ANP Report for May 07, 2005

Racial Comrades: I would like to make an apology to my Comrades, for the lack of frequency of

my efforts over the past month, or so. But, you's "Spring Cleaning" time again, and my

wife has me sharing my time with the "movement"...with doing all the necessary chores that old

"Tax Refund Check" makes possible, this time of year. LOL, Please bear with married

folks ought to understand what I'm saying completely! Many folks have written to me lately,

about all the "bad news" recently that has seemed to swamp the "Cause." The recent gulaging of

Matt Hale for life (but, really just what did you honestly EXPECT from our mortal enemies?),

the deportation of Ernst Zundle to Germany for "Holohoax" thought crimes, the death of J.B.

Stoner, the obvious implosion and eventual destruction of the "N.A.," due to the greed and

corruption of small minded men, who suddenly had a "goldmine" fall into their hands, and had

the proverbial "falling out of thieves"...need I continue? As usual, I'M not going to look at

most of these things in a negative light, J.B. Stoner fought the Good Fight and now serves,
(or should) as a Hero to EMULATE for those who Stand, and those who will come. The same for ALL

our fallen and captive Comrades, who have served honorably and sacrificed as best they were

able. As for the elimination of these "CLUBS" and/or BUSINESS'S that eventually go down the

tube...I have to be a PRAGMATIST, as I am a REVOLUTIONARY...and say that it is NECESSARY that

they DO disappear...IF we are to FINALLY shed ourselves of the PLAYPEN of the PAST, and get

down to operating as a REAL, SERIOUS Aryan "REVOLUTIONARY ENTITY"! Look, as long as outfits

like these trinket peddlers, entertainers, and street corner clowns are still

operational...movement personnel will be DISTRACTED from becoming involved in the "REAL THING."

As long as people "SEE" the NONSENSE that the "movement" has offered for the past 50 years "RESISTANCE"...they will still hide behind that "hope," that "something is being

done," while deep in our hearts and minds we all KNOW that it is nothing but a BIG, FAKE, SHAM

- that "we" use as an EXCUSE not to be "DOING" what we SHOULD. Let's be honest folks, for much

of the "movement"'s so USELESS, if not outright EMBARRASSING...that IF it didn't exist,

the ADL and ZOG would CREATE it! Look at these "Hollywood Nazi" dress-up groups, the jews

couldn't CREATE a better (worse, really) "example" of the "typical Nazi, Racist, Antisemite,

what have you..." than these collections of misfits themselves, to SMEAR those of us who ARE

sincere, among the masses. The same could be said about a LOT of the "leadership" out there as

well. When you look CLOSELY at these guys, are they REALLY any BETTER than the POLITICAL WHORE

PUPPETS that ZOG serves up to us as our "Nations Leaders"? I wouldn't want MOST of these guys

as the "leaders" of MY Folk and Nation - would YOU? To hell that they can TALK a "GOOD

SPIEL" can ANY salesman...and THAT'S just "what" these people ARE! Salesmen. And salesmen

DON'T ever seek to RISK their LIVELYHOOD...hence, the abject absence of ANY REAL

REVOLUTIONARY...ACTIVITY or DIRECTION from these phonies, except the occasional "lip service"

to sell a product. Do you SEE any REAL "Resistance orgs" the entire world over...from Al Quida,

to the IRA, the Hesbolla - ANY of them...holding "MUSIC/BEER FESTS," "HOT AIR GATHERINGS"

(which are GREAT monitoring sources for ZOG), "MARCHES & PROTESTS," or pushing COSTUMES and

TRINKET LINES? Of course not! Yet, THEY are BLEEDING the beast...while the "mighty" White Man

doesn't seem to have the GUTS, CONVICTION, or FAITH to even $upport "His Causes" with more than

moaning, complaining, whining and loose change, as things WORSEN every year that goes bye. Go

figure. I was talking with an Old Comrade who has stood beside me since the 70's today, and he

remarked (we were discussing old JB's death...) about the LACK of YOUNG, DEDICATED, and

INTELLIGENT "leadership" that exists in this current movement. We both had hoped by now, that

with times worsening so drastically since we first got "involved"...that there would have

arisen a whole generation of ANGRY and DETERMINED youth, who would have LEARNED from our (the

movement's in general) FAILURE to SUCCEED one iota over the years, per STRATIGY and

TACTICS...and would be eager and willing, not to mention "READY" to have the "torch" passed on


"INTERNET-NET NAZI WARRIORS"? Personally, I have FAITH...I BELIEVE that the "Coming Man" is not

even on the scene, as yet today. BUT, it IS our job to PAVE the WAY in preparation FOR Him. And

I'm telling you openly right now, he's going to want FIGHTERS with BLOOD in their EYES, who are


- WHATEVER WILL BE NECESSARY to achieve those 14Words. Listen Comrades, the "Day of the

Hobbiest" is OVER. Those who ignore my words do so at their own eventual peril. Like any

TERRORIST/DICTATORIAL State...ZOG is tightening the screws, and weeding out the weak and the

phonies FOR us...soon, it will seem like there "IS NO MOVEMENT"...except for those "involved"

in the REAL RESISTANCE, as the "LOOK at ME" crowd gets wiped off the board. For those of us who

understand the "game" and its "rules," it couldn't come sooner. You sorry idiots who seek

"publicity" and "notoriety," GO FOR will keep the systems vision off those of us who

prefer acting from the "shadows." Any soldier knows that keeping a LOW PROFILE i.e. "keeping

your ass OUT of SIGHT" while you eliminate your opponent is the FIRST rule of survival...the

others are just collateral damage, who keep the bullets from flying your way. To act otherwise

in war is not only ignorant, it's downright STUPID...and for an individual in a "leadership

position" to advocate EITHER criminal OR very SUSPECT. We of the American Nazi

Party value our Comrades far to much, to utilize them as CANNON FODDAR to attempt to gain some

useless, ALWAYS NEGATIVE "publicity", or ego-tripping "fame." We are "in this" for the long

haul, and HAVE learned from the PAST 50 YEARS. Have YOU? If so, we invite you to seriously

consider adhering to a NEW PATH towards Resistance, one that intelligently inflicts the most

damage available to the evil, corrupt, capitalist system...which is our REAL ENEMY (all else

are only SYMPTOMS that the system creates OR allows)...while PROTECTING ourselves as much as

possible from the retribution of the enraged enemy. This is going to be a LONG, DIRTY WAR of

SURVIVAL. As George Lincoln Rockwell used to say..." White Man, Stand and Fight WITH US - or,

Stand Out of Our Way"! For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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