ANP Report for January 16, 2006

Racial Comrades: Everyday we receive messages from around the nation, and even the world. I thought that today, I would share this particular one with all of you. You see Comrades, todays Aryan finds him or herself trapped in an evil, corrupt ZOG society...that he seems incapable of altering to the better...and yet within the entire world, with no where to escape and run to. It reminds me of the old 70's "The Prisoner" TV series. The "Number 2" villain changes every week, as do many of his fellow prisoners...almost as if to show that although society superficially "changes" as different people come to power..., it REMAINS a PRISON to the INDIVIDUAL who does not even have a name, only a "NUMBER". EVERY episode the Prisoner tries and fails to escape, until he realizes that escape is NOT an OPTION any longer - and DESTROYS the "VILLAGE". The FINAL OPTION - bring it all down! Then FREEDOM, for those who survive the Final Conflict. Is it any simpler than that....
1. Greetings,
Maybe youíll find a little strange that a mexican has the nerve to write to you, due to your comments regarding the invasion of your land held by hordes of mestizos you may be thinking that I am about to bash you, but in truth I am all for you and for your cause. Why?, because I am a proud White man (yes, there are some white folks down here, even if its hard as hell to believe it) and as a conscious member of the White race I care about my other fellow Whites no matter where they are at. Regardless of what a paper says about the nationality you and I are Whites, and for the good or the bad we are stuck in the same predicament. I donít have so many years as you in the so called ďMovementĒ, but I have seen things in my 22 years that have pointed me that the actual direction of our people is on a direct course towards extinction. If you consider your crusade up there to be hard just take a good look at me, I am a real minority, surrounded in every direction by non-whites, and let me tell you, itís neither pretty nor safe.
In Mexico, as in other parts of the world, the Whites are a privileged caste, even if the system have been telling by generations that we are all mestizos and that discrimination must be put aside, the reality is that we are in control and we will be in control for a long time, in the end I donít picture this land far from whatís going on in India with the Brahmanic system of castes that gives privileges to the Whiter and the darker, the Dravidians, are left behind as working drones alienated by their beliefs. Even if I have all this on my behalf, even when I can reach the high posts of my society, I will rather work my ass to death picking coals in a White-Only country and raise my children exclusively among their Kin than to bring them in a land where they will always be outnumbered by foreign blood even If I achieve to give them every luxury that I come by. For that purpose I have been trying to reach other racially aware Whites in order to build a community exclusively for Whites based on the social premise of the common good, instead of filling the pocket with money for egoistical interests. To accomplish this we ought to be secretive, for the media and authorities will beat us death at the slightest provocation before we put the first stone.
What I am trying to put here is that your work, although is directed primary to the White citizens of the United States, also benefits me and anyone that lives like minorities in the non-white countries not only of South America, but across the world. To have a White homeland would be a great inspiration to all of us and will give hope to the next White generation yet to be born. I know that my support is not enough, I have my problems down here and all my resources, if any, are for the dream I am trying to inspire into others that share a common ideal for a community for us in this multiracial mayhem, but know that If I where there I would be gladly under the banner of the ANP, fighting the good fight and giving what I can for our folk.
I thank you for your efforts up there and wish you the best luck.
Racial Comrades: We all have that choice, we are NOT alone...there are MANY of us out there, who feel the oppressors boot and yearn for an awakening - anywhere - to give us HOPE that YES! - IT CAN BE DONE! No matter how "small" may be the part that YOU "DOING IT" you are giving REAL HOPE to others to CARRY ON...and breath life onto that small burning coal, so that SOMEWHERE it may burst into FLAME! To our $UPPORTERS...please CONTINUE your aid on a REGULAR basis. To our ACTIVISTS...carefully step up your efforts. To those who have been hesitant to become "involved"...consider doing so NOW. UNLESS, we make a SINCERE EFFORT - an effort that only EACH of us can COMMIT to do - we are going to LOSE! "How long" do you honestly think we have to "PUT IT OFF"? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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