ANP Report for April 24, 2006

Racial Comrades: Most of the people in the "mindless hater" section of the "movement", would probably dismiss the following letter below, with a few slurs. I hope that you will take the time to thoughtfully consider the future "possibilities" like true National Socialist Racial Revolutionaries -

Sirs: I came across your site while reading wikipedia about
presa canairo dogs and that killing of some dyke in Sf
by the dogs. Long story--anyway..I'm BLACK and quite
proud of my race and our accomplishments. I don't
believe in race mixing and I honestly believe that
BLACK people would be better off seperated from
whites/mexicans/chinese and other non BLACKS. My point
is that I read a letter that a supporter sent you
concerning Bill Orielly and his take on Immigration
and as weird as this is I agree with what he wrote.
The fact is that the so called 'conservative" movement
and people like Orielly, Hannity, and the other
talking heads at fox "news" and a host of other posers
both white and BLACK have no desire to solve or try to
solve the problems we have in this country. Their only
concern is in keeping the confusion going and making
money for their jew masters and most people of both
races are too stupid or lazy to figure this out. This
country has been taken over by Israel and AIPAC and no
one cares. Bottom line is; we, you and I, have bigger
problems than immigration. what is an approach that
you see where white and BLACK; whether you like it or
not these are the real americans that are being
affected by this plague not just from mexico, but
china, India, Eastern Europe how do we get this out as
an issues and get people that belong here to realize
that the only way to solve this problem is through
speaking up. We have no representation, and
politicians pander to whatever group is going to keep
them employed. Is it too late? Would appreciate your
thoughts and please keep the ignorant racial shit to
yourself; I hate you and your kind as much as you hate
me and mine; but as weird as this is we seem to need
each other. Once we solve the real problema we can
probably negotiate a mutually satisfactory agreement
for you and your kin folk and me and mine to live
separately but peacefully. XXXX XXXXXX

Dear Proud Black: You make much sense in your letter, and I must agree that for BOTH the White and Black races, the influx of tens of millions of the "others"...especially, the MEXICANS tend to bode extremely negatively to our future dispositions. The negroes are once again being pushed to the bottom of the line, as the system seeks to make the "BROWNS" the largest minority" in America ( pending the Aryans becoming that sad holders of that position eventually )...cancelling out the "Democratic Black-Bloc" vote. In fact, the meztizos ARE supposedly larger in numbers than the blacks....

What it means as well, is that for your people...the browns will eventually have ALL of the systems social-programs directed towards themselves, as their control over various parts of the nation becomes complete. Here in the Detroit area, after the JEWS left as the slumlords, gyp-shop owners who sold you dented canned goods and stale bread at exorbitant prices, and peddled cheap booze from their filthy storefronts, etc...the ARABS ( who captured/or bought your people in the old days of slavery, in Africa ) took over in their place...instead of the blacks assuming control over their own territory. Along with the Koreans, of course!

Now, you'll face another challenge from ANOTHER tightly knit racial entity, who are determined to CONQUER and HOLD turf like every INVADER throughout history! Wasn't it "bad enough" when you ONLY had greedy Old Whitey to complain about? LOL Let me here admit that it was the very SAME - GREED, LAZINESS, and PROFIT-MINDEDNESS that utilized slavery in the first place, on the part of those WEALTHY JUDEO-CAPITALIST "whites"...that are BRINGING IN these new waves of BROWN CHEAP LABOR. The "answer" that "they do the work negroes or other poor Whites refuse to do" is CRAP! IF these rich capitalist bastards would PAY DECENT WAGES that a man could SUPPORT a FAMILY upon, and accept a TEENY-WEENY less in "PROFITS" - there would be plenty of Americans clamoring for the work! These money-bags ( 3% of the population control 85% of America's wealth ) desire to ROLL BACK workers wages and benefits to the Dark Ages, and these brown slaves, used to stone-age existence, are their designated battering rams which will destroy BOTH White and Black workers, unless SOMETHING is DONE - and SOON!

Seriously though, some kind of a "mutual arrangement" between White and Black Racial Separatists COULD and OUGHT to be considered and worked upon. Such an agreement occurred back in the 60's, when the Klan and the Black Muslims met over the ongoing "civil rights" war at the time. After SERIOUS discussion - they agreed that IF the Klan would refrain from bombing NOI temples...the NOI would not support the integrationists or their agenda. And it WORKED! Both sides kept their word, and its only unfortunate that the Klan couldn't or didn't think to ask the Black Muslims for ASSISTANCE in the struggle against race-mixing. More shortsightedness on the part of "our leaders".

Since then, "organized racism" ie several "leaders" have met with black-separatists to try and form loose "alliances", over the years...but, the blacks found to their dismay that the "well known racist personalities" whom the jewsmedia "built up" through their media - were only dogs with a "BIG BARK", not a "BIG BITE". There was little or NOTHING beyond the "aura" of the "personalities" in REALITY. NO real amount of people, money, or "organization" worth the Blacks bothering with. Once they realized this, of course it all came to nothing. And STILL the "movement" is a silly, impotent PAPER TIGER....

I suppose that THAT is ONE BIG "REASON" that the anti-jew movement here in America gets NO $upport from the "arabs"...who you would THINK would love to bankroll an ANTI-JEW movement, right in the heart of the beast. They no doubt LOOK HARD at the "leaders" involved...and SEE a lot of PHONIES and CROOKS...who would either gamble the money away like Duke, or squander it on a high-rollin lifestyle - only CONSIDER HERE "what happened" to ALL THOSE MILLIONS that Bob Mathews and the Order Comrades liberated from the system - and WHAT it REALLY WENT FOR, after they distributed it among America's "leading racists"! LOL

For the time being, I'm afraid that those Racial Separatists, both White and Black - will simply have to concentrate on BUILDING UP our own ends - and perhaps one fine day, will attack and destroy this race-mixing toilet bowl from opposite ends of the spectrum. First step - REFUSE to "attack" SINCERE Racial Separatists of ANY people. Second step - EDUCATE your followers that a sincere Racial Separatist of ANY race - is "BETTER" that a RACE-MIXER of one's own tribe. Third - MOST importantly of ALL - recognize and preach the truth - that IT IS THE EVIL, CORRUPT JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM, that is the FOREMOST ENEMY of BOTH! Refuse to allow the system to play us off against the other. What worries the JEWS most of all that it ISN'T just a handful of Aryan "Nazi's" exposing their evilness - NOW, the entire NON-WHITE world for the most part, has become aroused on the "jewish question"! Ironic, how things tend to go sometimes, eh?

Personally, I believe in SEPARATE "self determination" for ALL races of peoples. After we clear away the stranglehold of the SYSTEM from our lives and that of our Folks' ultimate destiny and evolvement - I'm sure that some mutual agreement can be met by sincere and farseeing racialists on both sides of the issue.

Comrades, this weekend saw another "development" in the "continuing saga of the movement". And I'm sorry to state that it wasn't one that I was pleased to see. In fact it upset and saddened me quite a bit. With Tom Metzger joining the "nsmer's and pals" at their costumed carnival on the state-house steps in a wire cage...I guess that the American Nazi Party remains as the ONLY proponent of ORGANIZED UNDERGROUND ACTIVISM left in this "movement". While some of you have messaged us, declaring Mr. Metzger to be a "hypocrite" and "talking out of both sides of his mouth"...supposedly advocating "lone wolfism" as the only real, sincere operational tactic, yet "doing the direct opposite"...I prefer to believe instead, that after long thought, - that he chooses this old, well-trod route as best for him. For him, its apparently gone "full circle". Of course, I strongly DIS-AGREE here, and I continue to stand by what I HAVE ADVOCATED in INDIVIDUAL ACTIVISM and SECURE SMALL CELLS as the ONLY correct and realistic approach in a SERIOUS and SINCERE revolutionary effort. You KNOW where I and the ANP stand, read my past ANP Reports - in my life, I do all I can to LIVE what I PREACH. I feel that a " DO what I SAY - NOT what I DO " approach would only confuse what I attempt to teach others. To me, it would be similar to a "vegetarian" eating at "Joe's steak house", or a Morris Dees joining the Klan! Comrades, "leaders" set EXAMPLES for their adherents to FOLLOW - BY "WHAT THEY DO". I guess "being alone", and/or not being "part of the in crowd" might be difficult for many people...especially when you enjoy those "fanny pats", and "glad hand" sessions with star struck admirers. For myself, IF I can "save" just ONE sincere "newbie", from all those many "pitfalls" that the movement activist goes through with that dangerous, STUPID and UN-NECESSARY "public approach"...I'll be well "repaid". Its almost as if "misery loves company", and these people who advocate this needless tactic and having themselves gotten battered BECAUSE of it - wish to "share" some of the "joys" involved with those yet unscathed. All I know is that I'm sorry that the "Insurgent" ( formerly known as "WAR" ) doesn't take "LESSONS" from the REAL insurgencies around the globe - ZOG would sure like it if the IRAQI INSURGENTS gathered together on the "Courthouse steps" for a "photo-shoot", eh? LOL Oh well, enough said - just when you think it just COULDN'T get any more bizarre - this "movement" surprises you. I wonder if Tom will be donning a "uniform" soon, and if they can come up with a "suitable rank" for him - maybe "Field Marshall"? Or, Bill White might eventually be in need of a "Court Comedian" after he ousts Sloop, like the old kings needed a jester. I'm amazed what a plane ticket and a night at a Holiday Inn will buy". Lets all simply keep focused on REALITY and our END GOALS, and the PROPER METHODS to ACHIEVE THEM...and forget about those who prefer to play "make believe" in a self-created fantasy world. If the TRUTH gets "their panties in a twist", so be it. Its about those 14WORDS - NOT some individuals sensitive EGO. For far too long, this "movement" has been a "personalities" game. Its long overdue that the CAUSE should be STRESSED and put foremost - instead of "individual personalities" and "stars".

I would like to remind all of you that April is White Pride Month, and the time of year where we request that our SUPPORTERS help the American Nazi Party out with a little extra $UPPORT. Seeing as how we deal with the REAL WORLD - the real world demands that we PAY for SERVICES rendered. Just like in yours and mine own life. "Nothing" is for "free". The MORE resources we receive - the MORE that we can "DO". I realize gas prices ( hell, everything anymore ) are high - but, IF we "can't" finance our efforts NOW - what can we expect when things get REALLY difficult? Beyond our determined and realistic approach towards STRATEGICS and TACTICS vs apparently the "rest of the movement"...we also EXPECT that only the MOST dedicated, determined, and intelligent racialists are going to be attracted towards our operation. Where the re-enacters seem quite willing to spend any amount to satisfy their "look at me" cravings, and embellish their dress-up fantasies ( some of those appearing in Lansing wore German "Stahlhelms", others actually wore "Rebel caps" along with their brown Dickies workshirts, what a collection! ) those of us who ARE aware of the SERIOUSNESS of our people's situation and determined enough to want to "DO SOMETHING" to CORRECT IT - must realize the desperate need to SACRIFICE when duty calls, and we are the few to hear it. Let me put it like this - IF those "hundred" ( let us generously say...) in Lansing, instead were each given 1,000 leaflets and told to distribute them in their areas - ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Whites COULD have been reached directly with OUR OWN MESSAGE in one day. But, THAT would have involved a little "leg-work", and I suppose the "photo-shoot" was more "fun"? *Sigh* Doesn't my message come clear to all of you? "This" isn't going to be WON by "fun and games"...its going to be DIFFICULT and will take SACRIFICE on each and every one of our parts. If parting with a few dollars is so "hard", what are we going to do when REAL sacrifice stares us in the face? Please take part in this effort, no matter how large or small, and make our expansion of efforts possible. Those who donate $50 or more will receive a special "gift of appreciation" from ANP National Office. Also, an ANP Info Pack is available for a $5 donation. Please review the "support" section of our website, if you wish to "become involved". All ANP mailings are done in a plain brown, unmarked security envelope.

Comrades, my three children are MY "reason" for being "in this" - what is yours - and isn't it worth ANYTHING you may possess to ACHIEVE?

The American Nazi Party - NO fantasy, NO costumes, NO make-believe - only determined people MAKING REAL THINGS HAPPEN!

For White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda,

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