ANP Report for March 26, 2005

Racial Comrades: In this ANP Report, I am forced by my position as ANP
Chairman to once again trot out the old "begging hat"...and "pass it
around". I believe that this year could/can be a very important year of
productivity for our Struggle...but, to be perfectly blunt...we
all the "three steps forward - two steps back"....but, we need FUNDING
well, to continue to pay our regular obligations, but also to enable us to
embrace new ones as well. The last few months have been "difficult" to be
sure, and not only on the "money front". With the expenses of all the back
back "holidays", came winter and the "blues" that seem to effect so many
people's spirits adversely. Well, spring is here and we need to pick
ourselves up, dust off our bottoms...and get BACK to WORK! I'm not going
go into an extensive "pep talk" here, if you "need convincing" about the
"current situation"....both racially and economically...I suggest very
least, reviewing the earlier ANP Reports in the "archived" section at the
bottom of this page. Honestly though, you MUST "know the score" and be
angry as hell, or you wouldn't be reading this message in the first
place...what "more" need I relate to you? I can "understand" to a point
"paying for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years" could have thinned out
your "cash reserves"...although, to a dedicate Aryan Revolutionary...I
would have thought that the STRUGGLE was always foremost in your minds,
a few "sheckles" COULD have been found "somewhere"...IF you REALLY wanted
to come up with them, for a Cause which so many of you claim to so
fervently to believe in. Enough said. March and April (both the
birth dates
of our National Socialist Fathers - Rockwell and Adolf Hitler) are
considered the time of the ANP "Spring Fund Appeal." We request that our
supporters and adherents make a sincere attempt to give "beyond the normal
$upport," so as to add a little extra "PUSH" to get the year's activities
into motion. Here are a couple suggestions that you can do to provide that
$upport - #1 Simply send the Party MONEY in the form of a cash donation,
a money order made out to "ANP" can even do this "anonymously" if
wish, #2 Subscribe to our publication The White Worker - $20 for a
subscription - as all Party mail, it is sent in a plain, brown, security
envelope, #3 For a $10 donation each, we have available the following
videotapes - (A) George Lincoln Rockwell Biography, (B) Michigan
40 Year Career" (C) Triumph of the Will (D) Jew Suess/Eternal Jew (E)
Racist Cartoons (F) Holocaust Revisionism (G) White Patriot Party Marches
of the 80's (H) Nazi-German anti-tank training film (I) Nazi-German Sniper
training film (J) Hitler Youth Quex-Nazi German movie (K) Stormtrooper
Brand-Nazi German film, (L) Kolberg-Nazi German film on a "Gone with the
Wind" scale of production...(ALL NS German video's have English
#4 Consider the "merchandise" section on this website.... I myself have
decided to let go a number of my personal "collection" of NS-Racialist
"items" as a means of doing my share towards raising these important finds
for the ANP's operational needs. They are ALL ORIGINAL ITEMS, from my 40
years involved in the Struggle, and I request that ONLY SERIOUS
willing to pay a reasonable amount of money, contact me - at
[email protected] for more info about the items available. THEY ARE
Rockwell-Era publications and items 1960's - Bob Miles publications and
items early 1980's - Klassen COTC publications and items late 1980's-90's
British National Socialist Movement publications 1960's - British National
Front publications and items 1970's - Irish and Australian Nazi
publications 1970's - David Duke Nazi publications and other items
1970's-80's - Large Instauration collection 1980's - the first two-dozen
so, National Alliance "ADV" broadcasts in hand-marked cassette cases (
before they got "professionally" made ) late 1970's-early 80's?, as well
other early NA items. White Patriot Party/Southern National Front
publications and items 1980's . I cannot stress enough, the sincere NEED
raise SERIOUS FUNDING for the ANP's efforts this year. It's INCOME TAX
REFUND TIME...and I cannot think of a better way of utilizing a portion of
it...than funneling a portion of it BACK, into the WAR AGAINST ZOG! I and
my Comrades here on ANP Staff are hoping that each and every one of you
reading this, UNDERSTAND the SERIOUSNESS of our Folks' situation and are
willing to do your utmost to help finance the most worthy Cause on planet
Earth...the ACHIEVING of those 14WORDS. We are on the Frontlines, DOING
that which you expect of US....can we please COUNT on each and every one
YOUR $upport? We here, thank you in advance from the bottom of our
For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman

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