ANP Report for April 16, 2006

Racial Comrades: When you read today's letter from a supporter, please bear in mind that I have repeatedly stated over and over, that "todays right-wing"...WAS...yesterdays "left". What "happened" was quite simple really. The left hammered away at GETTING power, and NOW that they HAVE complete control - have become the "CONSERVATIVES"! LOL Yes, what do conservatives desire? To CONSERVE what "is". Do WE National Socialists want to "conserve" ANYTHING of this evil, rotten, pornographic edifice known as JUDEO-CORPORATE/CAPITALIST AMERIKA? Hell, NO! "What" is WORTH "conserving"? America has become like a termite ridden old HAVE to tear it down, and haul away the refuse...before you can REBUILD.

Chairman Suhayda:

I've written you a couple of emails in the past and
have read every report you've posted for years now and
basically have a couple of questions and a comment or
two. The previous emails I've sent you have been
extremely lengthy and redundant so I'll try to shorten
my thoughts this time.
I was watching for some reason
Bill O'Reily tonight talk about immigration and his
right-wing nonsense of a wall across the border,
military presence, etc as he was debating some black
politician from New York about how racist it is not to
grant amnesty to non-whites who are here illegally
and how we owe it to the non-whites from the Caribbean
and Latin America to let them in and make them
citizens. The conversation turned to race and the black
politician basically made the point that we need to
over compensate now by browning up America because the
U.S. has been too racist for 150 years bringing in too
many Europeans to form the makeup of our population.
O'Reily gave the status quo right wing reactionary
answers(the kind of answers that are just eye wash for
the right wing that don't mean a damn thing) as they
went back and forth. But at the end, the Black
politician said America is going to become brown,
black and yellow and thereís nothing you can do about
it. O'Reily said thatís fine, great and that he
welcomes it.

I'm used to the propaganda provided to us in the news
and have read between the lines for years when it
comes to this kind of thing. But this is pretty plainand clear,
the right-wing is encouraging this now. I don't want you to get
the impression that this shocks me or that this is
something I just picked up, but I
think the thing that surprises me the most about these
illegal immigration protests lately is there isn't
even a reactionary backlash from the right anymore.
The people in power are encouraging this, are aware of
this, and are doing everything they can to prosper
from this. I hate the right wing everyday more than
the next. Alright I said I wasn't going to waste your
time or mine with things that should be public record
within the movement but when I see the right wing
congratulating and giving high fives to the enemy over
taking control of our country it really pisses me off.

Now for why I was really writing. I was wondering if
you could send me back some suggestions of some books
to read. Not so much along the lines of racial
awareness and guess whats happening and whats going to
happen but serious revolutionary books you've come
across. More along the lines or tactics, how certain
revolutions were won historically, etc. I've had about
all I can stomach as far as education goes in regards
to what the opposition is doing and the reactionary
answers. If there are a few books you can lead me
towards please list a few. I've read both Rockwell
books from the website and things of that nature but I
was wondering if you knew of any new or older books
that are relevant.

I feel like things are progressing very nicely from
the worse is better perspective. Gas is never going
down again really, things are more unstable overseas
than ever, and the non-whites are starting to more
aggressively make stands and shove this mess into the
white masses faces. But in all honestly Chairman
Suhayda, I just can't help but think on a daily basis
how far behind in this thing we are. I don't feel like
there are enough people who understand not just what
the problem is(if the movement doesn't know that by
now then we can go ahead and pack it in tomorrow) but
what and how to obtain power and influence. I feel
like that is what I am really suppose to do to help
this movement personally. I mean there is no direction
and the reason is white people are so out of touchwith how to tactically oppose something like this. The
best the movement thinks they have come up with is
marches which is the worst tactic yet(by the way I hear
the NSM is marching in Lansing, that should be well
needed negative publicity). Tom Metzger who as I'm
sure you know of course is back in the midwest airing
his radio shows a few days a week. I respect him more
than just about anyone associated with the movement
today and he lays it down pretty clearly tactically
what needs to be done but at the same time thinks
bumber stickers that agitate is a good idea and
t-shirts and so on. Alex Curtis is doing hard time for
putting up flyers in telephone poles right? My point
is that white people if we are going to win this have
to be organized in a response. Leaderless resistance
is almost nonsense. I like your idea of snow flaking
and things like that are important but I can't help
but think that we are still spinning our wheels with
things like this which is why we need a few really
educated people about struggles in leadership roles
calling shots(but I realize we are nowhere near a time
where that can be achieved without being squashed
almost immediately). Anyway, sorry to ramble again
but if it is possible for you to recommend books and
literature through the reports or through this email
I would appreciate it. If that outs you in anyway,
then please don't. I don't expect you to do anything
that would put you at risk in anyway. Best of luck
with the April money drive, I'll be sending in a small
donation later this month. regards XXXXX

Dear Comrade: In regards to "Direct Action" activities, I would have to admit that the Revolutionary Left ( not the "American Left" which are NOT - ECONOMIC WARRIORS, but rather "liberal-social program" poser's...but, the "Third World" leftists ) have much more REALISTIC material available, than the so-called "racial-movement"...which is into more of playing costumed
public "street theater". Do a Google search for info, I've found plenty of good stuff, if you "read over" the marxist jargon. Per "street theater", yes...the costumed Hollywierd Nutzi's are bringing their road-show to Michigan next weekend. There, in a few short hours, they will set back all the realistic work that sincere National Socialists, and educated racial activists have been doing...for a good long period of time I'm afraid.

It reminds me of the efforts of a group out in California, that no longer exists, called "NS Kindred". They established a tiny "community" of SINCERE NS...who worked hard over a period of years, advancing what they referred to as "Positive National Socialism". They were actually making gains, being "accepted" by the fine day, a screaming, Phase One band of "White Power" T-shirt wearing "nazi's" showed up on THEIR "turf", and through their obnoxious antics in a day - DESTROYED all the ground that had been gained. You know, back in England in the 1700's, there was a nut house
called "Bedlam". The "keepers" used to charge people a fee to "see the looneys, in their own setting" as they referred to them...and it was quite popular as an entertainment sideshow.

This weekend in Lansing, we will see something quite SIMILAR. There will be a CAGE no less - filled with a tawdry assortment - of varied COSTUMED, SCREAMING dysfunctionals, and thousands of people will come to laugh, scream, and throw refuse at them. A sight right out of BEDLAM! LOL These pathetic souls will gesticulate wildly with their arms, shout profanity at those taunting them, and - ACCOMPLISH NOTHING POSITIVE - towards ACHIEVING those sacred 14WORDS. Except that anyone who see's them on the tv, and MIGHT sympathize with "our goals" - will immediately decide that IF these creatures are the "representatives" of racially-aware Aryans - that they want NOTHING to DO with the whole affair! Perhaps THATíS the "POINT"?

TO THE PRESS - The AMERICAN NAZI PARTY has NOTHING TO DO with this ridiculous "rally in a cage", and sincerely HOPES that you will REPORT the FOLLOWING in your media. #1 The "nsm kommander" is a self-confessed BURGLAR FELON, who has been UNEMPLOYED for DECADES, and is reportedly on either SSD ( mental ), and/or WELFARE. #2 The "nsm chairman" is a self-admitted "SATANIST" who operates the "JOY of SATAN" website. #3 That the "nsm" puts REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS, SELF-HATING JEWS, and HALF-WHITES into positions of AUTHORITY within their pathetic sideshow. To ALL SINCERE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS - the "nsm" is NOT accepted to be National Socialists...rather they are uninformed, COSTUMED RE-ENACTERS of a long-gone period of time, who unfortunately know little and understand even less - of the IDEOLOGY that they sadly profess to "promote". IE - they are a motley JOKE - even amongst the serious Racial Movement itself.

To address the question of the value of "literature distribution". To myself, I have completely addressed this in past ANPReports. Anyone interested , should read the archives section. Doing literature, in a proper "underground manner" a FIRST STEP...towards getting one's "feet wet", in the proper mode of Dissident Activism. After a person has overcome that "fear" of doing ANYTHING....he can hopefully PROGRESS onwards, towards "bigger and better" things. Gradual growth in activism has to be expected from MOST people - few jump "both feet in the water", right from the beginning - unfortunately.

As for "leaders uniting" as a team - to be blunt, there are FEW whom I would wish, or could completely TRUST, to associate with. Most MAKE a LIVING off peddling trinkets, and won't risk their easy LIVING. More are IDIOTS and CLOWNS, who prefer fancy mock "titles and costumes" to the reality of REAL POLITICAL WARFARE. And SOME are outright system stooges, and snitches who are repaying their "debts to the system" through their collusion with the enemy. Here, once again - the " THE STRONG MAN IS MIGHTIEST ALONE ", or as Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf - " EIGHT CRIPPLES STAGGERING ARM IN ARM, DO NOT MAKE ONE WARRIOR ". "Uniting" with these "cripples" would only endanger the American Nazi Party's agenda, we prefer our INDIVIDUAL ACTIVIST and SECURE SMALL CELL approach - its WORKED so far, and we believe that such an approach is the ONLY sensible, and intelligent approach towards achieving SOMETHING positive - with less risk involved towards our adherents. Outing your followers to the view and vengeance of our enemies is not only criminally insufferable, but literally INSANE. UNLESS of course, thatís what your paid to DO.....

Comrades, please allow me to remind you that April is White Pride Month, and the month of the "ANP Spring Fund Appeal". We humbly request that our readers and supporters ACT in their $UPPORT - by generously sending in the funding that will allow us to not only continue our work, but expand to new programs. Those who donate $50 or more, will receive a special "gift of
appreciation" from the National Office. ALL ANP mailing are done in a plain, brown, security envelope. An ANP Info Pack is available for a $5 donation. As well, for those who wish to "become involved", please review the "support" section of our website. Please celebrate Adolf Hitlers birthday on the 20th, in an APPROPRIATE manner - simply ask yourself - would He approve? for White Worker Power!

Rocky J. Suhayda,

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