ANP Report for March 20, 2006

Racial Comrades: Below is a well written message I recently received from a reader of the ANPReport. I believe that there is much value in what he states. At the same time, I would like to relate the following "short stories" to you - my arab neighbor was telling me the other day, about how his wife lost her "head scarf" that Muslim women wear, and as it was late in the evening needed another to go outdoors to work the next day. Well, his daughter who attends college...stayed up all night...hand knitting her mother another one, as a surprise. Can you actually imagine an "American kid" in todays society - doing the SAME? A relative who served three terms in VietNam as an Army Ranger, told me a story about how in his last term over there...he realized that the U.S. was never going to "win" the war. He and three others were out on a mission in the bush, and they captured a skinny young man carrying a pole with three mortar rounds hanging from each end, along a jungle path. The thing was - that he had traveled half-way down the length of the country, on foot - carrying his six shells to be delivered in the south. Seeing THAT kind of determination to WIN...convinced my gungho relative that such people could never be beaten. And he was right. Can you see "our side" showing such sacrifice? What I am trying to relate to you is this - The writer below is correct on many of his suppositions. But, what seems to pass him by, along with so many of you reading this - is that "WE" are the biggest "OBSTACLE" to any success, and "THE CAUSE" of most of our collective FAILURES. White people are in this mess because they are SELFISH MATERIALISTS, to whom the thought of PERSONAL SACRIFICE to any meaningful a totally foreign concept. Just about EVERYONE, including the writer below, has "reasons" of various kinds for NOT "helping out"...while at the same time - NOT running with the baton HIMSELF. Folks, I'll be the FIRST to agree that the Struggle has a LONG WAY to go, before it "gets real". Yet, UNLESS it somehow manages to get the $upport it needs...itís NEVER going to be able to crawl and claw its way beyond the "entertainment" stage. Its one thing to bitch and complain, and even point out all the "warts and pimples" that one finds objectionable...its ANOTHER to jump in there oneself and GET INVOLVED in setting it right! I like "constructive criticism", I also can accept people suggesting "better solutions" - IF -
THEY are willing themselves to BE A PART OF THAT SOLUTION. It so damn easy to yell to the gladiator in the arena, to "fight harder" et al...but, UNLESS
you yourself are willing to jump out of the stands as an "observer" of the
fight going on...and SHOW what YOU'VE got, I prefer to forego the "helpful advice". I have come to realize over the decades that I have been "involved in this", that the "problem" isn't so much our "opponents" - as "OURSELVES". I hear so much about "the minorities" this, "the minorities" tell
you the honest truth...there is so much about "other races" that is more
"positive" than the vast majority of so-called "white people"...that I
couldn't begin to list them here. TODAYS "whites" have become on the whole, the MOST decadent, cowardly, selfish, and deviant collection of featherless bipeds that this planet has ever seen! Even the MOST "backward" non-White, has better "MORALS" and a WILL to FIGHT for what he perceives as "HIS" domain...than what wanders around with a "light skin". THATíS "why" ZOG and Imperial Capitalism WILL lose in Iraq, and elsewhere. While ZOG troopers will complain about the lack of "no cold beer" when they return to base...the "inferior" non-White will be carrying six mortar rounds, hundreds of miles down jungle paths, wearing "shoes" cut from old rubber tires, and eating a handful of rice. I fully believe that the time is coming, sooner than many think...when "its all going to implode and collapse". Old Whitey is going to LOSE EVERYTHING in the way of those plastic-pleasures that he/she values so much...and in the struggle for existence ( forget
supremacy ) against the competing going to be in for a BIG "surprise". Back when I first "got involved" as a kid in the 70's, it COULD have been "won" pretty damn easily - IF - more of you might have "gotten involved". Even today, its possible that we COULD sure as hell have an "easier" task than the future is going to present us with. But, ARE you going to "GET SERIOUS"? ARE you going to forego some "plastic pleasure", or "fun activity" in lue of actually DIGGING DEEP and coming up with the $upport necessary to MAKE it POSSIBLE, at the bare MINIMUM of realistically "getting involved"? THAT is the question that I leave YOU to ponder. "I" have done "MY" duty over the decades. "I" still am here doing what I can, with what resources you provide me to work with. The fact is, that I can't build a "marble statue out of clay". To be bluntly honest with all of you, the most soul crushing part of being in my not "the enemy", whom I expect to hit me with everything they've got...but, the serious lack of support from the very people who I'm "fighting for", and who give me lots of "atta boys" but little else to work with -

Chairman Suhayda,

I am writting in regards to what has been the nature
of the recent reports and the dialogue that has gone
on between many of the people that have seem to have
written to you about the state of the movement. I was
watching a documentary on A&E the other week that was
a portrayal of our movement today. The group they
followed was led by a beer guzzling, fat, ignorant
disgrace of a human being who had a house that looked
more like a shanty that he let 10-15 teenaged boys
live in. Their movement activities consisted of a
rally with klan robes and all the other decorations
you speak of and about 3 to 4 keggers a week when
their not out on the street getting into pointless
confrontations while handing out leaflets. They were
all tatooed and I'm telling you if I was the enemy I
would have been laughing my ass off at this leader.
This group was in Alabama and I don't care enough to
look up the name of this group or the leader because
of how pathetic this whole situation was. But to be
perfectly honest, that was really the rank and file of
what our movement really is today. Maybe not as bad as
the satanists and the offenders you have talked about
in your recent reports but this is not only what is
portrayed by the media but also these are most of the
kind of people who are engaged in this so called

That being said, I still believe that there are tens
of thousands of people in this country who are not
only of the quality of people we need engaged in our
struggle but also aware of what really is at stake
these next few decades. Every generation that has been
involved in our struggle is more responsible than the
last for what has been allowed to not only transpire
in our country but within our movement. Among the
hundreds of groups even with in this nation that are
supposedly under the same flag of the movement, I
would say 5 percent represent the ideals, morals,
tactics and vision of what needs to be done. So where
does that leave the 5 percent like you who are
frustrated as well as the thousands of people who arewaiting and but unwilling to partake in this struggle
due to the complete failure of everything that has
been done. My suggestion is this, we scrap the whole
thing right now.

This is not going to be a popular response I sure. But
for three years now I have researched and read about
this movement almost on a daily basis and have come to
the conclusion that this isn't even a movement
anymore. This racial and economic problem has been
brewing for a long time now but lets for the sake of
argument say since the 1960's when the civil rights
acts were being inforced as well as the Immigration
Act of 1965. In the beginning especially in the south,
there were factions of people like the white knights
of Mississippi who used covert cell tactics that
actually were working to a certain degree before they
were completely sold out by the rich and powerful in
charge. Instead of fighting the cause of their
problems, they fought the symptoms mostly and as a
result lost. Since then we have lost every engagement
against the enemy in every way we have tactically
tried as far as I'm concerned. The next three decades
of marches, rallies and speeches as well as literature
has been a joke.

The only anti-system group that has had the right idea
speaking with actions rather than words (although I
had great respect for what Joe Tamasi was doing) was
the Order. The reason the Order was different was
because of just that, they were DIFFERENT. That was a
direct action against the right wing, the system, and
everything else that stood against the correct ideals
and tactics its going to take to win this thing.
Rocky, you're of about maybe 10 of the still active
leaders who not only are right ideally but mostly
tactically about how this thing has to be won. But
this leaderless resistance thing can only go so far
without the correct people somehow directing what has
to be done to an extent. We all know how the nation is
Balkanizing and how the makeup is shifting
demographically especially in certain areas. What I
want to see from this movement is another Order-like
reaction from what this movement has become and
actually have a realistic plan led by the best 5
leaders or so who can use each others resources and
ideas to actually achieve something. Until then, this
is what the movement will be and continue to be as we
walk the death march into extinction in our own
country. I'm personally very talented and willing to
do whats necessary but not under this flag. Your a
good man Rocky but even as hard as you try your still
going to be attracting the same kind of people under
this name. If you want to respond to this on your
report or via email thats fine. I know I've written a
lot of redundant information about a lot of things but
basically that is what this movement is right now. I
hope you don't take my thoughts as a dig against your
activity in this movement or even your group. This is
mostly just what I think of our movement as a wholefor the last 4 decades. I hold your thoughts in the
highest regards and haven't missed a report in 3
years. Take care


Racial Comrades: To all of you who write us asking about the positions on various items per the American Nazi Party, and the National Socialist ideology...I suggest this, before you write. Please READ the archived ANPReports on this website. They go back several years, and contain many if not most of the answers that you seek. It gets very tiresome to have to
repeat endlessly, what has already been expounded upon in many variations, simply because people are too lazy to read. I guess that is another lack that "white people" have become accustomed to, with the advent of the "easy answers". People, I am what I am...I'm NOT going to appear on "Jewy Springer", or start up a comedy-hour "radio show", OR starting peddling a cool, offensive "product line" of "racial" trinkets. I'm NOT going "run for office" in a hopeless con, where I believe you too KNOW in advance that its all a waste of time. I'm NOT going to "soft peddle" a "new name" to "gain acceptance"...its been TRIED, over and again, and I don't SEE any REAL SUCCESS from that quarter. "We" ARE "what" we ARE...LYING to folks, is the trademark of the Spiritual Jew, and his toady
the "SYSTEMITE". Have our Folk really sunk so low, as to become sneakers and frauds...all in the name of "safety", or currying the favor of the useless
and degenerate Zomboids? You have simply to READ my writings, and I believe you'll UNDERSTAND "where I'm coming from" and "where I would like to head". And if your tired of all the PHONYNESS, and REALLY desire to head where I'm headed - I suggest you give it "one more try" - and see IF we together can't "get something started". After all these years of service, I still have "hope" that "something" CAN be achieved, but its got to be gotten underway NOW..."later", is going to be TOO LATE...and I honestly think that there
MUST be more than a few of you who acknowledge that too. for White Worker
Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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