ANP Report for February 05, 2006

Racial Comrades: Once more we gather together for another of our weekly "mass meetings", NOT on the "courthouse steps" where we can't even hear ourselves over the din of the "opposition"...but in an arena where sincere thoughts CAN be disseminated, mulled over and a crowd of adherents that appreciate what they hear. Studying the stats of our website, we find an interesting fact. In spite of the fact that we PURPOSELY do not have a glut of useless "entertainment" ( on it only draws those who are shallow in their thinking, who in most cases, do not wish to COMMIT to "doing anything" positive, beyond being titillated by mindless "hate" ) content on our site, and though there are times when we see a huge "spike" in viewers ( usually when some "hollywood nazis" get a glut of negative "publicity", for some silly or stupid stunt...and folks unfortunately think that its "US" ) our "page-views" are pretty consistent. On looking closer, we find that primarily - we get tens of thousands of YOU - coming back each week to regularly view the ANPReport section, over all the other content on our website combined! And that Comrades, IS good news. Because, what that means is that although we don't have "cartoons", "jokes", "forums or message boards", "radio shows" or a new line of trinkets to peddle off on actually LIKE what you read...enough to regularly join with us each week, as if we were meeting together in a great hall to listen, learn, as well as to enjoy a healthy dose of "National Socialist Comradeship"! Today, I will do my best to answer a number of questions sent to us by a young Englishman. I hope that my replies will be of interest to you as well!
1. Dear American Nazi Party : I am a student of History currently taking my A-Levels in England and for the last 4 years all we've learned about is the rise of Nazism in Germany. I was hoping that you could tell me a little about your views. I don't mind if you say no, but I'm just curious as to how your beliefs follow those of the NSDAP.
If it's not too much trouble could you answer a couple of questions for me please?
1) What do you think of the works and beliefs of the German Nazi party?
***ANSWER*** - The American Nazi Party bases its beliefs on the very same IDEOLOGY followed by our forebears in the NSDAP. At the same time, we do not attempt to make ourselves into a re-enactment like "CLONE" of the German National Socialists for several reasons. (A) We are not Germans, we are Americans...and as such, our situation in time and place...differs greatly from the early 20th century. (B) As well, our RACIAL situation is quite different from what the German Comrades faced. In Germany they had a basically GERMANIC people to deal with...who held varying ideological viewpoints. Here in America, beyond the fact of MASSIVE non-White population growth...we also have the FACT...that "White America" is NOT of just ONE "Tribal Element" ( ie German, Irish, French, etc ) but, that the average American Aryan has in most cases become a "white mutt" so to speak, where various Euro-Tribes have mixed to the point where there really aren't any "pure Euro-Tribal" elements left. Most Whites are for example "German-Irish", "Dutch-Hungarian", etc, et al. Almost a new "breed" of Aryan...the best we can say, is that we ARE "White" and leave it at that. This allows, or rather forces us to have a PAN-ARYAN outlook, rather than a narrow "Tribal-Nationalist" one. The American Nazi Party ( unlike many of the Germanophile Hollywood Nazi play groups, who toy with utilizing "GERMAN" slogans, titles, costumes and imagery...) is a proponent of White racial UNITY and SURVIVAL...not, a re-enactment of one particular nations greatness in a bye-gone era. National Socialist Germany fought the "Alamo" of the White/Aryan race. Its time now, for all the OTHER various Aryan Tribal elements to pick up the torch, and carry it on further to its successful conclusion...utilizing programs, that while they strictly adhere to Adolf Hitler's IDEOLOGY...are based upon the needs and traits of the various "branches" of our glorious "Racial Tree".
2) What is "Mud Rule"? (We don't use that term over here.)
***ANSWER*** - "Mud rule" is rule by NON-White peoples. In Great Britain is would be ALL those various peoples who are INVADING YOUR LAND...who are NOT White - ie "COLORED" people, who in essence are varying shades of "mud brown". Something that EVERY evil, corrupt, Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM world-wide...would like to apparently turn their collective populations into eventually...through gradual racial-mixing. With the 3% "elite", who in America control 85% of the wealth...ruling above the docile mess, of course!
3) What is your opinion of the Jews in general?
***ANSWER*** - Life is like "sports" in a way. The various "teams" battle for primacy over all the "others". It has always been this always will. Per the "jews", one must view them in the same manner. Of course, there are no doubt many "jews" who simply wish to live a happy life, negatively effecting no one. On the other hand, you have ORGANIZED JEWRY...who put THEIR PEOPLES INTERESTS FIRST...which DOES have a very ADVERSE effect on others. Putting aside the jews "negatives", which we are all aware of...I have to admit that the jews UNITY as a RACIAL PEOPLE has much to be admired in it. Lets honestly LOOK at the jews - (A) they have a overwhelming RACIAL PRIDE...claiming that out of ALL the people who inhabit this globe...GOD himself has CHOSEN THEM as "HIS PEOPLE"! Can you imagine ANY OTHER RACE getting away so smoothly with that one in this day and age? (B) they actually HAVE a RACIAL NATION...ONLY FOR JEWS...once again, isn't that RACISM in its highest degree? ( also remember that there is NOT ONE - ALL WHITE NATION - on Planet Earth! Every one has, and is continuing to be "INTEGRATED" with Non-Aryans...) And they are quite willing to OPPRESS and KILL - ANYONE - who might wish to end this "Status Quo" of "Jews Uber Alles"! Ask their Arab neighbors, who they daily OPPRESS, EXPEL, and EXTERMINATE from their homelands of thousands of that the JEWS who invaded the area, only since the late 1940's...could have a "RACIAL-HOMELAND", all of their own choosing. Pretty "Nazi-like", eh? The Jewish-Question is far too "in-depth" to be honestly answered here at this time...but, I honestly believe that the FACT that the jews as an entire people...BEING EXPELLED, one time or another through-out history from EVERY European land...has a LOT to DO with THEMSELVES and their BEHAVIOR - rather that the "bigotry" and "intolerance" of the host nations that they parasitically infested themselves upon, once again as FOREIGN INVADERS. There were after all, NO "JEWS" among the HOST ARYAN the first place! Sound a bit familiar to what is HAPPENING to EVERY White/Aryan land TODAY...with the THIRD WORLD invasion? These people FORCE themselves upon US, and then WHINE and DEMAND that...WE...CHANGE OUR WAYS TO SUIT THEM!
4) What is your opinion of Christianity?
***ANSWER*** - "Religion", or lack of plays no part in the American Nazi Party. We believe that it is a matter of personal preference. Although I must state, that TODAYS "organized religions" are one degree or another. I believe that considering THEIR stance, it should be quite easy to determine OUR outlook to such an announced opponent. "Religions" are simply "tools" of the Ruling Class to keep the populace in line. In NS Germany, Hitler was striving hard, to "Aryanize" the various "religious" sects...many people have and will always feel the need for "supernatural assistance"...its impossible to wipe-out ( as the Communists found...) and much more beneficial to simply "evolve" it to the needs of the present. IE, a few decades ago...Pastors spoke out AGAINST racial-mixing...NOW, they toe the SYSTEM line. What goes round, can come round again...with the necessary guidance.
5) The German Nazi Party had Racial Profiling to see whether a person was Aryan or not, do you?
***ANSWER*** - The policy of the ANP is very simple and realistic. IF an individual - LOOKS, THINKS, and ACTS "white" - they ARE considered to BE White. ALL the various Euro-Tribal branches of the Aryan Racial Tree - French, German, Irish, Italian, Russian, etc et all...are considered Aryan Racial brothers and sisters, by the American Nazi Party.
6) What is your opinion of homosexuals?
***ANSWER*** - "Homosexuals" are simply ONE of many un-natural perversions of nature that society has been inflicted with. They are few in numbers and from my experience, wish to keep in the main to themselves. Truly, the SYSTEMITES that rule our nations, are MORE of a THREAT to my, and my loved ones well being...than some unfortunate pervert. At the same time, "child-molesters", "rapists" and such like - ought, to be fed into a tree-chipper - but, of course THAT would be "inhumane". LOL MUCH of this perversion that we see flaunted as the "in thing" today, are done by DESIGN by the SYSTEMITES to destabilize our healthy, natural Folk, because a people who are designed to "accept" ANY un-natural act as "normal"...soon find crossing the RACIAL BARRIER of MOTHER not be such a "big deal" after all. Our opponents often assail us, that "we are all human beings"...yet, LOOK at you see as an example - BIRDS mating with other species of "BIRDS"? NO! The same with EVERY OTHER type of living creature. EXCEPT where "man" has FORCED "crossed-breeding" DOESN’T happen. UNLESS - you become - UN-NATURAL. And THAT is "what" this corrupt, perverse, Judeo-Capitalist monster HAS ENEMY of NATURE itself!
7) Do you believe that "Mud Rule" is a concern for other countries?
***ANSWER*** - Let me put it this way. In America, in 1955 America WAS 95% WHITE. TODAY, according to the last U.S. Census...ONLY 23% of the AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER the AGE of 18 - are WHITE. According to the U.N. - ONLY 3% of WOMEN of CHILDBEARING AGE, WORLDWIDE - are WHITE. Through GREED, SELFISHNESS, and COWARDICE...fueled by the SYSTEM'S brainwashing AGENDA...the Aryan race is facing a "gentle extermination" from the face of the Earth. HOW MANY White BABIES have been murdered through "abortion"...50 MILLION? A HUNDRED MILLION? Yet, if I asked, I bet you COULD tell me the "MYTHICAL NUMBER" - of poor, innocent "JEWS KILLED in the HOLOHOAX! Aren't YOU honestly "CONCERNED"? Can you point to just ONE example, where NON-White rule...was beneficial for the White population, in the end results?
8) Just out of interest, what do you think of the KKK?
***ANSWER*** - The ORIGINAL Klan served it purpose quite well. Unfortunately, the present-day KKK is very similar to the "hollywood-nazi" re-enacters. It has become an "outlet" for grown men to "dress-up" like kids and "play around", ala some fantasy game. The costumes were originally MEANT to scare SUPERSTITIOUS, in all honesty they appear ridiculous. As well, unlike National Socialism...the Klan has NO real POSITIVE IDEOLOGY of life...beyond "I hate niggers", "White Power", et al. On the whole, while there are sincere individuals involved in some cases, its simply another of those side-shows that distract concerned Aryans from getting INVOLVED in a SERIOUS resistence effort. WHO in their right mind among the White populace, that ARE looking for REAL SOLUTIONS, is going to take these varied "theatrical groups" seriously?
9) Lastly, do you believe that the world would've been a better place had Nazism spread further during the 20th Century?
***ANSWER*** - Of course! Looking around us today at the present "alternative"...I would have to say with all my heart...that in the end run - the so-called "winners" ( meaning of course, the masses of the White population...NOT the wealthy, Judeo-Capitalist plutocrats who rule over us ) in all reality - LOST! Look at Great Britain - having spent itself totally in destroying its racial kinfolk in Germany - its really NOT so "great" anymore, is it? Unless one is a hopeless degenerate, who feels at home floating along turd-like, in this toilet-bowl that has been created for us to exist in...this is MY vision of "HELL"! And its getting worse with each passing day. And it will CONTINUE to WORSEN...until, people get the courage to GET INVOLVED and are willing to DO WHATEVER is NECESSARY to CORRECT the situation. Is that YOU? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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