ANP Report for March 07, 2006

Racial Comrades: Last week I exposed the "nsm's" Satanist Connection, and the fact that the groups Chairman, Clifford Herrington was the "High Horned Hinkydink" of the "JOY of SATAN" movement. Read last weeks ANPReport for the LINK that PROVES it! Well, since then I have received a slew of messages from the devil worshipers - including a number of "curses", sent by e-mail no less! LOL Most were too vile to reproduce here, but I thought that this one might give you an idea of "what kind" of cretin seeks to attempt to intermingle SATANISM with Adolf Hitler's NATIONAL SOCIALISM. Read on -

Rocky, I read your report for 26 Feb. 2006 and was astonished at your continued tactics of dividing NS. Your rants about Satanists involved in the NSM is pathetic. The site you mentioned, Satanslibrary, is ran by 2 faggot jews. Are they the one's you're listening to? You take a jews word over fellow White NS? We both KNOW NS, errrr "Nazi's" in Germany were not xtians. Are you trying to win the xtain "NS" over to your org.? The fact that you mentioned Satanslibrary as a source is a bit fishy? Do you always side with the jew? Are the rumors true, are you a zog spy? I have visited your site a few times and have came so close to ordering your packet. Guess I was right to hesitate. Maybe you are a cry-baby, who'd rather believe jew lies than open your own eyes. Understand True Satanism before passing judgement on it.
HH & HS!

So Comrades, here we have an NSM'er, who "Heils Hitler" AND "Heils SATAN" at the same time!? Are these creatures pathetic, or what? You see, THIS is what I am talking about, when I state that these "HOLLYWIERD NAZI" groups, with their costume fetishes and ridiculous "ranks and titles"...DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD TO THE PRESENTATION OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM. The "kind" of people that they ATTRACT and CATER unbelievable. These re-enacting poser's, slither around National Socialism BECAUSE of the "evil" image, that the judeo-system media cast upon us. No wonder that they find that "worshiping the devil" is right up their alley, don't the jews contend that Hitler WAS a "devil"! As for Mr. Herrington, I have to wonder IF he actually BELIEVES in a half-human, half-goat creature with cloven hooves and a forked tail...complete with horns...( I wonder if it’s a "WHITE" devil, rather than cherry red? ) OR, if he's just running ANOTHER scam? IF he's so proud of his "satanism" - WHY does he utilize a FAKE name, on the "JOY of SATAN" website? I am reminded of one "nazi leader" named Mason - who firmly believed and promoted that CHARLES MANSON should be picked up by the movement as the "New Hitler" of our times! Honest to God! LOL

Comrades, the ONE big thing that stood out in your replies to my questionnaire of a few ANPReports ago...was the QUALITY ( or lack of ) of the "movement" at large. You seemed to echo my thoughts, that IF the stumble-bums, freaks and frauds were BOOTED from our ranks...we just MIGHT start to interest and hold on to - the "NORMAL" people out there who are LOOKING for SOLUTIONS, and are SERIOUS in their INTEREST - BUT, hesitate to associate with creatures whom they wouldn't in any OTHER found dead around. You know, back in the 1970's there was a "Nazi" outfit out in California called "World Service". It issued some pretty "slick" materials...the ONLY "problem" WAS - they were OPENLY "PRO-HOMOSEXUAL"! I MEAN...they were QUEER "NAZI'S". Now Comrades, just WHERE do we National Socialists who ARE sincere, who ARE hard-core, who ARE "normal NS"...DRAW the LINE? And it HAS to be drawn SOMEWHERE. Doesn't it? The "nsm" is a garbage can of dysfunctionals - its "Kommander" is a self-confessed BURGLAR/FELON who refuses to hold real employment, its "Chairman" is a "SATANIST", its Indiana "State Leader" John Snyder is on the registered SEX-OFFENDER list ( I believe, minors...) its "head of ss-security" (jeez! ) is reportedly an AMERI-INDIAN...NEED I go on? Yet, "this movement" not only TOLERATES these "people"...but, "accepts" them as "representatives" of National Socialism - "BECAUSE" they "dress-up" in some kind of a home-made, make-shift "COSTUME"! Looking at the above, and they are only a FEW I could pose as ANY of you, honestly believe for one second that Adolf Hitler would have ASSOCIATED with these "TYPES", much less ALLOWED them into HIS movement? The one big thing that these play-actors seem to conveniently FORGET - is that the SUCCESS of the National Socialists in Germany - was BECAUSE Hitler attracted the VERY BEST of the entire nation into His camp! NOT the garbage! In America, it seems that the movement does the exact seems to revel in a "role" of being thugs and badasses, when in reality - it’s a lot of "grown up" little boys - living out FANTASIES, and sick one's at that. I remember that during the 70's, in Chicago...the local "nazi's" had a cretin who liked to masturbate the Party dog - and they KEPT HIM AROUND, another "warm body" for "demonstrations" I suppose. Another "nazi leader" of that time period - Art Jones - had a "reputation" for preferring "amputee's" stick around "this" long enough...and by god you see the whole zoo! Now to return to the sick bastard's letter above - I "need to understand true satanism"...yeah, I can hear that bleating from some QUEER or PEDOPHILE too. Note also, how he mentions the two "devil worshiping jews"...isn't it enough that JEWS are INVOLVED ( remember that "ANTON LAVEY" re "LEVY" was the FOUNDER of modern satanism in the US, with his "Church of Satan"...but, BEFORE he started that up - he was associated with Madoles "Neo-Nazi" National Renaissance Party in NY ) to make a TRUE National Socialist VOMIT in disgust, and NOT wish to involve themselves in something a jew loves? You know, IF little old "ME" can find out about these aberrations...I can't UNDERSTAND how or why the JEWS-MEDIA - NEVER - picks up and details these items, when writing about their antics in the jews-papers. USUALLY, the systems propaganda service, LOVES to go into great detail...about ANY little "foibles" that a Movement Activist might have in their closet. NOT here tho - I really WONDER "why"? Even such anti-Aryan hate-groups like the "ADL" and the "SPLC", seem to "overlook" ALL these their "reports". WHY? Inquiring Aryans WOULD like to KNOW. I DO know one thing...UNTIL the movement "CLEANS UP ITS ACT"’s going NO WHERE. And I for one, don't wonder if that isn't poetic justice as well - honestly, DO YOU REALLY WANT THESE CREATURES "RULING OVER" - YOU? Its bad enough to have a corrupt, decadent, and evil ENEMY that presently sits on the Throne of Power - at LEAST they’re NOT - "one of us". IF we are DECENT men and women...they are the exact OPPOSITE...of "WHAT" we strive for. Aren't they? Now, IF that is so - how is it that the freak'en creatures that YOU wouldn't WANT around your KIDS - are "accepted" as "one of us" this so-called "movement"? White Man - you REALLY want to know "WHAT" the "PROBLEM IS" - in this depraved toilet bowl of a "country"? Its ACCEPTANCE of what is the name of "GETTING ALONG"! Sorry, but I'm NOT going to have "unity" with creatures whom disgust me, whom I honestly believe will be re-located to a Labor-Camp, as soon as "we assume power"...who in my eyes are not only NOT "National Socialist" in ANY gauge, per the standards of NS Germany - but instead do more HARM besmirching our Swastika, than the jews do themselves - with all their money and power! Comrades, when we are almost universally hated and misunderstood, because of the LIE campaigns of our ENEMIES, who at present hold all the we really have to allow within our ranks...those who dishonor us through their actions and omissions? I say NO! BEFORE we all start pointing fingers at the non-Aryans over "this" or "that"...we damn well better CLEAN UP OUR OWN BACKYARD! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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