ANP Report for February 26, 2006

Racial Comrades: Out of all the many replies received per last weeks Q&A ANPReport, I chose this Comrades for you to enjoy. This is not meant to "slight" anyone who sent me your thoughts and ideas...I appreciated each and every one, I assure you - and carefully read and studied them all! All I can say and hope, is that our new "acquaintance" with each other, is not a one shot deal. To be blunt - I NEED YOU - our Folk NEEDS YOU - and I'm sorry if it sounds "immodest" - I honestly believe that YOU NEED the American Nazi Party as the only organization striving to EVOLVE from "whats been"...into...what NEEDS to BE. I'm happy in thinking that you will enjoy the following as much as I did! Ė

Bonsoir Monsieur Rocky,

I have read your website's contents, pretty much in it's entirety, and have noticed that upon your current ANP report you magnificently brought to surface some very important and thought provoking questions. Which in my belief, do so by an intelligent comparative analysis most adequately summarizes the current situation with regard to the very essence of
activity or non-activity of today's member and/or supporter.

You monsieur have created a means to power, for whenever one thinks....the cause is to effect ... 'ideas'... and by extension ... action !

To begin....

Naturally, I believe that merchandise must be available, as so the monies can properly fund the movement. However, you did so eloquently refer to this endeavor by a remark similar to that of trinkets, which by a large degree you are absolutely correct. In some photos in various publications, members look absolutely ridiculous wearing, it seems whatever suits their fancy or fantasy. In my opinion 'goose steppin' nazi's of the third reich, are no more than a drunken skinhead's 'wet-dream' !

REPLY - And what is a worse result, is that the average "man-in-the-street", THINKS that these clowns "represent" the views of sincere National Socialists! These creatures are of such valued usefulness to the ENEMY - that that is the "reason" for all the media-exposure given them. -END

As per your question of low-key or the over the top Hollywood street nazi(my words) in a lot of respects, a low key approach is proper for certain situations. I have found by my experience with the subject that most(not all) ST men seem to be into a sort of 'attention mode of operation' ! (Perhaps it's a male thing).

REPLY - No, sadly its NOT just a "male thing". We have had sorry excuses of "women" who fall into this idiocy as well in this "racial movement". A fair example would be a "National Alliance Activist", who played "Lady Godiva" on a horse, out in California a short while ago. Wow! Now I'm sure that that attracted a LOT of SERIOUS support! lol - END

Certainly, this can and does result in the generating of excellent news coverage, which in and of itself let's others know of the existence of the Party !

REPLY - I disagree here. "Jews-media coverage" is ALWAYS negative and hateful. If I was to look at the manner the jews-media "portrays" us, I myself wouldn't come near with a ten-foot pole. Since being "in this" since 1967, I can honestly state that "jews-media" publicity ( in and of itself ) - NEVER - recruited ONE single SERIOUS/QUALITY individual in my
personal experience. It brought in a LOT of dysfunctionals who wanted to play out some personal fantasy...but few, long-lasting, True Believers. They SOUGHT us out on their own initiative. And STAYED in the trenches no matter what. - END

The above is obviously very useful and a typical method that was and is Rockwellian in nature and format.(see: Psychological Warfare -GLR). However, even GLR recognized the value of street action for in his own words' free advertising'... but, this was, and I am certain you'll agree... a past action for publicity that the movement should have evolved successfully from, and into new realms of coverage as opposed to primarily street actions.

REPLY - Agreed. With the advent of the internet, anyone can with a few words - easily find us. If they aren't eager enough to do THAT little - personally - I don't want people I have to "beg" or "bribe" around me. Rockwell HAD to act the "showman", simply to get started...and I certainly don't belittle his sacrifices doing so. Its simply as you stated - time to
move on, out of "Phase One" street theater - and to EVOLVE into a serious, intelligent, openly National Socialist Struggle. - END

In fact, in support of my view... the NSM has declared the Toledo demonstration as Rockwellian in action. In all respects... they are wrong in their assessment for they just showed up, and the counter-demonstrators created the action that the news covered. For by definition Rockwellian action as outlined by GLR and defined by the revolutionist Tomassi, was and remains an action of creative energies that is thought of by brainstorming and has a cause-effect...i.e the gas cans for communist traitors, the famous Chicago march and even the NSWPP Flamingo Park action in which 14 ST men and one woman,
overtook the 'free-speech' stage, holding it throughout the afternoon in the face of, and surrounded by 20,000 of the 'enemy' ! (1972). This I think qualifies as a Rockwellian action. Oui ou Non ?

REPLY - The nsm is a totally right-wing, REACTIONARY play-group. Such "activities" are a sad joke, and HURT the real enemy - the system - not one iota. In fact, as stated earlier - such weak, pitiful looking stunts - make the "movement" appear to be freaks and cowards, who NEED zog police "protection", and btw - they ran off after a few minutes, never striking a
single blow! Are these costumed bozo's, the "representatives" of our once mighty Aryan Folk? I truly think not. In fact, these types are what embarrass me most about being "associated" with the "racial movement". Its not so much that at present we are weak in numbers, that we are poor, that no known "prominent personality" associates with us, that we are "fair game" for anyone to denigrate us, or that so many who espouse our beliefs live in such cowardly, abject "FEAR" of acknowledging themselves as a National Socialist - itís the FACT that these CREATURES are allowed to besmirch what some of us live, suffer, and yes - die for, parading around like paid buffoons, tarring us all with their pitiful antics. - END

So much for history.

Your idea of action cells, I find very NSLF ! Tres bien !!
Small yet highly efficient mobile cells, that are unencumbered and unlike a larger battleship, that takes forever to make a move. A small cell much like a PT boat can turn on a dime and be available and morph, to fit any situation required ! This is extremely prudent, and conserves needed resources. It is very intelligently thought of, and I trust that you have carried this thought forward.

REPLY - Yes, we have studied and learned through Comrade Tommassi's tactics, whom I met in the early 70's. Too bad he was murdered by right-wing, reactionary "nazi's" before he was able to expand his efforts to create a REAL National Socialist Struggle. We are through with BEGGING the Judeo/Capitalist system! We are through with "PROTESTING" that which is
destroying ALL that we hold dear, to people who could care less about what we think. We have faced repeated FAILURE on OUR part...and are determined NOT to go on, over and over...repeating it, simply because so many are too COWARDLY to accept that FREEDOM and SURVIVAL as a healthy racial entity, has a "PRICE" - and those not willing to pay it - lose it. - END

In conclusion...

This is the action of successful organizations that can and do cause social change... i.e. the IRA, SDS , Weathermen, etc. For after all what makes an organized entity legal and righteous...? My answer... It Is the will to power to carry out abstractly designed methods and actions that furthers itself to achieving the desired and sought after goal(s).

Respectfully Yours,
-Madamoisette Michelle

Comrades: This Lady Comrade has it pretty well down. Whatís YOUR "excuse" anymore? Since last weeks ANPReport, I have had a very surprising number of you, whom I never heard from before, contact us with such excellent replies that I was literally ASTOUNDED. All I could think to myself was - WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE? "WHY", since their viewpoints so closely follow ours - in contrast to ANY OTHER organization out there - don't they stand shoulder to shoulder alongside us, and "get involved"? Get involved with the ONLY National Socialist organization in existence, that believes as THEY DO! I'll leave it at that, as I still have a lot of incoming responses to reply to. One final note - you may receive an ANP Info Pack for a $5 donation. As
well, IF you would like to "get involved" - please review the "support" section of this website.
For White Worker Power!
Rocky J. Suhayda,

As an addendum, I would like to report the following - much is often made of the fact of our not wishing to be associated in any way, shape or form - with "other" supposedly "nazi" styled organizations. In particular, the so-called "NSM" of Jeffry Shoep. After investigation, another very clear reason has surfaced to only confirm our decision. This is the fact of
"nsm's" SATANIST ties, which any decent National Socialists could only denounce in disgust! It has been brought to our attention that the "nsm's" 2nd in command - Clifford Herrington and the guiding light of the"JOY of SATAN" group. Here's the link for proof - and I suggest a CAREFUL reading of the materials on this website. It apparently is a creation of dissident satanists within that organization, who are angry
about Herringtons' inter-linking NATIONAL SOCIALISM with SATANISM. I in particular draw to the readers attention, the section about the misuse of DONATIONS from BOTH "JOS" and "NSM"...from the horse's own mouth, so to speak. Now the fact of the INTERJECTION of "SATANISM" into National Socialism speaks for itself. As well, I must ask how The Kommander HIMSELF figures into this? EITHER, he himself IS a "satanist", or DOESN'T CARE that his "Chairman" is a "High Satanist"...or is so unknowledgeable ABOUT "whatever" his officers "DO", that he's oblivious about their "DEFECTS"...begs the question of his "leadership ability" say the least. This, added to the recent exposure of the Dr. David Plussman - a JEW ( researching another hate-book ) - as one of his officers and spokesmen - really points to the crux of the DIFFERENCE between "nsm hollywierd nazi's" and the American Nazi Party. When we remember that the current endeavor of the late "JEW-NAZI pederast Frank Collins/Cohn"...who ALSO is now some kind of "Satanist muckity-muck"...we feel that such behavior brings to the forefront, the QUESTION - HOW and WHY do such creatures endure in our midst, and HOW can ANYONE "support" them? We as well, have ANOTHER expose' brewing about the "nsm" that will be brought to your attention shortly, as we are gathering up the FACTS about this episode as we speak. Stay tuned.

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