ANP Report for July 03, 2005

Racial Comrades: Once again we celebrate "Revolution Day", here in America... and its sad so many have FORGOTTEN "what it
is" they are supposedly remembering...what with the "sales", bar-b-q's, and opportunities to get stoned. Our ANCESTORS
had no qualms at all, DECLARING REVOLUTION against a system that they percieved to be against their best interests, so
I wonder "WHY" so many even among the "Racial Right" feel that coming right out and DECLARING IT AGAIN...and "DOING" such a "far out" idea? Could it be that our FORE-FATHERS had COURAGE and PRINCIPALS and a SENSE of HONOR that
so very few in the "movement" seem imbued with at the present moment? lol Could you imagine for a second, that Thomas
Paine, or George Washington would have thought that "protesting" the British would have freed our Folk from the Iron
Heel of the English "Crown"? What about Francis Marion the "Swamp Fox", or "Mad Anthony" Wayne...would they have
"demonstrated" with placards OR FIGHT for their FREEDOM? When I look around at the "movement leadership" after
having been involved myself for decades - what do I see? With basically the LONE EXCEPTION of Comrade Tom Metzger...they
are ALL...advocating the SAME OLD Stratigies & Tactics of the PAST 40 YEARS. "Actions" that have gotten us to the "POINT"
where we ARE today. DEFEAT and FAILURE have been literally ACCEPTED in the Movement, simply through repetition of the
inevitable! Look at that recent "rally" that was held over at Yorktown Battlefield several weeks ago. Around a hundred
costumed fantacists and their hangers-on, assembled together in an OPEN FIELD and basically ( except for the 500 "anti-fa"
protesting them ) PREACHED to EACH OTHER! There wasn't even a crowd of the "people" to talk, when we start to
think that a MEASLY HUNDRED people of our persuasion...gathered together to hold a "Hate-in", is a "VICTORY" - well, we
are indeed in a sorry state. In the old days, we USED to get numbers in the THOUSANDS! Except for the "feel good" of
"getting together"...just WHAT did Yorktown ACHIEVE? ALL the TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY...that was wasted on an effort that
HURT ZOG not one teeny, weeny iota! Not to mention, ALL of the people who were OUTED to the SYSTEM, by simply ATTENDING
such a worthless circle-jerk. To a degree I HAVE to blame the RANK&FILE who participate in these circus's, but on the
whole it's the FANTASY "LEADERSHIP" who PROMOTES these "activities" that are to blame. These "leaders" are SUPPOSED to
be the "best" that the accumulated "movement" has to offer, and sad to many cases, they are not only sub-standard
individuals...but, FAKES, LOSERS, CON-MEN and CRIMINALS to boot. Lets take a CLOSE LOOK at the fellow who organized this
Yorktown affair - a "Commander" ( who unlike Naval Commander George Lincoln Rockwell - who WAS a real Commander ) JEFF
SCHOEP ( who was never even in any branch of the military...guess he just likes "looking military", eh? ), who heads the
Hollywood Nazi group - the "NSM". For many years, I have received reports about Schoep from people who fed up with his
character, had left the NSM...but, never having any real "corraborative" FACTS to back up their statements...I held off
speaking about them, feeling that perhaps they might simply be "back-biting rumors", or pissing-contest slams that occur
often enough in the "movement". Then last week I received the following link from one of the "Commanders" former
"Officers".- I realize that this is from the enemy, but the FACTS are there, or is LIBEL and SLANDER no longer a CRIME? . Sometimes the movement tends to think that "everything"
the enemy says is "lies"...when the truth IS...the movement itself, GIVES them a ton of "ammunition" to utilize against
us, per the type of people we allow with-in our ranks. ( Hey, this guy LOVES "publicity", I guess that when you have
"SKELETONS in your CLOSET", you ought to beware that someone just MIGHT find out about them, eh ). I suggest that you take
the time to read the whole article. Basically it is a story about Schoep that was in the Minneapolis Star Tribune,
Schoeps' hometown newspaper...and IF it isn't TRUE...I wonder why Schoep hasn't SUED for defamation of character? In a
nutshell, Schoep already having had a long string of "petty crimes" on his 1998 PLED GUILTY to a $4,000
BURGLARY which time ( 1998 ) he was unemployed, but actively the "Commander" of his group. According to
the article...he is STILL...UNEMPLOYED to this day! Beyond the FACT of "WHAT DOES HE LIVE ON" ( along with his wife
and seven kids...I have been told welfare, but I cannot confirm that, I suppose it could be donations or a Zog check... )
I have a real problem with the "OUTCOME" of his GUILTY PLEA. You see Comrades, when ZOG has a chance to REALLY SLAM a
"leader of a WELL-KNOWN Nazi group"...and he PLEADS GUILTY...and is given a slap on the wrist, "PROBATION" - well, DON'T
drags down on the of flimsiest "evidence"...and SCHOEP "WALKS"! Call me overly cautious - but SOMETHING stinks there.
And I'm warning all of you to THINK OVER ANY "ASSOCIATION" that you might have with this "lucky" guy. Now beyond all
this - I also have to ASK all of you - IS THIS TYPE OF INDIVIDUAL the "very best" that the "movement" can come up with
to REPRESENT "NATIONAL SOCIALISM"? If your answer is "Yes", than I think that we can understand quite CLEARLY the "WHY"
of the Struggles' collective FAILURE over the past ARE willing to not only "ACCEPT" sub-standard people in
the "rank&file" as long as they can nominally "pass as white" are ALSO willing to tolerate THIEVES, UNEMPLOYABLE
BUMS, COWARDS ( who allow their WIVES to take the "fall" FOR them...) and MENTAL your "LEADERS"! Jesus!
Need I say MORE? Hell, Schoep even APPOINTS "REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS" as his "OFFICERS" that JOHN SNYDER who is
his "NSM Indiana State Leader"! Comrades, what would ADOLF HITLER or GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL "SAY"? But, YOU think its
"OK"? THAT Comrades, is just ONE BIG REASON that I refuse to "ally" the ANP to ANY other org out there. So many are simply
SUB-STANDARD individuals that I don't wish to associate with...beyond the SECURITY factor, as well. I regularly get
messages from folks who feel dis-spirited and that it's basically "all over", because of the sad case of the movement
today. I personally feel just the OPPOSITE! You see, as the situation worsens, we WILL be finding more WORTHWHILE people
attracted to our Cause. As well, the "New Path" activities of the SERIOUS ANTI-ZOG Struggle has a vital Trump in the Hole,
so to speak....WE don't have to DEPEND on "numbers" as does the silly "protest choir" of the Old Our
World - "ONE" can "GET THE JOB DONE" - just as EFFECTIVELY as fifty! It simply takes INTELLIGENCE, PREPARATION and
COURAGE...things that I will admit, ARE sadly lacking in most of the old Con-servative/Right-wing! LOL So you see
Comrades, the FUTURE holds much in the way of OPPORTUNITIES to the REAL REVOLUTIONARY...who doesn't NEED...his or her
HAND BEING HELD by the "Mighty Poohbah". Chester Doles, just before he was scooped up by the ZOG...stated that he was
LEAVING the "NA/Publicity" game...BECAUSE he felt that 25% of the movement was SNITCHES and NARCS...he didn't mention
how many he thought were worthless losers and dysfunctionals, but I can guess. lol Since his unintended "role" as a
"holder of demos and gatherings" was about to be ended, ZOG took him out of the picture - of what WORTH would he be
to THEM - going "UNDERGROUND"? Think about it - HARD. "THIS" is no longer a GAME, its no longer "something to do" when
your bored, or have time on your hands. It's "WAR" Comrades, its BEEN war since the 1960's...the ONLY ones not ACCEPTING
this situation seems to be "THE MOVEMENT". And perhaps THAT has been the "PURPOSE" behind much of the so-called
"leadership" that has led our Cause into the PAPER-TIGER FRAUD...that it IS today. I remember Revolutionary Klan Leader
Bob Miles writing long ago about the ENEMY who screams at us to " TAKE OFF THE MASKS ", how US "exposing ourselves" to
the persecution of those who hate us, was their most desired WISH. Well Comrades, how about YOUR OWN "leaders"...who
encourage YOU to DO the EXACT SAME THING? Or, as Rockwell used to say: " Do you REALLY have to drink that WHOLE carton
of milk to realize its SOUR "? On this Revolution Day we need to start "RE-INVENTING" ourselves into WHAT the ENEMY
would prefer us NOT to "BE". If not, I can PROMISE you that Revolution Day 2010...most of the movement will still be
playing "RE-ENACTMENT" games. Hey, I wonder - do you think in the FUTURE - there will be people RE-ENACTING "US"...being
STUPID? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Note - You may
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