ANP Report for January 01, 2006

Racial Comrades: I thought that today, the start of a New Year - opening with PLENTY of NEW OPTIONS for serious Resistence Activity - that I would share a Q&A letter that I recently received. I would also like to take the time to mention that our dedicated ANP Webmasters have now completed re-loading ALL of the Archived ANPReports for your enlightenment and enjoyment. These Comrades really DESERVE a big THANK YOU...for all the time and effort that they have given...towards achieving American Nazi Party goals! This simply goes to show, just what POSITIVE IMPACT - "one or two" - serious individuals can have, IF they decide that instead of whining and complaining about "how bad things are"...they seriously dedicate themselves to "DOING IT"...and GET THE JOB DONE! An example for ALL of us to ponder and hopefully emulate. I would also like to mention that in the "support" section of our website, just above the pdf files for the ANP "message cards/stickers" - we have made available a downloadable "Symbol of White Power" telephone-pole poster. These are large enough 81/2 X be seen from a good distance, tacked or glued up. Just a small reminder to those individuals involved in Direct Action activities - NEVER LEAVE A "CALLING CARD" - the ACTION will SPEAK FOR ITSELF. Now to our first 2006 ANPReport -

Dear Mr.Suhayda,
After looking through your website "The American Nazi Party", it appears that you are a very well informed gentleman. If I may introduce myself, my name is Delilah Gxxxx and I am a 21 year old freelance writer/college student who lives in NYC. Recently, I have begun researching White power after finding out that my grandfather was a part of the Nazi movement in America during world war II and I was hoping you could spare some time to answer a few questions that I have sent to clarify the subject. If you wish to decline answering my email, you may do so knowing that I thank you for having taken the time to read it.

1. What are Nazi ideals?

Our two main issues are #1 The survival of the White/Aryan race as a unique, worth-while entity. According to the last US Census, only 23% of Americans under the age of 18 are White. The UN stats state that only 3% of women of childbearing age world-wide...are White. The White race is being "gently exterminated" through lack of children. Social Marxism has conditioned our people to exterminate hundreds of millions of its own children through "abortion", due to laziness, lack of responsibility, and greed. Through the conditioning of the "mass media", and its corrupt "values"...our people have become their own worst enemies. They have actually come to the point where they "love" those peoples who are their competitors for life and power, and "hate" those who wish to promote their own Folks' best interests. Hell, most Whites condemn and denigrate their own ancestors in these times! No other racial grouping has fallen into such decay, and survived into History. Our goal is in simple terms - to secure the existence of our people and a healthy future for our Aryan children - by whatever means necessary! The second main focus of our efforts are - to achieve Social Justice for the White Working Class, against a greedy and malicious Judeo-Capitalist system that is determined to roll-back all the gains achieved by the White Worker over the past century, and once more institute a feudal system whereby the White Worker has no rights or voice in opposition to the greed and profit-motivation of the Corporate Class. Hence our "open-borders" by the system, to bring in millions of alien non-Whites...used to being basically slave-labor, "South American" bust the unions, and lower the wage and benefit scales to that of a Third-World land. This too we are dedicated to fight against! We have many other issues, that we elaborate upon in our Party Program available in our ANP Info Pack. Honestly, it astounds us how people can "pledge allegiance" to a ZOG SYSTEM that - releases child-molesters back into society to enact their crimes anew, instead of feeding them into a chipping machine. That sends our children all over the globe, to die and be maimed for life "protecting America"...when they refuse to utilize the military to STOP the INVASION of America by tens of millions of NON-WHITE ILLEGAL ALIENS from foreign lands! Does it REALLY matter if the INVADER is wearing a "uniform" or not? How about "saluting a system", that sends all the DECENT JOBS oversea's for bigger and BIGGER, GREEDY PROFITS...making our childrens economic future...bleaker and BLEAKER with each day that goes bye? How about a system that TAXES its White Workers to the brink of bankruptcy...while GIVING literally BILLION$ to every FOREIGN featherless biped...instead of spending those very same taxes on the people who PAID them? Oh yes, "PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE" to a CORRUPT, JUDEO-CAPITALIST monstrosity...that promotes SAME-SEX "MARRIAGE", "QUEER RIGHTS", and every form of perversion, pornography, and degeneracy imaginable? Need I mention, a system that advocates ANTI-WHITE, "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION"? Must I go on? Look Whitey, when YOU "pledge YOUR allegiance" to this ZOG SYSTEM - YOU SUPPORT ITS ACTIONS and WHATEVER EVIL IT STANDS FOR! There is NO "wiggle room" - your EITHER - "FOR" or "AGAINST" the putrid toilet bowl that the SYSTEM has CREATED and "stands for". White man and woman...its YOUR CHOICE, and you had better decide quickly...WHO'S "side" your on!

2. To what extent do you serve your social agenda? (I.E. rallys, newsletters, violence, ect.)

We have found after decades of effort, that "demonstrations", "petitioning", "voting" and the like, are only worthwhile IF the people whom the efforts are directed to - CARE. Unfortunately, those in the positions of power - couldn't give a flying fig, what White people "want" anymore. The system has a fixed agenda, and being the corrupt, decadent materialists that they are...they care little for anyones interests but their own. When was the last time America held a "referendum" on ANY "issue" seriously effecting the White population? In response, Aryan Americans have realized that just as the negro section of the population utilized "by any means necessary" to further and achieve many of the goals they sought/seek...we would have to be either fools or cowards...not to understand the implications of such a fact, and react accordingly. Hence, no longer are any "actions" ruled "off the table", as by 2025, America as a whole will be in the position of those four US states that are ALREADY..."MINORITY WHITE"...if the present racial demographics simply continue ( most likely grow ) at the current rate. This is a prime example of the difference between REVOLUTIONARY National Socialism, and most of the reactionary, and impotent "right-wing", who will moan, whine and in the they have for the past forty years..."do" nothing. IF we "the White/Aryan" race are to "go down"...we National Socialists would prefer to go down SWINGING...than go out with a whimper, licking the masters boot.

3. How does one preserve the White race? Where is the White racial line drawn?

The American Nazi Party viewpoint on "whiteness" is quite simple - IF you LOOK, THINK, and ACT "White" ARE White. ALL of the various Euro Tribal elements are Aryans. Russian, Irish, German, Italian, etc - ALL - are Aryan brothers and sisters, each simply a various branch off the same racial tree. We are not narrow minded "nationalists"...we are Pan-Aryanists. We are not "White Supremacists" ( we do not wish to exist among people's not of our own kind, so how could we be "supreme over them"? ) we believe in autonomy for ALL the different racial elements on Earth. Only through separation, can each race achieve its own special role and reach its historical destiny. The racial-jewish nation of Israel is a prime example of this. Racial Separation is the ONLY way to ultimately PRESERVE the White/Aryan race. Consider, while there ARE "all Negro" nations, or "all Oriental", or "all Jew", or "all Arabic" etc, et al lands...there is no longer ONE "all White" land on planet Earth! Each and every Euro-Aryan nation has been "integrated", and their unique cultures altered, and or destroyed to one degree or another. This must end, and be reversed.

4. What other groups are you familiar with that I might be able to further investigate?

The American Nazi Party was conceived simply BECAUSE of the fact that there was no serious, alternative resistence to what is happening. Most of the "White Movement", is either concerned with fantasy role-playing and re-enacting the past. Or, they are involved with "selling something" to make an easy living off racial patriots. We firmly believe that "Businessmen", who are ONLY concerned with making money, will NEVER make the revolutionary "waves" necessary...after all, itís BAD for BUSINESS! LOL

5. What is the difference between the American Nazi Party and Neo-Nazi Parties? Is there a correlation?

"Neo" simply means "new" in Latin...we do not understand your question. If you mean these silly "Hollywood Nazi" dress-up groups...well, we have found unfortunately that most involved understand little of the National Socialist ideology, and are attracted in the main by the "costumes & titles" and the imagery of a glorious bye-gone age. Most are reactionaries by nature, not revolutionary elements and unfortunately...not a small number are dysfunctionals drawn to the "evil nazi image" that the systems media has created of "what" a National Socialist is supposed to be. Of course, the American Nazi Party dis-owns such elements as not being of the real National Socialist movement here in America, in the 21st century. In fact, if these comical, pathetic groupings did not exist - our opponents would probably create them ( maybe they have? ) discredit sincere National Socialism in the eyes of the masses. We refer to these grouplets as "garbage cans", as they usually attract the human material that other more serious organizations cast off. Those people who do mistakenly join these clubs, and are of higher quality than the norm found within - often leave after a short period of shocked awakening - and while a majority quit the "movement" in indignant disgust over the poor quality of "leadership" and lack of moral-fiber ( perhaps THAT is the PURPOSE of these out-fits in the end run? ) the more dedicated elements usually gravitate towards finding a more honest, and realistic organization...and in the case of "National Socialism"...that means the American Nazi Party.
You may receive an ANP Info Pack for a $5 donation, if you would like a more in depth investigation of our ideology and perspectives. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman A.N.P.

Thank you so much for your time,
D. Gxxxx

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