ANP Report for January 29, 2006

Racial Comrades: According to Chief Sock Puppet of Corporate U.S.A. Inc., aka "The President"...the ZOG wars around the globe are meant to "bring the voice of democracy" to those fortunate enough not to have to "experience" it. lol Well, over in Palestine - the "PEOPLE" last week VOTED OUT the corrupt "Old Boy" Fatah government, which held sway ( and just about everything else too...remember that "I thought you'd never die Arafat"...and his multi-million dollar Swiss bank-accounts - while the vast majority of "his people" lived in abject poverty? ) for decades, and instead VOTED IN the militant Hamas organization with its NEW IDEAS and its WAR ON CORRUPTION. Now, you would think that Bush and pals would be over-joyed at the Palestinians playing at the old political shell-game. But, NO! The "wrong guys" WON! Dammit...THAT wasn't supposed to happen. The arab sheeples were SUPPOSE to "re-elect" the SAME-OLD-GANG of controlled stooges...just as happens over here! What the F***!!! So Comrades, I guess that when the PEOPLE make the "WRONG CHOICE"...per Uncle Samuel...its just not "kosher". LOL Let THAT be a LESSON to all of you odd birds out there...who STILL believe in that "we can vote'm out, and us in" NONSENSE. The Judeo-Capitalist system is refusing to "accept the results"...and is withdrawing that 300+ MILLION DOLLAR BRIBE MONEY that it was paying the earlier bunch of flunkies, to "behave themselves". Thatís ok, I wouldn't be surprised to see IRAN step in and double the funding, as Hamas is an "Islamic" focused movement. Now Israel is faced with a REAL "Pro-Arab" government on its backdoor once again...wonder what it'll "do"? Especially now, IF the Iranians decide that the "Palestinian Territories" would make a great "launching pad", ala Israel launching aggression over Iran's nuclear programs. Funny, but when you look at the map NOW - it appears that ZOG and Company are the ones getting "sandwiched in", slowly but surely! Boy, the Zionists had better "DO SOMETHING" damn SOON...if and when, Iran DOES get "Nuclear Capability" ( like Israel has...btw, ISRAEL is the ONLY Nuclear Capability nation in the entire WORLD...that HAS NOT and DOES NOT adhere to the "NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY, or is or ever has allowed UN CONTROL INVESTIGATORS to REVIEW its NUKE PROGRAM! Can anybody say "DOUBLE STANDARD" JUST for JEWS? And "WHY", out of ALL the global nations...hem, you know WHY, eh ) it will no longer have to worry about a "missile delivery" system...rather just, WHICH BRAVE SOUL WILL GET THE HONOR OF PIGGY-BACKING IT...LOL Comrades, in the next few years, I wouldn't be much surprised to see a steady stream of millions of DUEL-CITIZENSHIP hebrews leaving Israel...and heading over to the "Land of Milk and Honey"...and you thought MILLIONS of MEZTIZO'S were "BAD"? You all know how I often talk about the corrupt 3% of the WEALTHY here in the Cess-Pool USA...who CONTROL 85% of the WEALTH. Well, I recently read an article where it stated that "Gay" buying power in America is "estimated" to be around $610 BILLION...and honestly, HOW MANY QUEERS are running around? Really, its really not that many. Soooo, ever wonder "HOW MANY" of that "3%" are SEXUAL DEGENERATES of one stripe or another? Ain't "New Amerika" GRAND! LOL Here in Michigan, "Law Officers" are having a bit of a "problem". It seems that those frigging Dot Heads from INDIA...are walking around, CARRYING SWORDS in "part of their religion"! Now, the average sheeple just aren't "USED" to seeing that ( YET ) and they're calling the cops ( hey! there's a guy walking down my street with a big sword...) and when the Blue Enforcers arrive, THEY DON'T KNOW "WHAT to DO"! LOL They started arresting the first ones, but the courts kept releasing them - so "now"? This "global-inter-racial" nonsense, is really going to cause some ultimate CONFUSION to say the least. As each little tribal element arrives with its own peculiar "peculiarities"...WHERE does it END? BUT Comrades, CAN WE USE THIS TOO? Can you imagine RACIALISTS "converting" some "sect"...and HAVING to be allowed to CARRY AROUND - BIG SWORDS, or "something else" - where-ever they wished? For in a "GLOBAL VILLAGE"...who's to say - WHOM - can "BE" what-ever they like? LOL IE, these Dot-Heads like is LEGALIZED for "RELIGIOUS PURPOSES". Farfetched?...who among MY age-group ( 53 ) would EVER have imagined "LEGALIZED SAME-SEX UNIONS"...back in the day? Comrades, having grown up in all these past, ever changing, ever more perverse and decadent decades...makes me honestly wonder at times...about all my fellow "Old Timers" out there. The young people of today, who don't really "know anything else" can in a way be excused for being "more accepting" of the putrid situation surrounding them. Perhaps they think that thatís the way things have always been. But, all of you people...MEN and WOMEN...who like myself, grew up in a racially SEGREGATED by LAW society, and while not "perfect"...surely, NOT as puss-filled a sore as what we are submerged in at present...and constantly getting WORSE, surely MUST feel as I do ( if youíre here reading this ) that IT MUST BE TIME ( honestly, WAY overdue ) to - "DO SOMETHING" ABOUT IT! And what I'm talking about is - FINANCING. If we are to be truthfully blunt and honest..."WHAT" can be accomplished in the REAL WORLD...without having to PAY to achieve it? Now, I can understand that the "old body" just ain't what it used to be. As well, you have achieved that "status" in life where you prefer not to "risk" your built-up "reputation" by being perceived as a "wild-eyed radical" out in the streets. lol BUT, bye and large you also have achieved that FINANCIAL stage, that few young idealists have at their disposal...and whether it is through "guilt" at NOT having GOTTEN INVOLVED and having ALLOWED todays situation to grow into what it IS...through your IN-ACTION - OR, through a sense of IDEALISM that you have been a fighter against this pervasive evil that darkens our land and you understand the NEED to CONTINUE the Struggle, come WIN or LOSE - simply because a decent Aryan cannot simply stand aside, avert their eyes and/or whine and complain - WE NEED YOUR $UPPORT. I guess that after all those back-to-back "holidays"...January "donations" simply pretty much "dried up". ( that, OR your saving your "party-monies" for Nigger-Ball Super Sunday? ) But, Comrades - I have always been a firm believer of - where there's a WILL there's a WAY. IF, "we" cannot or will not...find a FINANCE with a few jew-bucks OUR BELIEFS - what in hell are we truly going to do when "it all comes down"? With such a feeble, stingy attitude of "support"...can the movement ever honestly EXPECT to EVEN reach that stage? Around the globe, in THIRD WORLD countries...Resistence Organizations of varying kinds...find adherents who are WILLING TO FIGHT, DIE, even commit KAMIKAZE actions for THEIR beliefs - yet, here in the "worlds richest nation" - the Liberation Fighters seem to have to literally BEG for a few sheckles...when you would THINK, that at the very LEAST...$UPPORT would be flowing in from a grateful percentage of the populace who "declares" constantly, that they are AWARE of the SERIOUSNESS of the situation and the TOTALITY of FAILURE. You would THINK that these people who prefer not to enter the Front-Lines themselves...would be more than grateful towards those that DO "lay it all on the line" for what they BOTH agree is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Lets put it this way, say you have your soldiers fighting YOUR fight off in the trenches...these soldiers realize that "not everybody" can be in "the front lines" for various reasons...yet, they desperately NEED "ammunition" to not just carry on the battle - but to WIN. To WIN - FOR EVERYBODY. Yet, instead of joyfully sacrificing even a LITTLE and giving the troops WHAT they NEED - the "Home-Front" sends them "atta boy" letters - and little else. I'm sure that I need elaborate no ALL understand completely, and whether you respond or not is ultimately up to you. When I see the men and women who work alongside me, here and across the nation, often disrupting their own lives for the good of the organization, and asking for no "special thanks" much less "reward" biggest frustration is that I cannot provide them with the "necessities" NEEDED to GROW and RESPOND to the biggest implosion of a people and a nation since the fall of Rome. I honestly THOUGHT that a SERIOUS National Socialist organization, something that was REAL...and not a fantasy re-enactment club...would appeal to a "movement" that has been ideologically barren, and organizationally futile for the past 40 years. I believed that after all the idiocy and play-acting, and well-known, wide-spread corruption that the "movement" has engaged in, that when something that NO-ONE can factually tar with the old brush of "this or that"...came into existence...the BETTER people, the SERIOUS people involved in the Struggle would recognize it and with a sigh of relief...$UPPORT it. Was I wrong? Do you actually prefer "entertainment" and "Hollywierdism" to building REALITY? I'm sure that if asked, each one of you could state a program that you would just love to see implemented, I have SEVERAL...but, my just "wishing" isn't going to make it a reality. In all honesty - "whatís" more "important" in your life? And THAT, I suppose when you come right down to it...clearly indicates ones commitment to achieving those 14WORDS. Am I mistaken? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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