ANP Report for August 21, 2005

Racial Comrades: Those of you who regularly read my comments, have come to expect me to be honest and blunt in my writings, and todays Report will be no different. One of the biggest obsticles to ANY type of "SUCCESS" from the decades old struggle of the "racial movement", is because of the movements' as a whole..."childlike simplicity"...when it comes to acting in the affairs of the "REAL WORLD". On the whole, the reactionary-rightwing collection tends to exist in a fantasy world dealing totally of "Black & White", with no "grey areas" in between. Instead of building a POWER BASE, and becoming a REAL "PLAYER" in the arena of power...they prefer to lurk in the "FANTASY PLAYPEN" of "pretend" and "make believe"...where their efforts tend to go around in a circle, like a dog chasing its tail. They have become so "child-like" in their foolishness, that simply being "noticed" ( ie "publicity ) even in a totally negative manner...has become a "thrill" to them - almost like "PROOF" that they do indeed exist, and are somehow "in" on the decision making events that create the world we live in. Kind of like the stray dog that runs out in front of the parade, stopping it for a few moments, before it is shunted off the scene...and the parade resumes. Sad. But, THAT is the role of the RE-ACTIONARY, and always has been. They tend to "REACT" to issues, instead of "CREATING" them. Let us look at the recent "Cindy Sheehan" brew-ha-ha. INSTEAD of organizing and FORCING the issue of IRAQ and its reverberating side-issues to the forefront ITSELF...certain "Movement Personalities" are attempting to LEACH ONTO and insinuate themselves into the "limelight" that Cindy Sheehan has created ALL ON HER OWN! What these "Mighty Organizations" COULDN'T or DIDN'T SEE FIT to attempt with "all their resources" ( that they constantly "brag" about ) ...ONE LONE WOMAN did! And now like a PARASITE, they wish to latch on to her Cause, in order to glean a few moments of "notoriety" for their pitiful selves. RE-ACTIONARYISM at its worse. Sorry, but your a little LATE boys...Cindy Sheehan has been CO-OPTED now, by the systemite "professionals"...who will mute her "message" down, and eventually shunt her either aside down the memory-hole...or turn her so "P.C." that she will have become redundant to her origional purpose. And let me ask POLITELY this one little question - "WHY" on earth, would she WANT the "help/support" of a bunch of parasitic BUFFOONS - like the present-day "movement"? If YOU had a Cause that was dear to your heart, that you were willing to face off with the CEO of Corporate Amerika Himself, regardless of all the negatives that that would entail...would you REALLY embrace PHONY CONVICTED FELONS, TATTOOED LOSERS, COSTUMED FREAKAZOIDS, and/or most of the "other" carnivalites of the "Con-servative/Right-wing" insane asylum that are marginalized by THEIR OWN ACTIONS...among the populace today? Lets be HONEST! You would want someone with SOME KIND of POWER or INFLUENCE to "join you"...and does the "movement" really have EITHER? Of course it doesn't. The "movement" as a whole, at this stage in any case...ONLY has the "power" to "TAR" or "TARNISH" whatever you are attemping to do. I remember once, back in the 70's when I ran for local public office as an "open racialist". I invited all the "Michigan area" racialist groups to come to "Candidate Night" and "show some support" for my campaign. I mentioned in advance, PLEASE come as "INDIVIDUALS" and NOT "show your colors", if you understand my meaning. Well, of course...the local hollywood "Nazis" came...dressed to the nines in their homemade finery, "stealing the show", and basically RUINING my attempt to win even a teeny, tiny, "toe-hold" of political power for White Racialism in my area. Yes, I received 1,600 votes for City Council...for a man tarred as a "KKK/Nazi" etc...yet, HOW MANY MORE might I have received, IF my "Three Piece Suit", normal approach would NOT have been ruined by those who couldn't resist the "exposure" OFF of MY EFFORTS? It took a few more "incidents" through out my life I'm afraid, until I finally realize that one could simply NOT TRUST these people...they are so mentally consumed in their COSTUME FETISH...that it is actually a MENTAL ABERATION, a SICKNESS, that in many cases cannot be cured. I came to the realization that the "COSTUME", along with an almost psychopathic personality disorder of "LOOK at ME"...combined to make 99% of these sad creatures impossible for ANYTHING that didn't revolve around their own, personally chosen "FANTASY". When it came to SACRIFICING towards reaching a possibly attainable political goal, IF it didn't include their "fun & games" you could forget it...IF tho, it meant expanding their "FANTASY", creating a new "tattoo", "patch", "pin", or article of "costume"...NO PRICE was "too high" to flesh-out that dream world. I remember once having a "gathering" at my home, when I attempted to "unite" various Michigan "racialist groups" back in the 80's under the name of "Michigan White Unity Coalition". The Coalition would serve as an "umbrella" where the leaders could meet each month to discuss tactics and co-operation, exchange intelligence on infiltrators et al, and set up a joint bank account "Defence Fund" , as of course few orgs have the monies to "defend their members in court" when the need arises. It never panned out - we hosted one gathering in my home, where over 70 people attended - my wife served up a full coarse Turkey Dinner, we had tables laden with thousands of various movement publications, pamplets, stickers and books ( ALL free ), and held a "Door Prize Raffle" with over a dozen "free prizes". It was on a Sunday. After the usual roll-call of "rousing speeches" by the "big name stars" attending ( few of which are with us today, ie "Max Resist of the Hooligans","George Burdi/Eric Hawthorn"! How the movement just LOVES flash in the pans, eh? While those who serve, quietly "doing their duty" are simply taken for granted, or treated with indifference. ) and the meal...we "passed the hat". LOL! Need I tell you that we didn't even "break even"? ( far from it friends ) And all the while, as I moved among the "participants" I heard tales of "last nights debautchery" at the bar, or saw the latest $100 tattoo being shown off...need I go on? Another LESSON learned the hard way, and never forgotten. Thats "WHY" in the ANP - its dedicated QUALITY instead of large numbers of the "UN-SINCERE". No, in the ANP you cannot BUY a rediculous "TITLE" or "RANK" WILL get a sincere thank you for your aid, but ACTION speaks "louder" than either "words" OR "money" in our view of things. Ever notice in this "movement", how many "titles" there are...EVERYBODY is a "SOMEBODY". Lots of "Chiefs" - few "indians"! LOL It reminds me of some little kids club. And unfortunately Comrades, in large part - thats just "what" it IS. Last week Texas became the FOURTH American state to become MINORITY WHITE. Since its ZOG releasing the "stats"...I believe its MUCH worse than that. Yet, I hear "leaders" out there like Shaun Walker of the National Alliance, proclaiming that "WE'LL GET BACK TEXAS!!!"...give me a break. What IS all this "feel good" bullshit? Whites have LOST "North America" to the NON-WHITES! The very BEST we can HOPE for, is a BALKANIZATION of America...where we MIGHT...IF we get our act going in the proper direction NOW, some ENCLAVES of our own. BUT, that is going to TAKE some REAL "POWER"...and I'm talking about some MUSCLE here...AND the damn WILLINGNESS to UTILIZE it! You all must be living off on some other planet than myself? "HOW" did the NEGROES get what THEY "demanded"? "HOW" did the Reds in the past, from their REVOLUTIONS to their "PEACE CAMPAIGNS"...GET WHAT THEY WANTED? HOW DID OUR FOREFATHERS GET THE FRIGGING LAND YOU LIVE ON FROM THE RED SAVAGES? They sure as hell didn't "WISH" for it, or "PRAY" it into existance! And as they were spilling their BLOOD for their objectives, they sure as hell WEREN'T - COUNTING THEIR GOD-DAMNED PENNIES "invested", either! You know, the Jews and the Anti-Racist creeps ARE "right" in ONE BIG line they parrot - "white people" AREN'T "SUPERIOR", to the other races - ANYMORE! If fact - "WHITES" - are among the SORRIEST species of humanoids that inhabit this Planet Earth...even the lowliest CONGO NEGROID...FIGHTS FOR HIS DOMAIN and EXISTANCE! While, Mr. Whitey - even the "brave/bold/out-spoken" - "fight" with whining "PROTESTS"...that the ENEMY LAUGHS AT, right to our collective FACES! You DENY this? Then EXPLAIN AWAY - the LOSS of TEXAS! Folks, you can't bluster and bluff with ME. "This", this WAR of extermination of our PEOPLE and CULTURE has been going on for DECADES...has ANYTHING that the "movement" has DONE...or is DOING, arrested its forward advance ONE IOTA? And yet, YOUR going to sit there and try and DEFEND continuing along on this FAILED PATH? IF I'm "WRONG" - SHOW ME! But as I was born in 1952, and have SEEN it with my own eyes...and as I have a functioning brain, I CAN "progress" this Anti-Aryan campaign FORWARD another 50 years - I CAN VISUALIZE the END RESULT. Can't YOU? And yet, the "MOST" many of you can visualize "doing" - is "SHOUTING SLOGANS", and shaking your impotent fists, at the enemies grinning faces. Do you honestly THINK that they really CARE about your EMPTY "THREATS"? Its AMAZING really, that here we have America...where there are MORE WEAPONS per person available...than ANY nation on the face of the Earth. And, IF you people would OPEN UP YOUR WALLETS...there would be UNBELIEVEABLE FINANCING for a LIFE and DEATH Struggle...and isn't THAT what YOU YOURSELF claim it IS? Yet, what does the children of the once mighty Aryan Folk do? Between their COWARDiCE and their SELFISHNESS ( I absolutely REFUSE to call it "jew like", as JEWS seem to $upport THEIR goals pretty damn well...) you find 1001 different "EXCUSES" not to "DO EVERYTHING" at your disposal for YOUR OWN, much less YOUR CHILDRENS - "FUTURE". IF there WAS "anywhere" to FLEE with my family, ( which there isn't...) I would - and leave you all to get your "JUST DESERTS". But, I'M stuck "here" - and SO ARE YOU and YOURS. Aren't ANY OF YOU willing to STEP UP to the LINE...and JOIN WITH those of US willing to prepare to "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES" to secure those 14WORDS, at a MINIMUM? So "I" and the American Nazi Party DOESN'T appear on the jews-media, like scripted, "Rocky Suhayda" isn't a "household name" like a lot of these "movement personalities" because for most of my "career" I was a SERVING POLITICAL SOLDIER, instead of an ego-stroking peddlar of trinkets and false hope, so, what I say and the ANP promotes, "scares" and "depresses" you, even though deep inside you KNOW what we are stating is the TRUTH - are you STILL going to "go along" with the "Old Bunch" that HAVE SHOWN YOU just "what they've got"...and its FEEL-GOOD, NONSENSE? When you're lost in the woods, you HAVE to QUIT - going around in circles, if YOU'RE to SAVE yourself. EVERYTHING the "movement" HAS TRIED - HAS FAILED. Yet they CONTINUE...DOING IT! There is ONLY "one thing" that the "movement" HAS NOT "tried" to any large and sustained degree. And Bob Mathews WAS pretty damn SUCCESSFULL - until he went and tried to RECRUIT - every featherless biped in the "movement" that he could reach, and ended up with traitors and snitches like TOM MARTINEZE and FRAZIER GLENN name only a few! Look, if you're trying to pound a nail, and a CUCUMBER won't do it, neither will a ping-pong ball, nor a big, huge mattress....ISN'T IT TIME TO AT LEAST TRY THE "HAMMER"? If we look at this from "is our FOLK going to SURVIVE as a RACIAL ENTITY"...because THATS what it DOES come down to...rather than, "Well I'M ok TODAY..." ( and a lot of us White Workers AREN'T "ok"...) - we have NO OTHER "choice" - do we? And looking at the RATE of PROGRESSION - its EASIER STARTED NOW - than it will be "when",- "next year", "5 years from now", maybe "2025"? I'm SUPPOSED to be speaking to those that "KNOW THE SCORE" here...not a collection of oblivious SHEEPLE. Many of you have "been in this" for a long time, and KNOW that I'm only SPEAKING the "UNSPEAKABLE" TRUTH. HOW can you continue along with the PHONIES whose whole reason-of-being "involved" to SELL you "C.D.'s", "Swazi Boots", "Books", trinkets and doo-dads beyond listing - AS A LIVING. "THIS" is these guys "JOB" you honestly think that they are going to "ROCK the BOAT" one tiny ripple...and take a chance on "messing things up" for THEMSELVES? "ROCK the BOAT" - HELL, we Aryans had better start FIGHTING for those few "life-jackets", from among all those teeming masses flooding OUR shores - BECAUSE, whether you like to admit it or not - this "BOAT" as we know it, is SINKING FAST! Its comical, but among these costumed re-enacters, their "greatest wish" that they "could have been born back in the old days, and fought for Hitler and the Third Reich", ( as if He would have had ) whereas, I wish at times - that I was an Iraqi over there, where there ARE still REAL MEN. What a thing for a National Socialist Aryan to have to admit! But, then again - I told you that I intended on being blunt. BTW, I've heard that there is going to be a "Beer Fest" in "honor" of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell this month, you know -"bands", "booze", "big talk" and FEW WOMEN...I have to wonder just WHAT the teetotaler, anti-"Third Reich Re-enacting" Commander Rockwell would think about "such an effort" to "honor" Him? Somehow, I get the feeling that both Him and Uncle Adolf would have taken a for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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