ANP Report for August 27, 2005

Racial Comrades: Well, first it was in recent years, Alex Curtis' TNO and then Butlers Aryan Nations that went down the tubes, then Matt Hale and the W.C.O.T.C., next after William Pierces' death the N.A. fractured into three separate, useless "orgs", each run by a former big-wig who between the "fighting over the spoils", ruined the whole ball of wax ( of course, that WAS a huge amount of Zog-Bucks to catfight over! lol )...and now White Aryan Resistance looks like its having its turn. I have been asked by my friend and Comrade Tom Metzger to alert everyone that PO BOX 65, of "WAR" is NO LONGER IN SERVICE. Instead, people who care enough...are to utilize Toms home address of - 221 E. CLEMMENS LANE, FALLBROOK, CAL. 92028 - to make contact with him. Apparently, the Judeo/Capitalist system is utilizing its "IRS", among its other options, to attempt to put an end to our couragous Brothers' mighty, decades long struggle for Aryan Liberation. Tom is very wisely preparing to LEAVE the hopeless, MINORITY-WHITE meztizo land of Mexifonia, and relocate to the last bastion of "hope" for the White American Aryan, the soon as possible. In my viewpoint, the Mid-West will be the "make or break" area, for the Aryan Resistance Struggle. IF, the White Workers of the Mid-West cannot make a successful stand, in defence of their Racial-Economic interests, right in the industrial heartland ( or, what's left of it ) it's all over folks. Needless to say, to those who have followed my words over past ANPReports, this is one more "PROOF"...that it's time to hang up the "fun & games", and prepare to get down to serious contemplation of BUILDING AN UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE...that does NOT rely upon "garnering headlines", "holding parties and fun-fests", or EXPOSING the ADHERENTS of the Struggle to needless and dangerous "EXPOSURE"! We have to admit that "we" the White Race have LOST certain large areas of America, and given Tom Metzgers tireless efforts over many decades in Mexifornia...all to no avail...those who are in any way able, must give serious thought to excaping those MAJORITY-MINORITY territories, while they are still able. I totally REJECT moving off into the "MOUNTAINS", per the old "Butler Plan" there is little in JOBS for those who flee there. As well, IF you are intent on doing battle with the evil inflicting our Folk and Land...theres not much you can "DO", off in BF Hinterland...but, HIDE...and EVENTUALLY get eaten by the beast. I predict that as the Alien Invasion it will...there will be a burgoning exodus of Whites FROM those locales...TO the Mid-West. As these people will have lost their homes, business's, etc to the INVADER and the INVADERS "new political power"...we will find many new "recruits" quite EAGER to "FIGHT" in revenge, of all their the hands of ZOG and friends. In those territories already will come to see...a "South Africa" style environment, where once POWER lies in the hands of the ALIENS and their CORRUPT "white puppet" POLITICIANS ( that are allowed to hold office as "token whites" lol )...that "TAX DEATH" will be leveled against those Whites who remain, to FINANCE the "GOODIE TRAINS" for the "NEW BROWN RESIDENTS" the point, where Whitey will be squeezed like a dry lemon...until, NOTHING of their previous WEALTH will be left. Oh well Whitey, you IGNORED the "VOICE in the WILDERNESS" - hell, you not only ignored our voices, you DENIGRATED and PERSECUTED US - NOW, the time to PAY is fast approaching! I can't honestly state, that after all that I myself have personally SACRIFICED and "PAID" as a price for my devotion to the Folk...that I feel much sympathy towards your COWARDICE, your LAZINESS, your STINGINESS, or your FOOLISHNESS...when it came to CONFRONTING all this...when it COULD have been possibly dealt with in a MUCH "easier" fashion! Between the growing OIL/GAS CRISIS and now even the prostitute "POLITICIANS" starting to mumble about these "issues" can BET that they are much BIGGER and UGLIER...than anyone can yet comprehend. I heard on the jew-tube, that HEATING COSTS are "expected" to rise 40% this winter!!! ALL BECAUSE THE GREEDY JUDEO/CAPITALISTS WANT TO SELL THEIR OIL TO CHINA AND INDIA FOR BIGGER PROFITS, instead of bringing it "HOME"...and...THE CORRUPT POLITICAL WHORE-SOCK PUPPETS OF BIG BUSINESS - ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN! And YOU still believe that this "Land is YOUR Land"? La-La-La... STILL waving THAT bloody, meaningless "RAG-FLAG", Whitey? In ALL HONESTY, please TELL ME - IF ANY ALIEN who can hump, bump, or crawl over here...can "BECOME AN AMERICAN" - just "WHAT" the hell IS an "AMERICAN" anymore, and of what USE exactly is there in "being one"?! White MAN and WOMAN - YOU are at present simply a form of CATTLE ( a Goyim in Yiddish ) that is to be utilized as a TAXABLE SLAVE until YOU are no longer needed...and the CORPORATES are making sure that your not going to be "needed" much longer as your being PHASED OUT by the grinning, Third World Horde of INVADERS. All those "401K's" , and "savings", and "investments"...well, you better let loose of some of that while YOU still have CONTROL over it...and INVEST IT into the STRUGGLE - or,'s going to become redundant to you as it's - LOST, TAXED AWAY, or simply CONFISCATED by the "NEW" U.S., by the happy, brown faces of the Global Village. lol Think I'm being silly? Think I'm full of hot air? LOOK Whitey...ALREADY some areas of America ARE - MINORITY WHITE - and you and I both know its only going to KEEP ON...getting DARKER and DARKER, until...its lights out Pale-Face. And happy days, this will be the FACTS for all those "Liberal" whities out there too! LOL Can you just PICTURE the LOOK on their faces when they get to HAVE to LIVE in the mess that they so long dreamed of...EXCEPT, of course it's not going to be the "Happy Days" result that they thought it would be. THESE ARE INVADERS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE...and INVADERS NEVER FELT "SYMPATHY" FOR THE SUBJUGATED. And for you Anti's out there, reading doesn't matter if an invader wears a uniform or not....if a FOREIGN PEOPLE...take OVER, anothers territory - THEY ARE INVADERS ALL THE SAME. Like Rockwell used to say - these aliens are utilizing their SEX ORGANS instead of "GUNS" ( and they have PLENTY of those btw ) the RESULTS are EQUAL in the END RESULT. Funny, Rockwell stated that way back in the 60's...WHAT WERE ALL YOU WHITIES SINCE THEN, "DOING"? I see all these political whores moaning that "what should/could we do"...IT IS EASY...IF a country is being illegally INVADED by a FOREIGN invader, who is intent on taking over that territory for itself from the indiginous population - YOU MIGHT TRY KILLING THEM as they invade, duh? Was that difficult, or what? I bet that IF all these INVADERS were wearing "Swastika Armbands", along with White skin, that they would have no problem dropping Napalm on them! lol So, once more I put "OUT THE CALL" - for that nastiest of requests - WE NEED YOUR $UPPORT! IF you didn't notice, or thought that I made a typo ($) in, we NEED MONEY to GROW, and OPERATE as a SERIOUS, RESISTANCE ORGANIZATION. Will YOU please HELP? After all, we are out here on the Front Lines - for YOU. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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