ANP Report for November 08, 2005

Racial Comrades: Today I will continue with the format of answering your many questions that you continue to send in to us, at least the ones that are so similar as to be called "repeaters". Perhaps through doing so, I can clear the air and do away with many of the myths and legends that the JEWISH BIG LIE media has polluted your minds with. #1 How can you expect to win utilizing open National Socialism as a vehicle for White/Aryan survival? ANSWER - In our minds, National Socialism...ADAPTED to the 21st century and not the re-enactment of some past time in the ONLY serious ALTERNATIVE, that is worth striving for in this sick and corrupt society surrounding us! NS encompasses a COMPLETE "WORLD VIEW" for living a clean, healthy, diciplined and sane Aryan lifestyle. Once again, I seriously URGE you to actually READ "Mein Kampf" - Adolf Hitlers "BLUEPRINT" - and SEE for YOURSELF! Unfortunately though, our MAIN struggle at present will be to throughly "CLEAN UP OUR ACT" per the manner that Naziism is "PORTRAYED" and PROMOTED in our present day world...until we DO accomplish this, little concrete can be accomplished. What do I mean by "cleaning up"? Quite simple - I mean that we need to EMPHASIZE the wonderful IDEOLOGY itself...and quit stressing the "SYMBOLS" and "ACCOUTREMENTS" of the old Third Reich era. Let me give you an example...very few of those who parade around today in a "Dickies" tan work shirt, embellished with a Swastika Armband and a smattering of patches...realize that the "Brown Shirt" of Hitlers Stormtroopers, was ACTUALLY a SHELL-JACKET and NOT a "shirt"! This is only stated to point out their lack of KNOWLEDGE, even when it concerns what they intend to "PORTRAY"...much less their common lack of embracing the IDEOLOGY of NS itself. IF this was still an era where we "COULD" succeed in achieving the 14WORDS through "normal political activity"...I would suggest that instead of attempting to "clone" oneself in a makeshift 3rd Reich costume...that INSTEAD a "HOME-GROWN" uniform, for those FIT ENOUGH to be included in a "Security Arm", would be created - based rather on a "Police Type" image - than as an extra out of a Steven Spielkike movie! As things stand, in OUR WAR for SURVIVAL against this evil, pornographic Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM...the ONLY "uniform" that is necessary, in the words of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell - is the COLOR of OUR SKINS! As times worsen, as they ARE going to - people will turn to that which the enemy hates MOST - and "who" but National Socialism fills that bill? #2 Why doesn't the American Nazi Party wear "uniforms"? ANSWER - For a number of reasons, we have abandoned playing "dress up". (A) Having "been there/done that" for MANY years, we have come to recognize that "costumes" attract a large portion of the "WRONG SORT OF PEOPLE". For these people...THE COSTUME...IS the main "reason" for their interest in getting involved. The same goes for "Ranks & Titles" that so many of these fantasy organizations hand out like little boys playing army. I have actually SEEN "Majors", "Captains", and even "Kommanders"...who IN THEIR OWN PERSONAL LOCALITY..."COMMAND", NO ONE but "THEMSELVES" - and they do a pretty piss-poor job at that! LOL Its a sad JOKE, Comrades...we have in all honesty, had people LEAVE...when we refused to prop up their sorry EGO'S with a "TITLE", or objected to their parading themselves around in a ludicrous, make-shift get-up...that LOOKED embarrassing to say the least, and was bound to bring the WRONG sort of IMAGE to the Party itself. LOOK at Gary Lauke...the self-styled "farmbelt Fuhrer", as the jews-media nick-named him...he's been all his lifetime a PARODY CLONE of Adolf Hitler, with the "mustache", "forlock", and even a PHONY "GERMAN" ACCENT! This peddlar of mostly "German oriented" propaganda ( what ever happened with the Struggle HERE at HOME, that an AMERICAN has to concern himself with GERMANY? ) even calls himself "GERHARDT", instead of his birthname - to "SOUND" more German! LOL And THIS has been one of the more prominant proponants of "Nazism" for the past failed decades, its no wonder American National Socialism has failed to attract few NORMALS amongst the White population. Unless American National Socialists are CONTENT to REMAIN an abnormal "fring-club", where a handful gather for periodic "show & tell" sessions, orgasiming over the latest "medal" aquisition, or the newest "Time-Life" picture book of the 3rd Reich...American Nazi's had better JUMP OUT OF THE 20th CENTURY...and INTO THE CURRENT ONE, with both feet firmly planted in REALITY. We CAN'T succeed with HOBBIESTS, ROLE-PLAYERS, RE-ENACTERS, or people who NEED "PUBLICITY" ( always negative btw ) like a junkie needs a fix! In a GUERRILLA INSURGANCY...NONE of the ABOVE...would be an ASSET - rather they would be a DIRE NEGATIVE to a serious undertaking. #3 You state that "DIRECT ACTION IS THE ONLY REAL SOLUTION", what do you "mean" by Direct Action? And if its what you promote, why don't we hear of you "doing anything"? ANSWER - IF we look closely at EVERY "ALTERNATIVE" that the "movement" HAS "attempted"...we see FAILURE. From "education", to "protesting", to "running off to the Northwest territories"...WHAT have we SEEN as the RESULT? Having been "in this" since 1967, when I first joined Rockwell's ANP at the age of 16...over the DECADES of "doing the same old, tired "things"...I SEE NOTHING BUT FAILED RESULTS. ALL the EFFORT, ALL the MONEY, ALL the PEOPLE...who came and went - NOTHING POSITIVE to show for ANY of it! Now lets LOOK right here at PEOPLE and MOVEMENTS that SUCCEEDED in their objectives. The NEGROES - they FINALLY "got it right" when they STARTED BURNING DOWN ENTIRE MAJOR CITIES. The JEWISH-REDS - they have ALWAYS utilized VIOLENCE to achieve their objectives...and LOOK at WHO is in POWER right now! Duh The JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM - Just try to get in their way, and they'll RAIN DOWN HELLFIRE on your heads, from Bob Mathews at Whitby Island and Gordon Kahl - to Waco - to Iraq...THEY have ONE "answer" for people who disagree with them - TOTAL VIOLENCE. Have we already forgotten ZOG's TREATMENT of the ONE "Aryan Racial State" EVER created? NS GERMANY is STILL an OCCUPIED land by the armies of Judah! A bully on the block cannot be "talked out" of his evil, nor "reasoned with", and what the hell good is "educating the neighborhood" - IF the people there are NOT going to "GET INVOLVED" and ACT? There is ONLY "ONE SOLUTION" to TERROR - as Hitler once again spelled it out in Mein Kampf - " TERROR OF THE ENEMY CAN ONLY BE BROKEN BY OUR OWN TERROR IN DEFENCE ". And "why don't you hear about any acts of Direct Action"? I'd say that was pretty damn SIMPLE - those who ARE fighting ZOG up close, AREN'T STUPID ENOUGH TO "BRAG" ABOUT IT. Comrades, Direct Action can be "anything" that mucks up the enemy, that makes them suffer, that ACTUALLY "bleeds the beast" in some form - from putting chewing gum in an anti-White book in a store or a library, to spredding nails on a targeted high-way, to setting a fire when the wind is burning in the "right direction", or putting a corporate destroyer in the crosshairs...its all up to those who choose "what to do". Its NOT about silly, useless mayhem like beating-up queers, or burning a cross on some street-negroids lawn, and especially NOT daubing our Holy Swastika on some jew building. I suggest watching that old cowboy movie "High Noon"...its about ONE MAN doing whats RIGHT if matter "who's" with him, against him, or too cowardly to "get involved". #4 What about groups like the "National Alliance", who claim to be "NS", but utilize a "different approach", rather than "open National Socialism"? ANSWER - The NA was NEVER a National Socialist organization. It was a BUSINESS from day one - and its members were in reality SALES-MEN. The last time Bill Pierce got close to NS, was when Matt Koehl threw him out of the old National Socialist White Peoples Party in the early 70's...for DIS-LOYALTY no less! LOL "What" the "NA" was, depended on whom Pierce was attempting to smooze at the time. It ran the gamute from selling "Turner Diary" style entertainment to the "hard-core" supporting the likes of Pat Bucanon and his negress "running mate" Lola Falani when they ran for "President, for the "right-wing reactionary" selling "music" like "Vaginal Jesus", and "skinhead-rock" ( which he before had dispised, but not enough to stop making BIG money off it! lol ) . NA tried to be "all things to all people"...and the end result of THAT - is that it HONESTLY - "stood" for NOTHING. In such an occurance you can SEE the ultimate RESULT of having NO REAL IDEOLOGY. At present there are THREE "factions", each led by a former "Officer", hand-picked by Pierce himself. One, "White Revolution" - tried to form an "umbrella org" out of the "movement at large"..."uniting" all the various "kinds" of White Racialists...into "working together". But, I guess Billy never read Mein Kampf either, or he would have remembered Hitler clearly stating that " EIGHT CRIPPLES ARM IN ARM DO NOT CREATE ONE GLADIATOR ". Mr. Roper found that (A) without a BEER CONCERT ( and the NA MONIES to finance such ) to DRAW in the "skinhead foot-soldiers"...they, in contridiction to that old adage - just wouldn't COME! lol and (B) when he requested that the costumed clowns, NOT wear their fancy-dress...THEY refused to PLAY either! So went his vision... TWO, being pried off the teat which he had sucked for years at NA and not having held a REAL JOB for all those years, Kevin Strom having been fired by the NA...headed out ( with another purloined copy of the mailing list ) to form his own "livelyhood" - "National Vanguard". Now I THOUGHT that when an EMPLOYEE left the EMPLOYER...everything he "did" STAYED at the JOB? But, Kevin took just about everything but the "name" with him...and got his OWN "BUSINESS" going. Peddling "books", "tapes", etc - in a parody of emulating old Will Pierce. Unfortunately for Kevin, he has neither Pierces' "DEGREE", nor his "VOICE" his "draw", unless he hooks up with another BIGGER-BETTER con-man like the Dukester - is going to be numbered. Flunkies don't make "great leaders" on the whole. As for the "N.A." itself...its been a real clusterfuck since the old man went to "Cosmotheist" heaven! LOL With the whole crew fighting over the million dollar assets like gypsy thieves. I haven't seen such behavior among folks, since Hymie heard Hitler was elected and started packing their bags...scrambling around grabbing this, that, and whatever not tied down! Musical chairs in the "leadership", lawsuits against each other, and most comical of all - as EACH "OFFICER" in turn was fired to lessen the payrole(?), or a threat against the current one in "power"(?) - each one ( who before couldn't have been more strident in their SUPPORT of the POOHBAH ) now came forth with new HORROR STORIES of their own about the "EVILS" and "CORRUPTNESS" of their PREVIOUS comrades in arms! LOL I guess that a PAY-CHECK...DOES..."buy loyalty" - of a sort, and ONLY while the green keeps flowing, eh? Its my belief that "N.A." is now...simply a faltering "record company", et in the end, it was simply a closing of the circle, so to speak. I wouldn't be surprised to see the "compound" sold off eventually, and a couple of very happy men. Many of the rank & file of NA deserved better, BUT they ALL sat back and LET IT HAPPEN...and thatís the "STORY" of the current White race I'm afraid. They just "DON'T WANT TO GET INVOLVED" - in ANYTHING. Thatís the "WHY" that I have decided NOT to go the "mass movement" phase, and INSTEAD to look to QUALITY rather than QUANTITY...when it comes to associating with people. What a dedicated, though small number of "DOER'S" can accomplish - a large number of featherless bipeds of the "herd mentality" - will NEVER get off their duffs to even TRY. The REAL "problem" here lies...within as much, that instead of demanding that the MAN or WOMAN in the OUR "leader" for motivating ourselves, we sought the "Guy On the White Horse" to "SAVE US" the CHEAP and "EASY" way. We allowed in most cases, INFERIOR people to put themselves "in charge"...through their SELF-PROMOTIONAL activities...into building up a CULT of the GREAT PERSONALITIES - though, most were LOSERS plain and simple in the NORMAL everyday lives that we all live. THEY ALL HAD "QUIRKS" that we tended to "overlook" or "excuse", and THAT my friends have been our bane! IF Pierce, and the NA...WERE "National Socialist" would NEVER had ended up as it did. It would have been built through the "Leadership Principal", and solidly continued in its efforts. The mere FACT that Pierce himself APPOINTED all these individuals who now turn out to have "feet of clay" says something very clearly to ME. Its time that we started BUILDING UP and PROMOTING the "ORGANIZATION" ITSELF - instead of these "Great ones", who consistently let us down. Let me leave you with this thought - HOW MANY ORGANIZATIONS CONTINUE FUNCTIONING AFTER THE "GREAT MAN DIES" or decides to "RETIRE" and takes it ALL with HIM? I think there's a PROBLEM there Comrades - Don't You? Well, people GET what they ALLOW. Keep your questions flowing...and at least CONSIDER "becoming involved". For your CHILDRENS sake, if not YOUR OWN. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman
ANP Staff Report - Our website was down for an unfortunate period of time because of our server being "hacked" and literally destroyed. We wish to take the time to sincerely thank those Comrades who stood fast alongside the Party and refused to throw in the towel to our oppressors...and instead HELPED to get the ANP back on its fighting feet...through both their WORK and their $UPPORT! Yes, we are bruised, battered, and still getting things organized. BUT - WE are BACK!

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