ANP Report for January 08, 2006

Racial Comrades: I recently read the latest diatribe of "NA's" Shawn Walker, where he spent his entire "radio address"...attacking "welfare" the finest right-wing/reactionary tradition. He at least had the decency to acknowledge that WHITE people make up the MAJORITY of welfare recipients, as believe it or not...and you wouldn't know it, depending on how the systems media belies the fact...that the vast MAJORITY of POOR in America, ARE White. Mr. Walker takes the view that "welfare is bad", and that folks who are utilizing this support-system...are on the whole...lazy bums, who really "don't want to work", and would much rather "sit around all day watching tv". Well, I myself have never been on welfare, but I have known a number of fine, upstanding White people who HAVE...and while I am sure that there ARE a number of "dead-beats" and losers who are "generational-welfarites"...MOST would PREFER to be able to FIND a DECENT PAYING job that has DECENT BENEFITS, to be able to provide for their families on their own. Despite Mr. Walkers view that "welfarites", spend their days happily eating cake, while perusing the "tube"...a LIFE on "WELFARE" a VERY poor EXISTENCE "living", or should I say simply "existing". For THAT is in truth what it IS! You see, from my own personal observations, ALL these system programs have a HUGE flaw...that being, that they KEEP you POOR. Instead of saying - ok, here is a helping hand, until your able to get back up on your economic feet again and GET OFF assistance...IF you "work" and even make the most pitiful "wages"...then these earnings are DEDUCTED from your assistance check - KEEPING you POOR. Now, does THAT honestly make any SENSE? Comrades, very, VERY few of those unfortunates on assistance...WANT to be in that position. They would all PREFER that they COULD find a DECENT JOB...but, as things are going in this country...DECENT JOBS, are becoming difficult to FIND. I wonder "what" Mr. Walker would "DO" for a living himself...IF, he wasn't setting his own wage scale as Grand Poohbah of what was once "the Mighty NA"? Hey, don't the Senators and Congress-creeps get to SET THEIR OWN SALARIES, TOO? lol Well, then I guess he's in good company! You know Comrades, I am always astounded by these reactionaries who spout the CORPORATE/JUDEO-CAPITALIST line about "welfare loafers". And please remember, I'm NOT talking about all the non-Whites, many of whom DO abuse it...along with, of course a minority of White Wigger poor. It reminds me of the Klan back in the early days of its existence ( does a REAL KKK even EXIST anymore, beyond the "fraternity" end? Seems the White Knights of Mississippi back in the 60's, were the last REAL "Klan"...) who allowed themselves to be utilized as UNION BUSTERS for the wealthy, "Southern Elite"...who btw, viewed White "WHITE TRASH". Yeah, " Them White workers, they be a bunch of COM-U-NISTS, boy! Wanting more of the Col's MONEY and DECENT working conditions! " Look at the recent mining disaster down in West Virginia...with all of the modern technology available in todays world...WHY couldn't each and every miner be equipped with a GPS type positioning device, where they would KNOW the LOCATION of every worker underground, at any given moment? OH! Of course...THAT might cost the CORPORATES to invest a little MONEY in the interests of the WORKERS! Can't have THAT! WHY couldn't there be built "SEALED SAFETY BUNKERS" underground...where those lucky enough to escape the explosions...could retreat into - and SURVIVE? OH! NOOOO...THAT might cost MONEY and cut into the PROFITS! Its funny, but the NA hide-a-way isn't too far off from that disaster...yet, WHAT "issue" does the NA choose to expound upon this week? "DAMN LAZY WELFARITES!". Comrades, doesn't THAT tell you that the legacy of rich, old MILLIONAIRE-MAN Pierce...lives on? And THIS is the group that - wants to CONTROL the future of "NEW WHITE AMERICA"? Comrades, THAT is the PERFECT example of the BIG DIFFERENCE...between "White Nationalists" ( so called )...and NATIONAL SOCIALISTS. Whereas these "WN" seem to prefer simply an "all White America", sort of like back before the Civil-Wrong days...National Socialists recognize that "those days" were NOT "so great", OR we wouldn't have wound up WHERE we ARE - TODAY. Personally, "I" don't want an "All White America"...where the White Worker assumes the position...of the "NEW NIGGER", with ALL that that implies. But among most of the reactionary right-wing, that sits just fine I'm afraid! They envision THEMSELVES as being on TOP of the heap...and the rest of us, just drone on for their embellishment and amusement. Kind of like the South around the Civil War, where NEGROID SLAVES were treated better and with more consideration - since THEY were VALUABLE PROPERTY...and the small White "share-cropper" ( read "SLAVE" in just about every sense of the word ) was considered "White Trash" by the residents of "Tara". NO! Comrades, WE are fighting just as much for SOCIAL JUSTICE for the WHITE AMERICAN we are for RACIAL SURVIVAL. There is NO reason under heaven or hell, that there should be BILLIONAIRES who have more money than they know what to do with...and WHITE families wondering whether to pay the heating bill, or buy food for the children! And believe me, there are MANY White families in just THAT position! Its just that people like Mr. Walker, who live off in a excluded fantasy-world of their own creation...choose to either IGNORE it...or honestly, are SO out of touch with reality, that they DON'T know or honestly care to find out, that it exists. Remember Papa Bush going to the food-mart, and NOT KNOWING what a "scanner" was?! Yeah, since WHEN did HE ever shop for his own food? LOL He sent out his precious illegal alien "Rosalita", to do it FOR him, no doubt! National Socialist Comrades, if and when that day comes, where we finally get the balls to ACT like ARYAN MEN and WOMEN...and actually FIGHT for our SURVIVAL as a secure, racial all had better hang on to your weapons, because we're ALSO are going to have to do a little "HOUSE-CLEANING" amongst the ranks of the reactionaries I'm afraid. WE are NOT - "GOING BACK" - to the days of NO UNIONS, NO BENEFITS, NO DECENT WORKING CONDITIONS, NO ACCEPTABLE PAY for a HARD days labor. And if these stooges of the Corporates THINK we are...well, they are badly mistaken. I have to shake my head, when I hear some of these reactionaries going on about how "some of these workers get too much money...". But, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE MONEY THE BIG SHOTS GET? I suppose - THATíS, "ok"? But after all, these creatures are in the main simply "Mini-Businessmen", peddlers of trinkets...who would give the move up to the big time, and emulate their Judeo-Capitalist idols. Look at Bill Pierce, even after achieving the ability to rake in MILLIONS of Racial-Patriot dollars...what did he "DO"? Finance a REVOLUTIONARY EFFORT against the corrupt and evil system? NO! He continuously ENHANCED his "PRODUCT LINE" to where he was in the end - peddling "SUSPENDERS"! LOL Reminds me of the old jew with his cart, trying to sell flotsam and jetsam of ANY sort, just to make a fast buck. Harsh words? You betcha! But, we have come to such a predicament as a people, and such a LACK of SUCCESS as a "resistence"...that its TIME that SOMEBODY pointed out the HONEST TRUTH. The "movement" is like the old story about the "Emperor Who had No Clothes"...just about EVERY intelligent individual within this "movement" who has been involved for any length of time - KNOWS - how PATHETIC things stand. NOW, its TIME to start evaluating the "WHYS" and come to the inevitable TRUTH of the situation. The "Poohbahs of the Movement" have NOT had the best interests of the WHITE WORKING CLASS to heart. Instead, they sought/seek a soft "LIVING" off of Patriot dollars, in lue of having to hear that alarm clock ring in the wee hours of the morning. THIS IDIOCY, that the rank and file continues to $upport - HAS TO STOP! We have been spinning our collective wheels, for the past 40 years that I have been involved in the Aryan Struggle - its overdue that we GET OUT of the RUT - and forge a NEW PATH. One in OUR best interests. People like Mr. Walker perhaps think that THEIR way is for the best, but - THEIR WAY - is not OUR way. Unless, a "spokesman" comes out in favor of US - the great "UNWASHED" masses of White American Workers, and FOR OUR INTERESTS - its time to steer clear of such false prophets! The FACT that in America, 3% of the population - CONTROL 85% - of the WEALTH, speaks for itself! We certainly don't need ANYBODY who wishes to "DEFEND" such a "OUR LEADERS". There are more than enough of "THOSE", on the OTHER side! Sick, diseased, depraved, corrupt, puss-filled pornographic Judeo-Capitalist "America" IMPLODING...through its own vile actions. We do NOT wish to "CONSERVE" anything of this leprous cancer! Can YOU tell ME of "ANYTHING" of present-day society, that YOU would wish to "CONSERVE"? We need to knock it down - and BUILD ANEW! And this cannot be done, with a whole lot of backward, reactionary viewpoints as baggage. When I was young, we "fought the Red Menace", all the while - it was the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS - who were steadily WORKING FOR and STRIVING for "WHAT" we see surrounding us TODAY! What total FOOLS we were! But, we CAN awaken, we CAN be the torch-bearers of a NEW and BETTER - TOMORROW. The CHOICE can and is - OURS. But, will we grasp the hands of those who went before us, grasp the immortal hand of ADOLF HITLER...and DO - "WHATEVER is NECESSARY" - to ACHIEVE our GOALS? Our children look at the world around us, then turn their plaintive gaze to US - do we let them DOWN - AGAIN? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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