ANP Report for February 21, 2006

Racial Comrades: After taking the time in many previous ANPReports to answer YOUR questions - today, I would like to ask YOU to read a few questions of my own - seriously think about your answers, and reply back to ME. Dialog is a two-way street...through your answers, I'll perhaps find food for consideration. Thanks! ROCK Question #1 - Not utilizing a generic answer such as " I would like to see more people, or I would prefer a bigger, stronger movement "...what would you like to see the movement striving to "do"...that it doesn't attempt at present? Question #2 - What issues would you prefer that I address in the ANPReports, that I haven't discussed already? Question #3 - Do you prefer a movement that plays dress-up and unrealistic re-enactment fantasy of the past, or one that attempts to address current issues that effect our everyday lives? Question #4 - Does it matter if a "leader/personality" utilizes supporters donations to gamble - like David Duke, or to build up and expand his "business and trinket" operation like Bill Pierce...or to live off of like so many do? Does a "leaders" own "lifestyle" ( such as having numerous "mail-order" brides, or a felony-burglary conviction ) determine whether you should support him or not? Question #5 - Would you prefer a "leader" who promotes fantasies like a far off "homeland" for Whites, or one who deals instead of the reality of what is? Question #6 - Do you prefer "leaders" who provide "entertainment" - ie jokes, music, games, cartoons, - or one that attempts to inject seriousness into a totally serious situation? Question #7 - Do you think that trinkets - ie " t-shirts, CD's, boots, rings, flags, et al - are worth all the money that the movement spends on them in lue of simply pouring the money into a real, serious political effort? Question #8 - Are skinhead gangs, the best possible approach for young people to be introduced into the movement? And if not - what would you suggest? Question #9 - Are tattoo's and identifying clothing a good thing, or is being "low level" in appearance a much better approach? Question #10 - After decades of trying, do you still believe that White people can talk their way out of this slow extermination of our Race and Culture? Question #11 - After decades of all the various failed tactics - protesting, educating, marching - engaged in repeatedly by the movement...what do you think might be more successful? Question #12 - What would it take to get you personally more committed to our Struggle? Why aren't you as committed as the "Muslims" are to theirs? Question #13 - Many Christians donate a 10% of their income to their churches, the Catholics are an example. What would it take for you to commit to that kind of dedication, when you boast that the 14words are the most important issue in our lives? Question #14 - What is the biggest stumbling block to anyone following in the footsteps of Bob Mathews and the Order Comrades? Why since the 1980's have so few had the courage, even among the "big bad skinheads", who love "music" extolling their follow in their footsteps? Question #15 - With literally tens of thousands of people involved in one way or another, in the movement - and all the resources combined that that entails - why is the Struggle so poorly funded? Question #16 - Do we need more women - who make up 50% of our race - involved? If so, how do we get them involved? Question #17 - Does the movement play up the "hate angle" too much - rather than what positive things we stand for? Should the movement stress the "anti" angle, or the "pro" angle more? Question #18 - Do you prefer a leader who stress's the "personality cult", who promotes himself as a "media star"...or one who considers himself to be simply another "cog on the wheel" who helps to make the whole thing go around? Question #19 - Are you satisfied with the "propaganda" that the movement issues, or would you prefer it to address different issues, perhaps take on a more "positive" or "negative" form? Question #20 - What would you be most embarrassed about if people knew you were involved in the movement, and what would you change if you could? Question #21 - Do you think the movement allows in and keeps for whatever "reasons" - too many freaks and dysfunctionals? Would you prefer more "quality control"...over numerous "warm bodies"? Well Comrades, here are a few questions to work with. If there are some I probably missed - please feel free to address them as well. Here is your chance to input, that I promise to seriously consider each and every one. No one is ever "wrong" if they honestly feel a certain way about any subject as long as they can clearly represent "why" they feel the way they do. And that certainly means myself as well. Our Cause has not, and is not advancing forward to the degree that we all wish it would - its overdue to start some serious thought-process's here - and figure out the "why", and what exactly we can perhaps "do" to change that. I look forward to your responses! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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