ANP Report for April 02, 2006

Racial Comrades: We have been receiving so many, intelligent and well written messages lately that I'm having a difficult time deciding "which one" to publicly comment upon, but please keep them coming - if I don't answer it here - I always answer them in e-mail. I appreciate your comments, thoughts and suggestions and value your taking the time to share them with me. Today, I thought that I would take a different tack, and reply to someone who isn't "one of us" -


I'm not here to criticize neo-nazis and rant on about how "immoral it is to be prejudice", but i was just simply wondering something. Lets say that you and I were walking down the street, you saw me, and then noticed that I was of a Middle Eastern ethnicity. Would you, and if so, HOW much would you hate me? If I was on a bus with you and started a normal conversation, would you hate me just as much?

You can trust me that this is no smart-ass trivia, and I'm not trying to make a fool out of anyone. I am just plain curious, and would truly like to learn more about your culture. To be perfectly honest with you, I find it fascinating.

Thank you for your time.

- Moto

Comrades, first off...I would like you to notice how Mr. "Moto" throws up the old "prejudice" card. Yet, I feel SURE that he has NEVER in his life, once met an American Nazi Party member, or talked with one - so isn't HE a WEE BIT "prejudiced" ( PRE-JUDGE ) in HIS assumptions about US? LOL OK Mr. Moto, here in Detroit, we HAVE the largest assembledge of ARABS outside the Middle-East - so, its not so much of "seeing one of you walking down my street" - as having to LIVE around swarms of you, in what WAS ONCE, formerly MY - neighborhood, town, state and COUNTRY! Please allow me to turn the tables here a bit and say - WHAT IF - CHINA, that HAS a huge, surplus population that is "POOR" and needs to "IMPROVE" their living I say, WHAT IF...MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of CHINESE peasants decided to INVADE YOUR Middle Eastern country "to find a better life"...TAKING OVER the land that YOUR PEOPLE lived in for generations, and all of a sudden, YOUR TOWN took on the aspect of a CHINESE village, with BUDDA'S everywhere instead of Mosque's, SIGNS went up overnight in THEIR language instead of YOURS...and YOU and your family et al...had to COMPETE for a LIVING with these "ALIENS". ( please believe me when I state that NOT ALL Americans are "wealthy", and indeed DO have to WORK for a living. In fact, 85% of America's wealth is in the hands of only 3% of the population ) Would YOU be PLEASED about this? Would you be pleased, that IF this rate of INVASION was so great and continually GROWING, as it is here in America...that EVENTUALLY - YOU would become a MINORITY in your own land? Would you find it all right, that YOUR culture and society would NO LONGER be ARAB and MUSLIM...but, would become "something" ALIEN to ALL that you have ever known, and loved - would YOU like THAT? This is NOT an issue of "one on one" individuals. Personally, I think that you have taken in the propaganda of our enemies within this Judeo-Capitalist system, that racially aware Aryans are all snarling, mindless "haters"...with no breeding or manners. Of course I am polite to others of non-Aryan races - IF - they are polite to ME. Why not? In fact, while I DO "hate" the INVASION of MY nation, and the destruction and altering of MY culture by the mere fact of them being here in ever growing numbers...I also recognize that on the whole - THEY are really NOT at fault, for taking advantage of the "freebie's" that "my government" heaps upon them as INCENTIVES to come over here and be "CHEAP LABOR". My REAL "hate" is reserved for those of my own kind, who hold the reign's of POWER - and ALLOW - NAY!, who MAKE this invasion POSSIBLE! First off, let me make CLEAR to you that National Socialists are NOT "White Supremacists" - we are instead WHITE SEPARATISTS - and that is a CLEAR DIFFERENCE. We do NOT wish to "rule over" ANY non-Aryans...we prefer to be totally SEPARATE and on our own, where we can live our own lives as we wish, evolve into our own culture, and have SELF DETERMINATION without ANY non-Aryan "influences" of any kind. We also wish the SAME to YOU! You seem to have fallen in the trap of "all whites are the same breed". The "whites" who rule and control America at present...are NOT of "OUR PEOPLE"...they are evil, corrupt, degenerate, materialistic RENEGADES...who utilize ALL peoples as pawns in their grasping GREED for world economic domination. Truly, the ARYAN is a MINORITY RACE on planet Earth - ONLY 23% of the AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER THE AGE of 18 are WHITE, according to the last U.S. government Census...ONLY 3% of WOMEN of CHILDBEARING AGE WORLDWIDE are WHITE, per the latest U.N. stats...while there ARE - ALL-NEGROID nations, ALL ARABIC nations, ALL ORIENTAL nations, even an ALL JEW nation - there is NOT, ONE SINGLE "ALL WHITE" land left on this planet! Each and every one has been, and is facing INVASION by NON-WHITE peoples on a massive scale - is THAT is "OK" with YOU? It is NOT with US. There is no reason why different peoples cannot "get along" peacefully - AS LONG - as they are NOT being INVADED by one another. And whether the invasion comes by "gun carrying soldiers", OR simply by any featherless biped who is NOT of that land or people - the RESULT is ultimately the SAME. I think it is very hypocritical of an ALIEN to MY land, to COME into MY COUNTRY...and have the NERVE to chastise ME over MY "behavior" guests do THAT in YOUR homeland, when they visit YOUR HOME? Do they simply WALK IN, and TAKE OVER YOUR HOUSE...when the mood suits them...and set up "new rules" for YOU to live by? Look, "I" didn't INVITE you here, in fact - I DON'T WANT YOU HERE. GO HOME to YOUR LAND, and we'll be each be "good neigbors". INVADE MY NATION, and I'll react just as I would if you INVADED MY HOUSE, and I honestly believe that the world over...MY "reaction" would be emulated by those who live THERE. Corporate USA does NOT belong invading IRAQ or any other region that they wish to exploit the resources thereof...neither do YOU and the worlds other "IMMIGRANT INVADERS" need come HERE, and EXPLOIT MY LAND AND PEOPLE. My people are currently, soft, lazy, cowardly materialists overall...give it time...and WE WILL REACT just as the Iraqi Liberation warriors are doing to FREE THEIR LAND from NON-ARAB invaders in THEIR country. Give it time...

Comrades, as this is the month of April, and Uncle Samuel is sending us back those "Income Tax Refund" checks...we take the time to announce our annual "ANP Spring Fund Appeal". This is a time where we ask our supporters to make an extra special sacrifice to $UPPORT our efforts. I realize that White Working folks need the majority of those funds, as my own family does, to meet obligations of their own. Still, I don't think that a portion set aside, when it is fund the necessary projects of the American Nazi Party, and allow us to not only meet OUR bills, but to institute NEW projects is too much to request. As you have seen recently, the Mexican invaders are on the march, do we meet this growing challenge, along with all the others with our best possible response...or, do we sit back and complain as our "usual"? Over the past few months, I have received many positive messages from all of you regarding my ANPReports, and the evolving of the American Nazi Party in general, into a serious advocate of our National Socialist ideology. I sincerely appreciate your words and while they do add to our morale, we still in all honesty NEED sufficient FUNDING to progress to where we wish to be. If I could pull a rabbit out of the hat so to speak, and fund our operation without having to ask you to sacrifice I would...but, I'm afraid that living with reality - I simply HAVE to request your aid. Please, send whatever amount you are able, Money Orders may be made out to "ANP". With all the opportunities that this year is affording, I am looking toward a positive year of building - IF we have the resources to operate with. Those who are generous enough to donate $50 or more, will receive a special token of appreciation that I'm sure you will both enjoy as well as find it an interesting American National Socialist keep-sake. While I personally find it distasteful to have to pose the beggar once again, I find that my position as ANP Party Chairman puts me into that obligation. Please be rest assured that we are doing the very best we can with the available resources provided to us - give us the "TOOLS" and I promise you that EVERY DIME will go into YOUR FIGHT! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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