ANP Report for January 29, 2005

Racial Comrades: People often ask me "why" I do not consider myself
a "right-winger" or a "CON-servative" like most racially-aware folks
do. The answer is very simple, although it did take a number of years
of experiencing life to come to a definitive decision that I could not
wallow in that pig pen any longer. I am a White Worker who since the
age of 16...has continuously WORKED for a living. I have never gotten
a "helping hand" from any "government service", much less from any
do-gooder operation either. In fact, after I was fired from my 24 1/2
year employment several years ago, because of my stupidly "outing"
myself with my political activities...the system REFUSED me any
"unemployment benefits"...HOW...well you tell me. Listen the system
can DO whatever they WANT, don't ever think otherwise or your in for
one hell of a surprise! To me, the "right-wing" reminds me of a
prissy old maid who is such a prude that even the thought of
experiencing natural pleasure sends her panties into a twist. The
"right-wing" is also STUPID in the main, it lives in the PAST so
desperately...that you would think that there ought not be a future,
because that would go beyond that Holiest of Holies..."THE RULES" as
laid down by what was done before. And god forbid that anyone "BREAK
the RULES". Being a voracious reader and student of history, I found
out a LOT about the "right-wing" and its "leaders" in the last
century. Coupling THAT with my own personal observations and
EXPERIENCES of around 40 years active service ( since 1967 ) towards
the Struggle of the Folk....I came to the obvious conclusions that
the GOALS of the "right-wing" and myself were completely DIFFERENT.
Lets take the "right-wings" stand on the White Working Class. Are you
aware that in the 20th Century, the KKK was in many cases used as a
Yes, these same bunch of "good o'l boys" who THEMSELVES were as "
working class" as anyone could be...were so STUPID as to allow
themselves to be utilized by the powers that smash OTHER
WHITE WORKERS who had finally had enough of being used as "white
nigger" wage slaves by the wealthy, and decided to STAND UP and
DEMAND simply what they DESERVED. I read about various "White
Leaders" like Gerald LK Smith of the "Christian Crusade" and "The
Cross and the Flag" fame, and found that they were simply PHONY
OPPORTUNISTS, out to line their own pockets and stroke their egos.
Smiths example is quite typical of the mid-Century "right-wing". He
started off involved deeply with Huey Longs "Share the Wealth"
movement back in the 30's. Long is an interesting figure. He was
Governor-Senator from Louisiana who came from a working-class
background, and was so popular among his constituents that his
nickname was the "Kingfish". Long believed that America's problem,
that caused the "Great Depression" was that the rich "hogged all the
wealth beyond their own personal needs" to the detriment of the
common American citizen as a whole. He created a movement when he was
preparing to run against millionaire ROOSEVELT ( marrano jew ) called
"Share Our Wealth Society" where no individual would possess a
fortune in excess of $5 MILLION a year. With the money thus freed
from these idle rich, Long if elected wanted to provide a HOME, an
AUTOMOBILE, a RADIO, and a GUARANTEED annual income of $2-3 THOUSAND
DOLLARS for each American family. Qualified students would receive
which ZOG refused to ever pay the WWI Vets btw... ) the elderly would
be PAID DECENT PENSIONS ( employers did not have "pension programs"
back then remember, they just tossed you out... ) Public Works and
more time for pleasure and recreation... BOY! Huey Long SURE sounds
pretty close to an EARLY AMERICAN NATIONAL SOCIALIST type, if I ever
saw one, eh! The "MILLIONAIRES" would simply be required to
inventory their wealth and decide for themselves what they wanted to
keep and what was to be handed over of their excess for the GOOD of
their fellow AMERICANS. Huey Long was MURDERED by a JEW DOCTOR...a
"WEISS", on the State Capital steps before he was able to achieve his
goal of running for President.( gee, I wonder "why"..) Lest you think
Long was a nutter, or evil "communist"...let me tell you
that 10 1/2 MILLION AMERICANS were signed associates of Long's Share
the Wealth movement! How many more might have joined and how much
farther he might have come to victory, no one will know...because of
that jewish assassin. Now, to get back to SMITH...after Long died,
Smith who had been a major promoter in the Share the Wealth movement,
was out of a job. Soooo, he took up the "right-wing" standard with a
flourish, adding "religion" to his arsenal of promotion. Being a
"well-known personality", Smith took his road-show on the road.
Traveling from the South to Detroit were he set up his base, Smith
hired himself out to industrials and business magnates, as a
"SPEAKER" against "EVIL COMMUNISTIC UNIONS" that were "attacking the
rich for a handout"! lol You get the drift. After living a veritable
LIFETIME off the money of his followers, he wound up his "right-wing
career", taking in "patriotic donations" and building himself a
"RELIGIOUS CENTER" in the Ozark Mountains where he spent a literal
TON of money on some frigging "CROSS", way on top of a mountain,
which still exists today as a "monument against the communist assault
against god, capitalism and apple pie". LOL Comrades, the REAL
We, the Aryan Population face EVERYTHING that we do face...due, NOT
to some "evil communist conspiracy" which never really amounted to a
hill of beans...but, BECAUSE the WEALTHY CAPITALISTS have FORCED IT
UPON US! The SYSTEM kept our eyes on these ILLUSIONS ( communism, et
al )...while IT created "everything" that exists today. And the
"right-wing" not only bought into this STILL DOES TODAY.
Personally, I LIKE HUEY LONGS idea...although, I don't think it goes
far enough. WHY should there be MULTI-BILLIONAIRES, while there are
ELDERLY ARYANS who have WORKED all their lives...who HAVE to CHOOSE
between a ROOF over their heads...or, their overpriced "MEDICATIONS"?
WHY should some WEALTHY layabout who NEVER EARNED their money ( come
on, did any of these cruds ever break a sweat working? ), have a
DOZEN high-priced automobiles...when there are hard working folks who
drive a junker? WHY are Universities chock full of wealthy IDIOTS who
treat their time there like a "vacation",...when there are tens of
thousands of MORE CAPABLE individuals who will NEVER get the CHANCE
to enrich THEIR or OUR lives with their potentiality...simply because
EXTRAVAGANT WEALTH? How MUCH money does one person really NEED to
ENOUGH"...then HOW in hell can you say that a family of five, like on $26,000 a OK? Or, LESS? And DON'T give
me that crap about it "not being fair"! IF it's just FINE to DRAFT an
unwilling young poor/working class man, ( remember, in Vietnam the
RICH got out of it per their "COLLEGE DEFERMENTS" which they could
afford to PAY. Or, like the Rich ol' Prez who got preferential
treatment into the Guard, which he didn't even attend because of big
daddy's wealthy ) and sending him off to live in a
hell-hole and possible DIE...paying him a few crumbs while doing it.
Well, I believe that THAT kind of REAL SACRIFICE is a LOT more
"unfair" than telling these 5% who CONTROL 85% of the WEALTH in this
country, that the masses of people who in truth MADE them those HUGE
BANK ACCOUNTS in the first place...think that it's time to "SHARE".
We in America are heading BACK into the Medieval DARK AGES. Back THEN
the "KINGS & PRINCES" held their rule over the peasants through the
HEREDICAL RULE of the LAND. Today, we see these certain "FAMILIES"
all...are RICH, WEALTHY
the even RICHER CAPITALISTS who pull these sock-puppets strings! YOU
get to "vote" for one of these cretins who treat YOU as if YOU were
some kind of a "NIGGER SLAVE". Once in a while they toss you a few
coins, and while your goggling over your "treat"...they are taking it
and more AWAY with the other hand through the SYSTEM that THEY
control. THEY MAKE THE "RULES"...and...YOU FOLLOW THEM. And that's
amazing to me, as "WE" so outnumber THEM...that it's insane that they
can get away with such behavior. Comrades, it's TIME to start
thinking OUTSIDE the "BOX". It's TIME to pull those
there WORTH "conserving" anymore in this TOILET BOWL of a nation?
North America is LOOKING more like a SOUTH AMERICAN banana-republic,
where the brown faces of the SLAVE smiles as the "MASTER" applies the
WHIP, and CORRUPTION rules the day. The WEALTHY "master-class" INTENDS
on MIXING the Aryan population in a blender, until we are EXACTLY like
those poor souls "south of the border"...WHY else is it HAPPENING? The
only REASON that South America WAS so DIFFERENT from North
America...was BECAUSE of the PEOPLE involved. In South America, the
population was comprised of a mish-mash of slave-like indians,
negroes, and corrupted in the North, ARYANS made up the
population...and THEY were a FREE MINDED and WILLING TO FIGHT for that
freedom...independent minded race. But, the WEALTHY CAPITALISTS are
bent on CHANGING that! In a National Socialist society, ALL Racial
Comrades of the Folk Community are expected to put the COMMON GOOD
before PERSONAL GAIN and PROFIT. THAT'S what National SOCIALISM stands
for. We as the vanguard of the Struggle for the Liberation of the
White Working Class...MUST UNDERSTAND...that our Cause is NOT just
"hating jews and niggers". If "jews and niggers" DIDN'T EXIST...if
some Martian came down out of Outer Space and ate them all....we
would STILL have our Struggle for SOCIAL JUSTICE for White Workers
everywhere! In the future, when some CON-SERVATIVE tool of the
wealthy corrupt, tells you that the "ELITES MONEY" is
SACROSANCT....YOU ASK HIM "WHY". In fact, go to these "movement
personalities" and PIN THEM DOWN on an ANSWER of WHERE THEY STAND on
this important issue, and force them to declare it in PUBLIC! Don't
buy into this crap that "we need the rich...eventually they'll give
secret support" nonsense...THEY ARE THE ONES DOING IT TO US. "WHY" in
hell would they EVER want to "support" US? Comrades, this year I
have decided to pull off the gloves completely. This year I am going
to be going after ALL the ISSUES out there that the "others" dance
around or avoid. I have realized that as I grow older, I have one
time around to SAY what OUGHT to be SAID. And I'm going to speak my
mind clearly. If I "appall you", I don't care...if I "lose your
support" I'll go it alone...if you are so dumb and sheep-like, that
you stick to the systems "rules" and continue to play that old losing DESERVE to get SHEARED. In MY mind, the REAL ENEMY isn't
so much a "street nigger", or a "third world immigrant invader" (
after all, the SYSTEM is to BLAME for those "problems"... ) the REAL
ENEMY is a so-called "white" who is bent on destroying his own
people, and I reserve my talking target on THEM over any other of the
SYMPTOMS that these evil creatures have created in my life. Wipe
these slimballs off the board and the REST will be EASY. Are you with
me? For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman

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