ANP Report for July 25, 2005

Racial Comrades: Being "only human" myself, from time to time I feel the need to "purge myself" of all the spleen that builds up inside me, over my continuing involvement in this "The Movement". If you would rather not hear me "piss & moan", I suggest that you sign off now - because just as so many of you "out there" feel free to write to me with your many "problems with the you-name-its", "rants about what the BIG BAD ENEMY is DOING to YOU - INSTEAD of WHAT YOU are DOING to IT", and irritating "questions" like "are Aryans REALLY decended from ATLANTIS", or "am I White?", I wish to mention some items of my own. EVERYDAY, from when I first joined George Lincoln Rockwells ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16...I have been ACTIVE in this "Struggle" of ours. For YEARS on end, yes for DECADE after DECADE...I have stuck it out and toiled on for "The Cause". In the beginning, I too was into the "Costume Phase" where we ( as Commander Rockwell used to muse ) "blew peoples minds"...acting ( as Commander Rockwell intended, to "break through the jews-media curtain of containment" - and "become known" Which is no longer necessary of course. ) like HOLLYWOOD NAZIS - but, simply through having done it ENOUGH without seeing ANY real substantive SUCCESS...I learned over those many years...of just "WHAT might WORK", and what needed to be discarded - hence todays ANP's current "New Path" Strategies and Tactics. Yet, still the "movement" is moribund with a fanatical affliction towards COSTUMING/FANTASY/and RE-ENACTING. WHY? It reminds me of what Rockwell used to say about attempting to "Talk a queer out of his perversion"! Around the globe, OTHER ( including many NON-Aryan ) Resistance Struggles HAVE progressed into ACTIONS against those who OPPRESS THEM...but HERE, its STILL "Fun & Games"...inspite of this NONSENSE having PROVEN to achieved NOTHING POSITIVE over all the years that its been going on. Next, the QUALITY of many of the PEOPLE "involved" in this "movement" is PITIABLE! Not only does the "movement" welcome with open arms...ANY FEATHERLESS BIPED...who "wants to join", no matter WHAT KIND OF A BUM-LOSER-CRIMINAL-DEGENERATE-NUTTER they might be - the very SAME can in most cases be said about the CREATURES whom the rank & file are WILLING to ACCEPT as their "LEADERSHIP". Reading back on past ANPReports...over the years, I have EXPOSED...SNITCHES,GAMBLERS, PORNOGRAPHERS, DRUNKS, BURGLERS, SEX-OFFENDERS, to name a FEW and yet in many cases...these SCUMBAGS are STILL in their "positions" causing irreparable HARM and SHAME to our supposedly "HOLY CAUSE"! Once again, WHY? Is it because in reality the "movement" IS the assortment of DEGENERATES that the enemy PORTRAYS it to be? By NOT dumping the TRASH...does the "movement" DRIVE AWAY...those DECENT PEOPLE who could/would be its SALVATION? Each and every day, I come home from WORK ( another thing we seem to find so offensive in our so-called "Workers Struggle" - at least among an awful LOT of the "LEADERSHIP-LEADING PERSONALITIES" in the "movement" ) and deal with ANP business. I probably spend almost the same amount of time "working for the movement" as I do my "real-world" job, yet it seems that that is just to be "expected" of myself and other ANP Staffers by "our supporters"...with NO "compensation" of ANY kind. Thats ok, as I don't think at this state ANYONE should be getting monies for their Service to the Folk. BUT, what sticks in my craw Comrades, is the "Sunshine Patriots" who IGNORE the COSTS that it takes to OPERATE a VIABLE organization of any kind. Back when I first got into this, an ANP Info Pack WAS $3...TODAY it is $5...yet, we actually get COMPLAINTS from people who believe that THEY should get these materials "FREE" - WHAT is FREE in the REAL WORLD? WHO is to PAY the COSTS...if not those people who wish to receive them? I cannot tell you the number of people who join organizations...ON THEIR OWN FREE WILL...fill out "applications" where they PLEDGE to donate a sum of money to SUPPORT that organization, and renege on it. WHY in hell did they BOTHER to "join" in the FIRST place? Are White Americans really SO flighty and "CLUELESS" in their lifestyles that their "ATTENTION SPANS" are worse than a five year olds? Is their "WORD and BOND" so valueless that you can DEPEND upon them for virtually NOTHING? Over my term of around 40 odd years, I have myself SEEN thousands "who were there"...and THEN...they were "GONE". YET I COULD STICK IT OUT IN MY FOXHOLE...WHY not THEM? Todays "Aryan" is a sorry animal, even Hitler couldn't do much with them in my eyes. And I'm NOT talking about the average "white sheeple" out there, I'm talking about those who make up the MASS of the "MOVEMENT". When you think that back in the 80's, the "Order" comprised about a DOZEN PEOPLE...hell, even getting together a Cell of 3or4 today could wreck havok on ZOG...yet, among ALL the POSTURERS, the DEMONSTRATORS, the PROTESTORS, the big/bad "tough" young SKINHEAD element...WHERE are our REAL RACIAL WARRIORS, like BOB MATHEWS and his Comrades? The MOST we SEE are "GYRATIONS" in front of a CAMERA by a bunch of carnival like street performers! LOL IF I was in ZOG's GULAG like the POW's are...I would be DYING INSIDE, that NO ONE has taken up the "baton" and CARRIED it any FURTHER. This so-called "movement" OUGHT to hide its head between its asscheeks in SHAME! What! Do I hear that catcall way in the back - "what about YOU Rock...WHY aren't YOU "doing it"? Do you YOUNG "BAD ASS'S"....REALLY...NEED a 54 year old codger, who HAS "paid his dues" over the SHOW YOU THE WAY/LEAD YOU BY THE HAND? "Muslims" around the world ( among others btw ) are WILLING to become human SUICIDE BOMBS for THEIR Struggle...yet, trying to get a few measly jew-bucks out of OUR SIDE...brings cries of "all you care about is money!" from the "TRUE BELIEVERS". LOL Its sickening. You know, Rockwell way back in the 1960's faced the same thing with these posers. HE got so pissed off with these creeps WASTING HIS TIME...that he came up with a cute little idea. When these frauds DESERTED the Party, and BROKE THEIR SIGNED WORD...HE sent their old applications on to the FBI. LOL Hey, Comrades - they HANG deserters in wartime, don't they? I thought he was letting them off pretty EASY myself. I can't imagine the "MOB" letting someone who joined THEM...just "walk away", eh. Its quite SIMPLE really...IF you DON'T wish to become INVOLVED...DON'T. No one "drafted" you. UNTIL this so-called "movement" gets REAL - gets SERIOUS - in the way it OPERATES and FUNCTIONS, it will REMAIN a JOKE and a sinecure for those FRIENDLESS LOSERS...who are really hoping to "join a CLUB or a GANG" to fill out those empty hours of a long, fruitless life. Comrades, you REALLY want to know "why" I no longer waste my time at all those endless "gatherings et al" that I USED to take part in? Beyond the FACT of them being a total WASTE of TIME/MONEY/EFFORT, and a watering-hole for SYSTEM-INFORMANTS...its BECAUSE I refuse to rub shoulders anymore with so many FREAKS that I would NEVER, EVER, again bring into my families home, much less "associate" with! Oh yes! Over the years I HAVE met and still associate with a number of GOOD, DECENT Aryans...but, they are SWAMPED by the CREATURES that I have known. If they haven't been outright CRETINS, many were WEAK, COWARDLY little men, with whom NOTHING Revolutionary could ever be expected, much less accomplished. If they didn't wimp out on you, they would fuck things up...and bring it all down on your head...through their ineptitude. While I was writing this, I received a call from a Comrade here in Michigan. It seems that that hollywood-nazi group, the "nsm" has made the newspaper again! Yep, apparently they were given an "Award" by ZOG...for PICKING UP GARBAGE in "UNIFORM" no less, in a city park! Can you just PICTURE that in your TRY HARD Comrades...George Lincoln Rockwell, OR better yet Adolf Hitler accompanied by Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler...all carrying bright orange garbage bags and poky-sticks...going along and gathering up Tyrons' KFC bag, Quanitas' kids crap filled diaper, and broken Malt liquer bottles and a smattering of used condoms and syringes over by the B-B-Q area! LOL WEEEELL! I sure hope that the "beloved public" has the "TRUE" picture of "WHAT" National Socialists "REALLY ARE" now! We AREN'T those steely-eyed, fanatical, diciplined promoters/defenders of Aryan Mankind...hell no!...Nazi's are in all reality just simple folks, who are apparently SOOOO DESPERATE for ZOGS "STAMP OF APPROVAL"...that they'll ( unlike Zogs prison population that are FORCED to pick up trash ) scurry around gathering up FILTH, to get a big wet ZOG KISS! Can this "movement" honestly SINK ANY LOWER? Maybe, perhaps we'll see these "Nazis" volunteering their time in a Methodone clinic yet, or an "Aids" center? Hey, com'on...ONCE you've STARTED along that path...Oi! boys, know the words to "KUMBIYA"? You folks out there - AM I REALLY THE "LAST OF MY KIND"? Has the kinder, gentler, ( PC )"movement" headed around the bend...leaving ME behind? Because, I sure as hell am NOT going to "join in"! Well Comrades, I've been "nastier" than usual today, and you know what...I still don't feen any better. In fact, reciting all of the above has given me a creepy "unclean" feeling that I am supposedly "related" to this whole situation. Let me leave you with this thought - LACK of DICIPLINE means "WHAT"? LACK of QUALITY CONTROL means "WHAT"? LACK of IDEOLOGICAL PRINCIPALS means "WHAT"? LACK of COMMON DECENCY and MORALS means "WHAT"? LACK of HONOR means "WHAT"? LACK of ACTION means "WHAT"? I could go on and on, but I'm sure you ALL get my point. IF one accepts ARE..."WHAT"? Just as "integration" did NOT "up lift" the negroes ( as the system promised it would ) but instead LOWERED the "LEVEL" of the Whites "integrated" does the ACCEPTANCE of all that I have related..."SET the TONE", of the "movement" as a whole. "Uniformed, hollywood-nazi GARBAGE pickers" for Zog...VOLUNTEERING no less, what more can I add? I need a bath and a beer. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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