ANP Report for December 23, 2004

Racial Comrades: Well, another year coming to a close and the
Resistance not a hell of a lot nearer its goal than last year this
time, eh? Sorry that this message is a bit late, but to be honest
with all of you...I have been a bit depressed as of late, and
sometimes it is difficult to write something worthwhile, if you are
down in the doldrums. lol As of this moment, I still haven't got a
"prime topic" to write about for this issue, so I hope that you will
all forgive me if I just shoot some "nuts & bolts" out there for you
to consider...a few "gems"...a few "klinkers"...and an observation or
two. One of the things that have brought me down, so to speak...was
doing something I have never really done before...and that was
wasting some time over at "VNN Forum," perusing the various posts
there. If you ever want a "downer," go on over there and check them
out yourself, ESPECIALLY the ones pertaining to the NA, (among
others, just as the open-arms return of the former Star
Testifier for ZOG at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial, F. Glenn Miller).
Now I'll be totally honest with you all, I have never really liked
the NA, for a large number of reasons (read some of the earlier
ANP Reports for the reason "WHY")... both personal and operative, per the
Struggle. But, the complete alleged CORRUPTION that is being exposed
there about current NA "activities" recently fired former
"OFFICERS," and appalling. So called "Pro-White
Calendars" starring STRIP CLUB sluts, "PLAYBOY XXX GIRLFRIENDS" (I
guess those "mail order brides" weren't enough...) FANCY NEW CARS,
BIG SALARY INCREASES...I'm NOT even going to go on with what I have
read...although it's of no difference to "ME" personally, if they
eventually sell the cult/compound off to the guy next door who wants
to "develop it" into a subdivision, I still feel both sad and amazed
that there are so MANY SUCKERS out there, who like Barnum
stated...are docilely waiting and willing to be fleeced by a
puffed-up "GOOD SHOW." Like I have always said...White people GET
what they ALLOW. Now I hear that a few dozen "hard-core" folks held
a "Remembrance Ceremony" last weekend at Whitby Island where the
Order Hero Bob Mathews was burned alive by the ZOG bastards. A
"REMEMBRANCE SERVICE." Gee, I can only imagine if I was one of those
Order Comrades sitting in a ZOG "INSPIRED" I would be,
that TWENTY YEARS after the Order forged the New Path....that the
very BEST that the entire "movement" could come up with in regards to
remembering and honoring our efforts...was a frigging "HUG & TUG"
WAKE! NOT an "ACTION" following in their footsteps, NO...a "PICNIC"
where we all wore sad faces, and made naughty "threats" against evil
ZOG. (Who felt sooo "threatened" by our activities, that they sent
ONE cop to watch over IF Bob was still here today, do you
honestly and deep in your heart believe that HE WOULD HAVE EVEN EVER
ATTENDED such a circle-jerk catharsis? On the OTHER hand, over in
Virginia, the ECOLOGIST ACTIVISTS just recently BURNED DOWN 50
$500,000 mansions, that the wealthy "ELITE" were building just
outside of Cesspool DC on endangered wetlands areas. NO "filing
lawsuits," NO "protests" that NO ONE cares about, NO
"petitions"....just simple ACTION that in the END RESULT... WORKED.
And all this over some "GROUND and ANIMALS." Aren't "WE" supposed to
be doing something similar in regards to the call for the PROTECTION
of OUR CHILDREN and their FUTURE? Or, am I in some other "movement"
here? Like I say...White people GET what they ALLOW. Over at
Panzerfaust Records the other day, they were visited by the
"Minnesota Gang Strike Force," in an early morning "raid." One of the
owners of the record company was arrested for "drug traces" of cocaine
in his home. Oh yeah. As IF a HIGH PROFILE racial activist (with
his wife and several kids) would be so stupid as to have illegal
substances IN their HOME?! This is one REASON (of the many I often
give you) about allowing "FRIENDS & COMRADES" you DON'T really KNOW
and/or your home, or around you. ANYTHING can be
PLANTED...IF...this crap wasn't PLANTED BY THE ZOG after they entered
the house. The most interesting comment I saw, was the one made by a
"Ron Ryan" who was the "COMMANDER" of the Strike Force. He said,
"ANYBODY WHITE POWER or those types of groups have been classified as
GANGS." So, to the doesn't matter if you are a 60 years
old, pot bellied, gray haired old codger...if you are "WHITE
POWER"...YOU are a GANG-BANGER! Like a "Blood and/or Crip"! LOL, And
so HOW MANY of YOU...STILL wave that "RED/WHITE/and BLUE? How MANY of
YOU...have that "WE SUPPORT ZOG'S TROOPS" bumper sticker on your
vehicle? How MANY of YOU....STILL "VOTED"? Well, at LEAST the
SYSTEMITES aren't FOOLING themselves, in THEIR eyes, "WE" are the
COLLECTIVE ENEMY - PERIOD. Yes, White people GET what they ALLOW.
Emperor Bush is going full steam ahead to "PRIVATIZE" Social
Security...AND...just think of all those slimy INVESTMENT BANKERS
just drooling to get their shabby, corrupt paws on all that
dough...can ANYONE remember all those CORPORATE SCANDALS that simply
faded away into the memory-hole...of not too distant past? Well, the
Social Security Administration has just announced the by "2018"
(likely, sooner)...more money will be "going out" than "coming
in" retirees can expect "smaller-than-promised" checks. Need I
go on? Just watch, it will be the VA that will be privatized NEXT.
Like my old dad who won the Silver Star told me...often..."They use
you like a tissue and then they toss you away." JUST HOW MUCH ARE
REACT, WHITEY? Oh My! It's "Xmas-Time." Time to make those KOSHER
CARE." ANYBODY out there, opt OUT of that materialist kind of
thinking? Just me? I can and DO show my family and friends "how much
I care"...WITHOUT going broke every December. Do you? Up here in
Michigan, ZOG raised the BOOZE TAX considerably...trying to balance
the budget, as State Constitutions demand. I had to LAUGH out loud at
the "RESPONSE"! LOL All the good old boys are fuming, especially as
they did it right BEFORE the "HOLIDAYS"! Now, as I no longer "drink"
(I do smoke and I'm tired of being the sacrificial tax-horse on that)
I thought it VERY HUMOROUS...over "WHAT" was able to get Old Whitey
huffed & puffed. His BOOZE. Jeez, THAT and their LAWNS seem to be the
TWO most IMPORTANT attributes in their lives. SAD, eh? Good Old
Whitey, they can accept just about ANYTHING that doesn't effect their
crass MATERIALISM. And William Pierce was always prattling on about
the "PROFESSIONAL CLASS" being recruited and saving the day! Hell,
these are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who had the MEANS to turn things
AROUND (OR, stop them from even getting STARTED )...but,
INSTEAD....the whole bunch of these scum bums, INTENTIONALLY GOT US
Come off it, all those wealthy cretins he loved so much, just had
BIGGER POCKETBOOKS to get his hand into, eh! LOL So now, the
"movement leadership" concentrates on selling "MUSIC" and "TRINKETS"
to adolescents, who if THEY THEMSELVES are to be honest about
it...haven't even LIVED enough of life to have gained the experience
NEEDED to SURVIVE it. That's NOT a "put down," it's the damned TRUTH.
They are being taken advantage of and those who OUGHT to
be up front with them, in what "this" is all about. It's NOT a HOBBY or
out to ANNIHILATE the ARYAN RACE. It's called SURVIVAL. IF you are
ready to give up all the fantasy pretending, ready to sacrifice for
your people, ready to "do whatever is necessary" (in the words of
the negroid leader Malcom X) then you are on the same page as the
American Nazi Party. I'll be up front with you...we are NOT like ANY
of these other "movement orgs" out there; we are not going to
titillate you with "nigger/jew" jokes and cartoons; we are NOT going
to give you a fancy "title" or a cool nifty "costume" to play
dress-up with in front of your bedroom mirror (much less take you
out on the street corner, to horrify your neighbors and employers...)
we are NOT going to sell you a new and improved product line of
clothes, trinkets, and geegaws, covered in naughty symbols and racial
slurs; we ARE going to EXPECT you to COMMIT yourself to the good of
your Folk, as either a "SOLDIER" or a "$UPPORTER" in the Homeland War
that IS fast approaching. It's NOT "what do I get"...but, WHAT CAN I
CONTRIBUTE towards the survival of my Folk...that we wish to hear from
potential adherents. I realize at the current time that there might
not be many of you willing to look beyond old "# 1"...but, we haven't
time to waste on entertaining, or smoozing you any longer. It's time to
get SERIOUS. If you cannot comprehend that...then Old Whitey WILL get
just what he ALLOWS. For White Worker Power! Rocky J. Suhayda,

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