ANP Report for August 14, 2005

Racial Comrades: Well, here's Old Rock to bring you another weeks dose of "Worse IS Better" ( for now...) or, perhaps you might call it another slap in the face "WAKE-UP CALL" response to all the Costumed Capered Crowds' "good news"...of NEW "T-Shirts, C.D.'s, trinkets and doo-dads, and ( pardon me while I gag ) " Fests & Demonstrations". lol Yes, while the Con-servative, Reactionary Right-Wingers continue along their idiotic path of the same old/same old - of spinning their wheels and achieving NOTHING positive in either HURTING this corrupt, evil, Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM - OR, achieving those oft mentioned 14WORDS...TEXAS has become America's FOURTH "official" ( according to the U.S. Census Bureau's latest report ) NON-White MAJORITY state! It now follows the inglorious path of Hawaii ( 76.7% Non-White ), New Mexico ( 56.5% Non-White ) and California ( 55.5% Non-White ). Texas in now reported "Officially" to be 50.2% Non-White. BUT, I remind you readers, to remember HOW MUCH we can all TRUST "Uncle Samuel's"...."FACTS" be completely HONEST, with the REALITIES probably being much, much WORSE! OH! Wondering "who's" NEXT on the MINORITY STATUS list? OK, here goes - MARYLAND, MISSISSIPPI, GEORGIA, NEW YORK, and ARIZONA are moving up fast...with over 40% MINORITIES. In case your wondering, Washington DC...the "Nations Capitol" over 70% Non-White! lol It suites them. Nevada has gone from 80% White in the 1990' less than 60% now...its only a matter of time, if the "movement" continues to play SILLY COSTUMED GAMES and support MILK TOAST "leadership", before the entire country is over-run! LOOK AT THE PROGRESSION. And yet, I'M constantly castigated as "being too radical"...LOOK, IF "I" MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE SPEAKING THE FACTS now...what are you going to "DO" when YOUR TOTALLY OUTNUMBERED by all those smirking ALIEN FACES?! And the REALLY sad state of affairs is that the "White Race" in America - is an OLD POPULATION - ONLY 23% of the AMERICAN POPULATION UNDER THE AGE OF 18 are CURRENTLY WHITE! ONLY 3% of the WORLDS FEMALE POPULATION of CHILDBEARING YEARS - are WHITE! And so, do you REALLY believe that..."ANOTHER BOOK BY DAVE DUKE", is gonna "SAVE YOU"? Or, another "PROTEST" by the COSTUMED FANTASY STREET PERFORMER CROWD? If so, you all are more DELUDED, or more STUPID that I ever imagined. On the Economic Front, General Motors has announced that it plans to buy more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS worth of AUTOMOBILE PARTS...from the upcoming year. GM Vice President P. Balendran announced that " Auto parts from India are even 15% CHEAPER than South Korea, and Mexico. GM currently buys parts from around 110 suppliers in India." India currently out-sources auto parts to Ford Motor Co., Daimler-Chrysler, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Mitsubishi to the tune of around 2.7 BILLION. Oh well, if YOU WHITE WORKERS aren't CONCERNED about this Judeo-Capitalist Vampire System "OUT-SOURCING" your jobs into oblivion...go back to babbling about the "niggers & jews"...that sure as hell, will "solve ALL your problems". lol Over in "SHRI-LANKA" ( or whatever that non-White pest-hole is called ) the "Tamir Tigers", the Militant Arm of the Tamir Seperatist Movement...who have been battling their Pro-Zog systemites for 20 years...recently SHOWED "how" THEY "solve their problems". A "Tiger" with a scoped 22 rifle, several nights ago - put one in the head and two in the chest of the systems hardline "Premier", as he came home from a "book-signing" event! They still haven't caught him, much less know "who" he is...I guess, HE didn't parade around getting himself CATALOGED, INDEXED, and PHOTOGRAPHED, eh? How many possible future "Aryan Direct Action" soldiers, following the current cue of their POSER "LEADERS" are setting themselves up for a obeying the IDEOTIC INSTRUCTIONS of their PUBLICITY SEEKING Poohbahs ( or, are the Poohbahs ACTING on "INSTRUCTIONS" as well,...oh no! Couldn't be! ) is too sad to contemplate. Well, YOU do have a functioning BRAIN...THINK FOR YOURSELF...maybe these LOSERS who set themselves up with fancy "TITLES", ( but don't have a pot to pee in, in the REAL WORLD, because they are simply BUMS...) MIGHT just have a PERSONAL AGENDA, that honestly doesn't have YOUR "best interests" at heart? You want to be USED? Hey, no skin off MY nose - you'll be the one out in the cold and having to pay the price for blindly following dysfunctionals...who's ONLY "cause" setting THEMSELVES up as cosy as they can get. GET IT? ONCE a BURGLAR and a THIEF...a skunk doesn't change, because its "DYED ITS HAIR", "GOT PLASTIC SURGURY" or put in "BLUE CONTACTS"...its INGRAINED in the creature, "what it is". The old adage, - "You can take the negro out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the negroid" - is ALSO true, for LOW-LIFE "white trash". And NEVER forget that, lest you "LEARN the HARD WAY"! There is also the old saying about " Birds of a feather..." and it too is true, just as most "motorcycle gangs" DRAW a "certain type" to its is it true about "certain organizations" in the "movement". I refer to them as "Garbage Cans", AND as the "Dynamic New Tactic" of some of these outfits IS - PICKING UP NON-ARYAN TRASH to help "Keep Zog Clean"...I guess it all fits together, eh? lol Comrades, enough "good news" for this week! I think I'll amend that worn-out "movement slogan" to - "DIRECT ACTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION" - as so many in the "PRETEND REVOLUTION" camp, think that getting falling-down drunk, and puking all over themselves is now a "Revolutionary Act"...LOL Sad, ain't it? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Note - In honor of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, who died on August 25th, 1967 - we are offering a biographical video of his life - a several hour tape - for a $20 donation. See and learn about America's greatest National Socialist Hero, and $upport the American Nazi Party at the same time! Please, CASH or MONEY ORDER only.

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