ANP Report for February 13, 2006

Racial Comrades: What do YOU expect out of the "Racial Movement"? I would really like to know, because I'm beginning to suspect your "expectations" don't go much farther than a virtual place where you can HEAR "racial slurs and fantasy tall-tales", BUY somewhat "racially associated trinkets", and last of all...but, certainly NOT least - voice a few "racially charged" comments of your own - OF COURSE, behind a clever "screen name", which is usually somewhat bad-assed sounding like "MightyWarrior" or "KKKelticPrincess". LOL Today, I would like to state just "what" I view a "movement" SHOULD appear to be. First off, it should at least appear to be a SERIOUS attempt to ACHIEVE "something" POSITIVE. Its LEADERS should be men and women who, since they have decided to rise above the herd into a position where they request that you consider their comments worthy of consideration...they strive to act "better" than the average individual need do. This implies not only to HONESTY, but as well, "HONOR", and "MORALS". No more can a REAL person who aspires to "leadership" fall into the various "vices" that so often plague "normal" individuals, than can a leader "let down his hair" so to speak and "become one of the boys"...simply to HOPE to better "fit in". Rockwell himself once told of an incident in his early days of being Commander back in 1960, where he got drunk at a Hitler's Birthday Party...and I quote " Made an ass of himself "...he NEVER drank again after that day. Hitler refused to engage in "games" during his imprisonment at Landsburg Prison, with other Party Comrades, because " It is not seemly for a leader to be beaten by his followers ". Are you understanding my point? A "leader" who GAMBLES away the donations of followers is WRONG. A leader who frequents "NUDE DANCING JOINTS" is as well NOT the proper grade of individual to entrust the lives and sacrifices of his adherents to. WHERE do we DRAW the LINE? An ALCOHOLIC? A DRUG FIEND? A SEXUAL PERVERT? A CHILD MOLESTER? The movement HAS had each and everyone of present...and, in the past. Do we "accept " TRAITORS who have made DEALS with the "LEADERS"? Nothing is more disgusting than an OLD MAN who leers after young women. Nothing is more degrading than OLD MEN who TRY and "act like the youngsters"...simply to attempt to appear "cool" and gain "acceptance" of said youth. Especially where they have been burned in the past, by "hanging around" these immature social rejects. To me in any case, this "Cause" is SACRED. I find people, especially those who parade themselves as "leaders"...who's SOLE reason of being "involved" to SELL a "PRODUCT", in place of REAL be nothing more than PARASITES on our body politic. They GIVE nothing of REAL revolutionary VALUE...and suck in the oh so necessary dollars that the REAL Struggle so badly needs to operate - hence being a hindrance and a drain on the Struggle itself. Our Struggle is NOT "entertainment", "funny jokes and cartoons" - and we best need stop viewing it as such!
It is a LIFE or DEATH battle for the healthy existence of our Folk. Sometimes I don't know if you $upport the phonies in the "leadership" of the "movement" out of - "its all there is" - or, if its because you yourselves are such dysfunctionals, that you don't "expect any better" of them. Now lets consider the "movement membership". From my position as ANP Party Chairman, I can only say that nine-tenths of you would never have even made membership in Hitler's Movement. There is such a poor level of DEDICATION that I can hardly use that word in the same sentence. So many are simply "collectors", many more are "fantasists" who avoid the REAL WORLD - through living in their own little, self-created one. On the whole, the average "movementite" SELFISH towards "his cause" the extreme. While they will ALWAYS find a way to fill their particular petty "desires"...the $UPPORT of their always on the very, VERY BOTTOM of their economic list. And its WONDERED "why we don't get anywhere"?! IF you put GAS into your the manner you "GAS UP" the wouldn't be driving very far either! COWARDICE - while there are numerous good reasons for keeping a low profile, for a Revolutionary Dissident - there is NO reason in the world...for "DOING NOTHING" tangible. Over the years, there have been HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of and out...of our movement, who's potential was WASTED. The "leadership" neither ASKED nor EXPECTED anything out of them...except "buying their various trinket-lines"...and without the proper GUIDANCE...they frittered themselves away into "burning out" and eventually - LEAVING. We can no longer afford that folks. Of course, George Lincoln Rockwell himself admitted that you can only get "so much mileage" out of bums and losers...but, NOT all that came and went were useless. Far from it. A LOT left BECAUSE of the FREAKS that the movement insisted on keeping in their ranks - instead of PURGING these cretins as soon as they became OBVIOUS. The rank and file are to blame here too, for not DEMANDING any form of QUALITY CONTROL from those IN control. Of course, the "Great Ones" didn't care one iota - it was "WARM BODIES" to send forth in search of that NEGATIVE PUBLICITY - as well as MORE CUSTOMERS to purchase their assorted crap! We NEED adherents who will $ACRIFICE to their last dime for the Cause THEY claim to serve, as well as be WILLING to "DO SOMETHING" that will move our Struggle FORWARD, no matter "what the price". We ARE talking about those 14WORDS here aren't we - you know, YOUR CHILDREN? Is there ANYTHING you would hold back doing FOR - THEM? Right now I have the flu, and I feel piss-poor. Maybe this message is pretty sorry as well, but itís the way I feel and I think you need to hear it. All I really want to know, is there anyone out there "LIKE ME"...someone who is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder like a MAN and a WOMAN, beside me - beside US...without any "quirks"? If so, there's a place here, just for YOU. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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