ANP Report for February 19, 2005

Racial Comrades: Recently I was approached by an "Israeli Documentary
Producer", to answer some questions that he had on the American Nazi Party.
After some thought, I came to the conclusion that it would be worthwhile to
share both the questions and my replies with you. I hope they are both
interesting and informative.

> Hi,
> Thanks for responding so quickly. Here are some of my questions:
> 1. Reading Mr. Suhayda I couldn't miss what seemed to me like a
> departure from the old school Nazi dogma: the break-up with the right,
> at least in this country. The most prevailing sentiment seemed to be
> Socialist: Concern for the American worker who's been suffering steady
> decline in his earnings and work conditions. Who do you blame for it?
> Washington? Globalism? the Jewish elite in this country? The
> socioeconomic political elite regardless of ethnic background?

ANSWER: #1 Concern for the White Worker was and is a central issue in the
National Socialist ideology since its inception. Per our rejection of the
silliness and stagnation of "right-wing/con-servative" thinking it is
certainly not new. Even in the NS Struggle of 1920's-30's Germany, the
"right" hated and feared the revolutionary, progressive thinking that was
projected by the National Socialist Party. Hence this is revealed in the
first stanza of the Party's Horst Wessel Song...the National Anthem. "
Comrades by Red Front AND Reaction killed are buried, but march along in
spirit by our side". Not wishing to overly offend you, your views of
National Socialism must be based on all the hate-vilification propaganda
that has been continuously doused on our ideas by our opponents up to the
present day. After all, "the victors write the history books", eh. lol Just
"WHO" is RESPONSIBLE for the plight of the White Worker? Perhaps I'll
"surprise" you again. It's NOT "each and every little jew" who happens to
exist on planet Earth. It IS the powerful "Jewish Elite", who DO have an
incredible amount of wealth, influence, and thus POWER...per their
"NUMBERS" in relation to the population as a whole. Indeed, the REAL and
WORST culprit is those "White/Aryans" who have bought INTO the
materialistic "spiritually Jewish" mindset...of PROFIT and GREED and any
price. Without these creatures, the "Jewish-Bloc" could NEVER have reached
their zenith of power, nor without their COLLUSION...could ANY realistic
degree of "Jewish success" (to the degree that it has) been possible. IF
we could eliminate the infected and corrupted Whites from their positions
of privilege and authority..."Jewish power"...would cease to exist.

> 2. Fighting the Jewish element in society was central to Hitler's
> ideology. Do you put the same degree of importance to that in today's
> America?

ANSWER #2 I refer to my answer in #1. America is so different from Mid-20th
Century Germany, in so many ways. For one, the "Aryan" population is not of
ONE Tribal Entity...the best we have here on the whole, is a "White" "ethnic mongrel" that at best can identify itself with its
European roots, Culture, and Heritage. In Germany it was far
was pure GERMAN vs. the "JEW". Also, and very important to understand...the
"jew" was far "purer" 60-70 years ago in Europe...than he is today. For the
past recent decades, the Jew has been "EXTERMINATING" himself through
intermarriage. Every year their numbers continue to drop. I read that in
England the Jewish population is at its smallest numbers since they have
been kept track of, by Jewish sources themselves. As a National Socialist,
I am not the creature depicted in Hollywood creations. I am intelligent
enough to know and understand that not "every Jew" is "guilty" of the
crimes of the "Super Jews" and their lackies. An example of the gulf
between the "little Jews" and the Big Boys, is that I recently read of how
the Israeli banks and government have a huge fund stuck away of over a
HALF-BILLION dollars in "reparation monies" that they have not distributed
to those supposedly "entitled" to claim them. lol So it goes, the same
could be said of all the Jews that inhabited the "Labor Camps"...they were
ALL "little Jews"...the Big Boys all somehow managed to skadoodle off to
America, or other foreign lands. Where they stirred up an evil and
un-necessary war that claimed the lives of far too many people of all Races
and Creeds.

> 3. How do you view the alliance between the Jewish community and the
> Christian Right? There are millions of Evangelical Christians who even
> identify themselves as "Zionist". What's your take on it?

ANSWER #3 The Jew Elite are a clever and resourceful people, otherwise they
would not have existed in so many lands, among so many people's. They are
quick to UTILIZE ANYONE whom will help to advance THEIR agenda. These
"Christians" who believe in a "religion", NOT of their people but one
created by a Middle-Eastern alien race...are a wonder, aren't they? The
White/Aryan race has always had PLENTY of "supernatural entities" to
worship of their OWN creation. But, instead they choose one kindly created
for them by the "Jews". Strange, isn't it. But then again is not, really.
The NS movie "Jude Suss" tells the story pretty clearly in a way. The
"King" (any governmental power structure) gets into corrupt DEBT to these
"Monied Jews" and become beholden to them. One way of CONTROLLING the
masses...if they are GULLABLE enough to believe in something they can
neither SEE nor to utilize scary ol' "RELIGION" to keep them in
line! (render on to Caesar, et al...and pal, you'll get "it all". AFTER
you DIE of course. SUCH a DEAL) The REST get the MAILED FIST of the
System's enforcers. It works pretty well, until the peasants get to the
point of having had ENOUGH. Then the King is overthrown, and the Jews
TOSSED has happened in every European nation throughout history.
Some of these "evangelicals" worship frigging SNAKES no less, go figure.

> 4. Do you feel that Israel has too much influence on American politics?
> Do you care?

ANSWER #4 The Israeli big wigs have SAID IT ALL,,,wasn't it Sharon who
stated "Don't worry about the U.S. government/political whores...we have
them all in our pocket", or words to that meaning anyway, just a year or so
ago? Do we care? Of course we care. We wouldn't like ANY alien people
CONTROLLING our destiny., whether they be Chinese, Arab, Jew or whatever.
It's so OBVIOUS that the Israeli-Jews control American politicians from top
to bottom. Has ONE ever come out against Israeli-Jew wishes and/or even
CRITICIZED them AS "Jews" and SURVIVED politically? LOOK at the recent
tapes released between Nixon and Billy Graham...they BOTH..."knew the
score"...about Jew POWER, but neither once uttered ONE truth about it to
the people they supposedly are looking out for. And when you can muzzle the
PRESIDENT of the U.S., well that's a LOT of POWER that Jews wield, isn't
it? Especially when they supposedly represent only around 4-5% of the
American population. Look, you CAN criticize the PRESIDENT, the POPE, even
Negroes, et al. BUT, "WHAT" group of PEOPLE can you NOT criticize in today's
world? You got it.

> 5. Do you believe that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state?
> And if so, What do you think of Israel's treatment of the Palestinian in
> the occupied territories?

ANSWER #5 Yes, even Hitler wanted to give the Jews a homeland of their own.
He proposed Madagascar to the French in 1942. Since the Jews now HAVE their
"Homeland", WHY don't they all go there? Palestine was a bad choice, made
by the Brits during WWI to garner JEWISH BANKING MONEY to finance their war
effort. The Jews that went off to "Israel" are NOT "Semites" like the Arabs
who LIVE there. These Jews are mostly Turko-"Jews" who assimilated a lot of
Euro Kustlers' "The Thirteenth Tribe"...written by a Jew
himself, for their REAL racial/ethnic roots. They are no more or less,
imperialists who drove out an indigenous people from their rightful
homelands, and now oppress those who remain. In fact..."ISRAEL" a
JEWISH "HOLLYWOOD NAZI STYLE" nation. ONLY Jews can be full citizens, FOR
Jews-BY Jews-and ONLY JEWS...sometimes I think they took a good strong look
at NS Germany...and based Israel, with a number of "Jewish adaptations",
upon its racial policies. The only problem IS...the Arabs within and
without Israel, are OUT-BREEDING them at a terrific rate. I predict it's
only a matter of time before - (A) the Israeli Jews are subsumed by the
Arabs, or (B) the Jews work genocide to continue to exist as a Racial
State. Ironic, eh?

> 6. There has been a huge anti Arab and anti Muslim sentiment in the US
> following 9/11. Was it justified? Did you take part in it? What is your
> general feelings towards Arab Americans?

ANSWER #6 Arabs IN Arab lands are fine with us. We believe in
self-determination of each and every race of people that exists, as long as
it does not actively threaten our Aryan Folk. ALL non-Aryan aliens should
be humanely deported back to where they came from. I might add that there
has been a growing ANTI-JEWISH awakening since 9/11 as well. Many Americans
of ALL stripes are beginning to finally SEE the "power behind the throne",
in regards to "our governments" actions around the globe. That's a first
step towards understanding the problems here at home as well. Plus, just as
they have throughout history, once they begin to "feel invincible"...the
Jew "String-Pullers" BEHIND the POLITICIANS...are more and more stepping
out of the shadows behind the scenes, and shoving their faces forward and
into positions of open power for all the world to see. STUPID for
now the people can connect the dots...and finally comprehend just "WHO" is
calling the tune. Wasn't it Napoleon who said that when you observe your
opponent making a wrong decision...never correct them!

> 7. Some people in the White separatist movement believe that Jews have
> too much influence on the Media, in Hollywood, on the UN, on Wall street
> and on other international institutions. Agree or not agree?

ANSWER #7 Jews THEMSELVES boast about the power, control and influence
they wield. How not to agree? Honestly, in a certain fashion I admire the
"Jews" as a people who through UNITY and SACRIFICE have achieved the power
that they have at their fingertips. I can only wish that MY people could
once again attain those very same attributes, instead of the greedy,
selfish, spiritually-Jewish MATERIALIST attitude that permeates their
numbers today. Jews refer to us Aryans as "Goyim" (cattle)...and in
truth, that?s what most are...cowardly, consuming, fornicating, featherless
bipeds. But we hope, and prepare for the FUTURE.

> 8. Many Jewish leaders believe that American academia has in the last
> few years become a bastion for anti Israeli, anti Zionist - and by
> extension - anti-Semitic views. They blame it on the support given by
> the intellectual left to what they call "Islamo-fashism" - Arab and
> Muslim countries with a terrible record on human rights and civil right
> issues. Do you feel it is indeed a new kind of anti-Semitism?

ANSWER #8 Since the Jews have gained pretty much complete control here in
America, they are NOW the "New Conservatives"...because, they wish to
CONSERVE what THEY now have created and have control over. Before this
total success they utilized the "Left" to get where they are at, not NEEDING a "Left-wing" any longer...they LEFT and gutted
it of their LEADERSHIP and RE$OURCE$, so that the Left-wing is a hollow
shell of what it ever was. Why do you think that the Left no longer CARES
about "Worker Issues" etc? The remnants prattle on about silly issues like
"racism", and ECONOMICS are a forgotten topic. With the Jews departed, more
and more SINCERE "Liberals and Lefties" are seeking out REAL issues, and
without the Jews as their "leaders", they are SEEING with their own
EYES...the Jews REAL ROLE involving so many NEGATIVE actions HERE and
ABROAD. What exactly IS "anti-semitism"? Is it mindless, uneducated,
unfactual, and blindly bigoted feelings towards an ALWAYS "innocent"
people? OR, is it REACTION to WHAT these people DO? And IF the
former...WHY...does this REACTION come again and again, throughout history
and where ever JEWS happen to exist? WHY is the host nation ALWAYS to
BLAME...and the parasitic, ALIEN element ALWAYS so "innocent" of ANYTHING?

> 9. Do you call yourself "anti-Semitic"? And if yes, what do you believe
> should be done with the Jews who currently live in the US?

ANSWER #9 It depends on the definition. If it means I wish to slaughter,
maim and kill every single Jew I If you mean that I am a fighter
against the JEWISH SUPREMACISTS and their LACKIES and the EVILS they
inflict upon MY Folk...then YES I am!

> 10. What is you view on the Jewish Holocaust? Do you agree that 6
> million Jews have been killed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War?

ANSWER # 10 No, I don't believe in the Holohoax. Churchill wrote a SIX BOOK
STUDY on WWII...yet, he never ONCE even mentions the Holohoax...STRANGE
isn't it? And even IF it did occur, what about ALL the WHITE/ARYANS WHO
DIED? What about the 30 MILLION CHINESE that the Japanese KILLED? "WHY"
should this "Holocaust of the JEWS" be so SPECIAL from ALL the deaths
throughout human history? I wouldn't be very much surprised if all those
"victims" in the camps, were REALLY....NATIONAL SOCIALISTS and other
ARYANS...who were killed by the vengeful "JEWISH SIDE", after the war
ended. It would be Chutzpah enough to portray such a move, by a people

> 11. How do you view gays? Should homosexual relationship be illegal? Can
> a gay person be a member of the American Nazi party?

ANSWER #11 Homosexuality is an un-natural depravity. But, then
is "S&M" etc, among men and women. Queers have always been among us, and
always will be. The best one can hope to do is "closet" it. As a
Revolutionary, I will never tell ANYONE that they cannot participate in
achieving the 14 WORDS. AFTER the smoke clears, we can sort out these lesser
"problems". It is my own experience that 99.9% of the time, Queers seek
ONLY to be among their OWN kind. And that those who are so concerned about
them, might have secret issues of their own. Many Homosexuals are creative,
caring and successful individuals...types who might be very valuable in the
Struggle against the CORRUPT SYSTEM and the EVILS it promulgates. Please
remember we are NOT talking about RAPISTS and MOLESTERS here...these
creatures should be eradicated as found.

> 12. What is the greatest threat to the white race in America today?

ANSWER #12 The state of the White/Aryan race at the present its
own WORST enemy. So many are a faded shadow of their own ancestors.

> 13. How important "The Turner Diaries" is to your movement, to your
> struggle?

ANSWER #13 Its an exciting "NOVEL", get over it. We are not going to base
our insurgency on a book YOU already have. You'll have to come to expect
the unexpected from the NEW Resistance that is blossoming. IRAQ ought to
SHOW you THAT. The old right-wing is dead or dieing. The system over the
years has created a NEW BREED of youth who have no ties to this toilet bowl
of a nation, beyond "WHERE'S MINE"? When the system can no longer provide
sufficiently to the people's voracious WANTS and DESIRES...they'll turn on
it . It is now our simple job to PREPARE, and to OPEN the EYES of those who
will SEE, and OPEN the EARS to those who will HEAR...that DECADES of
TALKING, PROTESTING and PRAYING has achieved NOTHING, and if your own
CHILDREN are not worth making ANY SACRIFICE NEEDED...then it's time to lay
down and perish, with a whine on your lips. YOUR people supposedly marched
meekly into oblivion...I wonder if MINE will as well. If so, then I guess
they DESERVE it. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda - ANP Chairman

> There is a lot of stuff here, so take your time. I appreciate your
> cooperation.
> Thanks,
> Ron Tal

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