ANP Report for August 07, 2005

Racial Comrades: To be SERIOUS, or NOT to be SERIOUS - THAT is the QUESTION! As I look around at the Aryan Folk, and the current situation of the White Worker Community in particular, I tend to HAVE to ask myself...are these people EVER going to take their "involvement" in the Aryan Resistance Struggle as seriously as they do their - "SPORTS", "HUNTING/FISHING", "MUSIC", you name it, ad nausium? Here we have a situation that effects not only their present LIVES, but the entire FUTURE of their CHILDREN...and they for the most part treat it as a "hobby", or a "game" while away a few hours when there is "nothing better to do". I got a bit of the flavor of this attitude back in the 1980's, when the system introduced "bussing for intergration"...and we all thought that "WOW! Here it is! "THE ISSUE" that will jumpstart the White Backlash towards our end goal! But, no - through movement incompitance and the "masses" lack of (?) YOU give ME the "correct word" here, as I am unable to come up with the proper never panned out as expected, even when their precious children were at issue. So now we reach the stage where ZOG has clamped on the Police State, and the intelligent Dissident has realized that to publicly "out oneself" is simply "asking for it" we seem to be facing a quandry, eh. Do we FINALLY accept that there is - ONLY ONE WAY OUT - you know, the proverbial quote that has appeared throughout the Movement, from T-Shirts to "Battlecries" - WHITE REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION! OR, is that honestly only a lot of BULLSHIT BRAVADO...that "sounds good"...but, thats as far as it goes? I will be the FIRST to admit that "not everyone" can "BE" an Aryan Insurgent...utilizing "Direct Action" against the evil and corrupt Judeo-Capitalist SYSTEM. On the other hand, I cannot for the life of me believe that there is ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who "cannot $upport" those who do advocate and advance along the New Path of Resistance. On the ANP Official Supporter application, we request that an OS at MINIMUM donate each month $10 towards helping finance our work. TEN DOLLARS = about 33CENTS a DAY. Too much? LOL And people actually EXPECT a movement to "WIN" a LIFE or DEATH engagement with a PITTANCE to operate with? And then it comes down to getting those people who HAVE "committed" themselves to $UPPORT actually SEND IT IN on a TIMELY BASIS. I'm not "begging" here folks, I'm commenting on a situation that is unfathomable to me. I have been in this a very long time, and I am "aware" of much that goes on in the "racialist-spectrum"...and I SEE all the "Forums", websites, chatrooms, "organizations"...the whole ball of wax...and I believe that there ARE literally tens of thousands of "Racially Aware Aryans" - "out there". Hell, MILLIONS "voted" for George Wallace, and they aren't yet all dead and buried. BUT, where are you when it comes to putting YOUR MONEY where YOUR MOUTH is? There is "NO PROBLEM" when it comes to spending your cash on "YOURSELF" and your petty "DESIRES"...but, when it comes down to FINANCING a Struggle that you yourself proclaim to be "SO IMPORTANT" - you do so with "spare change" if not downright PENNIES. Now friends, neither myself or any other ANP Staffer has ever received a penny of contributions received for "personal use", I don't need donation monies to "live off the movement", and its as well...because I prefer not living as a pauper, considering what comes in. But, I will admit that I feel severe disappointment, when being ANP Chairman...I am expected to operate an organization "to liberate our Race and Nation"...on a rediculous shoe-string budget. C'mon GET REAL! IF you REALLY believe in what you CLAIM to believe in - KICK IN. I look at the "churchs" on just about every corner, they offer "pie in the sky"..."believe, and you'll get it AFTER you DIE", no less! Here we are, dealing in REALITIES that affect your daily lives and the future of your kids - and its either a blank, stunned look ( MONEY? You want MONEY...hey!, "I believe" guys, if that ain't enough...) or am IGNORED, as if I wasn't there. In the words of the immortal negroidal - WHATS UP WITH THAT? You BOWL - you've got to pay. You EAT - you've got to pay. Need I go on? You WANT an Aryan Insurgancy? Well, its NOT going to be "FREE" - what the hell IS? IF "church-goers" can cheerfully GIVE, and many "TITH" 10%!....all for something UNTANGABLE, except for the "feel-good" feeling that it may give them..."whats up" with the Racialist crowd? Those of us who are out here, STICKING OUR NECKS OUT would like to "understand" the "problem". I realize that there is a judeo-mindset among many White people of today, they are crass materialists of the most hook-nosed sort...yet, in America among all the "charities" across the spectrum...from "save the children" ( of the Third World, of course ), to buying "Poppies"...hundreds of MILLIONS are raised. Whats up - you Racially Aware White Aryan, you? "Our Side" spends literally MILLIONS on TRINKETS, MUSIC, CLOTHING, TATTOES, PUBLICATIONS, from VENDERS within the "movement", not to mention HOW MANY MILLIONS on BOOZE, PARTYING, SMOKES and "GATHERINGS". Yet, when it comes down to FUNDING the ANP...the ONLY organization that I am aware of that advocates embarking away from the right-wing/con-servative playpen and onto the New Path of "DIRECT ACTION" I hear "SILENCE" out there? There are numerous ways of $upporting our efforts - #1 You can become an ANP Official Supporter, pledging a donation each month, or #2 You can subscribe to our publication The White Worker for $20, or #3 You can send us a donation ANONYMOUSLY if you desire, to help pay the bills. CHECK OUT THE "SUPPORT" SECTION of this website for details. I get so many messages from people telling me that they "enjoy" these weekly ANPReports, how "informative" and "enlightening" they are. How I "tell it like it is", and "report things other movement personalities won't touch, or would prefer to hide"...yeah, I do all that...and not wishing to appear rude, I respectfully EXPECT your $UPPORT in return for doing so. Its not easy "being before your time", especially when it comes to "the movement". Being on the whole, out of touch with the present "conservatives", the "movement" tends to fight tooth and nail when it comes to "change"...but, IF the movement DOESN'T CHANGE from its tired old, failed ways of operating...our Folk is DOOMED. Are YOU going to sit there like a bunch of old jews waiting to be carted off to oblivion? Hanging on to every penny you've got, rather than part with it for a POSSIBLE CHANCE of RACIAL and ECONOMIC SURVIVAL? Well, we of the ANP are that "possible chance". Even if we "ONLY" start the "ball rolling"...isn't THAT in and of itself, WORTH whatever SACRIFICE you might choose to part with? I've often thought about these old people who left a large "legacy" to whomever after their deaths...WHY, didn't they give it to them while they were still they could SEE the RESULTS of what they gave with their own eyes. Same thing with these people who want to leave their wealth to their loved ones in the current state of affairs...instead of spending it INSURING a DECENT FUTURE for their offspring...they'll leave it to the future, where the NON-WHITES will eventually CONFISCATE all Aryan wealth for themselves, once they attain MAJORITY power! You actually think it WON'T happen, after examples like Rhodesia, South Africa, etc? Are todays Whites really that STUPID that they will go to the grave - "penny-wise/pound foolish"...look, YOUR MONEY WON'T SAVE YOU, UNLESS YOU USE IT WHITEY! I regret that "todays topic" wasn't that "enjoyable", but I'm afraid that it was a very necessary one. We have no "millionare backers", no matter what the idiotic leftists prattle on, no "Boys from Brazil" dispite the Hollywood movies claims, no hidden "Nazi gold", or "stolen jewish wealth" to finance our operations...only YOU. And if YOU refuse to bankroll our efforts, well there is only so much we can do with what we are given. There MUST be SOME of you reading this with the UNDERSTANDING and the VISION of just what the ultimate PRICE will be...IF, we Aryans don't get our act together and quit spinning our wheels - SOON! I refuse to believe that the fate of our RACE and our CULTURE is in the hands of "re-enacters", "hobbiests", "fantasists", and worst of all...people who put their "money" before their IDEALS. I thought that that was what National Socialism stood AGAINST?! Crass materialism...self, before the good of the whole. Although, is this ARE saving your own ass, I hate to think about what this world WILL be LIKE...if we lose because we were too SELFISH and STINGY to pull out all the stops to save ourselves. Talk about having yourself to blame. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you, and hope that I'm not simply wasting my breath. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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