ANP Report for December 18, 2005

Racial Comrades: It being so close to Yule-Tide, I thought that I would share this with all of you. Several weeks after Adolf Hitler's failed revolt in Bavaria in 1923, against his Judeo/Capitalist nightmare system, and while he was awaiting trial in Landsburg prison...those free National Socialists held a Christmas gathering for those Party Comrades whom stayed true to the Faith. Heinrich Hoffmann, one of Hitlers closest friends recounted the incident thus - " The Comrades in the Hitler Movement planned to celebrate Christmas at the Blute Cafe in the Blutestrasse with a tableau entitled ' Adolf Hitler in prison '. I was given the task of finding a suitable double for Hitler. As it happened I came across a man who bore a most striking resemblance to him. I asked him if he would take part in this tableau, and he agreed to do so. The great hall of the Blute Cafe was filled with people. A reverent hush fell as the curtain went up and a prison cell became visible on the half-darkened stage. Behind the small barred window, snowflakes could be seen falling. At a small table, his back to the audience, his face buried in his hands, sat a man. An invisible male choir sang, ' Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht '. As the strains of the last note died away, a tiny angel came into the cell, carrying an illuminated Christmas tree, which was placed gently on the table of the lonely man. Slowly ' Hitler ' turned until he was face to face with the audience. Many thought that it was indeed Hitler himself, and a half-sob went through the hall. The lights went up, and all around me I saw men and women with moist eyes, handkerchiefs hastily disappearing. " Can you imagine ANY "system politician" drawing such feelings from "the people" they SUPPOSEDLY "represent"? Comrades, THESE were the type of people who MADE IT HAPPEN. If we can ever emulate their FAITH and SACRIFICE and DEDICATION to our Cause...we too will see our Dream also achieved. National Socialism is NOT simply dressing your self up in some kind of a costume and forcing peoples attention upon yourself like some kind of a freakish carnival entertainer! NOR, is National Socialism the act of covering yourself with exotic "tattoo's", like some bizarre circus attraction. NEITHER is it the length of your hair, or the music you listen to. ITS IN YOUR HEART! While our many Aryan POW's live a painful existence in ZOG's gulag system, let us pledge this Christmas NEVER relent in our Struggle to ACHIEVE the GOALS that they fought, died and are imprisoned for...until THEY are FREE, and the 14WORDS are indeed a REALITY! Wherever you are, may your thoughts indeed drift at least once to these Comrades who are NOT forgotten - and let you pledge to yourself "something" in their name - that if they could hear it, would bring a tight-lipped smile to their haggard faces. "Christmas" ISN'T what the sneering, obnoxious, plastic jew-tube "SHRIEKS" it is...and if you buy into the kosher-capitalist rat-race racket...your really no better than those who promote it. I would like to wish each and everyone of you an Aryan Christmas, a Happy Yuletide, and a will to persevere in the coming year to ratchet the "heat" another notch higher in the coming New Year. IF we don' the coming might just be "Ramadan", or "Kwanza" that our future generations will be "celebrating". for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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