ANP Report for September 04, 2005

Racial Comrades: Looking at the "news" this past week, it reminded me of the old Si-Fi movie " The Day the Earth Stood Still " it appeared as if NOTHING ELSE was occurring in the world...but "Hurricane Katrina". LOL I'm not going to bother filling this space with anything about "Negroids ACTING like Negroids"...enough right-wingers have gotten their rocks off, doing that all week long. My response is - WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT? I really think sometimes, that the vast majority of "White Activists" REALLY exist in LILLY WHITE areas...where they don't get the pleasure of "inter-acting" with the cock-roaches of life...and therefore, are "surprised" somehow when these creatures act NORMALLY, i.e. stealing, raping, murdering and generally bringing down the quality of life, in the area that they infest. I think that those of us who are BEYOND the old CON-servative "ooh's & aah's", regarding the jungle behavior of the JUNGLE BUNNIES...can learn from observing "what happened", regarding the Hurricane's attack on the Gulf area. First off, it once again reinforced in my mind, that despite the Judeo/Capitalist system's "compassionate" BULLCRAP about "LOVING EVERYONE"...that the poor old negroes "status"...HAS BEEN, IS, and forever WILL BE - on the BOTTOM RUNG of the socio-economic ladder in this capitalist society - hence, the importation of the BROWN MEZTIZO'S to replace them as ZOG's battering-ram against America's White Worker population. The FACT that in the "richest nation on earth", which can "respond" to "crisis" around the globe, on a moments notice...left its black "citizens" to literally DIE for almost a week...SHOWS just "HOW MUCH" the DO-GOODING BLOWHARDS really feel! When Katrina overturned the rock, and SHOWED the world...the filthy, savage "underworld" that exists in each and EVERY ONE of AMERICA'S MAJOR POPULATION OUGHT to serve as a WAKE-UP CALL to each and every Aryan American, of the HIDDEN DANGER that DOES INDEED EXIST. Over and over, I have shouted from the wilderness - THAT ONLY 23% OF THE AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER THE AGE OF 18 IS WHITE! And yet, because so many of YOU out there, live in "White Bread" seem to want to do anything to attempt to IGNORE this FACT! These creatures are numbering in UNTOLD NUMBERS you honestly believe that when the "census figures" come out - that ALL THESE NON-WHITES ARE ACTUALLY "COUNTED" PROPERLY? Secondly, from a REVOLUTIONARY standpoint...we have now SEEN with our own eyes...ZOG's ABILITY to RESPOND to a CRISIS SITUATION! And it?s piss-poor. The system itself is so filled with LOSERS, MINORITIES, CROOKS, and MEDIOCRE individuals...that it?s a comedy-clusterfuck...watching them run around "PROMISING" the WORLD, and DELIVERING next to NOTHING in reality. Lets LOOK at "LAW ENFORCEMENT" in New Orleans - WHEN THE SYSTEM PAYCHECKS were gone - SO WERE THE COPS! LOL I saw a report on the jew-tube, that OVER HALF of the cities "POLICE" turned in their badges and FLED, instead of STAYING and POLICING the area. Other news reports told of cops who STAYED...JOINING in the LOOTING! One negroid looter complained on TV - " The cops got all the good stuff... ". LOL Doesn't THAT tell you "SOMETHING" interesting Comrades? In the FUTURE...a little "LEVERAGE" aimed at the SYSTEMS ENFORCERS...MIGHT just prove to pay "results" that you might never have imagined. When a system LOSES the LOYALTY of its "SERVANTS"...for "whatever reasons"...its not too stable. I am really amazed by the amount of chatter I've seen..."worrying" about that CON-MAN the DUKESTER, as so many of you out there have been prattling on and on about the negroes thieving and looting...don't you all understand that DUKE is a THIEF who's PLED GUILTY for LOOTING your CONTRIBUTIONS to him over the past years, and GAMBLING THEM AWAY, along with "pretty women"? lol PEOPLE, HE WENT TO PRISON FOR THAT! HE'S NOTHING BUT A LEACH-LIKE CON MAN...existing HIS ENTIRE LIFE off YOUR HARD EARNED spouting off a few "words" you like to hear! So "he wrote a book" - WHICH HE SELLS TO YOU. Duh When YOUR MONEY " Elected him to Congress "...DID HE DO ONE THING TO ADVANCE "OUR CAUSE"? You folks sometimes amaze me. On the one hand you'll scream about "nigger crime"...and THEN you'll turn around and TOLERATE creeps like costumed "KOMMANDER JEFFERY SCHOEP"...who PLED GUILTY TO FELONY BURGLARY...WHILE BEING THE HEAD OF HIS "HOLLYWOOD NAZI" CARNIVAL at the time...and got "PROBATION"? Hem... ( btw, here's a great chance to utilize Schoeps' nsm and Tom Robbs' KKK "expertise" in PICKING UP NIGGER/WIGGER GARBAGE! Hell, ol'Presidente Red Beak might even give you a BIG HUG on the tube, for "doing your specialized thing" lol Oh, that?s right, Shoep HIMSELF doesn't stoop around grabbing trash - he commands his "SS'ers" to "step & fetch" it! ) For years VINCENT BREEDING ( a close associate of Duke btw ) was extolled as a "Great White Hero"....until he was EXPOSED as a FILTHY INTER-RACIAL PORNOGRAPHER. How about "Mr. Schoolyard C.D.'s" over at "Panzerfaust"? He got "PASSES" from ALL the MOVEMENT BIG-WIGS...until it was suddenly "discovered" that he WASN'T EVEN WHITE...and loved making those trips to THAILAND for INTER-RACIAL SEX TOURS. Comrades, there is so much disgusting HYPOCRACY in this - "MOVEMENT". I'll tell you THIS - IF I was a nigger down in New Orleans right now...I would be BURNING that sucker DOWN! There wouldn't BE anymore QUEER "FRENCH QUARTER", or JEW/CAPITALIST "GAMBLING CASINO'S" left standing. Honestly, I'm a bit DISAPPOINTED at the "BLACK RESPONSE" at being ABANDONED by the "LOVING, JUDEO/CHRISTIAN, LIBERAL" lying bastards! HEY! -I WANT TO SEE ALL THESE PREACHING, PHONY HYPOCRITES TO TAKE INTO THEIR OWN PERSONAL HOMES, ALL THESE COCKROACHES WHO NO LONGER HAVE SLUMS TO INFEST. Into their "CHURCHES" too! Because ZOG sure as hell is NOT going to DO ANYTHING but spread these creatures out across the country to fend for themselves...and you KNOW just "WHAT" that will MEAN! These white scum "stars" get up there on TV and "SING" a few stupid "SONGS" urging folks to GIVE THEIR MONEY...these plastic puppets are ALL RICH - lets see THEM EACH CUT LOOSE A MILLION "for the poor negroes"! LOL Yeah, that'll happen when I crap gold coins. Comrades, this is a tremendous, BIG BLOW to the evil, corrupt system that I have only dreamed of! A 36th ranked U.S. city COMPLETELY DESTROYED...MILLIONS HOMELESS...MILLIONS OF JOBS GONE...A HUGE TAX LOSS, as well as TENS of BILLIONS having to be SPENT in a NEVER ENDING black hole. ( Oh yeah - don't forget about the "Crusade for Capitalism, er "the War" too ) AND - its only the BEGINNING of "HURRICANE SEASON". Comrades, this is more devastating than if the Gulf would have been at least then...ZOG wouldn't have all these MILLIONS of REFUGEE'S, that are going to HAVE to be dealt with for YEARS to COME! And the "ECONOMY"...if you accept from a Revolutionary Standpoint...that "WORSE is BETTER" ( for now ), LOOK at GAS PRICES, and I warn you that they are going to reach UNTHINKABLE CAPITALIST GREED overwhelms the people who REALLY "RUN & CONTROL" our nation. EVERY CAPITALIST BASTARD out there, is going to wet himself thinking up "NEW EXCUSES" to GOUGE the populace...and if you hope that the "government" is going to step in and put a stop to this"...think again - BIG OIL ( and its corporate pals ) ARE the GOVERNMENT! LOL A few months ago, The White Worker Newsletter ran an issue on "Being Prepared in the Coming Era"...for those who might like to read what we suggested...send in a $5 donation, request it - and we'll send it on to you. Being FORE-WARNED is being FORE-ARMED, as they say. Comrades, a few more "blows" like this, and old Papa Zog is going to be on its knee's...just as in their past, Japan was saved by the "Divine Wind"...perhaps Mother Nature is so tired of all the UN-NATURAL depravity of this puss-filled, JUDEO/CAPITALIST PIG-PEN - that she'll once more lend a helping hand to freedom loving, decent, NATURAL HUMAN BEINGS, in their most desperate hour of need. At the same time, there is the old saying " ...helps those who help themselves" - ITS TIME YOU TOO GOT INVOLVED "HELPING YOURSELF"! Or, are you planning on being one of those who sits there, hiding in the dark until Papa Zog comes along with his "helping hand"? If so - and your WHITE - I wouldn't hold my breath! lol for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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