ANP Report for May 02, 2006

Racial Comrades: Below is a letter that we received that I thought brought up several interesting points -

Mr. Suhayda:
I am writing you to ask some questions that I think you are in the best position to answer. I have been reading your ANP Reports for the last year or so, and I think you have an understanding of National Socialism that is totally different than the "players" of the NSM and other organizations. In reading your reports, I gather that you tend to think of National Socialism as more of a spiritual movement and a "world view" more than just dressing up and running through the streets appeasing the system's view of the subject (like the NSM does). The reason why I am writing you is to ascertain if I am correct about my assumptions concerning your view of National Socialism, as well as ask you some questions that I think you are best equipped to answer.

Many of my questions stem from reading a book called "Pilgrimage" by Savitri Devi. She mentions many times in her book about National Socialists being persecuted in the modern age in response to the things that happened during WWII. As I was reading, I could relate to this persecution, because NS is generally considered "evil" by the mainstream (for lack of a better term) and something that cannot be sympathized with without instantaneous assumption and backlash. I was wondering: how do YOU deal with this persecution? I, sometimes, find it very hard for me to hide my true feelings concerning National Socialism. I feel there is really no space for my views and opinions in the mainstream, and people are so brainwashed by the system that they are most unwilling to even entertain NS as a legitimate world view. I even tried to disregard my leanings towards NS ideas, but was unsuccessful. I discovered NS when I was 15. I was able to read MEIN KAMPF from the library, and I found what Hitler had to say very profound and meaningful. For the next two years or so, I delved into everything Hitler that I could put my hands on. I found him (and still find him) extremely interesting, even after all of these years (I am 30 now.). However, my parents and family were "concerned" about my well being. When I went off to college, I put my Hitlerism aside for a while, thinking that maybe it was wrong and that getting more education about different ideas would make me "see the light". It didn't work. About two years ago, I went back to National Socialism, this time with even more fervor and passion. I was able to look at it from an adult point of view, and I have found that true National Socialists tend to harbor feelings and sentiments about the movement. The movement is not just political (as the NSM, the System, and other groups), it is spiritual in its nature. There is just something "right" about it. Can you relate to what I am saying?

In the book, Devi also talks about the "day of revenge". Do you think there will ever be a day when we will be rid of this Jewish-influenced system of ours? or is it only a dream? Do you see us (National Socialists) ending up having to remove ourselves from the system and creating our own place in order to be successful? Do you think that we could really be successful in the United States?

I have a lot more that I could say, but I think this is long enough. Just to give you some background about me, so that you do not think I am some crazed lunatic, I am highly educated. I have a bachelors degree in History, a Masters degree in Library Science, and I am almost through with a second Masters degree in Computer Networking. I mention my education because it is assumed by the System that people who are interested in this movement are not educated, but that is not true. Even though I have had much education, I still find this philosophy appealing. Also, I am a woman. I mention my gender because I think it is important that you know whether it is a man or a woman that you are conversing with.

I appreciate your time in reading my e-mail, and I apologize for its length. I just felt the need to write to someone who might be able to answer some of these questions on my mind after reading that book. If you cannot, or do not want to, answer the questions, I understand and I still appreciate your time in reading my note. I look forward to reading your response.
Thanks very much for reading,


PS--I am fine with your publishing my e-mail if you so choose, but please erase my name. Thanks.

Comrade: I believe that your thoughts on National Socialism completely hit the mark! In this world, and even within this so-called "racial movement", there are far too many who think that by slapping on a Swastika armband...immediately makes one a "Nazi". How far from the truth! Its so similar to these "celebrities" who wear a "Christian Cross", yet LEAD A LIFESTYLE as DEGENERATE as you could imagine. lol Or, "bikers" who would adorn themselves with "Swazi's" and "lightening bolts"...OF COURSE, they AREN'T National Socialists! They simply wish to SHOCK and OFFEND society at large.

I'm afraid that a prominent section of those within the "movement" who flaunt the Swastika are quite similar. IF you were to ask them to relate the IDEOLOGY of National Socialism, to state clearly just "WHAT" National Socialism STOOD - "FOR" and "AGAINST"...beyond a few mumbled "slogans"...most couldn't tell you - OR, they would ramble off a bunch of nonsensical crap that they learned on the jew-tube, or Time-Life - NOT from Mein Kampf.

National Socialism is a WAY of LIFE. It’s a "LIFESTYLE" that is POSITIVE to those whom embrace it. Few of course can live up to all that National Socialism demands, yet ALL true National Socialists ATTEMPT to STRIVE to reach those goals. So many would-be "Nazi's" seem to be attracted by the actual JEW CREATED "hollywood" image of evil, domineering all-powerful sadists...who live to persecute, and cause pain and misfortune to others. These in many cases, are the types who are attracted towards these "LOOK at ME" costume/grandiose title style organizations.

Most of these people are complete LOSERS in real life, pathetic personal COWARDS as well...who usually were NEVER in any real military organization/or combat situation...yet, LOVE the "power" they feel while playing "military" dress-up. I wonder how many are closet homosexuals, and/or deviants of one degree or another, as so few of them seem ever able to connect with a normal woman, and provide for their children. "Guns" seem another "power fascination" for these types...NOT as a utilize in a needed situation, like a hammer or a broom, but something to fondle and "collect" like a kid does with Poke'man cards, or pornography. Enough on THAT...I gone through this over and over.

Having a "spiritual" or "religious-like" respect and regard for the tenants of National Socialism is what keeps me in any case going. I have never yet met, a LONG-TIME National Socialist who didn't feel the same. That’s why so many who join these "neo-nazi" re-enactment groups hardly hang around for any length of time ( excepting of course the "leadership" who not only live off the donations, but without the "Grand Poohbah" status, would be the low-life, unemployed bums that they are with little or no self-esteem - period ) they, honestly knowing NOTHING, and having been taught NOTHING about National Socialism ( by their "leaders" )...they have little or no FAITH or COMMITMENT towards it. In all honesty, Mein Kampf is NOT such a "difficult read", and Rockwell's “White Power” is purposely almost "simplistic". Its sad that those who supposedly commit to a creed, refuse to overcome ANY "obstacle" to learn more completely about it. That’s one big difference I'm afraid from "us" in the "movement" the "left", who STUDY their doctrines to the point of "self-brainwashing". Hence the clear difference in COMMITMENT as well.

As for the system depicting National Socialists as uneducated cretins, well that’s a two-fold answer I'm afraid. #1 We must expect that the enemy would denigrate us, no? #2 Unfortunately, MANY of those who portray themselves as "Nazi's", especially these "PUBLICITY WHORES" and "JEWY SPRINGER SHOW" types - ARE uneducated cretins and buffoons. You know Comrades, and I'm going to be ruthlessly blunt here - cracking "racial jokes", and making "slurs" MIGHT be funny IF all your seeking is some mindless "racial entertainment". BUT, IF we are to SUCCEED in building an honest to goodness - SERIOUS Racial Struggle - one that will ATTRACT and KEEP Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom...we are going to HAVE to CAN the comedy routine, and START ACTING like "STATESMEN" of a serious purpose! Likewise, those "PEOPLE" as well...whom the average Aryan would REFUSE to ASSOCIATE with, under any circumstances, must GO. Lets be honest - the CREEPS and REJECTS drive AWAY those we NEED to attract. IF we are to succeed to ANY degree, beyond being a social-club for rejects and dysfunctionals.

CRIMINALS, SEX-DEVIATES, SATANISTS, HALF-BREEDS, SELF-HATING JEWS, HABITUAL UNEMPLOYABLES, LIFETIME WELFARITES, ALCOHOLIC/DRUG ABUSERS, the LITERALLY INSANE...have NO PLACE in our "movement"! Unless, this "movement" is the assembly ground for the dysfunctionals of America. After being "in this" for almost four decades - I WANT TO SEE SOME "IMPROVEMENT" - is that REALLY too much to expect?

As per "expecting"...brings me to the ANP Spring Fund Appeal. April is "White Pride Month", the month of Adolf Hitler's birthday. We attempt to raise donations a bit "above the norm", so as to hope to expand our operations. I am constantly hearing from folks who write and tell us how "they have been reading our ANPReports for years..." - and I have to WONDER where these people are when it comes to "$UPPORTING" what we are doing? I personally have gotten phone calls, letters and e-mail messages from an untold number of you "promising" to send in some $UPPORT this month...yet, in many follow through. "WHY"? "WHAT" is so much more important that what you claim so passionately to "BELIEVE"? You make SURE that each and every month you pay the JEW CABLE that you can receive filth and inanity into your homes - yet, "this" which you claim is "SO IMPORTANT" supposed to coast along on what "others give"? Well, I'll tell you - IF it wasn't for those few, dedicated "OTHERS" - there wouldn't be a sincere, National Socialist operation here for you to visit, to perhaps give you a glimmer of HOPE that there IS "something" beyond the "joke-crackers", and the "costumed clowns". Anymore, I just don't know. I see the PROBLEM, but I really wonder if the Aryans that are left, aware and angered by today's corrupt, Judeo-Capitalist sewer...have "what it takes" EVER answer the call, and in the words of a "Black Power Nationalist" - " DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY" to achieve our goals and the 14WORDS. As things get "tougher", and the situation "worsens"...whether it be economic OR racial...our Folk seems to shrink further into submission, rather than RISE to SELF LIBERATION. Please, prove me WRONG. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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