ANP Report for June 19, 2005

Racial Comrades: Today, I thought that I would share with you once again, another letter I received - and my replies to the statements posed by the sender. I hope that they are enlightening to you, as well as informative... ROCK

1. Dear Comrade R Suhayda:

National Socialist greetings! My name is Michael C. a 38 year old National Socialist living in H. PA My phone number is ( 717 ) XXX-XXXX I have been reading your ANP reports and I am in complete agreement with the TRUTH that you speak about the state of the so-called "movement". I like your recent report about there grasshoppers who jump from state to state when instead they should be concentrating on ONE central geographic area in order to build a strong hold like the blue print in Mein Kampf.

How is it that the ANP has not grown in size or political success under your dynamic leadership? You are only telling the truth in your ANP reports and I would be honored to join your ranks and serve our folk under your leadership! Its time to get serious and work for our future! I am at your service please send me more information my address is as follows:

First let me state, why not change the name to National Socialist American Worker's Party ( N.S.A.W.P. ) I think it is more in tune with traditional National Socialism than American Nazi Party which almost sounds like a Mockery or some kind of joke instead, I believe that by using the proper name we sound more Political and more professional also we are the American Workers Party so we appeal to the American worker so that we find a common ground with our name a program.

Secondly, If you believe in the blue print of Mein Kamp or traditional National Socialism or the History of our movement you will find that EVERY ONE either wore an Armband with civilian clothes or they belonged to the SA or SS. If we are true National Socialist we are going to need a uniformed SA to protect any speakers and to keep order at our PUBLIC meeting's Yes, that's right I said PUBLIC meeting just like in the early day things have not changed that much with the Jews and while we still have a little freedom left why shouldn't we have an SA or SS You know that to be a National Socialist means to be a POLITICAL SOLDIER!

We cant have victory or win any political power with-out mass pubic support we must win over the hearts and minds of the people first and we cant do this by sneaking around at night putting fliers on windshields or sitting around hiding behind a computer hoping that the masses will Find our wed-site!

Please consider what I have stated and remember that I am not yet a member but what I have stated here is my own opinion.

Sincerely, Your Comrade

Michael C.

I will attempt to answer your queries in order - (A) Why no dramatic "growth"? Very simple in that we are Revolutionaries in a Pre-Revolutionary time. If I remember properly, the German people were deep in depression, and totally desperate...and given up on the "system"...before they chose Adolf Hitler and National Socialism to lead them to a better life. Secondly, and very importantly in my mind...the National Socialist movement of past decades here in America are to blame as well. They have DRIVEN the masses of "normal" people AWAY, by their SILLY ANTICS, their ACCEPTANCE of DYSFUNCTIONALS as "Comrades", and their tired adherence to the PAST and its TRAPPINGS, instead of the FUTURE...of White America. Lets be reflective here, can you RECOGNIZE a "Communist" by his/her "APPEARANCE"? Of course not! That is why they were able to so easily INFILTRATE into the lairs of their opponents. National Socialism is an IDEOLOGY, just as Communism is...yet, so many so-called "Nazi's" seem to believe that unless they are attired to look like Heinrich Himmler...they aren't "TRUE" NS. And lets face it Comrades, unlike militaristic, early 20th century Germany...the U.S. and its citizens are NOT into either DICIPLINE, nor "Militaristic Dress-up". To the average American Aryan, its an immediate TURN OFF. How can you even "connect" with a person, IF your costume, and your "terminology" is discerned as totally "foreign" from the git go? (B) Why the ANP name? Once again its very simple. Ask the average American ( apart from the typical European ) "what" a "National Socialist" IS...and they can't honestly tell you! They are so politically STUPID, that at best you'll get a reply that NS is some kind of "Left-wing Red". LOL They UNDERSTAND - NAZI. Unlike "NA" and other orgs that with a wink and a nod, whisper that "yeah, we're really Nazis...", the American Nazi Party doesn't try to "FOOL" anyone. We are seeking those few, who at this stage PROPERLY understand the National Socialist IDEOLOGY...and are willing to advance it in a serious manner. George Lincoln Rockwell once stated that he would have called us the "Purple People Eaters Party", IF that would advance our agenda. As for "nazi" being a derogatory term...well, I have a pamphlet written by Joseph Goebbles...called "The Nazi- Sozi". I'm quite sure that he wouldn't have used the "nick-name" if it was so "derogatory", eh. (C) The "COSTUMES & TRAPPINGS" again. (sigh) You remind me a bit of those "traditionalists" whom Hitler talks about in Mein Kampf...who INSISTED on wearing the "bear-skins and horned helmets of Viking times...", OPEN Mein Kampf and READ his views on such matters! Hitler believed in EVOLVING and PROGRESSION FORWARD...not STAGNATION, or "the past"...simply because "thats the way it was done"! The ANP has kept the NS IDEOLOGY "rock hard" in our interpretation - yet, PROGRESSIVE in our "OUTREACH" and PROJECTION. Look, I have "done it all", since I first joined Rockwell's ANP back in 1967 at the age of 16. I marched, attended rallies and demo's, ran for local elections, handed out literature...most of it in "Stormtrooper" uniform. After DECADES of American Nazi's getting literally NO- WHERE...I finally REALIZED that we were going about it incorrectly...we were more into SHOVING the "TRAPPINGS" into unsympathetic peoples faces which only angered and confused them, and now we have LEARNED and have ADAPTED to "our times", not simply a "RE-ENACTMENT" of long ago. And we are having better SUCCESS attracting people who are seriously interested in the NS IDEOLOGY, than shocking folks by wearing an armband, et al. A "Political Soldier" fights as a GUERRILLA when the times call for it. (D) Win over the support of the brain-dead zomboids? HOW? WHY? They are cowardly, selfish, honorless CONSUMERS for the most part, who don't give a flying fig about ANYTHING...but, "ME". I THOUGHT that Hitler taught in Mein Kampf that - "We need to seek out that MINORITY, who embodies the MAJORITY of the WILL and DETERMINATION to ACT"! This is the 21st CENTURY! Not the 1920's, OR even the 60's. THINGS ARE VERY DIFFERENT! We NEED to ACT DIFFERENTLY - to a totally DIFFERENT SITUATION. I COULD hand out leaflets on the corner in 1969, dressed as a Stormtrooper...try that today, and you'll be scooped up faster than you can say "ZOG". Want to know "what" changed my views on "public activity" in large part? OK, I'll give you a short view - we of course have always faced harrassment by our enemies, but several years ago I went out with a dozen Comrades ( day-light, in plain clothes, btw ) house-to-house, putting free materials on peoples porches. We were all arrested, sat ALL DAY in jail...and fined $50 a piece. Sooo- instead of day-time, the Comrades went out at night, tossing onto driveways...well, me being "WELL KNOWN", the Chief Pig went on TV and declared he knew "who was behind it, duh"...and I was subjected to a week-long TV-Spy "Nazi Neighbor" series on the jew-tube, my home and work was "visited" by the "media", cops, even the "FBI"...and of course, I lost my 24 year job, with all the "tid-bits" ( like "black-balling" to other decent employment ) that that includes. I was even REFUSED "Unemployment Comp"! After working there 24 years! PLEASE, don't tell ME about all the "freedom" we have left. YOU want to wear a glowing BRIGHT RED uniform onto the battlefield today, be my guest - I prefer CAMOUFLAGE now. Of course, I'VE EVOLVED. Its strange, but everytime I hear of some "neo-nazi" being nailed by ZOG...he turns out to have been one of those "WALKING BILLBOARDS"...virtually a " LOOK at ME " persona, who damned well SEEMED to want to attract PROBLEMS unto himself. Though, I haven't seen ONE ANP Comrade pulled down by the enemy lately, or at least having been "exposed" as one. Perhaps its the different "standard" of people we accept into association as well, we DON'T welcome in ANY FEATHERLESS BIPED...who wears an "armband" and shrieks "SIEG HEIL", as a "Comrade". lol Forget about the "masses" and the "Great Poohbah" swaying them with those rousing speeches...the INTERNET is our 21st Century "Beer Hall". It's cost-effective, and EASILY FOUND by those who SINCERELY wish to make contact. WHO doesn't have ACCESS somewhere to a computer these days? Just type in "NAZI" - and the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY is on the TOP of the web-search page! As a last note, let me state CLEARLY - there is ONLY ONE THING - that is going to bring SUCCESS to our National Socialist Agenda. And that is the eventual DESTRUCTION of this evil, decadent, corrupt, judeo-capitalist SYSTEM! Our every waking minute should be attuned towards that end, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that hastens that destruction should be our GOAL. ANYTHING that INHIBITS, SLOWS, DIVERTS, or MISDIRECTS our efforts towards that goal...must be smashed and overcome! The SMALLEST "PIN- PRICK" that "BLEEDS the BEAST" is 1000 times better...than ALL the "FUN & GAMES" that the National Socialist movement WASTED its time, money, and efforts upon for the past 40 years! A "NAZI" is simply a person who "BELIEVES" in the IDEOLOGY of "NATIONAL SOCIALISM". BUT, let me remind you that Adolf Hitler stated clearly - " IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO SIMPLY SAY "I BELIEVE", A TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST MUST PROCLAIM - "I FIGHT!". And how many can honestly proclaim THAT? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Notes -The following videotapes are available for a $10 donation each - (A) George Lincoln Rockwell Biography (B) Michigan Nazis ( my own personal "carreer" spanning decades of activities, rallies, demo's, riots, JDL picketting my home, literature distributions - all Old Path activities, NOT recommended to todays activist ) (C) Jew Suss/Eternal Jew combo (D) Triumph of the Will (1934 Party Rally German) (E) Hitler Youth Quex ( 1930's NS German) (F) Stormtrooper Brand ( 1930's NS German-SEE what REAL Stormtroopers looked, acted, went through during the Kampf-Zeit ) (G) Nazi Sniper Training Film ( 1940's German ) (H) Men Against Tanks ( 1940's NS German training film ) (I) The Horst Wessel Funeral Film ( 1930's NS German ) (J) March for the Fuhrer-Hitler Youth Day ( 1930's NS German ) (K) Waffen SS in Combat ( 1940's NS Newsreels) ALL GERMAN FILMS HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES/ENGLISH DUBBING. PLEASE $UPPORT OUR EFFORTS - CASH/MONEY ORDERS ONLY.

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