ANP Report for January 25, 2006

Racial Comrades: Today is truly a "Black Monday" for the White American worker. Coupled with the 65,000 jobs announced cut last fall by the U.S. auto-industry, along with the 35,000 jobs lost today at Ford Motor Co - we see at LEAST - 100,000 DECENT PAYING JOBS WITH BENEFITS ( not to mention all the "collateral damage" jobs lost due to this ) gone FOREVER to the American worker, and his families. ALL because of the greedy Judeo-Capitalist bastards who are worth MULTI-MILLIONS personally, who are SO determined to fill THEIR bank-accounts with more and MORE money that they honestly don't "need", and will never spend in their lifetimes...that can turn their backs on the White Worker, and instead pay some Third-Worlder slave wages, like in China where auto workers are "paid" $3.50 an HOUR! Sorry, if I'm ranting here Comrades, but I'M MAD...and I would THINK that you all ought to be TOO! I'm also frustrated and flabbergasted, that the rest of the "white movement" EXCEPT for the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY, seems "not really to care"...that the entire MIDDLE CLASS in this sorry nation is being OBLITERATED the point where basically it will be those 3% who CONTROL 85% of America's entire WEALTH, while the rest of us will be "WORKING POOR". The "movement", if you view the rest of the majority of its organs of communication - are babbling about "MLK Day", "Israeli Sex Slaves", or "Black crime". What the hell! Do you REALLY think that your going to "click" with White Workers who are going to be LOSING THEIR LIVELIHOOD, THEIR HOMES, and not being able to PROVIDE FOR THEIR KIDS - with piddly "issues" like THESE? Sometimes I truly believe that these so-called "leaders" who issue forth such frigging reactionary garbage...DON'T EXIST IN THE SAME WORLD AS THE REST OF US...since they don't punch a time-clock, and make their living as being PEDDLERS of CRAP to the "true believers", it really ( in their minds ) doesn't "effect them". They figure that you'll pony up, and buy their unending line of nonsense, as a "Revolutionary Act" lue of any REAL "activity", as has happened so often in the past. Ever sit down and THINK real HARD...about all the crapola that you've purchased over the years from these assorted con-men? Ever wondered WHY it hasn't made an IOTA of a DIFFERENCE, per "our situation"? White people - I've said it before, and I'll state it clearly once again - ALL the "books, t-shirts, CD's, tattoo's, collections et al"...are NOT going to "DO" one iota towards creating, motivating, and fielding a REAL REVOLUTIONARY Resistence Struggle. YOU are nothing more than "COLLECTORS"...and THEY...are nothing more than BUSINESSMEN selling you their "COLLECTIBLES". And thatís quite sad, that in the decades that I've been involved in "this"...that "THIS" is as "FAR" our "Cause" has advanced! I no longer really know what I can say to you to get off your collective ass's, dump the phonies that you have been providing an easy living with, and SERIOUSLY, "GET INVOLVED". I myself have tried "grooming" individuals out there who endlessly "talk the good talk"...and after YEARS of attempted prompting and motivating and instructing...they are STILL like a horse who balks, at leaving the safe pasture and jumping the stiles. One of the slogans that George Lincoln Rockwell used to say often was - "WHITE MAN, WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE YOU FIGHT"? After being active for almost 40 years myself...I'm afraid that I still cannot answer that question. You ADMIRE people who's biggest "claim to fame" is that they were successful CON-MEN who gambled and farted away your sincere donations meant to go towards the Struggle - hell, they even PLED GUILTY and went off to the can, and you STILL "love" them! You cheer for an UNEMPLOYED FELON who parades around in a ridiculous self-styled COSTUME, who appoints as "officers" of his "theater group" SNITCHES, SEX-OFFENDERS, JEWS, HALF-MUDS, and suspected QUEERS...while he acts like a BUFFOON in PUBLIC and brings constant EMBARRASSMENT to those of us who ARE sincere...and I'm dumbfounded. Instead of INTELLECTUAL or IDEOLOGICAL content, you gravitate towards those who "ENTERTAIN" you with "cartoons", "jokes", and bizzare, nonsensical "radio-shows, where the content consists of racial slurs, and extreme to the ludicrous...comments". IS THIS REALLY THE LEVEL, the GAUGE of the "KIND of MOVEMENT" you REALLY desire? While the Judeo-Capitalists are preparing to drive the world into a madness of a war with IRAN...that WILL SPREAD...and the system is BUILDING UP the Third World as economic competitors, that WILL EVENTUALLY DESTROY YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING - YOU, the "supposedly aware" element of American political life...are off in La La Land, enjoying your fantasies. Despite what that moron sock-puppet for the Corporate powers states...the rest of the world "HATES the U.S"., - BECAUSE ITíS A PORNOGRAPHIC, PERVERTED, CESS-POOL of DEPRAVITY - but, I THOUGHT that a large portion of our "movement" just MIGHT be a cut above the normal turd floating in this toilet bowl. Its getting to the point where I wonder after all. Perhaps under the "tip" of the movement "iceberg" that seems to get all the jews-media publicity...IS a vast, untapped resource of sincere, moral, dedicated Aryans who ARE willing to DO the "White Thing". I honestly hope so, because unless and until these people STEP UP TO THE PLATE - PUSH THESE SECOND RATERS OUT OF THE WAY - AND PICK UP THE BAT, and "GET INVOLVED"....we're DOOMED. Am I CONNECTING with ANYBODY "OUT THERE"? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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