? "WHO" do we thank for ever growing GAS PRICES while unheard of PROFITS are raked in from YOU and ME? "WHO" do we thank for constant WARS which drain our nations treasury of TRILLIONS that SHOULD and COULD be better spent at HOME on the TAXPAYERS that are constantly dunned for more and MORE? Need I go ON? And are these soulless, greedy, grasping, uncaring SCUM...BLACK, BROWN, YELLOW...NO! These creatures are so-called "WHITE"!

IF you are OLDER my friends, YOU bear a major brunt of having sat back and ALLOWED it all to get this far. While YOU were enjoying all your plastic pleasures, and ignoring what went on around all got to "HERE". NOW, your CHILDREN and your GRANDCHILDREN are going to have to face terrible SOLUTIONS as well as ante up the PRICE for YOUR - GREED, SELFISHNESS and COWARDICE. Well, BEFORE you escape off to your grave, I have a suggestion. While your still alive and able - why not TRY to make some amends for your transgressions? How about OPENING some of those RE$OURCE$ that you have stockpiled over the years - and FUND an effort to SECURE A HEALTHY FUTURE for those whom you betrayed, through YOUR lack of having what it would have taken to stymied this whole mess in the beginning?

You know, one thing I noticed traveling around this nation, was the FILTH. And I'm not referring to the "moral character" of the average sheeple. No, I mean the actual GARBAGE CAN that urban-America has become. This has to be one of the grubbiest countries outside the third-world crapholes. But, I suppose that IF you get an influx of "people" that are USED to living in sink-holes, and pest-spots..."why keep it decent" is an unknown point of view. lol Our "major cities" are LOST...they are literal CANCERS that will only grow and expand until a bomb dropped on each one would be a Godsend. Having viewed some of these areas that I last saw 30-40 years ago...made me PROJECT their "status" 30-40 years hence in my mind. A nation with such festering sores, simply CANNOT exist in a peaceful and thriving existence. They are the hot-houses of the fall of the Judeo-Capitalist Empire.

You are NOT producing viable "citizens" in such an are producing hopeless and soulless SAVAGES, who will HAVE to be restrained with an IRON FIST, or PLACATED into a submissive attitude. I believe that the current controllers of America have opted for the POLICE STATE. The "3%er's" have decided that their MAIN stumbling-block to total-rulership ala a "South American" land...the WHITE WORKER...has already been broken. Personally, I think that they have over-reached themselves in their assumption. "Out there" across America there ARE tens of millions of "weapons", and "out there" are STILL a large number of ARYAN MEN and WOMEN who have NOT yet SUBMITTED. The system DEPENDS on its TECHNOLOGY to a large degree to control us. SMASH the TECHNOLOGY...and its honestly NOT that difficult...and they're like an old maid sitting in the dark.

And its NOT like "we are alone", in our rightful hatred of this monster! "Out there", ZOG has made MANY enemies, who as well have "scores to settle" with these perverted potentates! If one is battling a behemoth, does one really care - "WHO" is helping to bleed and bring down the beast that threatens to destroy oneself and all those whom they love and cherish? NOT if youíre a REALIST! And we had better START becoming REALISTS...instead of clowns playing fantasy dress-up - IF we wish to succeed in achieving those GOALS that we claim to hold so dear! Comrades, TOMORROW starts with TODAY. We have waited far too long already, and waiting further only makes it more difficult. Take that first "baby step", and after you get into'll be surprised how far you've come. IF the man or woman in the mirror refuses to "get involved", no matter how "small" it may be - how can you expect "others" to do what you won't?

Once more, to "save time" about your Q&A's - I strongly suggest your reading back through the archived ANPReports in this section of our website. Then, I suggest a review of the "support" section. I refuse to believe that there is anyone reading these words, who couldn't contribute SOMETHING to our common Struggle! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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