ANP Report for June 25, 2005

Racial Comrades: Nigger, nigger, nigger/jew, jew, jew...ok, now that THAT'S out of the way - we can get down to some SERIOUS discussion. Many people lost in their own little dream-worlds of eating, sleeping and "having fun"...still haven't quite grasped just how FAR this corrupt judeo-capitalist system has gone down the dark hole of self-destruction. Let me give you some statistics that may well open your minds, and give your soul a bit of HOPE, in the eventual demise of the beast. The CURRENT GOVERNMENT DEBT - Federal-State-Local - IS $53 TRILLION dollars! The "average" "Household Personal Debt" is $84,454...PLUS...add on that Government debt, divided up among the American people at $473,456 a PERSON! These facts were recently released by the "Congessional Budget Office", which also stated - that in addition, SOCIAL SECURITY has a $12.7 TRILLION in obligations it cannot meet for CURRENT workers and retiree's. And, MEDICARE has a $30 TRILLION unfunded liability for people NOW in the system! Just how "MUCH" is $30 TRILLION? Well, the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT - the ENTIRE economic output of the U.S.A. last year - was $11 TRILLION dollars. Thomas Saving, a Sock-Puppet in Chief Bush appointee...over at the "Medicare and Social Security Board"...recently stated that: " THESE NUMBERS ARE STAGGERING IN THEIR MAGNITUDE"! Duh, And Comrades, that's UNDERSTATING each year, the INTEREST on these debts keep on COMPOUNDING and GROWING larger. There is virtually no way out for this VAMPIRIC EVIL to continue, unless it #1 CREATES a WORLD WAR or #2 GUTS the WEALTH of the 3% who CONTROL 85% of the wealth of America...and I seriously doubt them taking the second choice! LOL On the subject of the Imperial Corporate conquest of the Globe...USING YOUR CHILDREN AS THE CANNON FODDAR TO ATTEMPT IT...the ZOG Military has failed in the past four months to even "reach its recruiting goals" - in May they were 25% BELOW their declared needs! Loren Thompson, a "Pentagon Advisor" says: " The trend in recruiting is so negative, we're not confident that we will have the CURRENT Army, in two years!" This, when ZOG is upping the "re-enlistment bonus" to $40,000! Hey! WHERE are all those "FLAG WAVING/ZOG LOVERS" when you NEED them? LOL! But what has got the ZOG military REALLY nervous, is the fact that " their pool of recruits" for NEXT YEAR is virtually EMPTY, giving them no cushion to begin the year 2006! It's comical in a way, with ZOG having to rely on HALF its force in Iraq being "RESERVISTS", and recruiters only needing to recruit TWO PEOPLE a month to achieve their goals...and they still can't make them. When a system's populace refuses to JOIN its MILITARY and DEFEND IT...we're half-way there Comrades. I strongly suggest that the American Insurgent Struggle begin PREPARING its ANTI-DRAFT propaganda. This will be a MAJOR ISSUE for us to EXPLOITE among the White Working Class population...when it finally, and it WILL....occurs. Let me also state CLEARLY in advance...that IF the movement...attempts to utilize this issue, dressed in COSTUMES and trying to "insert" already proven to be ineffective "TACTICS", or without a cleverly "CAMOUFLAGED" campaign of subversion to the will once again, per usual FAIL. We are going to HAVE to be able to BLEND IN and CONNECT with the "PEOPLE". Our propaganda is going to HAVE to APPEAR "SERIOUS"...and NOT something that a "Steven Speilberg-made in Hollywood" would create "FOR" us to distribute. Are you folks UNDERSTANDING my MEANING here? I'm sure the more intelligent among you do, and the others are going to plaster their messages with Skull&Crossbones, Swazi's, Rebel flags, slurs et al...all the while wearing their "Halloween" finery...trying to "steal the show", and of course BLOW IT for the serious among us. Comrades, when the Bolshevik Revolution started up in Russia in 1917...Lenin was in SWITZERLAND, with his handfull of pals...rehashing for the umpteenth time "why they were getting no where". Next thing he knew, there was UNREST to EXPLOIT, and they were literally caught off guard, and unprepared to deal with it... Well, WE now KNOW for a fact that VERY SOON - "THINGS ARE GOING TO BE HAPPENING"..."doors of opportunity" ARE going to be OPENING. I SUGGEST WE TAKE ADVANTAGE TO THE TIME-FRAME AVAILABLE TO US...and GET TO WORK! DUMP all the silliness, and concentrate on BUILDING the Revolutionary Framework that will enable us to be a SERIOUS PLAYER in the historical days that are fast approaching! The movement will only have itself to blame, if we too were caught "PIDDLING AROUND" in FANTASY BULLSHIT...when we finally had the opportunity to pull the plug on the whole rotten shebang. History, like Time...stands still for no one...QUIT the facination of "RE-ENACTING" the PAST...and together, lets CREATE the FUTURE! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Note - Tired of the kosher propaganda parading as "cartoons" today? Wish you and your kids could ENJOY...good ol'fashioned RACIAL CARTOONS ( yes, RACIST- They were common in the "old days" ) of yesteryear? Well, for a $10 donation we have a several hour collection on video-tape. NO foulwords, NO race-mixing, No GD "ROBOTS"! Please CASH or MONEY ORDER only.

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