ANP Report for April 09, 2006

Racial Comrades: Today I think that we have an unusual letter from a jewish gentleman that might interest you --

Dear. Mr. Suhayda,

I was reading over your website, and as a Jewish man, I was mildly suprised that I agreed with some of the things your group professed: the evils of drugs, the desire to return to older moral values and standards, etc. However, I have a question that was not covered by your website: why do you consider Jews not "Aryan"? My family moved to this country from Europe (Germany) and my own father fought in the Vietnam war, and my great-grandfather in the first World War. Much of your website seems to be concentrated on sending illegal immigrants and other undesirables back to their places of origin. However, I speak no German or Yiddish or Hebrew, only good old fashioned American English. I cheer on the Phillies, vote in local elections, and enjoy and sacrafice in everything else wholesome and American. Why, then, because of my religion, should I be evicted from this country, a country I've lived and been rooted in for generations?


Dear Sir: Your remarks have been received in a similar fashion many times over the years, and for the benefit of my readers, I'll once again repeat my thoughts on the matter. First off, not "all jews" are even what could be reasonably called - "racial jews" - per the standards set even by themselves. Over the years, jews have inter-mixed so much with the various Aryan tribal elements that they have lived among...that they have essentially BRED OUT their jewish racial identity. Hence forth, EXCEPT for their "religious" traits...they are to all intent and purpose...nominal "Aryans", whether they or we, like it or not. The jews themselves, claim decedents from the MIDDLE EAST, and the "13th Tribe", from Turkestan - these people are ALL "DARK" in racial features - skin, hair, eyes. YET, we see today...MANY "jews" with blond/light hair, blue eyes, et al. CAN THESE BE TRUE RACIAL "JEWS"? Of course not! As well, despite the canards of the "mindless hater" bunch...NOT "all jews" are rich, wealthy members of the privileged "elite" in America. MANY "jews" are working class individuals, and I've even met POOR "jews" myself, over my lifetime. Like George Lincoln Rockwell often wrote - I have met many "jews" whom I could find no "faults" of, and who were interesting and decent people. This being said, I ALSO have had to deal with the REAL FACT of ORGANIZED JEWRY in my lifetime...and THAT is a whole different kettle of fish. You see Comrades, most of the "small jews" are in a position a LOT like us "Aryans"...

THEY too simply toil away their lives, as we do...while the WEALTHY ELITE...of BOTH peoples, STRIVE for CONTROL of the whole heap of dung. BOTH sides of this war for control, care NOTHING for those masses of "their own kind"...and only utilize the "little people" as PAWNS in their evil games of enrichment at ANY price. Look at WWII - were ANY of the RICH, "JEWISH ELITE" ever enrolled in a Concentration Camp? Hell no! THEIR power and money took care of THEM! In the Great Depression of the 20's, were ANY of the "BLUE BLOOD" nominal "Aryans" even INCONVENIENCED one iota, while the White Worker stood in BREADLINES, and in many cases LOST EVERYTHING? Once again, NO!

The "reason" we point the finger of ACCUSATION against ORGANIZED JEWRY is quite simple - and so LARGE as to be a far too extensive topic to list here, so I will give only a "sample". This whole racial mess of "integration/civil rights" was STARTED BY ORGANIZED JEWRY! The NAACP was started up by JEWS - the very FIRST "PRESIDENT" of the NAACP, and it continued on until the jews had started the ball rolling, and went on to ANOTHER destructive campaign against the Aryan society...was ARTHUR SPINGARN, and then KIVVIE KAPLAN, et al. MARVIN RICH started up and led the "CORE" ( Congress of Racial Equality" ). Lets look a bit MORE - BETTY FRIEDAN, GLORIA STEINAM, BELLA ABZUG were the guiding lights of "FEMINISM" which took the Aryan woman OUT of the HOME and made her into another exploited WAGE SLAVE. ALL of these named were JEWS. Hell, the FATHER of COMMUNISM was KARL MARX - the son of a RABBI!

Now anyone with a working brain, would have to admit that all these "little jews" certainly weren't in on ORGANIZED JEWRY'S campaigns...BUT, they WENT ALONG WITH THEM - simply by the FACT - that THEY NEVER OPPOSED THEM. By their own "Nuremberg Laws" style of thinking - THEY ARE GUILTY BY "ASSOCIATION", eh? BUT Comrades, SO ARE AN AWFUL LOT OF "WHITES" TOO. I'm not one to be "holier than thou", if the shoe fits. And it FITS a LOT of degenerate "white people".

In a way, itís a kind of comical paradoxical situation that is arising. The Non-Whites VIEW the "jews" in most cases "as white". And as they are EVENTUALLY going to OVERWHELM us IF "something isn't done soon"...the jews who STARTED up this "Frankenstein Monster"...are going to be devoured right along with the rest of us! lol I have only this to say - IF youíre a "JEW", and you too are against all that is occurring in the destruction of Aryan society and its values and culture - ACT! FIGHT AGAINST IT. If you don't, then for all intents and purposes - YOU - are right along with all those "whiteys" out there who also "go along to get ahead", are going to have to accept the "PRICE" of being on the "WRONG SIDE" when the Day of Settlement finally comes due. And IT may be sooner, or it may be later - but EVENTUALLY this whole rotten Judeo-Capitalist edifice of SELFISHNESS, CORRUPTION, EVILNESS, GREED and DECADENCE is coming DOWN. Just picture the "World Trade Center" on a nationwide "spiritual terms", of course. LOL I think I've answered THAT completely? OH, well.......

On another note - Some queries from our younger Comrades - What about the Ameri-Indians? Well, IF old Whitey doesn't get HIS act together SOON...we are going to SEE for ourselves, "what happens" when a people are either too COWARDLY, or too LAZY, or too WEAK to KEEP THEIR OWN LAND, from an outside INVADER, who is intent on making OUR LAND...THEIRS. In any case, just as the MEXICANS are Non-Whites for the most were the Ameri-Indians basically ORIENTALS who migrated here over the Alaskan ismuth. I guess that THEY must have taken the land from whatever cavemen dwelled here at that time. Its the cycle of history - those too rotten to hold their own - LOSE. IF we lose, I guess we DESERVE it, seeing all that we CAN and/or COULD still do if we REALLY wished our Racial Defense.

Another question - "WEED" as a medicinal aid. Personally, I'm in favor of "legalizing drugs", taking it out of the hands of organized crime, controlling it for safety, and TAXING the HELL out of it. Same with "prostitution". These vices always have been, will always exist, and the "best" you can do is CONTROL them. Along of course, with a REALISTIC EDUCATIONAL CAMPAIGN about the DANGERS of engaging in them, and the ultimate COST to the individual involved. Of course, THAT is "why" it will never happen in THIS corrupt, materialist society...the POLITICO'S have all been WELL BOUGHT OFF by organized crime to leave the status quo...from the White House - to the cop on the beat. Why NOT "Stem Cell Research"? BECAUSE organized "RELIGION" fears and hates real SCIENCE. Science is the death-knell of ALL "superstitions" - they wanted to BURN Galileo for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun, remember? LOL "ABUSE" vs "MODERATION" is a wise bit of advice to contemplate, when it comes to just about everything in life, if possible.

And one last bit of advice to our younger Comrades. Through the PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of decades of involvement in the "movement", since I first joined Rockwell's ANP at the age of 16 - I strongly suggest THIS - STAY in SCHOOL, STUDY HARD, and KEEP YOUR BELIEFS to YOURSELF. "WHY" in hell, "tag yourself" and bring all that that entails down upon you? The herd of SHEEPLE are going to HAVE to "LEARN the HARD" way, and through their OWN "EXPERIENCES" one phrase goes, " Don't cast your pearls before the swine " - they don't and won't appreciate it, and they LOVE to HATE thinkers "outside the box" like Galileo! LOL I have an old saying that I've lived by - its " Don't crap where you WORK and LIVE " - THINK hard about THAT, for a moment and you'll figure it out.

Comrades, April is White Pride Month, and along with that comes the annual ANP Spring Fund Appeal. Once a year we attempt to raise needed funding beyond the "normal", to jump start our ability to operate on a firmer financial basis - per new programs and beefing up existing ones. WILL YOU HELP by sending in as large a donation in support of our work as you are able? You may even do this "anonymously", and ALL ANP mailings are done in a plain, unmarked brown security envelope. Without your $upport - NOTHING can be achieved. Those who send in a donation of $50 or more, will receive a special American Nazi Party "gift of appreciation" of your sacrifice. I sincerely thank you all in advance! An ANP Info Pack is available for a $5 donation.

As well, I would like to run this by all of you. Many people think that the ONLY way of receiving "publicity" ( ie "advertising" ), is by going in front of the jews-media's camera's...with ALL the real DANGERS that that entails for those innocent or foolish enough to do so. Do you want to receive MASSIVE "PUBLICITY" overnight, WITHOUT anyone knowing WHO YOU ARE? Its quite SIMPLE, its called "SNOWFLAKING" and costs LESS than any "rally or demonstration" ever held, in MANY ways. Here it is - you take a 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper and make FOUR small mini-leaflets on it. Use BIG TYPE for a slogan and add the website address boldly too. Print off 100 = 400 flyers ( the more the better ) after you've cut them. Drive out at night in White neighborhoods, tossing out HANDFULS - next day - the jews-media goes wild, holds up your leaflets on the screen for all to see ( how awful! ) - and you get free "PUBLICITY". SAFE and EASY. If you doubt me, order the video tape "Michigan Nazis" from our National Office for a $10 donation, which contains DOZENS of "News Stories" from right here in Michigan, about Snowflaking...and NO INDIVIDUAL was EXPOSED once - its like getting your ADDRESS on TV for FREE. Just use COMMON SENSE, and don't waste your efforts on the muds. Why bother, they don't care about "litter" on their lawns like Old Whitey does...Old Whitey may not know where their kids are, or what they are doing - but, they MANICURE that damn piece of sod every frigging day! LOL Become PART of the SOLUTION - NOT part of the PROBLEM! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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