ANP Report for June 12, 2005

Racial Comrades: As the summertime is upon us, and the warm weather seems to draw out the costumed grasshoppers, who jump from one location to another around the their endless quest for "publicity" ( always NEGATIVE - always the exact opposite of how we would prefer that we were recognized to BE. At least I HOPE so... ) from the judeo/systemite newsmedia...INSTEAD of CONCENTRATING their efforts in ONE location, as Adolf Hitler laid out in his blue-print book Mein as to actually BUILD strength "somewhere", as a power-base to work from. But, then again do these people really wish to build a solid STRONGHOLD, whether large or small - or is it simply a silly GAME to garner "headlines" ( no matter how horrible ), with which to fill their little scrapbooks of clippings...and of course, to wave in front of the "examples" of LOOK AT ME - SEE WHAT WE ARE "DOING" in agitating the "jews and niggers"? For let us be honest here, little else is GAINED by such simpleton activity, EXCEPT PERHAPS - A cronicle of Bubba in Wonderland - (A) A lot of TIME, MONEY, and EFFORT is wasted. Wasted, simply because of the FACT that these impotant "rallies", "marches", and "demonstrations"...DON'T really REACH the intended MASSES, with the INTENDED MESSAGE! And all those efforts COULD have been utilized in grass-roots efforts, where the participants actually live. Now, after paying for the "show", there is little for the real, important work at home. (B) All this time, the system has reviewed so many past activities of this kind, that they have devised a very simple REMEDY. Its called "exclusion", and what it means is that - yes, they ALLOW them - but, site the activity FAR AWAY from the intended audience, shunted off into some obscure venue where the participants basically SPEAK to THEMSELVES! lol Now what good is that? (C) The ZOG now also has laid down ground-rules for the participants, which include IDENTIFYING each and every participant, and usually PHOTOGRAPHING them as well, as they provide "transportation" ( for their safety, of course...) to the enclosure, where the clowns put on their costumed act. (D) Now, of course we all know of the many outright FREAKS, DYSFUNCTIONALS, and RABID IDIOTS that just LOVE these chances to make EXHIBITIONISTS of themselves, but have you ever considered the MOLES and INFORMANTS that ZOG has filtered in, to ADD to the "SHOW"? Never really thought about that UGLY, SLOPPY FAT, BEARDED guy, covered with all sorts of carnival-like TATTOO'S, who desperately NEEDS a BATH...swearing, waving his arms, and screaming obcenities...was SENT in there, just to CREATE such a wonderful "poster-boy" appearance of what "HATEFUL NAZIS" look/act like for the jewsmedia to hold up to the "masses" for their ignorant consumption? Or, maybe even to "start up" an "incident" that gets people - arrested, fined, jailed? (E) Lets not forget all the NARCS and INFORMANTS that mingle around, acting like your best pal or long lost brother...garnering INFORMATION and PLANTING SEEDS in naive peoples minds, who childishly believe that "everyone there" screeching "White Power!" is "one of us"...while the recording spools spin, picking up their WIRED conversations, and the HIDDEN CAMERA gets a nice view of each clueless conversationalist. lol (F) Lets proceed after the fun & games is over, after the cops have pulled over anybody "suspicious" and "SUSPECTED" of ANYTHING, and searched their vehicles as well as the occupants ( remember, they got ALL that INFORMATION earlier to delve into...?) and our buddy Bubba has finally gotten home. AND... (G) His little ol' PICTURE was SEEN by his NEIGHBORS, his FAMILY, his WORKMATES/SCHOOLMATES, his BOSS. Yep, there was ol' Bubba in his "HATEFUL COSTUME"...just "HOW" to "EXPLAIN that AWAY"!? (H) Well, unless he's very LUCKY...he's harrassed, he's demoted, he's FIRED from his job! (I) His kids are harrassed and bullied at SCHOOL...not only from the kids, but the pro-ZOG Staff as well. (J) On the block where he lives, his family and home are a TARGET for those who "disagree" with his views. (K) Soon, family "friends" as well as family members themselves are "distancing" themselves from him and his. (L) His WIFE is not too "HAPPY" with all this.... You can finish this tale by yourself, IF it is REALLY EVER "finished", once you have been OUTED and TARGETED by ZOG. You see Comrades, basically the ONLY ONE who honestly "got anything" positive out of this whole worthless affair, was the MIGHTY POOHBAH ( who usually DOESN'T HAVE A JOB TO LOSE or a POT TO PISS IN...) who can now promote himself as a "Great Leader", who really showed those "niggers & kikes" a thing or two! When in reality, a proper leader would have put the INTERESTS of his ADHERENTS...FIRST...not, utilizing them as expendable "CANNON FODDAR" to feed his inflated EGO, and risking THEIR ENTIRE LIVES for a momentary CIRCUS, that in the end result...PROFITED "WHAT" and "WHOM"? I'm not really a stupid man, and if I was in ZOG's place, I would LOVE such OUTINGS of dissidents to this evil, corrupt, capitalist system. THINK ABOUT IT. Hell, I would CREATE such organizations that promoted such tactics, and secretly FINANCE and PROTECT the fool/tool who arranged such "events". WOULDN'T YOU? Think of all the effort that it saves ZOG, just having the dissidents EXPOSING themselves for honestly NEGATIVE couldn't be much simpler if they simply filled out FORMS and HANDED them over to ZOG in the first place! I know, I've stated all this before...but, I just felt the need to WARN the NEWBI'S...since just about nobody else cares to do so. In todays Capitalist Empire, its NOT "1930", or even "1966"...ITS THE 21st CENTURY...and Comrades, THINGS HAVE CHANGED! Except for much of this stagnated, outdated, and UN-innovative thing called "The Movement". Well, we of the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY...HAVE "CHANGED"...we have EVOLVED. Joseph Tommassi saw the truth of the changing situation way back in the 1970's with his National Socialist Liberation Front. He canned the Hollywood-Nazi crap, and began to get down and dirty with the SYSTEM. They took him out in one of their clever little "operations"... With his demise, the scene was basically cleared for the Costumed-Campaigners to DEVOLVE...BACK INTO...the Phase One activities of Lincoln Rockwells very EARLY days, when Rockwell MADE it WORK, until the jews came up with what they called their "QUARANTINE" approach. Which they have now honed to a fine art. Then even HE was fast moving away into a more intelligent, militant approach. Until then, he too was killed... Comrades, IF your into "role-playing" and seeking attention at any price, by all means...sacrifice yourself upon the high altar of the PUBLICITY WHORE PRIESTS. IF though - you are deadly SERIOUS in bringing down the PLAGUE that infests our NATION, and threatens our FOLK - and are determined to play a REALISTIC ROLE in bringing about its collapse and the eventual resurgance of Aryan Mankind, consider OUR alternative New Path Stratigies and Tactics. So far, they WORK - and that is a hell of a lot more than can be said of the old Con-servative, right-wing gimmicks of we can clearly comprehend from the "success" of the past 40 years. The ANP - for those who seek a NEW PATH towards Racial Survival and Social Justice for Working Class Whites! for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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