ANP Report for May 22, 2005

Racial Comrades: Recently, President Fox of Mexico made a comment which infuriated the negroes here in the U.S. in a speech he gave at a South American conference. He stated that the Mexican alien invaders were "only taking the jobs in America, that American blacks were too lazy or otherwise unwilling to do, even though they ( the negroes ) were on the bottom rung of the economic ladder". LOL Boy did THAT sting the negroids to no end! To have a NON-WHITE utter the TRUTH must have apparently galled them worse, than if some ol' Whitey pointed out that peculiar FACT. Why have I bothered to bring this up? SHOW all of you that unlike the tired and defeatist old "right wing" that constantly prattles on and on about how it's "ALL OF THEM" against "US" a REVOLUTIONARY observer...its NOT that simple. In this "multi-racial" toilet that capitalist/corporate "amerika" has FORCED upon Aryan America, as economic situations worsen, and the U.S. further "Balkanizes" into ethnic "Power-Bases" will see more and more opportunities to play the various non-Whites off against each other. Recently, we have seen Zog closing down military bases around the country, in an effort to "cut costs" and "save money". Up here in Michigan is no exception. On the news the other day, they had a negroid whining and crying about her "losing her job" that she had for over a you know WHAT this fat negress was being PAID? $70,000 a YEAR!!! And there are literally TENS of THOUSANDS of these little Zog lovers, sucking on the teat of the beast...who are now going to be CUT LOOSE, and forced to look for a REAL, HARD JOB that pays crap ( sounds a bit like Kevin Strom, eh. I wonder if he's invested in an ALARM CLOCK yet? lol )...alongside the rest of us, IF they can FIND one! LOL Talking about Zog and its "financial problems"...did you see the news report stating about how the Social Security System is "looking seriously" into RAISING the RETIREMENT AGE to - 69 YEARS of AGE! Can you honestly BELIEVE that? Just "WHAT KIND" of "WORK", and just "WHAT EMPLOYER" is going to HIRE a doddering old codger of 69? We don't ALL sit in an air-conditioned office, pushing a pencil or attend endless "meetings" we? They are literally getting INSANE in their efforts to endlessly exploit the White Working Class! Although I'll tell you, the average "White" person is constantly amazing me in their ability to be LAZY, GREEDY, SELFISH, and COWARDLY as well. Here at my work, we had a new contract come up to vote approve or turn it down...out of 600 employee's, ONLY 200 bothered to even VOTE on the issue! And this involved their LIVELYHOOD, and all that that encompasses! And some of you out there...STILL THINK THAT WE CAN WIN THIS STRUGGLE...through a "MASS MOVEMENT" phase? YOU are INSANE as well, or simply USING an EXCUSE not to accept that ONLY through intelligent POLITICAL VIOLENCE...will we FORCE our SURVIVAL as a viable Racial Entity, and GAIN that secure FUTURE for our CHILDREN. Comrades, the ECONOMIC BREAKDOWN IS COMING ( for some of us, its already here! )...whether you ACCEPT that...and begin to PREPARE for that SHOWDOWN with our enslavers, is of course UP TO YOU. The "WAR" that so many of your SO-CALLED "leaders" have been telling you is "not very far off now...", HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES ALREADY. But, so many have opted OUT...through COWARDACE or SELFISHNESS...and decided to "play it safe", doing the same old stupid and useless GAMES that have gotten the "Resistance" to WHERE our people ARE at present...because, all this silliness has been proven to be somewhat "SAFE" to participate in ( although even this "public nonsense" is getting riskier, as Zog gets more paranoid and is tightening the screws...). I'm telling you LOUD and CLEAR that it's better to go down FIGHTING...for a SHEEP than a LAMB...if that is the ONLY recourse open to us, and in MY eyes - it is. Look Comrades, we don't NEED more "educated people"...who WON'T get INVOLVED, or who are AFRAID to get their hands dirty! Of what POSSIBLE USE are they in reality? We don't NEED more ( always negative ) "PUBLICITY" to "reach the masses", when in all honesty, the masses don't give a damn. WHY bother, if the "masses" are a bunch of COWARDLY, SELFISH WIGGERS? And we sure as hell don't NEED more and more "TRINKETS" to bleed the Struggle of the desperately needed monies to finance the REAL WAR we ARE involved in as we speak! Listen Comrades, IF you honestly...deep in your heart and brain...BELIEVE that we the Aryan Folk, can WIN those 14Words...through "WORDS" - then by all means JOIN and $UPPORT all those "publicity hype" organizations out there - who promise you the moon if you READ enough BOOKS, LISTEN to enough CD's, WEAR enough t-shirts and $150 boots, ATTEND enough ( highly infiltrated ) MEETINGS, GATHERINGS, and know the drill. BUT - IF you firmly BELIEVE in what I myself believe to be 100% TRUE - that NO ONE in the history of mankind EVER achieved their FREEDOM, much less their GOALS, against a firmly entrenched and totally HATEFUL ENEMY...except by utilizing the "TOOLS" of EVERY LIBERATION STRUGGLE that has SUCCEEDED - then you MUST take that FIRST STEP towards that NEW PATH yourself. The OLD PATH has proven to be a DEAD END. We who HATE this evil, corrupt, spiritually-jewish, capitalist monstrosity...which HAS destroyed and IS continuing to destroy...EVERYTHING decent and honorable that we hold DEAR to OURSELVES, our CHILDREN and our ANCESTORS - MUST ACT! We must take a long hard look at this pornographic monster called ZOG...and make the firm resolve to " BEND, SPINDLE, and MUTILATE " everything and anything that holds it together and makes it function. The F.B.I. recently released a report on "Domestic Terrorists" ( their term, not mine..) and do you know just "WHO" made "Public Enemy #1"? No, it wasn't the "movement"...they were not even close (lol), it was the EARTH LIBERATION FRONT (ELF) the ENVIRONMENTALISTS! Now if THAT doesn't make more than a few of you drop your heads in shame...well, I don't know "WHAT" will. LOOK at ALL that "we" the Aryan Folk have faced, are facing, and can LOOK FORWARD TO...and all I see around me are sorry EXCUSES of "WHY I CAN'T GET INVOLVED" in getting my oppressors FOOT off of my NECK! And so many of you reading this, shake your heads and ask - "How the hell did those South African Whites ever allow what happened to them to occur"? It HAPPENED because they were just like SO MANY of YOU "RACIALLY AWARE" and "EDUCATED" people out there...they REFUSED to "GET INVOLVED". Need I really say more... for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman ANP Staff Note - #1 You may receive an ANP Info Pack for a $5 donation. All ANP mailings are sent in a plain, brown, unmarked security envelope. #2 A subscription to the ANP publication The White Worker is available for a $20 donation. #3 You may read all the back-issue ANPReports in the archive section below. If you are sincerely interested in our "predictions" of over a year ago, check them out and see if we are "blowing hot air", or if we are "right on target". The American Nazi Party is not a "right-wing", or a "con-servative" organization. We are an association of Aryans who have been "educated" enough to realize that "education" is only a first step towards acting on what you have learned and what you believe. If you too are of that mindset, we invite you to consider becoming an ANP Official may download an application from the "support" section of our website. You Financial $upport makes our work possible, and perhaps even eventually successful in the current Struggle against all the evils besetting our Aryan Folk.

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