ANP Report for November 19, 2005

Racial Comrades: Today, I will answer more of the many questions that you continue to send us. I hope that they will be of interest and enlightenment. Question - What do you think of the group nsm and all their recent success's? Answer - "WHAT SUCCESS'S"? IF you consider getting flooded with NEGATIVE "PUBLICITY" a "success", well that’s where we part company! I realize that 99.9% of the Poohbahs and "Great Personalities" out there in movementland, believe that and I quote "there is no bad publicity"...I strongly disagree. The jews, as pointed out by Adolf Hitler in his book, Mein Kampf...totally understand the concept that they created, in the "BIG LIE". That in a nutshell means...that if they throw enough crap upon an individual ( even if and usually is - untrue ) some of it is bound to STICK in the minds of the masses, even if only subconsciously. Hence, their constant "tv programs" like the latest "Law & Order" episode...about the horrible racist, who "adopts a negro kid, only to kill him for a huge insurance policy, to finance his racist organization"...hell, has there ever been a tv-series that DIDN'T have at least ONE "anti-Nazi/Racist" episode? Even "Star Trek" landed once on a "Nazi Planet"! lol The nsm is loaded with losers, fantasists, costume fetishists and re-enacters. It is also INFILTRATED to the hilt - a few examples would be last months "outing" of the TRUE Professor Pluss - who rose to such prominence in the nsm leadership over the past year. Well, it turns out that the Professor was writing an EXPOSE' BOOK about dysfunctionals in the "White Movement"...and thought that the nsm was the most useful candidate to observe...I'm sure he'll have gotten all the material he needed. By spreading around cash freely, he got inside just as deep as one could go...I can only imagine the tales he will be telling. Another fine example of nsm "security" occurred here in Michigan last week. It seems that there is a nsm "chapter" of basically skin-types around Cadillac, Michigan. You remember them - they got a ZOG "award" for picking up NEGROID TRASH in city parks - while sporting their costumes last summer. Well, these guys for six months had a Channel Four REPORTER as an "activist", who last week started a month-long "Special Report" on "Hate in Michigan". The sneaky creep not only FILMED ALL THEIR ACTIVITIES for ZOG ( there's that danger of the camera, that these types love so much )...but, in his "Special" did a "Nazi Neighbors" style stalkers going to the local Obersturmbannfuhrers' Danny Carlson's, HOME and JOB with his camera crew! You know, what’s really sad, is that to "fit in" as "one of the guys"...this mole "transformed" himself into the losing image of some unshaven "homeless looking" character. Doesn't THAT really "SAY SOMETHING" about the "state of the movement" Comrades, that THEY think of us typically as "bums"...AND...that the movement ACCEPTS such individuals with open arms? lol I'm going to make a PROJECTION here, and we'll all see if it comes true, like so many of the ones that I have made in the past. I project that just as Matt Hale and the WCOTC was INFILTRATED to the hilt, to the point where Hales' "SECURITY CHIEF" was a NARC, and HE went around the country grandstanding for the camera's as a publicity whore...MAKING the SYSTEM PAY OUT BIG BUCKS with his tiny "rallies & demonstrations"...the system will soon tire of the antics of Jeffery and crew, and bring the hammer DOWN. The recent inclusion of "Bill White" as a major player in nsm, also bodes some concern with anyone with an understanding of this persons "back-ground", and a working brain...that those with a wish for self-preservation, might consider another play-group...before they are dragged under, when the "minnow" is targeted and sunk. I guess that those who refuse to LISTEN - will just HAVE to "EXPERIENCE" it! Another problem I have with the nsm is their LACK of "QUALITY CONTROL" when it comes to their personnel, beyond all the informants. An example would be their "Indiana State Leader" John Snyder, who is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER ( I have been told - minors ) , or even their "Kommander" who according to recent press reports ( anyone ever heard of the word - SUE if not true? ) is a FELON/BURGLAR along with other "crimes" on his rap-sheet, who as a "big-bad-hollywood nazi" "PROBATION" from the judge...anybody smell something here? ( while he was leader of nsm, btw ) and who reportedly hasn't held EMPLOYMENT for over a DECADE! I'm not kidding, according to the Minn. Star(?) article, the Judge herself chastised him for not supporting his kids. Go to the SPLC website and do a search - the article from the newspaper is there for anyone to review. Comrades, "WHO" pays his BILLS? Now, IF you consider holding "NIGGER/JEW BAITING" marches and rallies a "success"...I suppose that you would have loved JEW Frank Collins/Cohn of the old NSPA...who wanted to march into the jew city of SKOKIE Ill. OR, perhaps Andrew Greenbaum and his "Knights of Freedom"...the costume loving KIKE who organized the four man "Washington DC" march? HOW do race-baiting "activities" PROMOTE positive NATIONAL SOCIALISM? "I'M" not a National Socialist because I wish to AGITATE Negro's or any other non-Whites! I'm involved because I wish to SECURE those 14WORDS - aren't YOU? Enough said on this sorry topic. IF the nsm didn't exist the ADL would create it. Question - What do you think of the Moslim riots in France? Answer - First off, they AREN'T "Arab Moslims" as you are led to think - THEY ARE BLACK NEGROIDS! Second, I think that once again, it tends to show the BALLS of the non-Whites in willing to "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES" to achieve THEIR aims...vs...the pitiful "White Movement", with their reactionary "demonstrations & protests". The same with the negroids in Toledo, Ohio. They didn't WANT "nigger-baiting" in THEIR turf - and THEY went out and KICKED ASS. EVEN the Uncle Tom SYSTEMS ass as well! lol Can you IMAGINE old Whitey doing THAT? Look Comrades, until the White Struggle gets some BACKBONE and BALLS...and is willing to "DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY" to achieve - THE SECURITY AND HEALTHY EXISTENCE OF A FUTURE FOR OUR WHITE CHILDREN - I'm not going to prattle reactionary crap about non-Whites FIGHTING for THEIRS. IF the "French" are not willing to "DO WHAT IS NECESSARY" for a White/Aryan FRANCE...they WILL and DESERVE to lose it! The same can be said for America - already, ONLY 23% of the AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER the AGE of 18 are WHITE, according to the last U.S.Census report. Just walking around in public with OPEN EYES confirms this...Aryan American - PULL OFF THE BLINDERS and ACCEPT REALITY. Once you do so, you have TWO simple CHOICES - ACCEPT and OBEY the coming MINORITY STATUS of your CHILDREN - OR, "Get Involved". Its that simple. Question - Do you have to be of "German" ancestry to belong to the American Nazi Party? Answer - No. The ANP is a Pan-Aryan organization...anyone of the various Euro-Tribal elements are welcome to become involved. ALL of our people "French, Russian, Italian, German, Irish" et al...are White/Aryans...and simply various branches of the Aryan tree. We are not narrow right-wing, reactionary "nationalists" who are willing to kill other White/Aryans at the drop the judeo-capitalist hat...over different bits of colored cloth or another language. The Kosher-Corporates have pulled that hat trick far too many times over the centuries - killing off our races finest - this time our weapons will be pointed in the PROPER direction! I seem to remember a slogan from the Vietnam era - "BRING THE WAR HOME". Now I would like to make a few comments please. I wish to sincerely THANK all those Comrades who through their WORK and/or their $UPPORT, helped us get over last months server/website destruction. You all KNOW "who" you are. I'm proud to be associated with you! Next, in the "support" section of our website, we now have down-loadable "message card" leaflets that can be printed off and cut down to pocketable size. These also can be used with sticker paper in your printer, if you wish. You will notice that some are "militant", yet NONE are crude "hate" material. We believe that the "TYPE" of person that you will attract...and looking at most of the movement at large is a pure based on the message that you promote. IF you desire someone who is SERIOUS and DEDICATED...I doubt that you will interest them for longer than a momentary reflex, with a crude "cartoon", or offensive and archetypical "system propaganda" - i.e. "racial slurs". By the very same token, spreading the decades old reactionary right-wing nonsense of "patriotic red-white and blue" - "God bless the almighty jew-buck", reminds me of Corporate Sock Puppet in Chief Bush's nonsense about "They HATE our FREEDOMS"...when in reality, they HATE the TOILET that America has become being FORCED DOWN UPON THEM AT THE POINT OF THE CORPORATE EMPIRES SWORD. Listen, the whole world isn't clamoring for MacDonalds, Halburton, pornography, limitless abortion, rampant drug & alcohol addiction, accompanied with sexual and cultural perversion and destruction of their cultures. AS I predicted in my ANPReports at the start of this war, ZOG is losing and is going lose around the globe. The political whores are already changing their tune from thumping the war-drums, to calling for WITH-DRAWAL...the beast is being bled where it hurts THEM, no not your kids blood...but in the CASH BOX! Did you know that all those Negro's "RE-LOCATED" from the Katrina hurricane to your neighborhood...are having their HOUSING SUBSIDIES cut out come December first? Yeah, all these GENERATIONAL WELFARE LOWLIFES are now going to be TURNED LOOSE to fend for themselves - and you know what that means. Better keep your eyes open! Back to the website - we will have the Archived ANPReports back up as soon as our two webmasters can get the work accomplished - I thank all of you who were concerned about that, as well as the fact that you consider my writings to be worthy of continued reading. We have recently published a twelve-page booklet entitled "Why I am a National Socialist and you should be too"...anyone who sends in a $5 donation to help us in our re-building efforts and requests it...we will be happy to send you a copy. As well, a subscription to the ANP publication "The White Worker" is available for a $20 donation.Also, an ANP Info Pack is available for a $5 donation. All ANP mailings are sent in a plain, brown security envelope. I guess thats it for today Comrades - see you next week! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman

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