ANP Report for July 31, 2005

Racial Comrades: If there is ever a "reason" for White Workers to HATE this evil, corrupt JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM above and beyond ANYTHING - including - the actions of each and every non-White grouping in is because of the fact, that EVENTUALLY..."WE" the White Working class population, will be forced into a battle for survival against the CHINESE/ASIAN threat. What is MOST incredible, is that this bunch of greedy, souless money-making "elite" SELLING US OUT, to our possible eventual extermination...for a handful of dollars, that they hardly in all honesty "need"! Isn't it ironic, that when a PRO-White government came to power in Germany...the Judeo-Capitalists in America, JOINED with their SUPPOSED "enemies" the DESTROY it! The same can be said today, with the ANTI-White "Communist Red China". I just finished a book called "The Chinese War Machine"; it was published in the 1980's. In it, it was stated that Red China at the time, EXPORTED its OIL in order to finance its military build-up. TODAY, Red China is one of the worlds largest, growing IMPORTER of OIL to fulfill its rapidly expanding economy and infrastucture. ALL because of the CAPITALIST GREED in "investing" in a CHEAP, SLAVE-LABOR work-force, and abandoning the interests of the American Workers, and those of the Western world at large. To give you an "idea" of the mindset of these Asians, I will remind you of the recent statement of Major General Zhu Chenghu of the Chinese Liberation Army's Staff...who was quoted as saying that he was prepared to Nuke "hundreds of American cities, if the U.S. ever again militarily interferred in Asia, with Red Chinese goals". Can you IMAGINE one of "ours" saying that? Lest you think this was some kind of "loose cannon" shooting off at the mouth, the official PLA publishing house has brought out a treatise called "Unrestricted Warfare", written by two senior PLA Officers - Qiao Liang, and Wang Xiangsui. "Unrestricted Warfare" states clearly " the way to extricate oneself from this predicament ( eventual war with the White/Western World ) is to develope a multi-pronged approach". These different "approaches" that the Red Army Staff recommends are - #1 FINANCIAL WARFARE - subverting Western banking systems and stockmarkets. #2 DRUG WARFARE - flooding the Western world with illicit drugs and ruining the fabric of their societies. #3 PSYCHOLOGICAL AND MEDIA WARFARE - manipulating perceptions of the Western public, and relaxing their Will. #4 INTERNATIONAL LAW WARFARE - utilizing Multi-National organizations to further Red China's agenda against the White-West. #5 RESOURCE WARFARE - seizing control over vital natural resources under cover of business dealings. #6 ECOLOGICAL WARFARE - creating man-made natural diasters, such as drought, floods, famine. Qiao and Wang also write of supporting the efforts of Drug Lords, Al Qaida, and computer hackers who operate outside the "band-widths" understood by the American military mind. They envision a scenario, where the entire spectrum of the Non-White world will be united in a goal of attacking " the civilian electrical network, traffic dispatching network, financial transaction network, telephone-communications network, and mass media network are completely paralyzed - leading to social breakdown, panic, and political crisis". THIS IS THE MINDSET OF "OUR DEAR ECONOMIC TRADING PARTNERS" as Sock Puppet in Chief Bush calls them! China USED to be a Third-World back-water...NOW, thanks to the GREED of "our own kind"...they are the worlds' second largest SUPER-POWER! With a potential that could bury us, utilizing the TECHNOLOGY that "our" RACE TRAITORS sold them. And please don't start giving me that rehashed crap about "the JEWS are selling the chinks everything..."!!! That may be true to a DEGREE - IN REALITY, it's "WHITE/GENTILE/CAPITALISTS" of the lowest order that are the main culprits! Per usual, "OUR OWN KIND"...selling "guns to the indians" eventually be USED against US. Right NOW...a vast total of almost 40% of all American TRADE DEBT amongst the entire held by COMMUNIST CHINA, against the U.S.! And its growing DAILY...what "IF" they were to CALL IN their chips? What "IF"...ALL these NON-Whites...were to call in their chips - AT THE SAME TIME? Does "our government" even SEEM to care one iota? It USED to be that America was THE prime steel producing nation in the world. NOW, we get our STEEL...along with an awful LOT of other stratigic materials - "from overseas". And you WONDER "why" I HATE Judeo-Capitalist/Corporate "America" - its NO LONGER "MY" COUNTRY! Its no longer YOURS, either! If you think so, your worse than a FOOL, White American Worker! While the costumed crowd of right-wing/con-servative morons, go around picking up garbage from ZOG's roads and parks ( helping ZOG btw, because when you HELP "clean up" the ZOG SYSTEMS keep the "masses" satisfied with the current situation. ie " Oh LOOK! We CAN play in the park...Papa Zog cleaned up that filthy mess the poor, misunderstood, non-Whites created Honey! I was getting pretty darned tired of that awful mess, wondered just WHERE our tax dollars went..." Get the IDEA dope? Helping Zog in ANY MANNER - IS A COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY ACT! ) or, "PROTESTING" to people who couldn't give a flying fig, OR constantly "BLAMING" the "JEWS, NIGGERS, ET AL " for every single ill in their lives...from a flat tire, to the lack of rain...the REAL ENEMY - the one whom we can "THANK" for basically EVERYTHING that "GOES ON" - are the JUDEO-CAPITALIST BASTARDS who wear nominal "white skins"! Comrades, is this REALLY "so difficult" to figure out? BEFORE the "REVOLUTIONARY ACT"...comes the...REVOLUTIONARY MINDSET. We must TRAIN OURSELVES every waking moment..."WHAT CAN WE DO" bring DOWN this vampiric creature sucking our life-blood. LOOK! "IF" we got rid of "all the jews" tomorrow - we would STILL be in this sick situation that surrounds us! Everyday, YOU must THINK - "WHAT" can I "DO" to derail this death train off its track? Little OR small - DO "SOMETHING"! And never, NEVER, EVER - "HELP" the system in ANY way! To do so, means that YOU yourself are HELPING YOUR OWN OPPRESSOR! UNTIL - the populace are SO FED UP with the failures of ZOG...they will continue to "BUY INTO" this phony system's half-truths and outright LIES. Each of us, must become a walking "doom-sayer" about the system and what it has "CREATED" - this vile, stinking Hell-Hole of depravity. The bottom line Comrades, is THIS - either this prostituted SYSTEM is removed - OR, our Race and Culture is removed from the face of this planet. There is no "COMPROMISE" in the equation. When you flick your cigerette butt out of your car window...THINK OF IT AS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT - until you can come up with a "BETTER ONE"! We all better get STARTED - IF NOT "NOW" - then "WHEN"? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Note - Want to read a publication with NO "right-wing/con-servative" CRAP...ONLY 100% Aryan Revolutionary content? NO "jokes", NO "cartoons", NO "wishfull thinking"? Then subscribe to The White Worker - the Newsletter of the American Nazi Party, published on behalf of the oppressed and voiceless White Worker! You'll find no "ads for curing cancer", no "history lessons on the 20th Century", no doom and gloom over what "they are doing to us" ( sob, sob ) for the 1000th time...but, rather "what" WE should be "doing to them"! This ISN'T the usual "movement entertainment"...its thoughts for the revolutionary minded. Only $20 for a subscription. CASH or MONEY ORDER please...made out to ANP.

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