ANP Report for December 11, 2005

Racial Comrades: If your looking to flee from one of those four U.S. states already MINORITY WHITE...and your fed up and willing to GET INVOLVED (finally) in the Aryan Resistence Struggle - why not consider Michigan? According to a report issued last week by the "FBI" and the "US Attorneys Office"...Michigan just might be the place for you! Even without the city of Detroit reporting their yearly "Aryan Resistence Acts"...Michigan came in number THREE on the hit parade! Bemoaned Linda Parker, Director of the Michigan Civil Rights Department - "We are the most profoundly segregated state in the country. Most residents seldom interact on any meaningful level with people who are different from them". Betsy Kellman of the jew hate-group "ADL", had this to say - "In the state of Michigan, it is really doom and gloom". Telling the Detroit Free Press newspaper that Aryan Resistence is on the rise in Michigan. ZOG Federal Attorney Steve Murphy promised to - "...prosecute any captured Aryan Insurgents, to the fullest extent of kosher law"! OY VEY!!! Up at the University of Michigan, they have pulled down two bronze plaques from the front of the university, that have been there since 1948. The pieces are titled "Dream of a young man", and "Dream of the young woman". BOTH have been deemed "INSENSITIVE" by the powers that be! They depict the young man as seeming to dream about schooners on a stormy sea, and the young pioneer woman holding two children...reaching for the hand of her "strong man". OOOH, how despicable! BTW, of course - both are of Aryans. This country is really going off the edge of insanity. It should be noted though, that the sculptors OTHER piece...depicting playful ok. Guess it helps the negroids feel that they "fit in", eh? Comrades, as I drove by the local City Hall yesterday, I had to do a double-take at the "display" out front. Of course, I realize that SE Michigan has the largest enclave of ARABS outside the Middle-East...but, there along with the "Christian Jesus", the Pagan Yule-Tree, and the jew "candlestick" - was a frigging MOSLEM "CRESCENT MOON and STAR"! The WAVE of the FUTURE perhaps. How did "WE" ever let it all get THIS FAR! Those Hallibuton "meals" that the Zog-Troopers are eating over in Iraq must be pretty bad. Seems that the Michigan National Guard are asking the states hunters to donate a part of their kill to send overseas...maybe next, Michigan hunters will be asked to collect and donate ground-hogs for the darker members of Zog's paid mercenary legions? Hell, when I was a kid, we used to shoot them at my Uncle's farm with a scoped 22 and then we took them to downtown Columbus...and sold them to the negroes at the "Blue Moon" tavern for $5 a piece! LOL Seriously now Comrades, I want to mention a subject of importance. Every "Christmas & New Year", it seems that White people tap themselves out...handing over their money to the CAPITALIST JEWS for a lot of PLASTIC JUNK and idiotic nonsense, called "fun". Its come to a point where EVERY MONTH...the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS...have created a "HOLIDAY" for YOU to have to turn your cash over to THEM, or your not "cool". Hence, come January...except for the truly most dedicated Resistence Fighters...Party income grinds down, close to nil. Does the Struggle honestly "COME TO A HALT", come January? Of course not! Not to those of us who are not hobbyests, or game-players. Please, this month and next - FULFILL YOUR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TOWARDS ACHIEVING THOSE 14WORDS. What do you think the Order Comrades, or our Fallen Hero's would think of those who put filling those jew cash registers "FIRST"? I understand that far too many reading these words are - "PRETENDERS" - but, a host of you are like myself...your so angry and filled with pent-up wrath that its difficult sometimes just holding yourselves back from justifiable RETRIBUTION upon those destroying our FOLK and CULTURE. I smoke "Smoker's Choice" cigarettes, that are only a buck a pack...and donate what I WOULD have spent on main-line smokes, to the Party. I'm not stating that to show what a "great guy" Rock is - but, as an EXAMPLE of what we ALL could do - IF we are dedicated and determined to do it. Comrades, I refuse to feel "embarrassed" by ASKING for your $UPPORT. In Mein Kampf, Chapter XI...Hitler writes - "...after 30 minutes of speaking, the people in the small room were electrified and their enthusiasm was expressed by the fact that my appeal to the self-sacrifice of those present led to the donation of three hundred marks." So now, I ( in the name of the American Nazi Party ) am asking YOU to please HELP US continue our efforts, with a reasonable amount of funding. Is it honestly "too much" to ask for a TINY portion of your money...when so many are more than happy to pay "whatever price" the jew demands for his "PLASTIC PLEASURES"? I sincerely hope that at least a few of you understand just "what" I'm attempting to relate to you...over the years of service to the Race...I suppose that I have become at times impatient with those who fail to SEE the URGENCY of the "SITUATION". But, just the fact that YOU are HERE...tells me that I'm NOT speaking to those un-sympathetic to our National Socialist goals and ideals. I and the Party hopefully look forward to your generous response. A sincere Thank You in advance from all of us here on Staff, and Best Wishes for a Happy Yuletide for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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