ANP Report for December 04, 2005

Racial Comrades: Last week we were asked our opinion on the two 13 year old, "Nazi Olsen Twin" singers of the group "Prussian Blue". Well, here I guess that I have to be the ONLY ONE that I am aware of in this "movement" speak what I feel to be the truth, and what OUGHT to be said. So many are either afraid of appearing to be a "Grinch", and/or "offending potential supporters". First off, while I am sure that these two lovely little Aryan girls mean well ( and of course, I am very glad that their single mom is bringing them up to have racial pride )...I am troubled that they have been shunted into the spotlight by adults who seem determined to EXPLOIT them for either - "PUBLICITY" or "MONEY". There - its finally been said! Has ANYONE ever considered the potential HARM that these little girls are facing as they grow older, by being "OUTED" and paraded around like this? I understand the mother April Gaide(?) , who when she was once a member of the "National Alliance-Resistence Record/Unholy Record Inc" outfit and was once engaged to NA leadership figure Will Williams..."demonstrated" as a nude "Lady Godiva on a horse" in a "protest" out in California, but I would hate to believe that pushing her kids forward in this, is an extension of her continued "thirst for publicity". After all, the role of a parent, especially a to PROTECT her kids from ANY possibly HARM that might come their way...not exactly the program going on here, eh? And as for the greedy "MEN"...who saw/see only DOLLAR SIGNS when viewing any project they involve themselves in...even if producing "VAGINAL JESUS" cd's - well, what can I honestly say? I suppose they COULD have told the mother and her girls - "Hey, we appreciate your zeal...but, come back when your OF AGE and can decide for YOURSELVES if you really want to brand yourselves FOREVER as the Nazi Twins". There I go again, expecting some HONOR and sense of DECENCY within the ranks of the "MOVEMENT BUSINESSMEN". What a JOKE, Rock! LOL It reminds me of a "body-builder" Klansman that I met down in North Carolina back in the 80's - he stated that he taught his 6 year old little boy to approach negro's in the Mall, and call them "nigger". I often wondered what would happen to that poor little guy, once he mouthed off sometime and his daddy WASN'T around? Look, its NOT the kids fault - itís the ADULTS! I've LIVED an "outed" life for decades and I wouldn't wish it on ANYONE. Its NOT a sense of "COWARDICE" to have the intelligence to fight as a "SUBMARINE" rather than a SITTING DUCK with a TARGET attached saying - "HERE I AM - COME AND GET ME, I'M FAIR GAME"! Because, Comrades - in THIS degenerate world we live in - thatís just what Racially Aware Aryans ARE...ESPECIALLY National Socialists! To tell you the truth, I also get a kind of subtle "CREEPY FEELING" when I think of these "GROWN MEN" out there, buying these CD's of these cute little girls, and listening to them all day long. Well, perhaps not Kevin Strom...but, I really can't for the life of me see the "enjoyment" element of little 13 year old girls singing, beyond HAVING to attend those "endless" school singing pageants...where we parents have an obligation to make an audience. Those oh so few of you reading this who DO have CHILDREN will understand my joke...the vast majority of you who are fighting for those " 14 WORDS " while remaining CHILDLESS and not adding to the Race, will have to wing it. Oop's, did I "offend someone" - SORRY! Bottom line is - our LITTLE CHILDREN should have the CHOICE when they ARE "adults" decide if they want to be "WELL KNOWN, ARYAN RESISTENCE FIGHTERS"...and thatís "MY" opinion. We were also asked about the upcoming "nsm" return to Toledo, Ohio - My thoughts are this. IF you are a costumed street performer who has a desperate desire to be "SEEN" best make damn sure that you don't have any OUT-STANDING WARRANTS! After what the nsm forced the city of Toledo to fork out last time with their tiny RACE-BAITING "demonstration" in a negroid neighborhood ( IF these publicity whore types really want to "recruit", why in hell do they seem to always go to such NON-WHITE areas, instead of "White Working Class" locations? Simple, they are only in search of getting on the jew-tube. Heck, they could do THAT - simply by dancing naked on the roof of their house! They would probably get more "sympathy" in any case. lol )...estimates range up to over half a million in can be pretty sure, that the systemites are going to have "SOMETHING PLANNED" for any idiot that is coming back for more. BTW, I understand that the "poor white fellow" who the nsm was supposedly rallying last time ( because he was supposedly being harassed by black gangs...) in support of - is SUING THEM for utilizing his name! LOL Yes, turns out he's REALLY a RACE-MIXER, and wants NOTHING to DO with the nsm. You can read the Toledo Blade article at the " " website. What a sorry, sad clusterfuck these Hollywood Bozo's get themselves into, I wouldn't be surprised if each and everyone of those attending this "Media Event" are served papers once they get off the negroid-cop protected "Transport Bus", and arrive at the fenced in "Rally Scene"! Oh guys - don't forget to bring along your "ID" so that ZOG can copy, catalog, and computerize each and every one of you! Yep, IF people refuse to LISTEN and LEARN...they will just have to "EXPERIENCE IT" I guess. Comrades, when I observe Iraqi Anti-Zog Resistence Fighters hosting "demonstrations" outside the "Green Zone"...instead of fighting as an UNDERGROUND effort...I will quit considering such pitiful, weak and comical "activities" to be a dangerous waste of time, money and effort. Speaking of Iraq - ever notice how Corporate Sock Puppet in Chief Bush, is always talking about " rebuilding and training " the stooges that are willing to join the current Iraqi lick-spittle, front-man for Zog, traitor governments "Army" it can take over from Washington's occupying mercenary's? Bush has been spouting that line for OVER a YEAR now - just HOW LONG does it take to create a "New Iraqi Soldier"? In the American military your ready for COMBAT in a few frigging MONTHS...whatís the "PROBLEM" here, Emperor Redbeak? When will some "REPORTER" ever call him on this? This retard is such a continuous LIAR, and such an OBVIOUS one, that I can only hope that all you "REPUBLICAN VOTERS" out there are SATISFIED with the MORON that you "elected" as YOUR "President"! At LEAST I didn't sully myself for "voting" for ANY of the IMMORAL, CAPITALIST SWINE. I have to laugh...all those years when the "right-wing" CON MEN prattled on about the "RED MENACE"...and itís the JUDEO-CAPITALISTS who are BURYING US! LOL Talk about being fooled, you old timers like me - don't you feel a teeny bit STUPID? LOL Well, I learned and woke up...and I've swung my guns around to the proper target. When are YOU going to do the SAME? First time - shame on you, second time - shame on me, goes the old saying. You can make amends for all the useless activities that those now in power..."directed" you to waste your time on. Its NOT the "gun issue" - there are 240,000,000 guns IN America already! Itís the WILL to UTILIZE those weapons "CORRECTLY" that should be addressed. Its NOT the "Constitution issue" - thatís only a piece of paper, that those in power "INTERPRET" as THEY wish. Its NOT a "close the border issue" - its SENDING ALL THOSE ALIENS ALREADY HERE - BACK! Its NOT a "crime issue" - itís a RACIAL ISSUE! White man, your being BRED OUT of your own land. Already, according to the last US Census - ONLY 23% of the AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER the AGE of 18 ARE WHITE. Did you read that! In 1955 - AMERICA WAS 95% WHITE - figure out what the controlling Masters of America HAVE IN MIND for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN! Its NOT difficult. And IT WILL eventually happen...unless...YOU get INVOLVED. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman
ANP STAFF NOTE - This is for all the "Media" that has and will contact US over the upcoming Toledo carnival...because this nsm outfit has the gall of a brazen jew, in referring to " America's Nazi Party ", in a childlike attempt to leach off of our organizations name, we wish to state clearly. The AMERICAN NAZI PARTY in NOT engaged in agitating negro's or other Non-Aryans ( whatís the purpose? ) some bit player from the "Blues Brothers" movie. Please do not connect us with any of the silly, embarrassing antics of the "nsm". The ANP does not pick up GARBAGE as the nsm likes to claim it does...although, out in Oregon where they received all that "publicity" about getting a road-sign announcing their "highway pick-up effort" a few months back - well they recently LOST that permission of Zog to be litter-gangs. It seems that NO ONE has ever picked up any trash along the stretch of highway assigned to them! So its now been adopted out to somebody else. Oh well, they got that MOMENTARY "PUBLICITY" - unfortunately, "WE" were assumed in many cases to be the organization "doing it". We don't race-bait Non-Whites, we don't pick up trash like prisoners in a chain-gang. ALL our efforts are involved with achieving those 14WORDS - " WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN ", by whatever means necessary - something that I'm sure you will find to be totally "UN-NEWSWORTHY".

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