ANP Report for March 27, 2006

Racial Comrades: Today I wish to tackle a subject that I see repeated time and again. What the topic is - is the hows and whys - that people who get involved in this "movement", so regularly find themselves involved with something that they ultimately regret. Below is a message from a young man who first came to us a while ago, when he was considering "which" organization to get involved with within the "movement". I told him, what I tell everyone - the American Nazi Party advocates SERIOUS National Socialist activity, and lifestyle - not grandstanding on the corner, playing dress-up like a "hollywierd nazi" buffoon scenario, which ALWAYS eventually leads to "problems" for those who choose that walk. He didn't apparently take my "advice", and once again - ANOTHER racially aware youth has been snagged by the "Kostumed Kommando's" into ruining their lives. Its almost as if such groups have been created, or nurtured by our enemies to accomplish such a goal...

Hi. It's Cxxx. I know it's been awhile since we've chatted. Part of that is because I know you're a busy man running the party and everything. I quit the NSM.. I finally realized their nothing but a joke.
I need your advice. I recently told my parents and my best friend that I was out of the "movement." I did it so they would get the hell off my back. But Rocky I love the movement with all my heart. I don't know what to do please help me.
Not to long ago I got an Swastika tattoo. I know that was stupid because I'm crippled and an easy target. Rocky the truth is that I respect you and your words mean a great deal to me. You're the only person that understands my thoughts and ideas. Cxxx

Racial Comrades: "WHY" does "joining the movement" ALWAYS seem to involve the "down side"? To be blunt, I believe its because so many who come in, either do so for "NEGATIVE" reasons...or get INFECTED by those already "diseased" after they have joined. To MYSELF, itís no real wonder that parents and others get disturbed over a kids involvement with most organizations...I would myself, I'm afraid. To have my son, come home one night out of the blue...having shaved his head bald, covered himself with "racial tattoo's" , and spouting off hateful and obnoxious slogans ( not to mention a strong whiff of alcohol and/or drugs ) and acting like a crude anti-social anarchist...would certainly put ME off his involvement! Comrades, is THIS really the behavior of a National Socialist? Hell NO! Anyone who HAS studied the "Hitler Youth" movement would have to be a complete LIAR, to advocate that THOSE youth were such degenerates! In FACT - the Hitler Youth instilled their slogan - "HONOR-LOYALTY-DISCIPLINE" and created noble, upstanding individuals...NOT sneering, scowling, drunken, uneducated PUNKS. IF you wish to SEE for yourself - the attitude of the German Hitler Youth - view the 1930's NS movie "Hitler Youth Quex" ( we have it available for a $10 donation from our National Office ) and you will see "what" a young National Socialist LOOKED and ACTED like. THEY were the very BEST the Racial Nation could produce, not its "rejects".
I have a SUGGESTION for ALL who seek involvement in the National Socialist movement's struggle for racial survival and social justice - instead of joining and turning yourself into an anti-social freak, that even your family cannot stand - INSTEAD why not SHOW society as a whole just "what" POSITIVE things can occur in your life, from being a NATIONAL SOCIALIST? I am so sick and tired of these LOSERS taking decent young men and women, who come to them filled with the concern over issues that MOST of the young Zomboids of our Folk could care less about, being too busy being mindless clones of the materialist "fun generation"...and TURNING them into "lepers", alike themselves! INSTEAD, I suggest that EVERY National Socialist take a good hard look at THEMSELVES, and decide on "how" they can IMPROVE on old #1. Wouldn't it be GREAT if a parent, or wife, or friend...could look at a National Socialist and admiringly say - "Wow! Since he got involved in National Socialism, he sure has IMPROVED! He "lost weight, and got in healthy, firm shape", he has brought his grades UP one level through serious study, he helps out around the house without having to be repeatedly told, he no longer drinks like an alcoholic, he has manners and is polite, he is clean and baths and shaves regularly, he helps tutor his younger siblings, he works both a job and around the house, he is considerate and kind and loving, he complements and motivates others in a positive attitude,...there is SO MUCH in a POSITIVE way...that a National Socialist CAN and SHOULD attempt to portray. LOOK at the Black Muslims...they take degenerate "street niggers", and pull them out of a life of degradation, and self destruction...and put them on a path of sobriety and fulfilling. LOOK at the "Fruit of Islam" security men - THEY aren't obnoxious little punks, constantly looking for trouble or "degenerate fun". THEY look, and act IMPRESSIVELY...not like some freak from a carnival sideshow! WHY after decades, has OUR "movement" not EVOLVED into something people can commend and be PROUD of association with...instead of being looked upon as a refuge for the literally shameful and the borderline insane? MUCH has to do with the quality, or lack of in the "leadership" of this collection of misfits...whom seem to prefer a "level" as LOW as their own, and threatened by anything superior. MUCH has to do, with newbie's "buying in" to BECOMING a dysfunctional like those they meet, more's the pity. Comrades, BEING a NATIONAL SOCIALIST is a CHALLENGE to become through sincere endeavor - ALL YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE IN LIFE - not, sinking to that of an outcast, and social-reject. Wouldn't it be possible, that IF we went that route - people, even our enemies would HAVE to grudgingly ADMIT that - BECOMING a NATIONAL SOCIALIST "was the best thing that ever happened to that young man"...instead of the WORST? That people would point to so&so, and state - "You may not agree with his beliefs, but that Nazi is sure a fine, decent and capable individual" - instead of "what" they usually can point to and say. I suggest if you are a "Nazi", that you start to EVOLVE and GROW - turn off the talmudvision and the playstation and begin to READ. Read the Aryan "classics", Charles Dickens is my favorite...he is at one time a racialist, an anti-jew, and a well as a delightful storyteller. The spectrum of our Folks' literature is unlimited, such a shame that we who promote "our culture"...partake of so little of it! The same with music...Aryan Music does not begin and end with "Max Resist" or the "Angry Aryans"...TRY Richard Wagner, or ANY of the many various Aryan composers. Its NOT "geek music", itís a great part of OUR CULTURES creational ability, and youíre avoiding it, is as if you were making a statement that it never really matters if it existed or not. Are YOU an Aryan CULTURE BEARER or a mindless CULTURE IGNORER?
Your MIND is natures greatest GIFT that an Aryan can possess. Often you boast about the "superiority" of the Aryan intellect over all other peoples...are YOU an EXAMPLE of this? EXPAND your MIND and become a LIVING EXAMPLE through EDUCATING YOURSELF! You don't HAVE to do this through the "school system" alone...LIBRARIES are FREE. Hitler described his "Hitler Youth" in these terms, he wanted them to be "tough as leather, swift as greyhounds, hard as Krupp steel"...does THIS coincide with the APPEARANCE of most "movement activists" among our youth today? EXERCISE doesn't COST anything but EFFORT and DISCIPLINE. Want to LOSE weight? DON'T be a GLUTTON of crap food, eat healthy...fat doesn't appear out of the thin air! BEING CLEAN is an attribute that every Aryan should ascribe to - looking like a bearded, smelly cave-dweller is NOT cool...its simply being too damn lazy to groom yourself properly. Everyones ATTITUDE can be IMPROVED - GOOD MANNERS and being a GENTLEMAN is NOT "bad" - not unless you have bought into the "new-jew" way of thinking. These, as well as PROPER MORALS was what ONCE set the Aryan apart from the Non-White world...being a BURGLAR, a SATANIST, a GAMBLER, a DRUNK/ADDICT, a SEX-FREAK, a CON-MAN and a CROOK among other vices, was ONCE in our peoples past...looked DOWN upon! Have we BECOME literally THAT which we once denounced, through either "acceptance" or unwillingness to BECOME that which is BETTER? The FACT is Comrades, that though we may be a small minority at present - we CAN STILL embody those VALUES which ONCE made our people a GREAT and NOBLE one. Any honest person would have to acknowledge that "integration" with the non-Aryan elements, HAS brought many of our Folk - DOWN - to the "level" of the non-Whites, instead of lifting them up to what once was OURS. I believe that THAT was the enemies intentions in the first place...are WE to "play along" with that? Once our Folk strove ALWAYS for the HEIGHTS in everything they attempted...hence our peoples achievements throughout present our Folk has been conditioned into the cult of "mediocracy", where "just getting along" at the LEAST acceptable standards is "ok". Is it any wonder that FOREIGNERS with MORE DEDICATION to LEARNING, ATTEMPTING, PERSEVERING, are coming in and TAKING over what SHOULD be OURS...only we as a race have become too LAZY to STRIVE for what we desire, with every iota of our being? Comrades, IF we put HALF as much effort in IMPROVING so many do denigrating others...WHAT might we BECOME and ACHIEVE? EACH and EVERYONE who calls themself a NATIONAL SOCIALIST - has an OBLIGATION, By God - to IMPROVE THEMSELVES as an EXAMPLE of what we profess to promote. SURE, its NOT going to be "easy" - targeting oneself honestly never is - but, IF you are to state that "we" as a people are presently "perfect", and a fine example for others to emulate, I call you either a FOOL or a LIAR. People contact me all the time, wanting to "hook up with others" as a means of advancing the Cause, because "no one else around them feels as they do". I suggest INSTEAD - that you work on a program to IMPROVE YOURSELF in every way possible, and you will be surprised that ONCE you are a TOTALLY IMPROVED individual...that YOU and "your views" will suddenly find more "acceptance" among those around you, simply because of "WHO you ARE". People are ATTRACTED to the POSITIVE, and SHUN the NEGATIVE...figure it out. I can't tell you, how many times I have read biographies of people involved in the old German National Socialist days of Struggle of the 1920-30's...who wrote..."I joined the NSDAP because so&so belonged to it, and as he was a upstanding individual in our town, I refused to believe the lies told about the Nazi's as so&so wouldn't have belonged if they were such losers". Can you IMAGINE that being said TODAY? It COULD eventually come to be - BUT IT STARTS WITH YOU! IF you SUCCEED - the entire Struggle SUCCEEDS - and here your dealing with the ONE PERSON whom you CAN "MOTIVATE", instead of dealing with some unknown stranger out in the public. After all, if you are unable to CONVINCE and MOTIVATE - YOURSELF into EVOLVING - what chances honestly, can you hope to have with others? When I see one of these "rallies" on the steps, and VIEW the people involved - MOST LOOK WEIRD, ACT WEIRD, and are in many cases dirty, unkempt, and undisciplined rowdies. I wouldn't want my children to associate with them, much less MYSELF. When I LISTEN to the WORDS and VIEWS of those "interviewed" by the systems-media, they are either so unintelligent and ignorant, or so HATE-FULL instead of "POSITIVE"...that I have to shake my head in wonder..."WHO", but another dysfunctional loser would wish to "join" such a clusterf**k? At the very LEAST, they could make an ATTEMPT to PRETEND to be "more than they seem". In these cases, SILENCE would be preferable to what they offer. Comrades, in Pre-Revolutionary times like these, there is not much significant that we can accomplish with the "resources" available...except to PREPARE to be able to take advantage of the coming days where IF we HAVE done our groundwork, we WILL be in a position to positively effect change...what we CAN effect today, is CHANGE in OURSELVES. For every kid out there who is able to recite the lyrics to every "racial rock" cd available...I would also like him to be able to quote a few lines of Shakespear, or hum a few bars from the 1812 overture. Its kind of hypocritical isn't it, to tout "Aryan Culture"...when one is totally IGNORANT of it, oneself. It sure would be nice, if one fine day a parent was heard to state - "I'm SOOO GLAD Billy ( or his Dad, or Mom, or sister/brother et al ) hooked up with those Nazi's, he's become such a real fine, decent man ( all of above mentioned ) ALL that I ever hoped he might be, I'm SO PROUD of the way he turned out after the way he WAS behaving...its too bad that more young people don't follow his example, what a great world it would be"!
Yeah, IMAGINE that.... for White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda

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