ANP Report for May 28, 2005

Racial Comrades: Another "Memorial Day" and we will be inundated with system propaganda about how "glorious and grand" it was for all those Aryans to have died for mom, pop, and "Pepsi-Cola Corporate Amerika"...along with all those "FREEDOMS?" that Corporate Sock Puppet in Chief Bush...constantly likes to insinuate that we still have. LOL! Well, I would like to throw a "poop in the punch bowl", and speculate a moment on just "WHAT KIND" of an America we would all be living in, IF those bad ol'Nazi's HAD won. First off, as America even in 1955 WAS a 95% WHITE nation ( today, according to the last U.S. Census - ONLY 23% of AMERICANS UNDER the AGE of 18 are WHITE ), with racist LAWS on the books ( most states even had LAWS against inter-racial mixing back then...) and the ONLY basically non-White ethnic group of any real size being the negroes...I would assume that TODAYS America would STILL be RACIST, and STILL virtually ALL WHITE. Why do I state this? For the simple reason, that even if the U.S.A. had simply stayed NEUTRAL....a powerful PRO-WHITE Aryan World outside our borders...would have set the tone for our own people as well. And if we had "lost", a National Socialist victor sure as hell wouldn't have ALLOWED the Aryan Folk of America to degenerate into the cesspool that we see around us today! What else? Oh yes, there would be no "Iraq Wars" or even all the Middle-Eastern bloodshed simply BECAUSE the JEWS and all of their criminal actions from 1945 up till now...WOULD NEVER HAD OCCURED. The Arab peoples were FRIENDS and admirers of National Socialism, and saw NS Germany as a LIBERATOR from the hobnail boot of the judeo-capitalist imperialists...who exploited them and their nations resources for centuries. There would be PLENTY of CHEAP OIL, with ARABS as our FRIENDS. And just as Nazi Germany produced "ALERNATIVE" fuel products, ( during the war, hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the "Home Front" were powered by WOOD-GAS engines, burning small blocks of wood. Even training tanks were powered by these wood-burning generators! ) we would now have OTHER alternatives to "gasoline", of course, the BIG OIL BILLIONAIRES wouldn't be in charge here either, like they are NOW! At the same time, think about what ELSE we would have never "EXPERIENCED" with the jews hands pulled from the throttling-hold around the neck of White America - NO "Civil Rights" nonsense, brought to you by the two JEWS who founded the NAACP ( Kivie Kaplan and Arthur Spingarn, not to mention the bevy of other kosher troublemakers too numerous to mention here...), NO "Womens Lib", brought to you by more JEWS ( Betty Freidan, Gloria Alred, et al...), NO "Free Love" sex culture, NO "Drug Culture", NO moronic and pornographic "Entertainment", NO "Gay Rights", NO third world ALIEN INVASION...can you for a moment imagine a National Socialist government...wringing its hands and whining that there is nothing it can do to STOP an INVASION of MILLIONS of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?! LOL Yes, things SURE would have been DIFFERENT. There would be FULL EMPLOYMENT with DECENT PAYING JOBS, in a NAZI AMERICA...there was in NS Germany...LONG BEFORE that cretin multi-millionare ROOSEVELT ended America's DEPRESSION, only through getting the nation involved in one war which in turn has led to CONTINUOUS wars almost every decade keep this phony INTEREST SLAVERY economy alive. Yes, AMERICA would be like a "Garden of Eden" there would have been NO TRILLIONS of DOLLARS wasted on "FOREIGN AID" or NON-WHITE WELFARE would have INSTEAD, been spent on the WHITE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS who made it available in the first place! And just THINK about HOW MANY young WHITE MEN would still be ALIVE today, if old ADOLF HAD WON THE WAR. Can you believe for a second that Hitler would have fought all these NON-WHITES around the globe...HOLDING BACK from utilizing EVERY WEAPON at his command...and instead fought a stupid and costly "CONVENTIONAL WAR" with these creatures, where WE LOST PEOPLE...simply by NOT using EVERY WEAPON THEY DIDN'T HAVE - and WE DID? Of course, WE ARYAN NAZIS would be the ONLY ONES with NUCLEAR WEAPONS...because the JEWS ( the Rosenbergs, etc ) wouldn't have handed them over to our racial enemies to eventually be used AGAINST US! Oh, and before we forget...there WOULD be a National Health Care system, as well as REAL REPRESENTATION for the White Working the NS German "Strength Through Joy" organization that provided FREE VACATIONS ( like Cruise Liners, etc ) for WORKERS, or AFFORDABLE automobiles ( the Volkswagen ) and affordable housing. Parents would be PAID to have CHILDREN, along with FREE CHILD-CARE ( in NS Germany, through the girls of the League of German Maidens - part of the Aryan Labor Service, that every Aryan Citizen HAD to take part in for one year after graduation from school, as a Service to the Nation and the Folk ) and safe medical care. Our educational system wouldn't be "graduating" ILLITERATES, or "TEACHING" LIES like todays system DOES ( my kids have brought home nonsense stating that NEGROES invented the REFRIGERATOR, the ELEVATOR, the STREET LIGHT...I'm NOT kidding! ). There would be NO "19%" CREDIT CARD DEBT scam...because National Socialism OUTLAWED Interest Slavery ( which WAS invented by JEWS ). There would be NO "REPEAT OFFENDERS" commiting unspeakable CRIMES like - RAPE, CHILD-MOLESTATION, on and on...because after ONE terrible offence...they would have gotten a ONE-WAY ticket to the nearest "Camp"! The Mentally Disabled would be treated in a HUMANE manner...NOT like how they CLOSED ALL THE CARE FACILITIES here in Amerika...and cast them out into the streets on their own to eventually die a sad and cruel disintegration. In NS Germany, actual "Villages" were set up for the living area of the mentally handicaped if they had no one willing to care for them. Stem Cell research, and other progressive practices would NOT be held up by "SUPERNATURAL" minded morons; along with EUGENICS, medicine was and would be ADVANCED to the limits of the intelligence of Aryan mankind...not held BACK by superstitious BIGOTS who would rather see SUFFERING in the name of their self made, imaginary "GOD". I COULD go on and on...but need I? Surely you get my point. OH! I hear someone mumbling - " Well, we would probably be all speaking German now though, instead of that wonderfully enriching NEGROIDAL EBONICS with which we are blessed with...". WELL, I'll say THIS - BETTER "German", than "SPIC-SPANISH" And THAT my friends IS our "FUTURE" now...unless, "SOMETHING IS DONE". And that "SOMETHING" is NOT GOING TO GET DONE...UNLESS YOU GET INVOLVED. Whats done, is done. BUT, we CAN and MUST..."SALVAGE" something for our people...otherwise, the "American Victory" sure APPEARS to be our ultimate, abject DEFEAT after all. I wonder if all those guys in "Band of Brothers" would have "About Faced"...IF they could have SEEN a vision of just "WHAT" their "victory" was to eventually create....? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Notes - We have finally created and posted up NEW ANP downloadable leaflets in the "support" section of our website. More are coming soon, on topics of concern to modern Aryan America...not the same old right-wing, con-servative propaganda that has been ignored by our Folk for the past 50 years. Lets hold our nose, grit our teeth, and flush this toilet bowl - NOW! Its long overdue.

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