ANP Report for July 10, 2005

Racial Comrades: Unlike most "racialists" out there, I always attempt NOT to have a "knee jerk" reaction to events that
occur and are "explained away" by the Zog "party line". While most anti-Zog fighters get a real high, whenever an act of
"anti-Zog" resistance occurs anywhere around the globe...this recent set of "bombings" in the U.K. make me a bit
suspicious. Now please be assured that I'm NOT some kind of "conspiracy freak", far from it. But, lets look at this
from another perspective. Whenever Zog wishes to enact more "SECURITY LAWS" "PROTECT the SHEEPLE"...but, in reality,
to REPRESS their "RIGHTS" further, "what" do they USUALLY "do"? Simple, they CREATE a "scenario" where the sheeple will
literally accept ANYTHING to "save them" from the "bad guys", as Sock Puppet in Chief Bush loves to call the anti-Zog
Resistance. Doesn't it stike anyone as "ODD", that just ONE DAY after Britain is awarded the upcoming "Olympic Games"
bid...( a REALLY BIG win for BIG BUSINESS, btw...) that these "terrorist attacks" occur? Well, NOW the Zog has a very
palpable "REASON" to just HAVE to enact more draconian "MEASURES" to ensure that all those INVESTMENTS in the modern
Olympic ( sadly ) CARNIVAL...WILL be "safe" from disruption, AND as an added adendum of course...the "LAWS" will STAY
ON THE BOOKS - for ever after! Lucky, "protected" ( surpressed ) Brits. And for those sorry individuals that sadly
believe that "Big Daddy" WOULDN'T kill off a few expendable people to achieve their goals...well, I'm sure your also
the folks who actually believe in the "War on Terror" excuse, that Imperial Corporate Zog likes to parrot around as
their excuse for the CAPITALIZATION, ie EXPLOITATION of the WORLD! LOL We receive many messages from people who believe
that the Aryan Resistance Struggle should NOT accept "help" from anti-Zog, non-White peoples'...simply BECAUSE they are
not Aryans. I think this is kind of a narrow viewpoint from a Revolutionary standpoint. Aren't there MILLIONS of nominal
"white" people who join and/or $UPPORT anti-White organizations and causes? This does not mean that we wish to "MIX"
with non-Aryans, OR support THEIR causes per se'. But, at THIS "stage of the game"...I believe that the ENEMY of my
ENEMY...CAN be a useful "supporter" or even temporary, tactical "ally"...determined by the situation at the moment.
To be such a "purist", to where it effects OUR ability to ACHIEVE OUR GOALS is not only idiotic...its down-right
CRIMINAL. Our slogan here must be - ANYTHING and EVERYTHING - to ACHIEVE those 14WORDS! A few people took umbrage
over my remark in last weeks ANPReport, about where I stated that the Movement needs to "RE-INVENT" itself, from the
sorry state that it finds itself in...IF we are to ever SUCCEED beyond being regarded as mad-eyed, drooling,
psycopathic "HATERS", or idiotic, nonsensical BUFFOONS. As a serious National Socialist IDEOLOGICAL-ACTIVIST...I myself
am tired of being percieved as both...driven by the antics of those who unfortunately revel in such a potrayal. As an
example of what I am talking about, I received a request from the disgusting tv program "Comedy Central" last week...asking
me to appear on a segment, where I was supposed to spout off a line of "anti-negro" nigger, coon,
jungle-bunny...ANYTHING nasty that I wished to babble forth, in a segment of their "program". Of course, I refused...asking
them btw, when they would be having a segment taking off on the "jews" - no reply, as of this time! LOL Comrades, just
"WHAT" would my appearance on "Comedy Central" have ACHIEVED...except...the FURTHERANCE cementing in the minds of the
people watching - that we National Socialists were EXACTLY "what" the hollywood jew has CLAIMED we are? Are we really
so DESPERATE to achieve "NOTORIETY" and "EXPOSURE" that someday, "one of us" will appear on the jew-tube RUBBING CRAP ON
OUR HEAD...simply to "get a little publicity"?! Comrades, while I am sure that each and every National Socialist reading
this will admit - that WE personally - are NOT the "end result" of what we would like to see, from a program of National
Socialist EUGENICS and SOCIAL EDUCATION...this still does NOT mean that we GIVE UP on the attempt to work towards
ACHIEVING that high and mighty goal! The fact that each and every day - WE STRIVE - to IMPROVE OURSELVES, is what sets
National Socialists APART from your "average racialist", who has NO IDEOLOGY to attempt to live up to. Comrades, lets
START "living" WHAT WE PREACH! Lets START embodying those VIRTUES that we HOLD! Lets QUIT "ACTING the PART" of those JEWISH
SCRIPT-WRITERS...who for so long, have "set the tone" of "what a Nazi is"! Comrades, LETS RE-INVENT OURSELVES INTO A
PEOPLE THAT ADOLF HITLER, and OUR ANCESTORS would be PROUD of! To be an "Aryan", means to be NOBLE...lets start LIVING
the REALITY of that word! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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