ANP Report for November 27, 2005

Racial Comrades: Recently we were asked the Question - How can you ever imagine that the U.S. workers will ever support "revolution" in America, given their high standard of living? Answer - On November 16, DELPHI - the major auto-parts supplier in America announced cutting 24,000 blue-collar jobs over the next three years. On November 18, FORD announced its plans to reduce white-collar jobs by 4,000 workers come March, 2006. On November 21, GM announced that it will slash 30,000 blue-collar employee's over the next three years. As well, GM is eliminating 7%, or 2,500 white-collar workers in 2006 alone. The job loss here total will equal 60,500 WORKERS! And this doesn't even count FORD'S expected announcement of blue-collar cuts that are coming in Jan. 2006. These people made $20 to $25 an hour, not counting those FULL-BENEFIT packages for the blue-collar workers - the white-collars made even MORE. Their LIFESTYLES were PREDICATED on those high-powered salaries, and most are in DEBT up to their ass, living that "American Dream"! DELPHI for example, is demanding that remaining workers take "pay cuts" from $25 an hour...DOWN to TEN DOLLARS, and lose HALF of their BENEFITS! Is it really too much to expect that these people MIGHT just lose a bit of their "America's the land of Milk and Honey" and "God bless America"...once they HAVE to begin to LIVE LIKE MOST OF US DO...ekking out a weekly existence, with no real hope for any vast improvement in our economic status? I DO! Especially their KIDS, who have expected the "GOOD LIFE" to last forever, and now will face a totally different set of circumstances. Hell, a LOT of these people will be lucky not to lose the roof over their heads, as all those borderline-bills that were paid by that "OVERTIME"...come due. Think Uncle Samuel will come to their aid, like those $2000 "debit-cards" handed out like popcorn to the "Katrina Negro's"? Think that they'll "FORGET" that, and the ZOG'S "response" to THEIR calamity? I DON'T! And Comrades, the REALLY sadly LAUGHABLE part about the whole that THEY brought in all upon THEMSELVES. HOW? Its very simple, for decades these folks lived off the fatted calf...making SIX-FIGURE salaries, with overtime, and 99% "benefit packages"...meanwhile not caring if even "MINIMUM WAGE" was raised for the rest of the sweaty population of wage earners. Not bad, for "blue-collar" workers, eh? AAH! But the hitch here was, that they were so "busy" living the "good life" - that they IGNORED what was happening in the REAL WORLD around them. Just as in the "Race Problem" - they PLAYED "lets pretend", with BIG BUSINESS shipping their FACTORIES OVERSEAS - never thinking that THAT was greedy Corporate America's long thought out PLAN! As well, since they were all SO "BUSY" playing with all their expensive TOYS - they DIDN'T WANT TO BOTHER GETTING INVOLVED in their own UNIONS...preferring to hire some fancy "SUITS" who had more in common with the people across the table whom they were "bargaining" with, than with the workers whom they were SUPPOSED to be REPRESENTING, and these bunch of creeps on both sides, who lived in the same exclusive gated-communities, belonged to the same fancy clubs, graduated from the same high-powered universities, and whose kids went to the same private schools...simply made "deals", that ignored the LONG-TERM interests of the workers involved. AND, and this is even the most important part - their UNIONS supported...NOT politicians that would FORCE big business to KEEP their INDUSTRIES in AMERICA, and hence the JOBS HERE as WELL. NO, they backed SOCK-PUPPETS of CORPORATE USA - who have sold ALL of US down the economic river of eventual Third-World economic status! Comrades, it's not just "these people" who are going to be hurting, its also a very BIG "ripple-down" effect that will take place. When these workers no longer have those big bucks to throw around...they WON'T "eat out", they WON'T buy those fancy, expensive toys, they WON'T clean out the malls and the 7-11's...use your imagination. And those less fortunate workers will be negatively impacted too! And remember this - ALL THOSE HIGH-PAYING JOBS WILL NEVER, EVER BE "COMING BACK" EITHER! I honestly can't wait for these guys to have to COMPETE with ALI and HOSE' for the CRAP JOBS that these Third World ALIENS are taking over everywhere! LOL I have a sneaking suspicion that old Whitey may all of a sudden discover that the FLOODING of America with CHEAP, BROWN LABOR just "MIGHT" not be such a wonderful thing after all! LOL Yes Comrades, your typical "white american" might not have any sense of HONOR anymore, he might not have any sense of DUTY or OBLIGATION to his RACE or his HERITAGE of thousands of years, his MORALS might have been eroded to that of a Hottentot savage...BUT - his sense of GREED and SELFISHNESS have GROWN accordingly. And on THAT I'm COUNTING upon. IF they refuse to stand up on their hind legs like MEN and WOMEN of an ancient and glorious race, who in their past history explored and conquered the entire globe, and brought the CIVILIZATION and ADVANCEMENT that "EVERY FEATHERLESS BIPED" now enjoys in their wake - I have FAITH that they WILL - FIGHT FOR WHAT THEIR GREEDY SOULS BELIEVE TO BE "THEIR FAIR SHARE"! LOL And as for all those NEGRO'S who had a taste of that life of "SWEET HONEY", and who are going to be falling DOWN into the economic abyss...well, they aren't going to be happy-campers either, are they? Perhaps we'll start seeing all those "BOUGHT OFF" negroids, reverting back to "Burn Baby Burn", as they once again have nothing to lose! Only THIS TIME, the evil, corrupt, judeo-capitalist system might see the smoke rising over BOTH SIDES OF THE TRACKS! LOL Comrades, this isn't some "downward economic trend" that will "smooth itself out" eventually. THIS IS TOTAL ECONOMIC IMPLOSION of America's BACKBONE - its INDUSTRIAL CAPACITY. SHIP-BUILDING is GONE. STEEL production is GONE. The AUTO industry is DISAPPEARING. Lets be honest, beyond working in health-care, fast-food, or gardening some wealthy elitist's yard - WHATíS REALLY LEFT, as a "growing industry" in America? And those "careers" are fast being lost to Sandro and Jamara too! The Non-Whites ALREADY have a virtual MONOPOLY on lets see - "Party Stores", "Oil & Lube", "Motels/Hotels", "Donuts", "Gas Stations", "Beauty/Nail Salons", "Video Rentals", "Dollar Stores", need I go on? I could you know. And the BIG business's are owned and controlled by the JEWS and the "SPIRITUAL JEW" whites, who are lost to our Folk. Comrades, "this" is NO LONGER simply a "Racial Struggle" for has become a joint BATTLE for ECONOMIC SURVIVAL of the White Working Class...and those "leaders" and "prominent movement spokesmen" out there who try and tell you otherwise are either FOOLISH LIARS - or, SHILLS for the SYSTEMITES! White man and woman - YOU ARE NOT ONLY LOSING YOUR OWN RACIAL HOMELAND TO THE NON-WHITES ( after all, remember that in 1955, America WAS 95% White! ) YOU ARE ALSO LOSING YOUR ABILITY TO LIVE A DECENT, ECONOMIC LIFESTYLE. The wealthy Judeo-Capitalist elitists are BROWNING NORTH AMERICA into another "SOUTH AMERICA"...where the poor workers are NOT ALLOWED UNIONS...or the BENEFITS that OUR FATHERS actually FOUGHT, BLED, and DIED over back in the last century, in FORCING the capitalists to acknowledge the EARNED RIGHTS of working class people to the BASICS in HEALTHCARE, VACATIONS, PROFIT-SHARING, et al. Adolf Hitler acknowledged this in his book Mein Kampf, where he wrote that - " as long as there are employers who refuse to have a basic social sense of the rights of their employee's to be treated fairly and with dignity for their earned labor, there will always be the need for the employee's to band together into unions to fight for those rights." Perhaps, somewhere out there, there ARE people who think that they deserve to be treated in a slave-like manner by their employer, and who hold that whatever crumbs that the wealthy swipe off their table, are "quite enough" for their sweat and toil...I know that in the past century, the Klan was actually used as "Strike-Breakers" down south, a state of affairs I will NEVER the same time I firmly believe that the vast majority of White America want what is BEST for their FAMILIES and especially for their CHILDREN. I realize, that yes...up to the present, for the most part adult Whites have been abject COWARDS in facing up to the attacks upon our Culture and our Racial Folk. But, I also think that they "excused" such behavior, by providing a multitude of "PLASTIC PLEASURES" to their kin, in an attempt to rectify such cowardly, base behavior. Of course, we all realize that such was totally misguided and in the end brought about that which we are now facing, and will continue to face. But Old Rock is a believer in "REDEMPTION", and I fully believe 100% that that beast that lingers in the breast of each and every Aryan on this planet WILL be UNLEASHED, once "TIMES REACH A TIPPING POINT"! The ONLY danger that I forsee, is that we "The Movement" will not be prepared as we should be - to EXPLOIT and TAKE ADVANTAGE of the situation when it finally reaches the period of "go for broke". Honestly, who ever thought that the collapse of the Soviet Union would occur almost overnight, once that flip-side of Capitalism reached IT'S time to go? THATíS what the American Nazi Party is PREPARING for. We are not wasting our precious, time, efforts, or resources in the silly games of the past 50 years, like so many other "organizations" out there are doing. IF you like what you've read, and would like to have further information on our efforts - you may receive an ANP Info Pack for a $5 donation. We request a donation for several reasons - First, if an individual is too hesitant to part with the price of a pack of cigarettes, well we don't expect such a person will be too willing to sacrifice on behalf of our common Struggle and of what use would such a drone be? Also, "someone" has to pay for the costs of the materials, and if not the inquiree - then "who"? And finally, we have to raise resources "somehow"...and this is one method that we must utilize. All ANP mailings are done in a plain, brown security envelope. We do our best to insure that our adherents are kept safe and secure. The American Nazi Party does NOT "out" its adherents like cannon fodder in the endless search for ( always negative ) "PUBLICITY" stroke the ego of some "Mighty Poohbah" with a scrapbook. Comrades, the "holidays" are fast approaching and as viewed on the television, many people are scurrying off to Chinese/Walmarts and other providers of plastic-pleasures to spend as much of their resources as quickly as they are able. May I humbly suggest that you might consider a "gift" to an organization that you believe to be "worthwhile"...before the jew cash registers have swallowed all your funds? I hesitate to ask, but just like any other operation - the American Nazi Party needs to pay its bills too, and to be honest - we can only afford to "do" what you provide us the resources to "do it" with. IF you agree with what you read here, I might mention that our publication " The White Worker " is also a good source of info and inspiration to those who prefer the National Socialist viewpoint to that of the reactionary right-wing nonsense that floods the majority of the "movement" today. A subscription is available for a $20 donation. Let me leave you with this one thought - the plight of the "auto workers" mentioned above, came about BECAUSE they were all "too busy" to really CARE...and their refusal to "GET INVOLVED", even in their own behalf. Please, the majority of those of you reading these words "KNOW the SCORE" pretty much already. When you turn to your kids and hand them that plastic junk at that REALLY "ALL" that you think you OWE them? Don't they DESERVE a SECURE, and WHOLESOME FUTURE...rather that a MINORITY STATUS in their own land, along with some "existence job"...IF they're LUCKY? Its NOT some "nightmare dream"...the FACTS are THERE, and YOU KNOW THEM. How in the name of all we hold dear and sacred can you NOT - "GET INVOLVED"? Comrades, the CHOICE is ultimately YOURS. I've already made MINE long ago. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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