ANP Report for January 21, 2005

Racial Comrades: Well the New Year is here, and I suppose that the "movement" is over its "holiday" vacation? lol Corporate sock-puppet Bush has just shoved jew Jerkoff forward as Zog's head of "National Security", and I think that this shows clearly just where this year of 2005 is headed. And I think its great for a number of reasons, first off...WHO...would you prefer as the FACE of ZOG? A goy puppet, or the true FACE of the JEW? I myself would love to see every god-damned post filled with a open, gloating JEW! Com' on people, THEY pull the strings in any case, why not let them have ALL the CREDIT for Zog's actions. Of course, as this hebe has a long time agenda against Aryan Activists and anti-jew fighters across the board, it might be worth note for those costumed clowns to reconsider staying off the street corners waving their targets of "come & get me! ", lest they GET the attention that they are demanding. lol If your a "WORSE is BETTER" believer, ie a REVOLUT IONARY...this year bodes well for potential activity. That is, IF the movement regears itself OUT of the old "right-wing.con-servative" rut that it has dug itself in, and instead "re-invents" itself as a VIABLE ALTERNATIVE that normal White Americans wouldn't be embarrassed getting involved with. What is Rock talking about? Well, how about ISSUES? How about we start PROMOTING some REAL ISSUES that EFFECT the common man instead of the "issues" that interest OURSELVES? Instead of carping on and on about endlessly denigrating "niggers/jews/ et al"...we START pushing the LOSS of JOBS issue? How about shoving the envelope forward about HEALTH CARE ( or lack off ) and MEDICAL COSTS for the Aryan POOR in this country? I'm so damn sick of hearing about this "Tsunami" nonsense ( I even had a "racialist" write me, stating that we could get "great publicity" if WE the ANP started up a "Tsunami Fund"! goes, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE to the ANP'S "KAMIKAZE" ( Divine Wind) Fund to help SWEEP AWAY the refuse in, lets SEE just HOW MANY will You know, this past month has been a real EYE-OPENER to me about just how SINCERE the "movement" IS and just how deep its COMMITMENT lies towards achieving those 14 Words. It was like a switch was thrown, and just around the beginning of December...99.9% of "movement activity" evaporated. The jew-capitalists really have the Aryan population CONDITIONED. They remind me of old Pavlov's ( a jew btw ) dogs! Ring a bell...and they fall to attention and drool. lol Yep, as things get worse in this country, the IN YOUR FACE of REALITY is going to WAKE UP more people than all the last decades of "education literature" that the movement ever distributed. Now for the first time, CHINA is selling cars here in the U.S.! The TOP SELLING car in the U.S. currently is from JAPAN or Korea, I forget which...and one auto maker ( GM? ) has announced plans for a 7,000 job-loss here in the U.S. in the upcoming ye ar...already in advance! Its funny in a way, but a friend of mine belongs to a "Star Trek" club, you know the the future everyone LOVES one another...adnausium. Well, the clubs Chairman recently got canned from the Phone Company where she worked for 19 1/2 years ( six months short of retirement ) and she wrote an editorial for the clubs newsletter...NOW...bemoaning what America has become and IS becoming. lol She sounded a LOT like ME, to be honest and I couldn't help but think....WHERE HAS SHE BEEN ALL THESE YEARS...that we have been SHOUTING the "unthinkable"? Well, she like numerous others have ignored our NOW she ( along with all the rest ) are going to get the joy of EXPERIENCING what they ridiculed as "ravings" before. lol Don't feel too bad for her...her husband is a I suppose that rather than eating hamburger-helper for days on end, they'll just have to go on a cheaper cruise line come vacation time. ( although he's a patent attorney , and has been complaining about many of his clients going online, over to INDIA for cheaper service. So who knows...ain't the " everybody just LOVES everybody " world of Capt'in Kirk just grand? lol ) PLUS, we are going to have the issue of the DRAFT coming up later on in the year to focus on. I simply cannot imagine ZOG being able to handle its affairs without bring forth the draft. The continuous running and re-running of gung-ho "war movies" that are flooding the airwaves, just aren't bring in the sufficient cannon-fodder needed. The system for many decades breeded a sissy assed bunch of generations...and now they are reaping the results. They told Whitey over and over that FIGHTING BACK ( especially against Non-Whites ) was a now...well, there aren't really too many kids who grew up playing "army" ( they were busy being cultivated into nasty little fornicating consumers...) so "recruits" are dropping every year. Last year "quota's" were down by 30% needed, the year before 20%...this year? And WHAT they're you know that in boot camp now...the Drill Instructors CAN'T SWEAR at the little darlings? And that they get REGULAR "BREAKS" during PT? LOL AND, the little GIRLS "train" with the BOYS too? I know, because a relative who joined the Guard to get "free school monies", is NOW over in Northern Iraq, after a stay in Cuba...she's hating her "choice" now, let me tell you. Says it has to be the stinking armpit of the world...oh well, ITS GOT OIL honey. Talking about oil, look at GAS prices, do you really believe that they are EVER "going down"? Another very good issue. Also, been following the rise of the EURO over the DOLLAR lately? IF, just IF...all those foreign INVESTORS in U.S. DOLLARS...decide that they will get more INTEREST in PULLING THERE MONEY out of the Dollar fund...and INTO the Euro network...we could very well see a MAJOR COLLAPSE of the American economy OVERNIGHT. And greed being what it is with t hese "Multi-National" is a VERY likely scenario. Have YOU started PREPARING yet for a scenario that would make the "Great Depression" look like a cake-walk? Back THEN, industry was STILL THERE...just waiting to be jump-started back into production. NOW...just WHAT...REAL JOBS exist? Hell, one report I read recently stated that America NOW...IMPORTS MORE FOOD from overseas, than we export! And we "feed the world"! lol Yeah, we USED to lead the world in STEEL PRODUCTION too...ah well. Well, the U.S. is still the worlds leader in exporting PORNOGRAPHIC VALUES and DEGENERATE LIFESTYLES, eh. So much for "God fearing-family values" America...a TOILET for HUMAN CRAP to swirl in...until they are all flushed down the tubes! Well Comrades, are WE going to start pulling that handle this year? Are WE going to finally can the "gun and games" of lets pretend, get SERIOUS and pull ON those LATEX GLOVES...and FLUSH the SYSTEM? YOU can start it. Yes, the FIRST step is to get OUT of that rut of moaning and complaining, and get MAD enough to WANT to GET EVEN! Next, quite $upporting the PHONIES and BUSINESSMEN-PROFITEERS. Look, we are ALL "educated" ENOUGH on the "problems". Its time to get off our collective butts and ACT! There are already TENS of THOUSANDS who understand "everything" 101%...what is the COURAGE and DEDICATION to $ACRIFICE whatever needs be to start..."bleeding the satanic beast" that is destroying everything that we hold noble and honorable, not to mention our CHILDREN. It IS up to YOU. No one else is holding YOU back, and no one is going to hold your hand. Do you meekly submit and grovel at the boot that crushes your neck, or do you rise like our ancestors to claim what is RIGHTFULLY YOUR BIRTHRIGHT as an ARYAN man or woman? Throughout history, people have gotten what THEY allowed to be. Whats YOUR choice? for White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda Chairman ANP Staff Note - Please review previous ANPReports in the Archive Link below for more information on our beliefs and viewpoints. You may not agree with everything, but we believe that they will give you "food for thought". And it's long overdue that Whites started thinking "outside the loop".

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