ANP Report for June 06, 2005

Racial Comrades: There is a new motion picture coming out called "Cinderella Man". Now I have only seen "excerpts" about it...but I know the story...and I think it is one that "New Path Racialists" will enjoy. It is about Aryan Irish boxer Jim Braddock, who fought back in the 20's-30's during the depression days, and it is a true story of an Aryan who through determination and toughness...made it against all odds, to be a winner. If you like to see a White man pounding on negro "hollywood hero's", and even an ugly, arrogant JEW SUPREMACIST ( boxer Max Baer, the father of "Jethro" of the Beverly Hillbillies ) who wore a HUGE "Star of David" on his boxing'll love this movie, and the story behind it. Talking about "toughness", down in the New Orleans area a short time ago - David Duke and his band of Ink Pot Warriors from around the globe...met for another mutual I'm OK-Your OK circlejerk. Their basic "protocol" this time ( remember last years? They agreed not to EXPOSE each others "SKELETINS in their CLOSETS" per their backgrounds and histories! LOL ) was both amusing and revealing to just WHERE they STAND on the achievement of those 14WORDS and SOCIAL JUSTICE for White Working Class people everywhere. After just about everybody there, gave a "speech" to everybody else in turn...they "agreed" that being "TOO OPEN" about their "RACIAL BELIEFS" was not the "correct" path to follow, and that instead...the "POPULIST" approach ( read "CON-servative ) was MUCH "better", in attracting much less "ABUSE" and "NEGATIVE PUBLICITY" from the JEWS and their SYSTEMITE toadies...and therefore hoping to be portrayed as "Good ol'Boys", ala George Wallace, etc...( who SOLD us all OUT back in the "Old Days"! ) was the proper way to " touch up their collective image. lol Seems that Dukes' jet-setting around the world has made him pals like "Nick Griffen" of the English "BNP"...( yeah, the same fellow who laid a HOLOCAUST REMEMBERENCE WREATH a few years ago, and has welcomed NON-Whites to run as "candidates" representing the BNP in local elections over in long as they have "the correct CON-servative viewpoint"!? and has expelled members who are "too racial radical". lol )...and given him food for thought about how he can "RE-CREATE" a "NEW IMAGE" for himself, and milk the old right-wingers for more of their cash, and keep on keeping on...avoiding having to buy that old WORK ALARM CLOCK. Comrades, since WHEN has "TURNING BACK THE CLOCK" ever brought the movement any "SUCCESS"? Hell, even when the MOVEMENT did pony-up the monies to back Duke and get him elected on his PROMISES to "BE OUR WHITE RACIAL SPOKESMAN"...just WHAT did we SEE...when OUR MONIES and OUR EFFORTS, did make it possible to get him a seat in those hallowed Halls of Whoredom? DID HE EVER SPEAK OUT AS AN ANGRY WHITE MAN ON OUR BEHALF? Or, did he ACT JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER CREEPS SITTING THERE, POSING AS A "CON-SERVATIVE", and NEVER ONCE uttering ONE WORD about RACE or the JEWS? Listen, "POPULISM" means CATERING to the lowest common denominator - the idiotic, brainless, moronic "MASSES". Since when did the "masses" CARE about the Race Crisis, or the Jew wire-pullers behind the scenes? What are these cowards going to "DO"? Babble on about "crime", "overcrowding", "lowering standards", "the border", and all the OTHER "catch phrases" that the CON-SERVATIVES FOOLED US WITH for so many years...thinking that "secretly they were one of us" Strom Thurmond, who it turns out, was BONING a NEGRO MISTRESS for decades? I for one am fed up and done with these PHONIES with their "KEY WORDS" and "WINKS and NODS"...all the while, FOOLING US and doing their best to slime their way up to the public trough among the ZOGS, to suck on the taxpayers teat! I say this LOUD and CLEAR - IF THE ENEMY DOESN'T HATE YOU OPENLY, and COMPLETELY - YOU ARE NOT IN OUR CAMP. IF you bed down with the ENEMY - YOU ARE THE ENEMY. There is NO "compromise", NO "weaseling in", NO "fooling the people, for their own good"...that will bring SUCCESS to our agenda. It was TRIED years ago, and it FAILED. Lets face it like grown men and women - WE LOST the first round, and lets get over it and get started on round number two! For decades, the movement TRIED "education", it TRIED "the soft peddle", it TRIED "Mr. Nice Guy"...and WHERE has it landed US? Every single DAY, we awaken to a WORSENED situation...and yet so many are STILL looking for that "EASY WAY OUT". Well Comrades, there is no "easy way out" NOW...your selfish, cowardly greed has seen to that. When perhaps we COULD have "used the political system" to at least STABILIZE our racial situation...far too many were "too busy" to get involved. Now we are an OCCUPIED PEOPLE...just as much as any Iraqi or Palestinian is. And its time to step up to the plate, like Jim Braddock DID. But, getting "your hands dirty" is soooo "un-American" in these days and times, eh? Well, Life has a nasty tendency to deal in REALITIES and not "fantasy worlds", and it reserves the FRUITS of SUCCESS for those willing to go ALL THE WAY to grasp them. In todays, plastic, judeo-capitalist world..."success" goes to those who are the most depraved. Those who are the worst LIARS, SLIMEBALLS, and PROSTITUTES that de-evolution ever created...are the ones who "get it all". And yet, that is ONLY because todays "white people" have become such ball-less COWARDS, and/or have bought INTO this evil system...that they have NO HONOR, NO MORALS, NO DIGNITY...they are simply grubby, fornicating, CONSUMERS. Do you realize that here in the "U.S.", there are reportedly around 100 MILLION USERS of "VIAGRA" type products? These human worms can't even get a NORMAL ERECTION anymore, they are such unnatural WEAKLINGS! Listen, its time to FORGET the "mighty masses"...they are ZOMBOID SHEEPLE...who will never make or break our agenda. Its time to arise that 1% who WILL "act", and get them "ACTING". And the best place to find your first "recruit" is in the MIRROR! IF you cannot get YOURSELF motivated and into "action" can hang it up, on expecting to get some other poor soul - doing what YOU should be doing - in YOUR place! You know, back in the Civil War days...folks PAID another person to take their place, when they were drafted in the north...maybe thats something for some of you out there to consider? If you really, really, REALLY "can't get involved"...why not $UPPORT...those that ARE willing to climb into the arena, and fight FOR you? And when I mean "fight", I don't mean some publicity-whore who has never WORKED a REAL JOB during his entire LIFETIME, and is AFRAID of appearing "TOO RADICAL" to be invited to the next "System Prom"...I mean those who are out there with their COLORS FLYING 100%, and PULLING NO PUNCHS....better yet, THROWING a FEW! In all humbleness, IT TAKES MONEY TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING - whether it's driving your car, or eating out - it takes MONEY to OPERATE this Resistance Struggle as well. Just WHERE do you think it comes from - if not from people like YOU? We can ONLY "do", what YOU provide for us to work with. An army whose populace refuses to spend the money to provide weapons for....LOSES. Doesn't it? It's the same with our Struggle. If it means that you are "SO AFRAID" that your money will be "wasted" or "misused"...then keep it...BUT, know that when you buy that pack of smokes, or that fast food...that the Struggle will INDEED "go no-where"...simply because of the fact that so few "put any fuel into the tank". And every time that you get infuriated over some instance in "present day Amerika"...remember...there ARE militant people out there putting it ALL on the LINE...but, you found "something else" better meant to spend your jew-bucks on, than the Struggle that you profess to "support". Comrades, I know "why" the movement has been an abject FAILURE for the past 40 years...and I think YOU do TOO. That has to change, for our childrens sake. for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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